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treatment for patients with acne includes topical antiacne agents oral antibiotics such as tetracycline antiandrogens (hormone therapy including birth control pill) and oral isotretinoin. these c


vitamin d deficiency can disrupt the hair growth cycle potentially leading to hair loss. it may also compromise skin health resulting in conditions like eczema. for the skeletal system insufficie


rinsing hair conditioner with hot water can dry out both your hair and scalp increase frizz cause color to fade faster weaken hair strands and reduce shine due to the stripping of natural oils. c


People tend to take hotter showers or use hot water to wash their hands & face! This way, during the winter when the skin is exposed to major temperature changes, it can become dry and itchy quickly and trigger an eczema flare-up leading to winter dermatitis.


This medication is used to treat dandruff and a certain scalp infection (seborrheic dermatitis). It reduces itching flaking irritation and redness of the scalp. Selenium sulfide is also used for


Wearing socks on moist feet post-shower fosters fungi and bacterial growth leading to conditions like Athletes Foot Jock Itch foot odor Nail Fungus warts and bacterial infections like Cellulitis .


Zinc deficiency hampers protein synthesis and cell division leading to skin issues like perioral dermatitis and general dermatitis due to compromised skin barrier function


Iron deficiency anaemia occurs when there is insufficient iron to create red blood cells What to do Red meat contains haem iron which is readily absorbed. Non-haem iron sources may need the help


Bedtime procrastination can be resulting to high cortisol levels and that can lead to various skin issues including acne slower healing dryness premature aging dullness increased sensitivity and ゚


Dont face the water in the showerShowering while directly facing the water especially if hot exposes skin and hair to forceful impact and high temperatures stripping natural oils and causing dryn ゚


Acne itself is not directly linked to slower aging. However some research suggests that people with acne may exhibit signs of slower skin aging later in life such as fewer wrinkles and thinner ゚


Dermatofibromas are small red-to-brown bumps that result from an accumulation of collagen.They are sometimes attributed to minor trauma including insect bites injections or a rose thorn injury bu ゚


Bioprinting skin uses 3D printing to create layers of skin cells for medical and cosmetic applications offering potential in burn treatment and ethical testing alternatives with customization and ゚


An overpopulation of Demodex mites on the skin can lead to various conditions like rosacea blepharitis demodicosis perioral dermatitis and pityriasis folliculorum. ゚


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