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A one day, pagan eclectic witch focused faire with workshops and vendors and lots of Magik!

Operating as usual

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/07/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/06/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/06/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/06/2022

I am so grateful whenever we host these events for our amazing vendors, and people who are so easy-going and go with the flow when it comes to our craziness! Thank you so much, Diana from TymeWarp Designs for the amazing gift, celebrating solstice, and our success as a community, and my impending blessing as a mother! Thank you for helping me feel like celebrating myself and everything I do ♥️ Darrian Ashoka Imagery photo credit!

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/06/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/05/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/05/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/05/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/05/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post

Photos from Wytche Daye's post 12/05/2022

Photos from Wytche Daye's post


THANK YOU! Everyone who came out and supported us and bore the brunt of our first year venue stress, we appreciate you, and we know that there is no fair without you! So, thank you so much and we will keep you updated for next year! Everyone have a blessed Yule & an amazing holiday!


Join us this weekend December 3, 10-6pm, for Wytche Daye! $5 at the door, workshops, scavenger hunt, ritual and more!


BUT just a note to let you know that in our venue, only dogs for the visually impaired are allowed inside the building! We’re going to be crammed in there & we’re expecting lots of people, and we just want to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable, thank you for your understanding and we’ll see you on Saturday! 🐾🐾🐾

How to celebrate Yule | Rituals & Pagan history of the winter solstice 11/28/2022

How to celebrate Yule | Rituals & Pagan history of the winter solstice

I absolutely love this! I will be doing a short talk exactly on this topic, come learn all about Yule at Wytche Daye , history, rituals, and cultural meaning in our modern day and age , 2pm! Pick up your free ticket to this at admissions when you come in the door, just tell them you’d like to attend! And once they’re gone, they’re gone because we have limited space this year! Don’t forget to check out the other awesome workshops this year!  You will be able to see everything offered will be available at the admissions/info booth, and join us for some fun classes!

How to celebrate Yule | Rituals & Pagan history of the winter solstice the night from the 21st of December to the 22nd, we are celebrating the winter solstice - or Yule, as many witches and pa...


YAS! Come, spend it with our vendors friends! Six days, and we will all be together again at fair!!! so excited! ❄️


Seems reasonable….


Just a note to let you know that our workshops at the event are free but space is limited! Feel free to pick up a free ticket to one of the workshops, whatever ones you’re interested in, when you check in at admissions & just let them know what you’d like to attend. Once they’re gone they’re gone for the whole day!
Public ritual however is open to everyone as we will be in a much bigger space! Thank you 🙏 


So a lot of people know that I’m not big on Thanksgiving. My least favorite holiday, although I do love sharing time with family and I love eating, especially old family recipes! But its not just because of what it represents, but because it’s to me, a kind of a man-created non-holiday so to speak, that foreshadowed a lot of tragedy. and I don’t like celebrating the energy of stealing something that doesn’t belong to us… That being said, I think it’s important to use this day to think about gratitude and how important that is in creating an energy of giving to others. Literally the old cliché of the more gratitude we have, the more we just “have” in general… A sense of universal giving is how we move forward with healing past mistakes. And that is an umbrella that spreads over many aspects of our lives. What can we give to others that’s of value to them? How do we heal ourselves, in order to heal the collective around us and live in the spirit of oneness with all? I really feel like this particular holiday should be a time of reflection regarding healing our higher selves, and finding gratitude in what we’re doing for others as a collective, and what they are doing for us. Hopefully in the spirit of giving, we can find a way to share with each other during this holiday season! So much love to all on this day!


Let’s do THIS! Visit our Yule/blessing trees and tie a ribbon on the branches with your wish, prayer, or blessing for this solstice season!


Oh! I wanted to mention…we DO have an ADA access ramp for our event! If you need assistance, please let us know, when you arrive feel free to send a companion or assistant up to us at the front door check in table so we can process your ticket and assist you!!! (Also if we see someone waiting who we notice might need help, we’ll do our best to anticipate and come out to you in line!) please let us know how we can best assist!!! ♥️🌈😊


We’ll have ours up!!! 😃🐸


Hi All! If you have messaged us either by email or through DM here about being a vendor, I’m so sorry if our answers are short, concise or matter of fact…we have tons to get through in a day as we’re rounding the corner to faire and are trying to get to everyone as fast as we can! Just to officially let everyone know, WE ARE FULL and everyone that has inquired is automatically put on a waiting list in the order we received their requests, and are also put on the list as priority for next year so everyone will receive an email about when they can apply. We are a smaller location this year and we are packed in and we heavily jury our vendors just to make sure we have a nice variety for everybody! All accepted vendors will be receiving an email from us this week about all the details for loading in and setting up etc…. thanks for your patience! Also a note: we are on vacation next week and will not be returning any emails or checking any messages! But we will get back to you soon there after! I hope everyone has a great holiday season!


Good news is, nobody will tell you to S**U at Wytche Daye! (Although we can’t guarantee no one will try to kidnap you…) we can’t help it…we like you…and all those crystals you’re wearing…ooooh…and all the tarot decks you just bought …. Just sayin’…oh! And we have Candy!!! Anyways…I’ll stop talking….just come to the faire! 5$ at the door 🚪 see you in a couple weeks!!!


Join our Wytche Daye hunt! Pick one of these cards up at the front admissions table and move around the room, get it stamped at each location, and then bring it back to us for some ! So excited to see everyone come and enjoy!


Glad we didn’t forget!!!


They tried…



- PLEASE NOTE: The workshop area is smaller than in the previous location, 15 people MAX to the workshop room, first come first serve


11AM Empowered Dreaming Workshop: Remembering the power of dreams
Dreaming is one of the most ancient methods of obtaining guidance from our higher selves, who speak to us in a language of symbols unique to our own soul’s symbolic lexicon. Join Dream Sarah of I Am Always Dreaming, as she reminds us of tools we all have to rediscover the magic of dreaming!

12-12:30 PDX Dancing Witches - Join us in the main room for this treat!

1pm Tarot and Oracle workshop with Sarah Crawford-Dietz of Garden Gate Hallow
Learn to use your cards with Sarah Dietz, long time channeler, reader, card designer and creator. Learn the difference between Tarot and Oracle and how to put them to use for others and in your own life. Bring your own cards to practice with if you like!

2pm All About Yule/Winter Solstice with Rebekah Hetrick (Wytche Daye owner and board member, Past Life Regression Facilitator, Druidic Clergy, Cultural Ritualist Specializing in Anthropology and World Religious and Spiritual Practices.)
Learn the how/what/why/when and where of the Winter Solstice! Includes, history, cultural background, symbols and how we can celebrate!

3pm Crystal Intention Jars with the Rockmaidens
Join our own crystal vendors the Rockmaidens and learn to make your own crystal intention/spell jars. Learn how to use different “recipes” and magickal ingredients to create and set intention with magickal objects in your life. This is a hands on workshop.

4pm Abbreviated Past Life Regression with Debby Wallace
Enjoy the opportunity to experience a guided connection with your higher self, relax and tune in to receive insight and inner knowledge. This is an audience participatory event.


5pm public Winter Solstice Ritual in the main room - Standing in as Priestess, Rebekah Hetrick, to lead ritual, with participatory circle! ALL are welcome!/




I should have these rules laminated and pinned to the fridge….


BLESSED SAMHAIN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!! May you be blessed in the new year!!!!


And we still love them…sigh😳


Bayou Bros Cajun Boils

We are so happy to have these lovely people as vendors for Wytche Daye! Make sure to stop by during lunchtime and get a snack 😍


Bayou Bros Cajun Boils Offering seafood boiled cajun style, crabs, shrimp, crawfish (seasonal) and all of the "fixins"! Available for private parties too. Call Kenny (503) 705-7168 or Heather (971) 227-4818 for more info! ����


Every time 😳👻


Some Samhain inspiration!


Itchy, the delicate plastic muncher!!!


Hi Wytches! So excited for this event, and it’s getting closer! I’ll have a list of workshops &!times up for the day of faire soon!
Meanwhile I’m going to teach one and I’m going to let YOU choose between 3 options:
1.) Gallery Reading

2.) History of Yule/winter solstice, the mystery and how we can celebrate and what does the symbolism mean & where does it come from?

3.) Tarot & Oracle reading - history and how-to

Comment with a number, most votes wins!


Let this be a lesson to them all….




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Portland, OR

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