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I sincerely hope we don't waste our opportunity by abandoning our paradigm of vitalistic, holistic, healthcare to become part of mechanistic, reductionist sickcare....Allopathy should only be used in cases of health crisis in order to save a life or reduce catastrophic symptoms; chiropractic should be used universally as a lifestyle choice in order to produce and maintain health and wellness and to prevent health crises. -Dr. James L. Chestnut Vitalism is the principal that the human organism can and will keep itself healthy if there are no barriers (subluxation) to full expression of all its vital functions. The body has the innate ability to heal itself from within. This innate intelligence emanates throughout the whole body through the nervous system. The nervous system, in a sense, is the conduit to the life force. By adjusting the spine and other joints through which the life force passes, chiropractors remove barriers or obstacles to the full expression of innate intelligence, thereby allowing the all functions to operate optimally and express health. The vitalistic model separates chiropractic from the conventional medical model. Chiropractors do not directly treat dis-ease. They facilitate the body’s own restorative powers. Chiropractors restore the connection to the body’s innate intelligence so life can be expressed optimally.

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There is only one natural state of your body.

Eat healthy, exercise regularly, get quality sleep and enough of it, think positive, and include regular chiropractic care.

Life is worth living pain free.

Chiropractic takes me to a higher level of function.

Chiropractic unlocks your body's potential to heal itself.

Chiropractic takes your body to a higher level of function.

Your body has around 37 trillion cells and your nervous system controls them all. Do you see why maintaining your spine is so important?

The health of your spine is related to every aspect of your wellness.

Your body takes time to heal. Support your health with regular chiropractic adjustments.

Keep your Spine Aligned with Chiropractic Care

Wellness doesn’t come from one single factor; it’s a combination of four key approaches: +Chiropractic +Nutrition +Fitness +Health Education

Repetition is the key to change.

Take good care of your spine. It's the only one you get!

Remove the roadblocks keeping you from good health. Have your spine checked regularly.

A small misalignment of a spinal segment (vertebra), causing irritation to nerve, resulting in a loss or normal function.

Your spine is a powerful structure. It has the power to keep you stuck, and it has the power to set you free.

Only 18% of all nerve fibers in the body produce pain.

The power that made the body can also heal the body.

Chiropractic care is essential in getting healthy and staying healthy! Make sure that everyone in the family is having their spine checked regularly by a chiropractor.

"When it flows above down, from inside out, naturally from the brain to the body, we are healthy and well." B.J. Palmer, D.C., Ph.C.

Take your body to the highest level of function.

And that connection is the nervous system and spine. Keep it free of interference with chiropractic.

The brain and nervous system are the control system of the body. The spine can interfere with the control if it is not in alignment.

We check our teeth, blood, major organs etc. to ensure they are healthy. It is time to include the SPINE

Get back in the game with chiropractic!

Chiropractic removes the blocks to enable your body's innate intelligence do the rest.

Your body knows how to heal and stay healthy.

Maintaining health is a life long pursuit, not an end result.

It's true. Health is your natural, normal, innately expressed state of being. How do you support that expression?

Don't let misalignment's in your spine interfere with the messages your brain and body send to each other. Get checked today.

Chiropractic helps me find structural balance in an otherwise chaotic world.

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