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GoodLife Nutrition LLC is an online Functional Nutrition practice.

GoodLife Nutrition LLC was inspired by the need for a return to the basic principals of good health: whole food, restorative sleep, physical movement, fulfilling work, and loving relationships. These principals aren’t innovative, but the rise in chronic disease suggests that they may have been forgotten. While the principals of good health set a strong foundation for a nutrition practice, what makes GoodLife Nutrition LLC unique is the integration of these principals with evidence-based research, biochemical individuality, and behavior-change support. Each client of GoodLife Nutrition LLC receives → An in-depth nutritional assessment → A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan → Health education → Behavior-change support We believe in helping people harness healthy behavior and the therapeutic value of whole foods to heal and thrive. Avoid the frustration of navigating your complex symptoms and health history alone. Call (703) 679-7958 or e-mail [email protected] to schedule a free 15-minute introduction phone call to learn more.

Mission: We believe in helping people harness healthy behavior and the therapeutic value of whole foods to heal and thrive.

Happy 4th, my friends! Remember that we're still fighting for freedom these days. This festive yet ridiculously easy breakfast recipe uses ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. Missing something? It's so forgiving that you can just skip whatever you don't have!

⁣3 things you must know when campfire cooking, from an expert Campfire Chef.⠀

We lucked out BIG TIME when our friend volunteered to cook the entire weekend of our camping trip in Gardners, PA.⠀

Here’s what our guru says you must know when campfire cooking:⠀

🔥 Build your fire at least 30 minutes before cook time so that you have hot coals ready.⠀

🍳Use cast iron cookware so that you have control over the heat.⠀

🥔 Potatoes are one of the easiest campfire foods to cook. Soak ‘em in water the day before, and they cook quickly & evenly.⠀

Pic 1: Dinner on Saturday night⠀
Pic 2: Menu emailed 3 weeks prior 🤓⠀

Are you planning any camping trips this year? What are your go-to camping dishes?

⁣“Drink a glass of water before bed, and you’ll be able to GO 💩 in the morning.” ~Young Ralph⠀

That is the health advice I’ve heard most over the years from my dad that I wanted to share with you in celebration of Father’s Day today 🥳⠀

Happy Father’s Day to all the men & women who have fathered us & ours.

It’s the first day of #summer2020 and many of us will be playing expert games of ‘make believe’ as we sunbathe at our fave vacation spots (aka the back porch) or read the latest Nora Roberts book in the pool (aka bathtub).⠀

This photo was taken last year in Jamaica. It’s one of the images I pull up to take my mind somewhere else while laying out back on the deck. Where is your ‘mind vacation?’⠀

I also want to say HELLO to all the new followers! I’m so glad you’re here.⠀

GoodLife Nutrition is an online nutrition clinic & health store founded by yours truly (It me, Angela 🙋🏻‍♀️). I’m a Certified Nutrition Specialist / Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist who specializes in functional lab assessment 💉 and therapeutic protocol development 🍵.⠀

Historically, my primary offerings have focused on clinical services, but this year I’ve shifted some energy into building a trusted online store for professional-grade supplements 💊 as well as digital products like protocols, meal plans 🛒and recipe ebooks 🗃.⠀

I received a DM this month that read, “Thanks for being no-bull💩.” It was one of the best compliments I’ve received and succinctly describes what you won’t find in my feed. Stick around!

#amplifymelanatedvoices #blackouttuesday

⁣⁣"I'M LOSING MY SHHHH." Sound familiar? This is the last mantra I want running through my head as Virginia faces another two weeks at home. But can we blame ourselves for losing it? I propose that we can't because, well, it's tough right now.⠀

I guess #mentalhealth month this May made a timely appearance. This reminds me of something my therapist back in Frederick challenged me with: When my feelings explode into physical sensation like chest tightness or heat rising, focus on where that feeling is in the body. Try to hold onto it. Can you? Probably not as long as you imagined...⠀

In support of #mentalhealthawareness month, I've curated a recipe ebook titled the 6 Stress-Fighting Smoothies because intentional eating is another way we can support healthy moods. These recipes are rich in magnesium, vitamin B6, iron and fiber. Use the following link to download - it's free.⠀

Have you felt any mood shifts these last several weeks? I'd love to know how you've been managing your stress.

⁣Nothing describes my moms more than this photo taken last September in Raymond, ME days before my wedding. My mom and MIL are “elbows deep” kind of women who give and give and give. ⠀

So to my own moms and to all the other women who are adopted, foster, chosen, soon-to-be, and hopeful moms ... Happy Mother’s Day 💝

⁣Have you had these same thoughts? "My kitchen is 10 feet away from my office. I don't need to meal prep, right? I can just open the fridge. Duh." It me 🙋‍😬 Is one month long enough to delude myself into thinking I'm going to reach into the fridge to find a magically prepared breakfast or lunch that won't throw off my workday to prepare?

A few days ago, I used this Cooking Light recipe to make this TO DIE FOR quiche. I used Wholly Wholesome pie crusts, portobello mushrooms instead of cremini, nut milk instead of cow's milk, and fresh spinach instead of bacon. I think the NUTMEG SETS THIS OFF.⠀

How has #mealprep changed for you #workfromhome ? Comment below 👇 and tag someone who NEEDS this quiche recipe ASAP.⠀

Despite what I feel is a time of information and chatter overload across our social media platforms, as a healthcare professional I feel the responsibility to share the resources I've put together for my clients, family, friends & community during this pandemic.⠀

I will not be going into detail here; instead I'll point you to the COVID-19 Dashboard I've created where you'll find official & unofficial resources during this unprecedented time. Find it here

So that's all you'll hear from me in terms of static / permanent posts on the matter. There are so many voices out in this space right now. Simply take note that if you're looking for resources including immune-supportive protocols and meal delivery services if you're social distancing, you can refer to the Dashboard that I'll keep up as long as our communities are at risk.⠀

⁣Regardless of why we think this is happening or who’s to blame, “we must remember that apprehension, worry, fear, and panic will not change the course of events. In fact, these states of mind measurably suppress our immune systems, making us vulnerable to the very thing we are fearful of contracting.” [Excerpt from @merfleurwellness March 14 Instagram post]⠀

⁣⁣Part 4/4 of nutrition tips to BOOST YOUR LIBIDO.⠀

Let’s recap:⠀

1) Build your stores of nutrients, switching from “famine” to “feast” mode.⠀
2) Choose foods with intention…in our case, highlighting aphrodisiacs to help set the mood.⠀
3) Now today, we discuss…⠀

When the gentle encouragement of a nutrient-dense diet & hand-picked aphrodisiacs isn’t quite enough to bring back your “thirst,” consider working with a healthcare practitioner to investigate underlying root-causes of decreased libido like:⠀

🍑 Certain medications like statins & antidepressants⠀
🍑 Adrenal dysfunction⠀
🍑 Low DHEA, estrogen & testosterone⠀
🍑 Thyroid issues⠀
🍑 Inadequate body fat⠀
🍑 Chronic infections like yeast, EBV, Lyme, herpes⠀
🍑 Toxicity from chemicals, heavy metals & more⠀
🍑 Autoimmune conditions⠀

While root-cause investigation might not sound like a nutrition tip at first glance, I add it here because many don’t know that there are certain types of nutritionists who are highly trained in this type of investigation and with these sorts of issues. I belong to a group of advanced nutritionists called Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) who are experts in root-cause medicine from a nutrition perspective.⠀

Have a happy & horny Valentine’s Day, my friends!

⁣⁣Part 3/4 of nutrition tips to BOOST YOUR LIBIDO. Get your grocery lists out ✍️, because I’m guessing this is the post most of you were waiting for in this series. “Angela, just tell me what to buy for Valentine's Day!”⠀⠀
This is a list of foods that have been indicated as aphrodisiacs 💦through clinical studies 🔬or that have strong anecdotal evidence. Some of these foods support the healthy production of our $ex hormones to get us “thirsty,” while others promote blood flow to those naughty parts. Still others provide particular nutrients to support arousal via other direct & indirect processes.⠀⠀
🍌Brazil nuts⠀⠀
🍌Pumpkin seeds⠀⠀
🍌Nutmeg, saffron & clove⠀⠀
🍌Dark chocolate >70% cocoa⠀⠀
Combine these foods with building your nutrient stores like we discussed on Tuesday and the root-cause investigation we’ll discuss tomorrow, and you’ll be humpin’ everything like my chihuahua Luna 🐕⠀

Comment 🙋‍♀️or 🙋‍♂️if you're going to add one of these foods to the menu tomorrow 😏

Part 2/4 of nutrition tips to BOOST YOUR LIBIDO (the 1st post of this series was censored, so I have to tone down my language 🙄)

To reiterate what we discussed last week, your body is your greatest protector, and when it's in survival / famine / emergency mode, its top priority isn't making babies. So those feelings of "wanting it" may not be there. (Can't say the word that rhymes with corny 🙄)

One of the low-hanging pieces of fruit to pick in this scenario is one that I'll probably get eye rolls for, but we can't ignore the fundamentals. Nutrient deficiencies can shift the body into a state of "famine" so to speak, so to address this emergency that the body perceives, we've got to replenish our stores of nutrients.

So how do we do this? We shift away from those processed, nutrient-poor foods like refined breads & pastas, sodas, chips, crackers and candy; and we shift towards whole, nutrient-dense foods like veggies, fruits, nuts, clean meats, etc.

Typical, right? Eat more veggies 🙄

Well let me be the unpopular one to re-emphasize that before further investigation or fun libido-enhancing functional foods & herbs, we've got to take this one off the table.

Here are 3 ways to improve your nutrient status:

🍆 Fill half your plate with veg ... even breakfast.
🍆 Make your fave processed foods out of veg ... ie. zoodles, cauliflower rice, portobello burger buns.
🍆 Refrain from drinking with your meals to ensure that your precious digestive juices interact with your food so that you can break down & harvest those valuable nutrients!

Let me know in the comments below 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️if you're still struggling with this nutrition fundamental of keeping a nutrient-dense diet. It's so so so common, and your among friends here.

If this is something you're so PRO at, tell us how you make it happen.

Stay tuned this week for more from the BOOST YOUR LIBIDO series!

⁣Happy February, the sexiest month of the year! Content creation is a breeze since everyone loves to talk about sex & Valentine’s Day. ⠀

Swing over to my profile & click Follow to catch the nutrition tips to BOOST YOUR SEX DRIVE I’ll be posting in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.⠀

Your body is your greatest protector, and when it’s in survival / famine / emergency mode, it’s top priority isn’t making’s getting you back into good health.⠀

So often when the body perceives ample reserves of nutrients, consistent access to rest & repair, and the absence of “emergencies” like chronic infections, toxicity, or too much stress, those juices start flowing again. Boom boom time is back.⠀

Join me over the next two weeks as we get horny with food 🍆 🍑

3 FOODS to SUPERCHARGE your next SAUNA 😅 session:⠀

1. Cilantro⠀🌱
2. Garlic⠀🧛‍♀️
3. Brazil nuts⠀🔩

Those of you who’ve been following my Stories lately know that I’m in a season of detoxification…body, mind & home. In preparation for baby making later this year, I’ve been cleaning up my body in much the same way I’ll be cleaning out a nursery room. I know I’m not alone in having detox on this mind, especially in the beginning of a new year. ⠀

The skin 🧖‍♀️ is our largest detox organ, and using a sauna to sweat is one of my favorite ways to promote detox through the skin. True story: Heavy metals & toxins can be measured in the sweat.⠀

We can harness the therapeutic value of these 3 foods by incorporating them throughout the days you visit the sauna. This is intentional eating at its best.⠀

🌱Cilantro binds to heavy metals and toxins to help remove them from the body.⠀
🧛‍♀️Garlic and other sulfur-rich foods also help remove metals and has powerful detox properties.⠀
🔩Brazil nuts help protect from the oxidative damage of mobilized toxins from sauna sessions.⠀

Tag your favorite spots with saunas!

Note: This is not medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider. Intentional detox is not recommended for women actively trying to conceive or not using birth control.

⁣SOUND ON 🔈 Sometimes the most soothing sounds are the most mundane. The dishwasher is running, and we're sharpening the knives before a quick meal prep. It sounds like Sunday. So much to do, but if you pause, it's really lovely.⠀

What does your Sunday sound like?

A toast to clients, business partners, family, friends and SM community this New Year!⠀

2019 was a big year for GoodLife Nutrition. We made the complete transition to an online clinic platform in June. We gained licensure to serve Maryland-based clients in addition to those in Virginia and other "green" states.⠀

Looking forward to 2020, the start of a new decade! Keep you eyes open for exciting happenings:

📆 January 11: Detox Seminar at One Aum in Potomac, MD⠀
📆 Mid-January: 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse at One Aum⠀
📆 Spring '20: Release of GoodLife Nutrition's 1st online course⠀

📷: Rachel Bond Photography

Happy Yule / Hanukkah III / Christmas / Newtonmas from my family to yours ❤💚⠀

Your friend in health,⠀
Angela Mari, CNS, LDN

We're knee deep into Xmas week, and for many of us, that means indulging in all the #holidayfood with family & friends. But what about all those in-between meals? ⠀

Brad & I calculated that we'd still need four lunches this week despite all the special food gatherings we had on the calendar, and I'm so glad we paused for a bit to think about it. We get caught up with the festivities that we've been known to overestimate how many food events we're attending...leaving us sh*t outta luck when #Christmas Eve lunch rolls around, and we're stuck scrounging food from whatever restaurants are still open (aka fast food).⠀

I decided to do a little bit of #mealprep and made She Likes Food's One Pot Stove Top Enchiladas, which should fill all those in-between meals and add some "veggie insurance," as I call it, to the lineup this week.⠀

What do you have planned for all those in-between meals this week? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Christmas Eve, my sweet friends!

In another life (aka my previous career), I was a neurodiagnostic technician, and one of the particular populations I served was the epilepsy community. I ran standard & ambulatory EEGs under the direction of the ordering neurologists, including one of my best friends Dr. David Strayhorn. Years later in this life of functional nutrition, David & I still work together as referral partners, and I can't be more thankful for his support.

I'm often asked what my marketing budget is or where I get my clients from, and tbh, my business would dry up if it weren't for the physicians in this DC metro area (#Maryland, #washingtonDC, #NoVa) who refer their patients to me for the application of the #ketogenic & other therapeutic diets.

While I do see some clients for minor weight loss, general #health promotion, and longterm disease prevention, the vast majority of my clients are referred to me by their physicians in times of acute distress...those with debilitating #IBD flare-ups, chronic #migraine (15+ episodes per month), #infertility, #autoimmune disease, #Lyme & confections, multiple chemical sensitivity #mcs, and the list goes on. NUTRITION IS POWERFUL, my friends.

Have you seen a reduction in the frequency &/or severity of your seizures after using the ketogenic diet?

In honor of National Microwave Oven Day, I'm going to refrain from trash talking microwaves because I remember those undergrad years during which these radiation boxes sustained me. Instead, let's talk about some safer cooking methods. I'm pretty old school, so whether I'm starting from scratch or reheating leftovers, I'm a stovetop kinda gal. Mind you, my situation isn't ideal since we still have non-stick cookware (yikes), but stainless steel pots & pans are the very next items on our to-buy list. What is your favorite safe/healthy cooking method?

Do you ever have those days when everything seems like the worst? I'm having one of those days & decided to get out of the house to see if a change of atmosphere would lift this cloud & help me work with a clear mind. I stumbled on @eldenstreetteashop & think I may have found my work spot. It's reminiscent of home (Frederick, MD) & boasts a lovely assortment of teas. Any of my NoVa friends want to set up a weekly work date here?

Yup...I’m having a pretty insane Cyber Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday sale. Many of you may not know that GoodLife Nutrition has an online supplement dispensary, so that’s amazing news #1. Not only can you purchase professional-grade supplements, but you also have access to curated lists of Angela’s Picks like my fave digestive & prenatal supplements. It’s like Whole Foods or Vitacost but way better because those sellers don’t offer your doctor’s fave brands like @bioticsnw, @apex_energetics & @metagenics.

Amazing news #2 is the once-a-year Cyber Monday Sale. Receive 25% off all orders placed through December 4th. This is the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite supplements because these are the lowest prices of the year. Simply go to to create a Fullscript account to gain access to this BOMB $ALE.

Drop any question you have in the comments

Our Story

GoodLife Nutrition LLC was inspired by the need for a return to the basic principles of good health: whole food, restorative sleep, physical movement, fulfilling work, and loving relationships. These principals aren’t innovative, but the rise in chronic disease suggests that they may have been forgotten. While the principles of good health set a strong foundation for a nutrition practice, what makes GoodLife Nutrition unique is the integration of these principals with evidence-based research, biochemical individuality, and behavior-change support. Each client of GoodLife Nutrition LLC receives → An in-depth nutritional assessment → A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan → Health education → Behavior-change support

Services may also include → Bloodwork & functional lab analysis → Personalized meal planning → Targeted supplement protocols → Membership plans for longterm, affordable care We believe in helping people harness healthy behavior and the therapeutic value of whole foods to heal and thrive. Avoid the frustration of navigating your complex symptoms and health history alone. Schedule your FREE 15-minute Discovery Call today at

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