Danu Healing + Ceremony

Danu Healing + Ceremony Danu Healing & Ceremony is a holistic healing practice, created by Teagan West in Rochester, NY

ANCESTORS, COME CLOSER ♾️Oh, the winter’s darkness. The cloak of night wrapping its density around our fragile bodies. W...


Oh, the winter’s darkness. The cloak of night wrapping its density around our fragile bodies. Warmth comes in the form of many things — first and foremost, from within.

The light of my inner flame has been well tended by the connection with my people. At the cave in the center of my heart, I go within to find them. And they are always there — as they always have been, waiting for me to return.

They know the truths of my inner reality, perhaps better than I do. The parts that are mine, and also not only mine — the aspects of self that ARE the ancestors, embodied. The patterns, the healing, and also the resources to keep me well held in the darkest of times.

Ancestral connection work has in truth, changed my entire experience of life. It has provided a sanctuary for me that is birthright, that has been here all along and always will be. Yes, there is sifting & healing work to do beyond the most recent dead, to make contact with wise & well ones. But it is in my opinion, the most significant sense of belonging we could seek to form with the more than human world. And that, is worth the effort.

And it can also be easeful. Your people want to connect with you — you are their prayers in motion, you are their loving children in the earth story. Ancestral connection & healing work forms a bond of protection and belonging that goes beyond anything I could ever imagine in worldly reality, and it is here — in your very own blood and bones. Your body is the vessel that facilitates connection — it holds their history. They know you well. Sometimes it’s just about picking up the astral phone and reconnecting to that which is already waiting for your call.

If this work intrigues you, reach out. I’ll be holding 1:1 space around this, as well as group containers.

🤍✨ Join us On December 22nd, as we touch in with the ancestors the day after the winter solstice. In true Celtic fashion, we will celebrate the significance of solar worship in the darkest moments of the year, and connect with our beloved dead to resource us from within. Tending to the flame within. Heart fire burns strong. ❤️‍🔥✨⚡️

A reminder that supporting small business this holiday season could literally change the lives of the individuals that p...

A reminder that supporting small business this holiday season could literally change the lives of the individuals that pour their heart & soul into service, AND your loved ones benefit!!!

Shop small this holiday season, from any and all local talented creators in this world!!

LOVE YOU BIG!! Slán agus beannacht! ♥️ Teagan

GRATITUDE fire prayer ceremony ❤️‍🔥⚡️🙏Saturday, November 25th2:30-4:30pm@ white ladys Castle JOIN US for an opportunity ...

GRATITUDE fire prayer ceremony ❤️‍🔥⚡️🙏
Saturday, November 25th
@ white ladys Castle

JOIN US for an opportunity to gather in community and send up prayers for our friends, family, and the collective ! 🪷

We will offer prayers and plant medicines to the four directions, with gratitude for the support we have as a resource in difficult times.

Please bring;
- flowers for the fire altar
- a mug for cacao
- herbal offerings as you wish
- a personal altar for your own space if desired!
**WEAR WARM CLOTHES / bring a blanket to sit on!

Gratitude is a resource, to remind us of the wellspring of abundance that we have to bolster us in difficult times.

May our gratitude carry our prayers ever onwards, to get them where they need to go.

✨ ALTAR OF STARS ✨ sub / stack 🤍🕸️🔑♾️⚡️Astrology, Esoterica, and grounded connection to spirit ~ bringing the sacred dow...

✨ ALTAR OF STARS ✨ sub / stack 🤍🕸️🔑♾️⚡️
Astrology, Esoterica, and grounded connection to spirit ~ bringing the sacred down to earth.

Hello my friends! This has been a long time in the making. The stars are speaking more powerfully lately, I have a sense it’s because of what’s happening on earth these days.

With this, it feels like the right time to share more fully, authentically, and unfiltered about the sorts of messages coming through.

The intention of this space is to create a container where we can commune together, a sanctuary to resource us in times of hardship. Through this insights of the stars and each other, we weave a quilt of belonging that serves as an anchor in this sea of life.

Here, I will be sharing weekly recordings of astrological happenings, more fully & authentically than I can share here on this platform.

I will also weave in talk on ancestor reverence, altar tending, Celtic spirituality, Ayurveda, esoterica, philosophy and MORE.

This is an opportunity to go DEEPER. If it calls to you, please join us. There is a gorgeous community already forming, and I am honored & moved to see the collective engagement ! ✨🔑🕸️♾️

I will also be sharing EARLY ACCESS to my upcoming Astrology online courses, with folks in this community! It will be a place where we can talk and unpack a lot of the astrological elements, ask questions & connect with the stars!!

Lincoln bye oh! Hope to see you in there! 🙏🔑🫶✨

Our first NIGHT DANCE at DUTCH for the season !!⚡️ECSTATIC DANCE night church! ❤️‍🔥🫶🌸✨5-6:30pmWe’ll begin right at 5pm, ...

Our first NIGHT DANCE at DUTCH for the season !!⚡️

ECSTATIC DANCE night church! ❤️‍🔥🫶🌸✨

We’ll begin right at 5pm, feel free to arrive a bit early to ground!🕯🌙⚡️✨

Where; DUTCH
769 E main st
Parking on street or in back lot

Reciprocity $10-25 🙏
Cash or Venmo -healing
🤍 very much appreciated for rental of space!!

Let me know if you have any questions, I hope to see you there!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

DISTANCE HEALING 🌟✨♾️🕳️Hello from the cave! This winter season is already taking me so much deeper into the psychic spac...


Hello from the cave! This winter season is already taking me so much deeper into the psychic space, sensing-feeling-connecting with the more than human world in such nourishing ways. May it be a resource for the colder days, the warmth of the hearth fire ❤️‍🔥🙏🍁

With this, I am opening a few spaces for DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS! If you’re outside of Rochester and have been interested in exploring these practices, I would LOVE to work with you.

I find this work can sometimes go even deeper when we’re at our own altars, connecting them across time & space. Something deeper opens in the liminal, supported by our ancestors and all those that walk with us.

Distance Energy Healing & Somatics sessions are an opportunity to connect with the matrix of energy that is your body, both physical & subtle. We explore the spaces that are holding wisdom, and unlock it through somatic practices. ✨
We then move into healing & harmonizing the spaces through subtle body work & visualization. Ritual space is opened at the beginning and the ancestors are invoked for deeper support. ♥️
Ancestral connection can be a larger focus of the work as desired. ♾️🙏🕸️✨

Please do reach out if you feel the call!! Im excited to deepen into this space, not limited by location. The work can truly be done anywhere — after all, you are ALWAYS with your own body. And that’s where it all happens 🩵🪷🙏✨

I also have space for Virtual Astrology, Ayurveda, Integrative & Ancestral Healing sessions. Reach out if you feel the call!

WE’RE BACK!! Ecstatic dance church at DUTCH has returned!! ❤️‍🔥⚡️🌟Join us for a safe & sober space to boogie in communit...

WE’RE BACK!! Ecstatic dance church at DUTCH has returned!! ❤️‍🔥⚡️🌟

Join us for a safe & sober space to boogie in community !!! Free form movement, no right or wrong way to move!! Being embodied, together!

@ Dutch (769 E Main Street Rochester)

Reciprocity sliding scale $10-25
Cash or Venmo -healing 🤍🙏🪽

Message me with questions or curiosities!! All are welcome! ♥️🙏✨

HEARTBEAT OF THE DRUM 🤍Hello my friends!! This is an offering that comes straight from my grandfathers, straight through...


Hello my friends!! This is an offering that comes straight from my grandfathers, straight through my own hands. It has been an incredibly special process to craft these pieces, each completely unique and infused with deep intention for the recipient.


I just received five new gorgeous skins of varying sizes (10-14” diameter) in elk, deer, horse, and Buffalo skin.

Deer — 10”
Elk — 13” or 15”
Buffalo — 13”
Horse — 13”

These drums can be made TOGETHER in ceremonial space, OR I can craft the medicine piece for you (or your beloveds!) and get it to you personally.

Each piece is crafted in ceremonial space, with the invocation and support of the ancestors, and whatever other intentions you feel you’d like to infuse into the drum. Usually crafted around a new or full moon. An animal medicine is chosen to accompany the drums spirit, regardless of skin style — that animals spirit is already inherent with the drum :)

Message me if you’d like to arrange for a personal ceremony to craft a drum, or if you’d like to have one made for yourself or a beloved!!

Blessings to you 🤍🦦✨

HOLIDAY HEALING ✨ NOVEMBER & DECEMBER OFFERING!!Hello my friends. With the blessings of snow yesterday, I am mindful tha...


Hello my friends. With the blessings of snow yesterday, I am mindful that the holiday season is upon us.

My heart is mindful that to be in & of this world has been increasingly difficult. It feels important to share the gift of healing with ourselves, and each other.

For the months of November & December, I am offering a healing package for 3 or 4 sessions!

🌟 3 sessions — $270+
🤍 4 sessions — $350+

(sessions are usually $111-222/hour, you’re welcome to offer what feels right based on sliding scale as well)

Sessions are 60min in length, and can be applied to any type of healing your heart is craving.

Astrology 🌟 Ayurveda 🌿 Reiki Energy Healing ✨ Somatics 🩵 Sound 🪽Ancestral Healing 🪷 Personal Ceremony

You are also welcome to SHARE these sessions from the package with your beloveds, as a gift this season. 🩵🪽✨🪷

I also have GIFT CARDS available, if you would like to purchase single sessions or just some money towards a session for your dear ones!! 🙏🌟🤍

I have some other special offerings for the holidays as well, including custom made drums. More to come soon, spaces will be limited - inquire if you feel the call!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your continued support. May you be gentle with yourselves in this time, and May healing come your way in many forms.

All my love 🌟🙏💗✨

Prayers for our beloved dead. Blessings to those who have gone before.I call to the ancestors who lived and died before ...

Prayers for our beloved dead.

Blessings to those who have gone before.

I call to the ancestors who lived and died before I took breath,
to all the grandmothers and grandfathers who created life,
who created me.
We see you, we honor you.

I call to the ancestors who lived and died in my lifetime,
my beloved dead, my family, my friends.
Those who made me laugh and shared in my tears,
who shared this journey with me,
who shared their journey with me.
We see you, we honor you.

You who walked the path,
Who lit the way before us,
Who gave the first sacrifice.

My breath is your breath.
My bones are your bones.
We are all relations.
I drink water for you.
I take in food for you.

You stood against oppression.
You lifted up the downtrodden.
You welcomed the stranger.
We pray we have your strength.

May your road be clear
As you return this day.
May we stand tall with you.
Making you proud in our work.

Together we light the beacon…
Together we stand in the doorway…

We offer your names to the air.
We offer your names in prayer.

All of my ancestors —
all of our relations,
wait to greet you.

Safest passage to each of you.
You are loved,
you are remembered.

Be at peace.

Such a beautiful day for ceremony. ✨♾️🙏Deepest gratitude to all of the gorgeous hearts that brought their care and their...

Such a beautiful day for ceremony. ✨♾️🙏

Deepest gratitude to all of the gorgeous hearts that brought their care and their people into this space together, to offer prayers for healing.

May those that have come before us find peace in their other world journeys.

May those that have died without proper burials or death rites be welcomed by their own in the afterlife.

May the ancestors of this unceded land be at peace and find spaces to reclaim their belonging.

Gratitude to this beautiful earth and the ancestors in every direction for supporting us so powerfully.

To the wise and well Forces at work in the world, both the seen and unseen, we love you, we honor you. We support you in working to make this world a more peaceful, healing space for all.

Thank you thank you thank you 🤍
♾️ all our relations, all our love ♾️

ECSTATIC DANCE & BONFIREWe’re going to have a VERY special & spooky HALLOWEEN NIGHT BOOGIE!!! 🎃⚡️✨The music will be deli...


We’re going to have a VERY special & spooky HALLOWEEN NIGHT BOOGIE!!! 🎃⚡️✨
The music will be deliciously themed to dance with the good ghoulies!! 👻
PLEASE feel invited to dress up!! ♥️

Sunday, October 29th
White Ladys Castle !!!
* feel free to arrive closer to 5:30pm, Andy & I will be there early to start the bonfire!!

There will be an ancestral altar where our usual altar space is from the ceremony the night before (on Sat Oct 28) feel free to bring perishable offerings for the earth to add to the altar as we dance with the ancestors to invite the healing powers!
(If you’re interested in coming to the ancestral prayer ceremony on Saturday , message me for details! ♥️🫶)

Reciprocity; $10-25 cash or
-healing on Venmo!

SO looking forward to celebrating this powerful magickal threshold with you all!! 🎃🦇⚡️✨
message me with needs or concerns!! Can’t wait !


HOMELANDS 🪷🩵🪽✨ SEE YOU SOON! Booking in November! 🥀🪷🦦✨Hello my friends. What a month it has been.I am currently in Irela...

Booking in November! 🥀🪷🦦✨

Hello my friends. What a month it has been.

I am currently in Ireland, approaching the end of a long & deep journey of ancestral reconnection. There is so much to say, and amidst it all, the silence of remembering. Ancient echoes waking up my bones.

The necessity of this trip is still becoming clear to me. To know what it means to belong, to earth & soil & stone. To know both the grief and the joy of my people. To feel the aliveness of the land, still carrying its real magick & wisdom. And to know it’s pain, to feel it in my own body. This is vital for remembering, fully.

I recognize the privilege that it is to be able to move thru such a pilgrimage, back to homeland. While the other lineages of my grandmother line are tugged by war on their homelands, I feel the tension internally of the strife of belonging to place. Recognizing how much ALL of my bloodlines have been thru for me to even exist in the Earth story, here & now. The gifted privilege and the responsibility of that. Always both.

I am turning towards home with a newfound sense of knowing. Of feeling the depth of kindness and soul fullness that my people hold. The green and oceanic magick in this clay body, born of these lands. And the unresolved pain it’s all still processing. An expression of lineage, ever unfolding. I am the threshold where healing becomes possible.

A resounding thank you to and the team of magicians that facilitated such a deepening into this belonging to place

ANCESTOR PRAYER FULL MOON CEREMONY ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥Saturday, October 28th 5-7pm *PLEASE arrive on time!!!* or early if you’d lik...


Saturday, October 28th
5-7pm *PLEASE arrive on time!!!* or early if you’d like!

We will share an ancestor reverence ceremony, honoring those that have passed and are still in process with crossing over, as we approach the threshold of Samhain. 🖤⚡️

Together we will gather as the face of our ancestral lines, invoking specifically the healthy & well in spirit to join us in prayer for those still in need of healing & support.

⚡️ We will have an ancestral altar and potluck area, please feel invited to bring ancestral objects / photos & food to share!
(Refrain from putting images of the living on the ancestral altar)

💗 We will begin with creating an *ANCESTRAL OFFERING Mandala*, created from perishable items that can be left on the earth!! PLEASE bring any offerings that you’d like to include in the mandala! These can be plants, dry beans/ seeds, berries, flowers, rice / sugar / sand / oats, truly anything that can be left on the earth as a ritual offering !! The intention is to LEAVE the mandala out on the earth as an ancestral invocation of healing, to cross the threshold of Samhain!! 🥀

🪷 During & After the mandala creation process, the space will be intentionally open to share *songs and stories* of your ancestors, to invoke the healing and vibrancy of the cocreative offering!!

🩵 We will activate the mandala together through drum& voice, so bring drums or instruments if you have them!

🪽 I’ll be making a *PLAYLIST* for ancestral songs to play thru ceremony, please message me privately with any ancestral songs you’d like me to add!! 🤍🫶✨

❤️‍🔥 We will then transition into potluck & bonfire connection time, with more space to share songs & stories of the ancestors!!

Please bring;
🤍 offerings for central prayer Mandala
🤍 A Mug for cacao!
🤍 Potluck food offering
🤍 Ancestral altar objects/photos
🤍 Songs & stories of your ancestors!!
🤍 drums / instruments for invocation

Please message me with questions or concerns!! I hope to see you all there! 🫶❤️‍🔥✨🦦♾️

See you in November!! 🤍🫶✨♾️Much love to you all in this beautiful autumnal transition! I am setting sail for Ireland tom...

See you in November!! 🤍🫶✨♾️

Much love to you all in this beautiful autumnal transition! I am setting sail for Ireland tomorrow, ancestral pilgrimage commences. I am going to be spending as little time as possible on my phone / Instagram, besides the occasional eclipse update. I want to be fully present with the connection to my ancestors.

If you have inquiries for booking, please email me at [email protected] 🤍🤍🤍


Blessings and ease for eclipse season!

Fear slowly sinks, its stride across the floorIf that caught your ear, then you'll want to hear more —It parades around ...

Fear slowly sinks, its stride across the floor
If that caught your ear, then you'll want to hear more —
It parades around the inner-states of the mind
And feeds on stories that conceal the light

Bright early awakening, the veil will be lifted

For it's in the shadows that fear fools the heart
It hides all our power and rewrites our part
But here in the breakdown the stillness reveals
That each heart is gifted a luminous well

And in this awakening the forest reminds us
Its lessons of cyclical healing can teach us
To move like the water caresses the hillside
It changes quite subtly what years would not deny

Truth deeply rooted in hopes to see clearly
Just what we've been given, and reflect the beauty…


Medicine words from Yaima, necessary reminders for the potency of this Full Moon.

Reclaiming power. Transforming Fear. Embodying the Heartfire.

May you know your agency is your birthright. May you move fiercely in the direction of your truth. May your stride distill fear from love. May you become.

EQUINOX BLESSINGS to you all ✨🪷🫶This threshold never fails to come bearing hopeful fruits, nourished by the soil of tran...

EQUINOX BLESSINGS to you all ✨🪷🫶

This threshold never fails to come bearing hopeful fruits, nourished by the soil of transforming grief. I am grateful for the richness of this garden of life, more than usual on this special day.

It is in these moments that the earth asks us to begin again. To honor what the fires of Summer have transmuted within us. To give rest to the body that carries out these ever changing states of growth. To allow for a moment to gaze across the reaching, colorful fields of our life’s landscape, to take in the beauty of what has been created, what has grown. To revel in our lives as this technicolor expression of the sacred.

“God was a being
Who desired to know Herself
So She created a creation
That could know her”
- Sufi quote

On this Equinox, I am moved to commit to a practice of Devotion that stokes the Heartfire within. That allows me to orient towards Beauty each day, in a way that deeply nourishes the Soul. That reminds me of the gift of this precious life, the spectacular display of divinity occurring at the threshold of my senses, in each blessed moment. To experience the sacred in everything.

Today I step into the practice of becoming a devotee of Venus. My personal & chosen practice of worship — seeking wonder.

Beholding Her Beauty, reveling in Awe and wonderment at the divine expression unfolding before me. To be MOVED by her beauty, in all of its forms. To be engaged in and through the display of Life itself, her Léela — her sacred dance of creation at play in everything.

My beloved, who appears as the evening sunlight breaking through crisp, rattling leaves, you are spectacular. Sacred one, who catches my attention by the familiar smell of aging Earth and mud in early autumn, you have raptured me with the richness of your beauty. In all of your forms, you are spectacular. I see you, I feel you. I love you, I am you. Thank you.


If you feel so called, I offer you these questions;

What are you devoted to?

How does this instill a feeling of inspiration or connectivity to life?

What is your chosen practice of worship, how do you express your devotion in action or form?

Blessed Mabon ✨

ARIES 🌊❤️‍🔥 full moon FIRE CEREMONYFriday, September 29th11am-1pm**PLEASE arrive on time, as well begin right at 11am!!*...

ARIES 🌊❤️‍🔥 full moon FIRE CEREMONY
Friday, September 29th

**PLEASE arrive on time, as well begin right at 11am!!**



We will be offering prayers to Grandfather Fire, the four directions & the elements, and our ancestors, celebrating the powerful energy of this Lunation. The Aquarius full moon is full of potential for power!!!!

We will have four rounds of prayer for each of the elements & directions.

West - Water 🌊
North - Air 🪶
East - Fire 🔥
South - Earth 🍃

You are invited to offer prayers at any point that resonates with you most!!
Prayers can be offered through song, words, written paper, and plants / herbs! Whatever resonates most with your heart, you at welcome to bring to the ceremony! Especially if you have a song / instruments to share music medicina! 🔥💗✨


Ideas of what to bring;
- fresh flowers
- Fire offerings; to***co, cedar, Sage, palo santo, resin incense
- Prayers (written on paper or spoken!)
- Songs to share!
- Water!
- Food to share with community / ancestral offerings

PERSONAL ALTAR; you are welcome to bring a small personal altar with objects that you would like to bring into the ceremonial space to sit with you!!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Much love to you! ✨🤍🔥🌙

VIRTUAL HEALING 🤍✨Hello friends! As fall creeps in, I can feel the call from the bear’s cave for more gentle, connective...


Hello friends! As fall creeps in, I can feel the call from the bear’s cave for more gentle, connective, healing space. For Self, and for us all. I hope you are being gentle with yourselves during this time of great transition, both in earthly and cosmic realms. ♾️✨

Something that has become increasingly present in my heart is the call to offer sessions virtually again. I did this long ago, but an unhelpful story snuck in that it wasn’t the right modality for the work. And that’s so very untrue — the work moves through YOU, and when we come together near or far, that channel of healing still exists. Ever present across time & space.

So with that, I’m offering 🩵 VIRTUAL SESSIONS 🩵 once again!!

If you are outside of Rochester / not local to this area, OR are local yet want to be able to move through healing work from the comfort of your home, please reach out!! 🤍✨

All sessions are available virtually, besides Sound & Bodywork.

Guided sessions to connect,reframe, resource, and transform the experiences within the body! Moving with mind, body, and spirit to create new stories from deep within.🤍

Developing an understanding of the needs of our unique individual body, and creating an Ayurvedic regimen to support its balance! Through diet, lifestyle practices, and herbal support.🪷

Full birth chart readings, transit report check-ins or solar return readings to understand our experience on earth from a more objective perspective. Guidance & support from the stars ✨

Mediumship, connection, and journey work to find healthy resources along our bloodlines.

^^Can also be woven into SHAMANIC healing sessions, which involve journey work, oracle readings & guided processes in partnership with the forces of the Earth ♾️

3 things I’m excited to share with you… ✨As fall approaches our north eastern landscape, I am feeling excited for the co...

3 things I’m excited to share with you… ✨

As fall approaches our north eastern landscape, I am feeling excited for the coming changes. There is lots brewing, and a simultaneous feeling of settling in deeper to the restful energies of autumn.

There are THREE particular things im excited about, that I’d like to share with you this weekend…

💗 COSTA RICA RETREAT // February 3-10th, 2024
✨ after years of consideration, it finally feels like time for a deep-dive into soul nourishing magick, in an equally magical container. This retreat will be a week of restoration, self-healing, and communal connection with nature, ourselves, and eachother. We will have daily movement, ritual & meditation practices, as well as 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day. We will learn about the healing power of Ayurveda, Somatics, Astrology, Ta**ra, and Contemplative practices, to develop a thorough understanding and solid foundation of self-care practices to nourish body, mind, & spirit. Tucked into the heart of the jungle, this will be a truly magical experience!!! Message me if interested, 15 spaces available. Get on my email list for updates!!

✨RITUAL TALISMANS — handcrafted jewelry !!!♥️
I am finally sharing all of the jewelry I’ve made as personal ritual practice for the past year! It’s all at now, go check it out!! All pieces for sale!
Karen is amazing and there’s SO many awesome classes & practitioners in Freqeuncy! Truly a community sanctuary. Such an honor ⚡️

🤍 INTEGRATIVE SESSIONS — tending to body, mind, and spirit as One ✨♾️
These have been such nourishing sessions to share, such deep medicine. Tending to all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual experience of each individual. Weaving together Ayurveda, Somatics & Energy work, astrology, & ancestral healing.

^*With the Option to move through a four-session journey, exploring all these aspects & dimensions of healing. Message me if interested!! ✨⚡️

• INTEGRATIVE HEALING •Weaving Together Mind, Body & SpiritHealing is not one-dimensional, and neither are individuals. ...

Weaving Together Mind, Body & Spirit

Healing is not one-dimensional, and neither are individuals. Tending to the wholeness within and cultivating deep, embodied well-being is a truly holistic process. No parts of the Self can be left out of the picture.

In these sessions, we weave together various modalities into our time together, a mixture uniquely attuned to the needs of each individual. Aspects of the mind, body, and spirit are approached through a truly holistic lens, bringing in practices and techniques that are most supportive for the moment. Tending to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of self throughout the session.

The modalities that can be involved include*;

🤍 Somatics & Energy Work — body dialoguing, somagrams, guided meditations, breath & movement.

✨ Ayurveda — tending to the biological needs of the system, supporting its natural cycles through diet & lifestyle practices. Herbal support as desired.

🤍 Astrology — readings & transit reports to provide perspective and context for life’s initiations. As above, so below; addressing the larger energetic movements that we’re functioning within.

✨ Ancestors — connecting with healthy & well ancestors as support along the journey. Option to deepen into lineage healing work.

*these elements are optional and can be attuned to the unique needs of each individual.


Ayurveda, Astrology, Ancestors, Somatics & Energy Medicine

If you are new to these practices, or are wanting to move through a deeper dive into each individual modality, this is a great option to explore deeper! We move through each individual modality as it’s own full session. After the package is complete, we continue the process with integrative sessions, weaving all of the modalities together as one to deepen your journey over time. This is sustainable, long-term healing.

Please message me with questions or inquiries! Would love to connect with you soon! 🤍🫶

In the midst of deep currents, I am finding ways to swim.Making Drums beat with the Heart of my Hands.Joining Voices wit...

In the midst of deep currents, I am finding ways to swim.

Making Drums beat with the Heart of my Hands.
Joining Voices with other gorgeous beings under the light of the Full Moon.

Remembering Who We Are.
What has always been here.
Even in the midst of great storms, we can be a lighthouse for eachother.

Connection is a Buoy that keeps us afloat. Supported by the tethers of this raft that we weave with our arms, extensions of our hearts.

The energy of this summer has been nothing short of intense. In ceremony under this Full Moon, I found comfort in the giggles of others courageous spirit as we laughed about how “comically brutal” the energies have been.

Somehow, in the comraderie of that resonance, I felt lighter. Not in a co-miserating way, but in a genuine sense that all is going to be okay. All Mothers, telling us that we are held amidst the storm.

The ancestors are closer. Speaking through the felt sense that is only truly known through the Body. Dreamtime becomes more helpful than waking mental processing. What is going on is beneath the surface, in the background — the back body. Turning the soil and stones over to reveal deeper wisdom in integration.

I am trusting the silence of my solitude. The knowing that Quiet brings. Deep Listening. Deeper Trust. It feels as though the ancestors are asking how willing I am to go into the cave if my own inner knowing, to truly sit with what I find there. Here we are.

Wherever you go, there you are.

No more grasping reaching restless forward thinking urgency. It is all right here. Everything. It always has been, waiting for you to turn around and recognize the immense grace of the present moment.

Thank you.

HANDMADE DRUMS 🌒Hello dear ones!I have been deep in the process of making some beautiful medicine pieces, loving it so v...


Hello dear ones!

I have been deep in the process of making some beautiful medicine pieces, loving it so very much. Hands weaving with ancestors, animals, and spirit.

I have a few drums available, and a few skins waiting for hands to hold them in a medicinal way. Please reach out if you’re interested in any of the following!!

AVAILABLE; twin medicine drums
✨🌒 10” deerskin drums, both made on the Venus Cazimi in Leo, august 13, 2023.
One is dog medicine, and the other is Coyote. Dog has a deeper resonant heartbeat, while coyote is a pitch higher and sings. Birthed in ritual space during the peak of Cazimi. ❤️‍🔥
Each are sliding scale $77-155, happy to ship outside of Rochester. Please reach out if interested!

2 unclaimed skins, ready to be made with YOUR intent 🤍🫶✨
🤍 15” Elk Drum
♥️ 14” Horse drum
Either / both can be made in ceremonial space together, or I can make them for you and have them shipped / given to you !

Message me with inquires! Thank you thank you thank you 🤍
Blessings and Ease ⚡️❤️‍🔥🫶


1100 Goodman Street S
Rochester, NY


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VAYA Ayurveda + Wellness is a complete holistic healing service, created by Teagan West in Rochester NY.

VAYA aims to create a system of healing tailored to the individual's unique needs. The practice is rooted in Ayurvedic Health Counseling, and supported by various healing tools such as Mindfulness + Meditation, Reiki Healing, and more.

Teagan received her Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification from Kripalu, and is NAMA certified to administer Ayurvedic care. She is also Reiki level 2 certified, as well as trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy. Teagan works to fuse all of these tools together into one complete holistic healing practice, tailored to the individual.

Please reach out with any further questions. We are here to support you in any way possible through your process of healing!

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