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Local SEO companies that will work with Podiatristhttps://podiatrycoding.com/local-seo-companies-that-will-work-with-pod...
Local SEO companies that will work with Podiatrists - Podiatry Coding

Local SEO companies that will work with Podiatrist

One of the issues Podiatrists have with many local search engine optimization companies in trying to get to number one on Google for an area is it is not easy to find a good one. So many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies work nationally with key words. The difference is if you have a practi...

Three Ways to Finance the purchase of a Podiatry Practicehttps://podiatrycoding.com/three-ways-to-finance-the-purchase-o...
Three Ways to Finance the Purchase of a Podiatry Practice - Podiatry Coding

Three Ways to Finance the purchase of a Podiatry Practice

So you have just graduated from residency and have no jobs due to the Coronavirus or COVID 19. This is an extreme worry since the job market for Podiatry has completely dried up. There are no jobs in Podiatry currently. However, what there is are practices for sale for Podiatrists. There are a lot o...

There is about to be a buyers market for Podiatry Practiceshttps://podiatryposts.com/its-about-to-be-a-buyers-market-for...
It's about to be a buyer's market for Podiatry practices. - Podiatry Posts

There is about to be a buyers market for Podiatry Practices

For the last ten years there has been a Podiatry boom period. This has carried over to Podiatry Practices as well. The fact is you had large groups in Podiatry with excess money looking to expand. Combine that with Hospitals and Medical Groups also looking to purchase Podiatry Practices to add to th...

Did you read the article Dr. Straus?https://podiatryposts.com/did-you-read-the-article-leonard-levi-strauss-dpm-mph/
Did you read the Article? Leonard Levi Strauss, DPM, MPH - Podiatry Posts

Did you read the article Dr. Straus?

It is clear that both he (by submission) and Anythingforabuck Barry (by publication) must believe PM News readers are an ignorant lot. The constant “did you read this article” is as bad as the outrageous shoe of the day. Someone needs to find this Levi Strauss guy a job.  Perhaps Dr. Bijak was ...

Podiatry Cannibalism in the era or Coronavirushttps://podiatryposts.com/podiatry-cannibalism/
Podiatry Cannibalism - Podiatry Posts

Podiatry Cannibalism in the era or Coronavirus

We have always heard the phrase “podiatry eats it’s young”. The post coronavirus world however has given us a new take on the phrase which should read “podiatry will eat anything and anybody for a buck”. It is true that like all medical professions, podiatry has had its share of scavenger ...

How can Podiatrists make money during the COVID Pandemichttps://podiatryposts.com/how-a-podiatrist-can-make-money-in-thi...
How a Podiatrist can Make Money in this Crisis - Podiatry Posts

How can Podiatrists make money during the COVID Pandemic

Let’s see.  We have Lynn Homely-Sack  and Cindy Pizza-Brain telling you what to do with no patients. You have Rem Jack-Ass and the AAPPM notes telling you to upcode and make up diagnoses for money.  Elliott the Idiot and Dr. Ni**od when you to biopsy purple toes.  In fact, to prove this is stu...

Where are the Podiatry Leaders during the COVID Pandemichttps://podiatryposts.com/podiatry-leaders/
Podiatry Leaders - Podiatry Posts

Where are the Podiatry Leaders during the COVID Pandemic

Masquerade, paper faces on parade.Masquerade.Hide your face so the world will never find you.Masquerade.Every face a different shade.Masquerade.Look around there’s another mask behind you. Flash of mauve, splash of puce.Fool and King, ghoul and goose.Green and black, Queen and priest.Trace of rou...

https://podiatryposts.com/covid-19-the-definitive-article/This article discusses all the ramifications of COVID-19 and t...
Podiatry and COVID-19: The definitive article - Podiatry Posts


This article discusses all the ramifications of COVID-19 and the Coronavirus on the profession of Podiatry and its future

It is time for podiatry to reassess past behaviors and policies of action which are no longer viable. Suddenly, with little warning, the COVID-19 virus has impacted podiatry as it has the entire world. The effects of the current crisis are devastating enough in the short term. There is no guarantee....

Over Half of Podiatric Practices have had to layoff staff due to COVID crisis - Podiatry Coding


According to a recent survey by the Independent Medical Group Association over half of Medical Groups have had to layoff or furlough employees due to the Coronavirus Shutdown. This would probably correspond to Podiatrists as well. Needless to say COVID is decimating both private medical practices as...

Five Things Podiatrists can do to Optimize their practice during the COVID shutdown - Podiatry Coding


Podiatrists are not working or barely working during the COVID or Coronavirus shutdown. The practices are not making money. In fact most are losing money. This is a terrifying period for Podiatrists. How are Podiatrists going to come out of this and make money? Most importantly, Podiatrists need to....

Primary Care Doctors are on the verge of collapse and so are Podiatrists. - Podiatry Posts


Look at this article. Currently PCP’s are about to collapse. They are asking for a bailout. https://www.modernhealthcare.com/opinion-editorial/covid-19-pushing-primary-care-brink-collapse Keep this in mind. PCP’s are in far stronger position than Podiatrists, so you can imagine what is happening...

Will Podiatrists be eligible for SBA loans from the Coronavirus relief? - Podiatry Posts


The short answer is yes, Podiatrists will be eligible but it will be tricky. In other words Podiatrists are probably going to be in line behind Primary Care doctors, restaurants, factories and a host of other businesses. Now the APMA can probably help…possibly. I would recommend consulting with a ...


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