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Cold process handmade soaps I offer scented and fragrance free soaps. No animal fats are ever used. Soaps do not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

Bare Naked Soaps are old fashioned, cold process soaps (not melt and pour) made with natural vegetable and nut oils, butters, botanicals and grains. I use mainly 100% natural essential oils to scent my soaps (from plants, flowers and plant materials like leaves and roots). Once in a while I will use a fragrance oil (artificially manufactured), but I will clearly state this in the description and i

Operating as usual


Is anyone interested in wool felted soaps and/or custom needle felted soaps (I have plenty pictures of ones I have done in the past, feel free to browse the pictures).


Some thoughts....

It's been a long time since I made soap to sell. It's a very competitive business. And I wonder why some people balk about paying $5-6 for a bar of handmade soap (and I'm not talking about Melt and Pour Soap which you buy in a big block from a soap supplier or craft store, melt it and add colorants and fragrances and all that other stuff). Handmade soap made using the cold process or hot process way (excuse the technical terms here, you can google it) is actually better for you than the junk you buy that is sold as a "beauty bar" in a store. Soap can be formulated to a specific skin type (oily, dry etc) simply by adding or leaving out certain oils, butters and clays. So not all soap is the same. I can also pronounce all the ingredients that are in my soaps. Take a look at your soap and do a little research to see what's in them. Dr Bronner's soap is one of the "over the counter" soaps I do recommend. I'm amazed at the prices Lush charges...their most expensive bars are almost $16 for a 3.5 oz bar down to $6.95 (for what I call in my opinion "gimicky" soaps).

For my soaps, I prefer to use essential oils, vice fragrance oils(which I have used on occasion but infrequently) to scent my soaps and I also prefer use natural plant materials like herbs to color my soaps by infusing my oils with them (for example, comfrey which gives a beautiful green color) or not color them at all. Perhaps my soaps are too simple.

I'm trying to figure out a niche before I start making soaps to sell.

If you want to share with me what you look for in a soap, feel free to post here in the comments. I am not knocking anyone who uses fragrance oils, pigments, dyes and other colorants (which again, I tried maybe a few times). It's just not my thing. Maybe it might have to be?

Timeline photos 08/13/2016

Felting soap is a very easy process and you can further embellish them easily with a needlefelting tool.

Photos from Bare Naked Soaps's post 10/22/2015

More sea salt soap bars using Conch Island fragrance oil from Soapalooza.

Mobile uploads 10/06/2015

Lavender & Lime Goats Milk Soap just cut. Big bars! They has a little bit of lavender powder in it too. Not for vegans, it contains lard for a nice hard bar.

Mobile uploads 10/05/2015

Made some sea salt soap bars last night and while the loaf is still needing to set 24 hrs before I cut it, I put the leftovers in a silicone muffin pan and just unmolded them. Added a little shell on the top. Now I'm thinking I might make another batch but put shells in the bottom of muffin molds to make a stamped effect. What do you think?


What's your pleasure? Bars or chunks? Right now I'm making chunky bars of lavender and lime goat's milk soap. I love the rustic look of chunks!

Mobile uploads 03/12/2015

Six bars of soap cut, right to left, Honey And Oats, Smoke and Mirrors, Orange Patchouli, Sandalwood Patchouli, Snow Queen, and Lemon Lavender. Can't make up my mind which is my favorite.

Timeline photos 05/13/2014

Made a needlefelted soap to exchange for some mixed media art with another crafter.


Custom felted soap order and a needlefelted soap for an art exchange.

BareNakedSoaps 03/04/2013


Felted soaps are on sale, I have to move them out to make room for new ones! I have 6 left. Please go to my etsy shop and use coupon code MARCHLION for 10% off.

BareNakedSoaps Welcome to Bare Naked Soaps! All my soaps are hand made from the cold process method (not melt and pour!). I use all natural oils, herbs and


Thank you for all your likes. Right now I am only doing custom orders of 2 lb logs and up. Keep in mind there is at least a 4 week cure time necessary. If you are interested in a custom made log you can contact me here.


Thanks to everyone who supported me and who "liked" my page. Also, to those of you who bought my soaps this year, your business is appreciated! BNS is closed for the rest of the year. Happy Holidays!

Felted soaps 12/07/2012

Felted soaps

Timeline photos 12/01/2012

Freshly packaged home made laundry soap made for the craft show next Saturday.

Timeline photos 11/28/2012

Lemon Swirl soap all packaged for show. The swirl is very muted, but I do love the butter yellow color from the calendula-infused olive oil!

Timeline photos 11/23/2012

Kitty & mouse needlefelted soap

Timeline photos 11/23/2012

More needlefelted soaps made last night.

Timeline photos 11/21/2012

My husband's favorite soap...made with shea and mango butters.

Timeline photos 11/21/2012

My husband's favorite soap...made with shea and mango butters.

Timeline photos 11/19/2012

Cherry Blossom Guest Soaps make a great stocking stuffer! Join us at Bryce Resort for the Holiday Bazaar Dec 8th!

Timeline photos 11/19/2012

One of the felted soaps I will have available at the Christmas bazaar.


Just spent the entire day making lables and wrapping soaps for the Bryce Christmas Bazaar in Basye Dec 8th. Come on out!

Timeline photos 11/02/2012

This is my version of a castille soap. Castille is made with 100% olive oil, but this is my version which is 70% pomace olive oil infused with chamomile flowers, a little coconut oil, castor oil, and some beeswax to make a hard bar. I used chamomile tea for the liquid. It is a nice gentle bar of soap with lots of bubbles. Left UNSCENTED. Makes a nice soap for baby, someone with very dry skin or going through chemo. It is a very soothing bar. Minimum wt of 4.25, $5 each. 3 will fit in a USPS flat rate box. 10 available. Buy 3 castille bars including shipping for $16.90 (20% off).

Timeline photos 11/02/2012

Sunflower Soap for sale...made with calendula infused sunflower oil, palm oil and coconut oils, calendula petals, ground calendula, honey and Nature Walk fragrance oil. A minimum wt of 3.5 oz. $4 each. Only 4 available. Three of them will fit in a small priority mail box for $4.90 PM me if interested.

Timeline photos 11/02/2012

Lemongrass Soap for sale...made with olive, palm and coconut oils, shea butter, ground lemongrass and lemongrass essential oil. A minimum wt of 3.25 oz. $4 each. 10 available. Three of them will fit in a small priority mail box for $4.90. Message me if interested.

Timeline photos 11/02/2012

Apricot Freesia Soap for sale...made with olive, palm and coconut oils, shea butter and fragrance oil. A minimum wt of 4 oz. $5 each. 10 available. Three of them will fit in a small priority mail box for $4.90. Message me if interested.

Timeline photos 10/29/2012

I've had several requests to sell felted soaps again this year for Christmas presents, so I've decided to do a few. This one was recently done for a soap exchange with another soaper.

Timeline photos 10/29/2012

Lavender lemon soap with a bit of lavender powder and lavender buds on top ready to do it's thing called saponification and turn into soap!


Yesterday I deviated from some blends I was going to make. I did make a batch of soap that will be a nice scent for men....10x orange with vanilla oleoresin and a little ylang 3 and vertiver. It has an orangey woodsy scent. Today I made soap with lavandin grosso and black pepper essential oils. Tomorrow will be two lemon soaps (poppy seed and lemon lavender) and maybe an orange patchouli. Then that's all for the year. Will have plenty of soap available for Christmas gifts!


Today will be the last of my soapmaking for the year in time for the Christmas Bazaar at Bryce Resort...Lavender and Black Pepper, Creamsicle (10x orange and vanilla oleoresin), Lemon Poppy Seed and Lavender Patchouli. I like to give my soaps at least a good 6 week cure.

Timeline photos 10/20/2012

I just got an essential oil order from my only essential oil supplier. I say "only" because she is very particular about what she gets and she only orders the best of the best. In my box, I have 15x orange (the most concentrated available) from CA, and Clove Bud and Patchouli from Indonesia, Basil Comores from Vietnam, Lavandin Grosso and Lemon Extra from the USA, Ylang 3 from Madagascar and Black Pepper from India. I am going to make some kick --- soaps! Only the best for my customers!

Timeline photos 10/09/2012

Tangerine Dream soap.....with tangerine essential oil and a splash of lavender and 10x orange fresh out of the pot!

Hot Process Soap Making 10/09/2012

Hot Process Soap Making



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