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Best in the West.
Thank you soooooooo much for fixing my very sick kitty, Bo! Dr. Queen, Dr. Byerly and all of the staff at MarQueen were so patient and caring. It comforted me to know that he was in loving hands for the week that he was at MarQueen!!! I am blessed to have my happy, feisty kitty back because of you!
Would like everyone to know that Erica Queen and her staff are amazing. My dog came down with Lymphoma 5 months ago and Dr Queen has been her internist. She is an amazing person, caring compassionate, and very humble. It above all that her clinic and staff are the best I have ever experienced. She has gotten my dear Bridgett into remission with her cancer in 5 months. I am very greatfull for Dr Queen and her amazing staff. Don't hesitate to use this clinic for your pets will have the best care available anywhere. Thank you Erica to you and your wonderful staff for taking such great care of my wonderful dog.
Erica!! Boatloads of love on your birthday ! love John
Thank you all so much for the card reguarding our beloved dog, Chyanne. That day was one of the hardest days of my life. I appriciate you all very much.
I want to thank Dr. Queen and the staff (especially Shannon). I had to take my poodle, Fozzie, in on an emergent basis on 9/18. She referred me out immediately to an ophthalmologist who got me in the same afternoon. Sadly, I had to take Fozzie back in on the 27th and ultimately had to say good-bye to my dear friend of almost 13 years. I was truly amazed at how compassionate and caring everyone was; nobody even knew us, really. Shannon even gave me a big empathetic hug as we were leaving that sad afternoon. You are an amazing team! Thank you for making something so hard a little easier. I'm grateful that Fozzie was in such good, caring hands as we let him go.
Thank you for your caring and compassion last night when we brought Magpie in. We're so grateful that you were open after our regular vet's hours to help our girl pass peacefully.
Thanks to Dr.Niki and crew for fixing my Sam!!!! It's good to have him back to his stubborn self -you guys ROCK!!!

A veterinary emergency and specialty hospital supporting general practitioners and their clients in Welcome to MarQueen Pet Emergency and Specialty Hospital

While visiting the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington our founders happened upon a charming hotel located in the theatre district of Seattle’s Queen Anne Avenue. The MarQueen hotel, as it were told, once served as residency to automobile engineers in the early 1900’s. These “doctors of motors” were brought in to provide Ford Motor Company with the finest engineering minds in the country. It is

Operating as usual

Photos from MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty's post 02/27/2023

Meet Halo with her intelligent eyes and magnificent spirit. She was a Husky that would greet you with a tail wag and a smile, never a complaint! She was a cancer warrior, who defied all odds. We celebrate her successes in her cancer journey and want to share them with the world, as there is limited information for dogs with liver tumors once they become inoperable. Diagnosed in 2019, she underwent surgery for her liver mass. During her surgical recovery, she was calmed and relaxed listening to her favorite metal music. In August of 2020, her disease began behaving very aggressively and progressing quickly. Once surgery could no longer keep her cancer from coming back, she was treated with stereotactic radiation therapy (2021, 2022) and Palladia chemotherapy, which allowed her to have a wonderful quality of life at home despite her advanced disease. During this time, she was also diagnosed with, treated for, and beat mammary cancer. We lost this beautiful girl in 2023 at 14 1/2 years of age. By sharing her story, her spirit will live on and help other dogs in their fight with this disease.

Photos from MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty's post 02/15/2023

Happy Valentine's Day!


Santa rode into MarQueen for a visit today!!


Our expansion project is coming along beautifully! We can't wait to move into our new space and welcome you and your pets. We're getting close!


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MarQueen!

We are thankful that you trust us to provide the very best care for your beloved furry family members!

While it may be tempting to give your dog a Thanksgiving treat, it’s best to stick with your dogs normal diet. Dogs should not have any bones, alcohol, fatty foods, or food that contains onion, garlic, or xylitol.

Keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving by following these tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association:


Halloween is just a few days away! We wanted to share a few reminders to keep your pets safe!

The number one safety tip is to keep pets away from all Halloween candy! Some types are particularly toxic to pets including chocolate and any candy with xylitol, which is usually sugar-free candy or gum.

Trick-or-treaters might be fun for you, but your pets might be stressed with the constant ringing of the doorbell or knocks on the door followed by kids in costume. Keeping them in a quiet room may be just what they need! If your pet is extremely anxious during Halloween festivities, your veterinarian may be able to prescribe medication to help keep them calm.

Glow sticks and small plastic toys are choking hazards for your pet too, be vigilant in making sure your pet doesn't get ahold of one of these items while you are sorting your candy collection.


We wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to our amazing vendors who sponsored many of our Veterinary Technician Appreciation week meals! Our reps spent extra time at MarQueen answering questions and just saying hello!

Thank you to for helping us show our appreciation for all of the hard work, skill and dedication of our MarQueen team!

We enjoyed every yummy bite! Capriotti's, Daphnes, Starbucks, Noah's Bagels, Donuts, Sourdough Sandwiches, Dos Coyotes, Smashburger, pizza, breakfast burritos and sandwiches, NuYo Frozen Yogurt and more!


We continue to celebrate our amazing team this week! They deserve more than just a week of appreciation - we should celebrate them every day! We feel such gratitude for our entire team and have spent this week expanding the appreciation to our amazing doctors, customer service reps, technicians, and technician assistants! We want each of you to know how thankful we are that you have chosen MarQueen as your professional home!


It’s National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week!

Join us in thanking our amazing team for the work they do! They go above and beyond day and night to care for our clients and their pets and we couldn’t do it without them!


We celebrate when every pet gets to go home with their family, but sometimes pets need to stay with us for extended amounts of time and our team becomes part of their extended family! We wanted to share a story about Phoebe, the Airedale Terrier puppy, who had an unfortunate encounter with a malfunctioning in-ground spa. Phoebe accidentally fell into the family's spa, which unbeknownst to the owners had a faulty heater. The water temperature was so high that it resulted in significant burns to both Phoebe and the family members that rescued her.

Although Phoebe was able to walk into the hospital, she had significant hair loss and burns along her entire underside. She was very painful and couldn't even lie down to sleep. She initially needed sedation to be comfortable enough to rest, however, some very clever assistants realized that a small towel over her eyes and gently placing her on her side provided the darkness and comfort to allow her to sleep for hours undisturbed. This eventually led to getting Phoebe her very own sleep mask to block out the light, as well as jammies to prevent her from licking her wounds. Unfortunately once her underside began healing, she began to develop wounds on her paw pads, which meant she needed bandages on all four feet.

After nearly three weeks, many bandage changes, multiple full baths, lots of pain medication and the strong will of a very brave puppy, Phoebe went home with her family and only needed to see us for rechecks and bandage changes.

Thanks to her devoted family, we were able to get Phoebe through this very scary accident and loved seeing her progress during each outpatient visit, where we got to give her snuggles and change her "shoes and socks". We are so excited that Phoebe is on the road to recovery and her family reports she is back to her puppy self, romping around and rough-housing with her Rottweiler brother!

Photos from MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty's post 09/09/2022

We are heartbroken for those affected by the Mosquito fire. Our thoughts are with each of you.

While air quality is affected due to the fires, please follow some simple tips to keep your pets safe and minimize the dangers for them.


MarQueen is excited to announce that we are expanding! We've outgrown our current space and jumped at the opportunity to expand next to our current hospital. We are in the process of building out a new emergency and surgical facility to better serve the growing community. We plan to be in our new space by the end of the year!


Happy Labor Day!

It's HOT out there, so be sure you and your pets stay cool!


The Sacramento Valley is expecting dangerously hot conditions with record temperatures up to 105 to 115 degrees today through Wednesday, with limited overnight relief.

If your pet is showing signs of heat stroke, please seek veterinary attention! This includes heavy panting, excessive thirst, bright red tongue, drooling, vomiting and mobility problems.

MarQueen is open every day, including Labor Day - we are here if you need us!


It's going to be HOT out there today through Wednesday in the Sacramento area. Temperatures are expected to reach 105 to 115 degrees. Keep your pets safe by following some simple guidelines!

1. Exercise your dog in the early morning or late evenings when it's cooler.

2. Provide plenty of shade and water for your pets if they must be outside, but it's best to keep pets indoors when it's this hot!

3. If you can't comfortably hold your hand on the ground for 5 seconds, it's too hot for your dogs paws! This includes sand!

4. Never leave your pet in the car, even with the windows cracked. Temperatures can soar to more than 20 degrees higher than the outside temperature in just 10 minutes, and 30 degrees in 20 minutes.

If your pet is showing signs of heat stroke, please seek veterinary attention! This includes heavy panting, excessive thirst, bright red tongue, drooling, vomiting and mobility problems.

MarQueen is open every day, including Labor Day - we are here when you need us!


We are looking for you!

We are currently hiring skilled, experienced, and motivated emergency veterinarians. MarQueen Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Group has recently changed ownership and as part of this transition we are looking to expand our group of outstanding emergency veterinarians. We are the only remaining independently owned veterinary emergency and specialty hospital in the North Valley and have cultivated an incredible group of specialists, emergency veterinarians, and support staff.

We are excited to bring more veterinarians into our amazing staff. At Marqueen, you will experience support both from our large group of assistants and registered technicians, as well as our specialists. A successful candidate will have at least 3-5 years of experience or be internship-trained post-graduation. We thrive in a collaborative environment based on straight salary. Our focus is on patient care, as well as outstanding service to our clients and referring veterinarians.

We are looking for a veterinarian to work days, nights, and swing shifts to provide a balanced lifestyle and prevent burnout. Below are some of the specifics and benefits of our facility:

CT/fluoroscopy, digital radiography with radiologist review, ultrasound by boarded radiologists available 6 days a week
Cardiologists available for consultation and echocardiogram
On-site or phone consultations with specialists 7 days a week
Full in-house and reference lab services
Modern hospital environment for fluid therapy, oxygen support, and intensive care treatment and monitoring
An outstanding referring veterinarian base
Competitive compensation (DOE), health care, and retirement benefits


October 17-23 is Veterinary Technician Week!

We couldn't do what we do without the support of our fabulous veterinary technicians and assistants! They are smart, dedicated, willing to stay late, come in early, snuggle with our sick patients, comfort owners and do whatever it takes to provide excellent care! We


We are looking for overnight veterinary technicians and assistants to stay up with our patients!

MarQueen Pet Emergency and Specialty IS EXPANDING and looking for positive, kind, respectful, and motivated individuals to join our team. We are adding to our current space and would love to have you on board to help us continue to care for the animals and clients in our community.

We strive to provide support to our team and foster a fun and positive work environment. Our owners are on the hospital floor most days of the week working side-by-side with our team. We want you to be a part of this hospital, help us grow, give us ideas, and make this place your own!

Beyond a place where you can get job satisfaction and enjoy coming to work, we offer the following benefits:

Competitive wages with overnight differential
401k with employer contribution
Paid time off
CE and licensing allowance
Medical, dental, vision benefits
Employee pet health care discounts

Send resumes to [email protected]

Timeline photos 06/01/2021

Happy Memorial Day!

Timeline photos 02/14/2021

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope you are taking some time to enjoy snuggling with your pups and kitties today!


Timeline photos 01/27/2021

We love to get updates on past patients-especially ones as joyful as this! Congratulations Cali!

“Hi, I just wanted to send these pictures of Cali 16 months after cancer surgery. She is doing so good and we are so thankful for Dr. Della Maggiore and Dr. Moore for their amazing care treating our girl.
Big hugs to all!
Lynn G.”


Timeline photos 01/01/2021

Happy New Year! Hoping 2021 is a whole lot better than 2020!

Timeline photos 12/25/2020

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!


Timeline photos 12/25/2020

MarQueen Animal Clinic is staying up for Santa with a little help from and . We are open all night tonight and seeing your pets whether they are naughty or nice!

Photos from MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty's post 10/25/2020

Sometimes you can’t help but tear up when you hear stories of the pets we have built wonderful relationships with during their long term care. Gia, Donna Waugh and her family are one of those that we couldn’t help but love. Thank you for trusting us with Gia's care.

“My beautiful McNab, Gia, was a patient of Dr. Della Maggiore (for initial diagnosis) and then referred to Dr. Moore for oncology support. Of course, I was devastated at Gia’s cancer diagnosis, but I found such support and received the best possible treatment for Gia during her illness from Dr. Moore and her equally wonderful technician, Gabby. From the beginning they made certain I understood that they were there for me, to help and support Gia through her illness in any way possible, and I felt that right from Day One. Dr. Moore worked with me in figuring out a treatment plan and always made me feel that the decisions we were making were in Gia’s best interests. Dr. Moore and Gabby were always available via email and phone to answer questions, which was greatly appreciated since I live three hours away from Roseville in Portola, CA. I always felt we were in close contact if problems or questions arose. I was never left feeling all alone. We developed a close relationship, all to help my Gia. Also, I must mention Tori, the receptionist, who was a most appreciated member of Gia’s team. She was instrumental in assisting me with clarifying my Care Credit questions and, one time, had directions to a local health food store in the area ready for me upon check out so I could go pick up some medicine! Very helpful since I did not know my way around Roseville at all! I felt the strength of MarQueen behind us the entire time.”

Gia's story is continued in the comments below.

Timeline photos 10/20/2020

Sometimes our patients aren’t very hungry, but we try to offer them a buffet of choices so they can decide what tastes best! We even throw in a little ❤️ with heart shaped food choices!


Happy National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week!!!

This is our opportunity to celebrate the technicians and CSR staff that are the backbone of our team and help in the pursuit of excellent patient care and client service! We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our hard working staff!

Photos from MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty's post 10/13/2020

Best message ever! Another heartwarming story!

“Yesterday Dr. Ulhaq saved my dog's life, Bo, and I wanted to tell her how grateful I am. We had already filled out the euthanasia form and she suggested we try one more thing. She did try it and he was better! We brought him home and gave him the recommended medicine. Today he is a normal dog. From white gums and not breathing hardly, to rushing him to MarQueen, Dr. Ulhaq taking care of him, and Bo coming home 6 hours later. And he lived! I wanted to thank Dr. Ulhaq and all the other staff at MarQueen, SO much for saving his life!" Cecilia Feser

The first picture is Bo the night he came to see us. He wasn’t feeling well at all. We checked in with Cecilia and she shared this cute picture of Bo now. It's been over a month and Bo is still going strong! Thank you for letting us know how well he is doing, Cecilia!

Photos from MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty's post 10/10/2020

These are the stories we 💕 to hear! They warm our hearts and bring happy tears to our eyes! Happy 12th birthday, Rewind!!! 🎉 🎂 🥳

“Hi there. We just wanted to send you guys a little note thanking you for taking such good care of Rewind. In January we were told we’d have a day or two left with him..and yesterday we celebrated his 12th birthday! That really is because of you. I wanted to send some pictures and just tell you how grateful we are!

Rewind goes in for his blood work tomorrow locally and we will wait to hear from you before we proceed with the chemo pills. Again..we love this dog more than words and we are so thankful to have him here! Thank you so much!!

Sincerely, Withanee, Shawn and Rewind”

Our Story

While visiting the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington our founders happened upon a charming hotel located in the theatre district of Seattle’s Queen Anne Avenue. The MarQueen hotel, as it were told, once served as residency to automobile engineers in the early 1900’s. These “doctors of motors” were brought in to provide Ford Motor Company with the finest engineering minds in the country.

It is our determined goal to serve as the premier specialty and after-hours ER support to our referring veterinarians, and to provide the highest level of excellence and comfort in the care of our patients.

Welcome to MarQueen Pet Emergency and Specialty Hospital.

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Our Hero Lindsay Wager gives MarQueen best wishes !!





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