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I love meat.
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Grass-fed beef=====>For Health====>Sustainability====>For Life!

Stretching Your Food Budget
Multiplying by whole numbers or fractions?
One of my kids’ favorite math books tells a story of Rumpelstiltskin wreaking havoc with a multiplying stick. In order to increase annoyances, he multiplies them by whole numbers; to cause damage to the desirable things he multiplies by fractions.
When I think of my food budget (and preparation!), I really would like to get ahold of one those sticks!. Unlike Rumpelstiltskin I would solve the flu season and multiply it by 1/1,000,000,000. I’ve had enough of the stomach bug and respiratory yuckiness to last for a good long while. But my favorite application for such a powerful tool would be to multiply my meals by whole numbers. Even a simple number like 10 would do the trick! Make one of my often-delicious, usually-wholesome dinners and times by 10! One on the table and 9 in the freezer to be judiciously spaced out to avoid an uprising in the family.
But since I don’t have such a magic wand, but I need to feed a family AND maintain a reasonable food budget, I find different ways to stretch my food. Maybe a few of them will help you too!
Whole grains help a whole lot!
My favorite stretching technique is to cook a big bunch of Quinoa or Brown Rice. They can be easily added to soups, chilis, or even scrambled eggs. Pair them up with tacos, enchiladas, or fajitas and decrease the tortillas you need to buy in half! They are easy to make with an occasional stir and a timer to remind you that they’re done. You can dress it up with vegetables or sauces, but in the end we usually like our old standby best--butter, salt, and pepper!
Beans, Beans...the more you eat...
My own mom fed our large family on one pound of ground beef for 3 meals! A big pot of chili made with mostly pinto beans for the 1st meal. 2nd meal was the big pot warmed up again, served with cornbread. The 3rd meal was made by rolling up the remaining chili with cheese in tortillas to make a big pan of burritos.
Beans can be a great food stretcher because they are filling, nutritious and cheap. But you know the old saying, “Beans, Beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel, so let’s have beans for every meal!”
We have some digestive issues in our family so we don’t eat many beans, besides adding some black beans to our taco meat. But if they work for you, follow in my mom’s footsteps and stretch your food budget!
Go for Satisfying Not Quantity
Many times we are eating a lot to satisfy a craving, like a whole bag of potato chips because you love the salt. Anciently, foods were fermented to preserve them. Like cabbage being made into sauerkraut; it’s salty but full of beneficial probiotics. A little goes a long way so a few spoonfuls of cabbage could replace that whole bag of chips. Think of the calorie savings alone! If you’re new to it, try Bubbies because it is a mild but delicious brand.
If you need something sweet, use honey, because it takes less honey than sugar for the same amount of sweetness. You can also try making it a little on the sweeter side and you will find that you do not need to eat as much of it. I find that I am eating to satisfy my taste buds, so satisfy them in a few bites rather than mindlessly eating for the same satisfaction. This concept goes for other foods as well, increase the cocoa to make it more chocolatey, increase the spices to make the flavors more robust in your favorite dishes.
These are some of my favorite ways to stretch our family’s food budget and have a healthier lifestyle at the same time. I’d love to hear your favorite ways to eat healthier and save some money--just share in the comments below!

We love family, ranching, and stewardship. We are committed to healthy lands, healthy animals, and h We sell beyond organic grass-fed beef.

We do not spray any "cides" on our land. We nourish the microbiology in the soil which creates a nutrient dense meat for your benefit. Our grass-fed beef is only fed on fresh pasture and non GMO hay in the winter. They are not fed any grain. We do not use antibiotics, hormones, or wormers. We bring the animals to a finished state before butchering which gives the flavor and tenderness time to develop.

Operating as usual



She eats animals.
She milks animals.
She wears animals.
She herds animals.
She rides animals.

And yet a Mongolian reindeer herder is more in harmony with Mother Nature than a city vegan will ever be.

Intact ecosystems as well as regenerative agriculture will always need both animals and plants.

Say no to a world without animals. They have been our source of food, labour, clothing, transport and companionship since time immemorial. And in return, humans have ensured their genetic lines continue for perpetuity.

Say no to Veganuary and yes to this January. 🙏

~ Milton


We post poned Christmas. Merry Christmas Eve!!

Having Elder Sorensen home is the best Christmas present!!

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 12/26/2022

I had never heard this before!

I hope you are having a Merry Christmas!! Praise God for sending His son for you and me!


Christmas Stories!

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 12/23/2022

One for me, one for you, Ohhh! I have 2, do you have 2?

It takes me a while to get presents wrapped and under the tree, especially when I don't start shopping till Dec 1st!

As soon as I get some presents under the tree the tally begins.

We always have even amount of presents but the younger kids still check! Santa gifts and stockings is where we get unbalanced based on ages and needs.

Maybe some of you are wondering how we do presents. This year, and many other years, I did 3 each. Clothing, books and something fun!

I definitely am not an expert Christmas shopper, I try to implement systems but it still gets crazy.

Most of our focus is on how we can help others and spread some holiday cheer. We even went caroling and handed out treats!

Having simple recipes that my family loves for our Christmas meals helps me focus more on family time and spreading Christ's light and love.

We wanted to give all of you this gift!

Simply click the link in my bio to have healthy, holiday recipes at your finger tips!

We really appreciate all of you and hope with all our hearts you are having a wonderful Christmas season!

Lots of love and Merry Christmas!

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 12/15/2022

Jared has had rough couple of days!! This was yesterday and I don’t have pictures of today. Three flat tires on the equipment trailer he was hauling from the summer ranch to winter place. He brought the backhoe back and had to fix a broken pie that was making a lake of ice in the barnyard.

All while he has been sick! He is struggling to get all the way over the respiratory stuff we had. Hardworking, persistent, loving man! So grateful he is in our lives!!


The parable of the cheesecake jars!!

We left the cheesecake jars after our son’s wedding reception thinking we would be back over and would be able to finish running them through the dishwasher.

If I had taken them to our then-current summer home, I would have them washed and put away in a couple of days.

But I let them talk me into leaving them at our winter home thinking we would be back to finish up.

Life happens and it was not high on our list of priorities.

We moved back over 6 weeks later and guess what was here to greet us? Cheesecake jars!

They got moved to the back room because there wasn’t time or space to take care of it while we were moving in. Don’t worry they were rinsed out, they just needed to go through the dishwasher to sanitize them before we stored them.

Anyway, I still haven’t been able to get to them, but hopefully, this week!

Procrastinating leaves us in a bind more often than not!

Don’t let that be the case when it comes to stocking your freezer with high-quality, nutrient-dense, grass-finished, bulk beef!


Never. have I. ever. had a sore throat like that.

My glands and tonsils were so swollen it was almost cutting off my air entirely. Swallowing caused excruciating pain.

When I started to fall asleep my muscles would relax and it would cause a shot of lightning pain would go through my throat! I wasn’t able to sleep for 2 days and nights.

We hit it with everything we had and got more stuff we didn’t have.

Once it started to break up it felt like my throat was being shredded as I coughed and hacked to eliminate the blockage, but finally, I was able to clear my airways enough that I could sleep.

I didn’t plan on being sick.

My family needed me, my husband was sick and some of the kids as well. I needed to pick up the slack.

Things were going well, they weren’t easy but we were getting by.

Then I pushed it a little far, and stayed up later than I should to help our college student with math.

I felt it settle in my throat. I didn’t sleep much but I got up and insisted on milking so my husband wouldn’t have to go out as his cold was pretty bad still.

Maybe I shouldn’t have insisted and allowed my daughter to go even though it would have taken her longer.

By the end of the day my situation was ugly.

Stress plays a huge role in staying well and in fighting off sickness.

My husband had been dealing with some stressful end-of-the-year challenges and was more susceptible than he would have been otherwise.
For me, the stress of taking care of my family, worrying about them, and then taxing myself physically put me over the top.

Believe me when I say that it is not worth it. In the end, I just made it harder on my family and more stressful for my husband by causing him to worry about me.0

When I was having to be conscious of getting enough air and dreading each time I had to swallow, I was not thinking about anything else. It was an all-consuming state and everything was put on hold.

Your health is worth it!

Let us help you remove excess stress from your life and nourish your health.

Beef in the freezer, recipes on the counter, and mom is relaxed and healthy, preparing dinner with ease.


“Your doubts don’t trouble me, on the contrary, they inspire me.” A Christmas Candle

Faith is a verb, an action that is strengthened when challenged.

I love that these guys made these candles for colonial days.

If you haven’t seen A Christmas Candle go and watch it. If for nothing else, to hear Susan Boyle sing!!

If you need to drain your sinuses, like me, it will help you do that.


The last 3 days I have heard a lot about focus. What you think about and focus on is what you see, are aware of, and shows up more in your life.

We can all see how this works in our lives by simply putting it to the test. In fact you have probably seen it already. You know, like when you are pregnant, and all of a sudden you see a bunch of other pregnant ladies. They were always there but now you are focusing on them.

Miracles are like that. You don’t think they are there but if you choose to look for them you are amazed at how many you will see everyday!! Believe in miracles!!

I wonder how many we have seen compared to how many we have had over the last 26 years and nine kids!!!

That would be a big number!!


Why Grassfed?


How To Tell Where Your Beef Comes From-

Ask the butcher behind the counter at the store, you say?

With the possibility of USDA-labeled meat coming from 15 different countries, they don’t have any idea.

Ground beef at Costco lists up to 5 countries on their packages.

With the change of country of origin labeling, if the final steps of processing take place in the United States they can put “USDA” on the label.

Why does it matter?

Regulations vary from country to country. The type and quality of feed vary. In the end who is accountable for the quality of the meat?

You know the story, when mom isn’t home more treats disappear. Less accountability equals less effort to create quality.

Here at Ruby Mt. Grass-fed Beef, there are 2 people responsible for the quality of our meat, the processor and us.

The further you get away from accountability, the more the quality will suffer.

From live animals to landing your box of beef on your doorstep, we take responsibility for it all.

Aside from the turkey on your Thanksgiving table, who else has stuck their neck out like that for you? Just sayin’….

Being 3rd generation ranchers has given us a great foundation to work from. Spending the last 20 years learning and applying how to bring cattle to a finish point on grass has increased our knowledge exponentially.

We eat the same meat we sell. We face our results at each meal and we continually seek ways we can improve.

Because of our 100% accountability, we guarantee our product with a 100% money-back guarantee up to 6 months after purchase.

We are taking all the risk out of your purchase!

But money is the least of the risks. When it comes to your health and the health of your family, taking risks has too high of stakes.

Eliminate the high stakes with our high-quality, responsible, no-risk steak!

Check it out at -
Or click the link in our bio.

Just 5 more days till we ship!


We help ADHD moms be successful in the kitchen by ensuring they always have something amazing for dinner at their fingertips.
It is 5:30! Oh no...., dinner! Open the fridge, nothing! Freezer, nothing!
Call the pizza guy again!! Uggg! When will I ever remember?
Does this sound like you?
Me over here, pointing all 10 fingers at myself!

Except for one thing.
My freezer is stocked with bulk beef!!
I can usually make something work with what we find, even if it is just taco salad, again!(cue children rolling their eyes)
But it beats Pizza.
Getting snowed in wasn’t a problem for the well-stocked homesteader, just go down cellar and come up with a full-course meal!
We need to get back to that! Times are too risky to not have some food stored away.
Besides if you have ADHD tendencies like myself you
* go to the store and come home with only half your list and it was the half that you didn’t really need anyway.
Give your overworked ADHD brain a break! Stock up that freezer good and full so you have one less thing to nag you.
Free up that mental space to remember to call your mother on her birthday, ….urrrr something!
We always think we will get there someday! I have heard that so much on the ranch when it comes to things that aren’t related to raising cattle, “oh, we will do that someday!” Guess what? Someday hasn’t shown up yet!
So I am giving it to you today! Today is your someday! Tomorrow may be too late! We may be out of stock and you won’t be able to get any till next year.
We are shipping on the 21st! Link in bio!


I have so much to learn when it comes to cooking. Comment below and Tell me your best stew making tips!!

Here is our recipe!

Beef Stew-
1 lb Stew Meat
½ C Flour of your choice- whole wheat, coconut, almond
1 tsp Salt
¼ tsp pepper
1 tsp granulated garlic
1 lb potatoes
4 large carrots
1 large onion chopped
1 C chopped celery
1 bulb minced garlic
1 bottle of tomatoes or a can of tomato sauce or paste.
4 C homemade beef broth or boxed organic chicken broth
½ tsp ginger and turmeric(this is a good replacement for Worcestershire sauce)
1 tsp onion powder

Get your package of stew meat out of the freezer the night before! This makes life so much easier!

Separate your pieces and pat dry. Put ½ c flour of your choice in a ziplock bag with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. Shake to mix, add stew meat, and coat well. Heat a skillet and melt butter, lard, or coconut oil. When the oil is hot, add the meat. Lightly brown on each side and add to your crockpot or instant pot. Cube potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery. Add all the potatoes and half of the other vegetables. Add tomatoes, broth, and other spices.

Cook on low for 6-8 hrs or follow directions for the instant pot. 1 hour before serving saute’ the saved vegetables in butter add garlic when the other vegetables are crisp-tender and cook for a few more minutes then add to the stew.

If you like your stew thicker or you want to make a meat pie, mix a few tablespoons of flour(for a gluten-free version you could use arrowroot powder) with 1 cup of cold water and stir in. Cook and stir till thickened.

Serve with biscuits, cornbread, chips, crackers… the possibilities are endless!

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 11/12/2022

Not even halfway through November and we have a foot of snow! We are so grateful and a little speechless. We haven’t seen this much snow this early in winter in all of our 26 years of marriage! Sometimes we don’t see snow till January! We are very hopeful that this is a good trajectory for the coming year! Lots of moisture equals lots of pasture! Which, of course, equals lots of beef!

Since we usually don’t get snow piled up till after the new year we still had cows on our summer/fall range. They were not happy to have their feed disappear under white stuff. We will probably be shipping everything to their wintering place next week unless the snow settles.

You can see the black line of cows trailing out. The rest of the pictures are McKatie and Justin gathering up a few strays.

It is always an adventure on the ranch!

Being snowed in isn’t so bad when we have everything we need on hand. When the power went out the other night I had to start a fire and cook breakfast on the stovetop. No problem, we do it all the time. Except, the one lighter I found wasn’t working and there weren’t any matches to be found. Really not cool, except it was, really cool, the house was freezing!

Hard to believe we live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have the basics!

Fortunately, we had a small torch in the shop. A little overkill for the job but it got it done.

We do not want you to be caught in a similar situation. Take action now and don’t be caught without the basics.

How Does It Work?

Place your order now.
Enjoy the ebooks we send you via email.
Watch for our communication on your ship date around the 21st of this month!
Receive your package(shipping is FREE)
Stock your freezer
Enjoy your toxin free, delicious beef and grass-fed beef recipes!

The 21st is coming up fast. Lets get you on the list to be prepared when the unexpected happens.

Enjoy the holidays without worrying about being unprepared!

Tell me👇what you are doing to prepare!


Striving to increase the quality of our family’s food inhalation left me researching, wondering, digging, and frustrated. Organic wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be and if the ingredients were less than 2%, they didn't have to be listed on the ingredients.
I was frustrated and overwhelmed by all the choices and confusion.

We knew that if we wanted to have the high-quality ingredients we were looking for we either had to raise them ourselves or find someone we could trust who had the same values we did!

We built a greenhouse, sourced a wheat farmer and a beekeeper. With raising our own beef and 80% of our produce, finding an organic wheat farmer with values that matched ours, buying local, raw honey, and sourcing ingredients from other companies we trust we are well on our way to fulfilling our vision of feeding our family high-quality food.

This is strawberry we got out of our green house just a couple weeks ago!!

When organic labeling first started it was a pretty good way to tell what was happening behind the scenes. Now organic practices can look like a lot of things, many of which do not equal the natural practices they used to.

Today the best way to know if your food is what you want it to be is to know the producer and understand their practices, their values, and their integrity.

Buying labels that spout organic beef means they are still fed grains. The label just means organic grains, they are not grass-fed.

Similarly, labels that say grass-fed means they have had access to grass for at least 3 months out of the year and may have been fed in a feedlot situation the rest of the year on grains and hay.

Don’t take the labels at face value. Look up the companies and read the about us pages or give them a call and ask about their practices and their values.

What labels frustrate you? Tell me👇

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 11/09/2022

My grandma was considered a great cook! We loved living near her, she would bring something over and tell us it didn’t turn out and she was just going to give it to the dogs but thought we might want it. It ALWAYS tasted good.

Unfortunately my grandma’s generation were the guinea pigs for the new seed oil products like shortening, margarine and vegetable oil instead of using animal fats like butter or lard. They bought the story hook, line and sinker.

Her food tasted good and looked exquisite! I would have loved to continue on with her legacy but my compromised health made it miserable.

I think that generation got by because they had an amazing start on life. Their parents raised most of their food, had natural childbirth and breastfed. They had a powerhouse of a gut when they started into processed foods. Many of the debilitating effects of processed foods didn’t show up until their children and grandchildren.

Our gut health is rarely optimal for most of us starting into life and we live in a different world. We are faced with toxins at every turnand are hard pressed to find nutrient dense food.

Being vigilant with our gut health is essential to enjoying life without big health problems like diabetes, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances, and arthritis.

Fortunately, it is possible to have food that tastes amazing and is good for you!

Starting with the right ingredients is half the battle. Having some basic recipes and a little bit of know how is the other half.

When you order from Ruby Mt. Grass-fed beef, you get both!

Check out our bulk beef packages!! Link in bio!

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