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Founded by Dr Justin Barnett, Sachse Eye Associates is dedicated to provide the most comprehensive eye care using the most advanced technology available.

At Sachse Eye Associates we are dedicated to providing the highest quality in eye care and vision needs. We strive to provide each patient with the best correctable vision, either through contact lenses or glasses. Our doctors are more than qualified to diagnose and manage many eye diseases including Dry Eye, Glaucoma, Diabetes, and Age Related Macular Degeneration. Whether your vision has decreased, your eyes are red, or you just need an annual exam we would love for you to choose us!

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Don't throw away money. Use your flex account on eyewear, including sunglasses, by the end of the year!! 08/02/2013

9 Ways To Fight Eye Strain

Tips to fight digital eye strain! Do you spend your days always looking at a brightly lit screen Yeah us too. But we don't have to take the pain sitting down.


Macular Degeneration Association

An optical illusion- is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source. 05/29/2013

Cataract Awareness Month | Prevent Blindness America National

Cataract is leading cause of blindness worldwide. June is Cataract awareness month! Have you had your annual eye exam. CHICAGO (May 22, 2013) – There are currently more than 24 million Americans age 40 and older who have cataract, according to the Vision Problems in the U.S. report from Prevent Blindness America. It is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. 05/01/2013

NIH Encourages Americans to Make Vision a Priority during Healthy Vision Month

May is Healthy Vision month, a perfect time for an eye exam! In May, Healthy Vision Month, the National Eye Institute (NEI) calls on Americans to make their vision a priority by taking the necessary steps to protect vision, prevent vision loss, and make the most of the vision they may have remaining 04/03/2013

Top 5 Most Common Eye Myths Exposed

There are MANY myths about the eyes. Check out these 5 common myths. In honor of April Fools' Day, here is a closer look at 5 common eye health myths and why they aren't true.


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check out this eye fact!...However, abusing contact lens wear schedule can deprive you cornea of oxygen, leading to new vessel growth onto the otherwise vessel free area

Eye Fact: The cornea is the only living tissue in the human body that does not contain any blood vessels 01/30/2013

Aspirin Linked to AMD

A recent study linked Aspirin to AMD---the risk is small. If you really want to reduce your risk, STOP SMOKING AND EAT A HEALTHY DIET! Study finds aspirin increases risk of wet AMD--but the study has limitations.


Schedule your comprehensive eye exam to make sure you are seeing your best!



Currently, 2.7 million people in the United States over age 40 have glaucoma. Ensure you have your eyes tested in January during National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Find your nearest optomap provider at (infographic: NEI) 01/09/2013

‘Freckles’ on his retina prompts a man to get himself tested for colon cancer

Why get an annual Optomap Retinal Image? See below. To learn more about the Optos Optomap, go to Small spots on his retina sent a man to a gastroenterologist to check for colon cancer.


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January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. If you have a family member with Glaucoma, you ARE a suspect. Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today to find out if you are a Glaucoma suspect. Learn more about Glaucoma below. Glaucoma is a group of disorders leading to progressive damage to the optic nerve, and is characterized by loss of nerve tissue resulting in loss of vision.


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On an average we blink 12 times per minute but while viewing the Television or Computer Screen we only blink 5 times per minute. This is one of the primary reasons for eye-strain while watching television or working on Computer...Not too mention, it really dries out your eyes!


Do you participate in a flex spending program? If so, did you know that your eye exam, contacts, frames, lenses and even RX sunglasses are approved expenses?


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