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3 John 1:2 and Proverbs 13:22 Love Naturally makes no medical claim, but we aim to empower everyone, especially the physically challenged, to gain and maintain their health and wellness with natural products.

Get your life back. El amor es natural tiene como objetivo capacitar a todos, especialmente a personas con impedimentos físicos , para ganar y mantener su salud y bienestar con productos naturales . Continuar con su vida.

Operating as usual

Photos from Love Naturally's post 09/20/2022

💙19wpo Great God, lookie here...
🦁"Wrong" move in bed hurt like💥 & I was glad that I had no voice to scream, but throat is on 🔥cause I tried.
💙Today I reflect on the realization of just how badly triggered that doctor's appointment had my mind all last week!
🤯Last night, I'm REVIEWING one of my classes to polish notes & finish/post as much of my overdue assignments anyway.
🤯LISTENING again, & hearing the words "former NBA player/played" again, & seeing his name again, I paused like, "Wait. Cuttino, Cuttino? Cuttino Mobley, Cuttino?" 🤦🏾‍♀️Realize I was in a zoom training with someone I watched...and been following! Cat @cuttinoslife
🤯Then, see that before Trent CALLED my name Saturday, @drdelatorro SHOWED my name during the week! I was looking at it live and TOTALLY missed it until last night.
💙Lord, forgive me.
🦁After declaring my name is about to be called, it's time, & so much more that's coming, this is the most disorderly mind I've ever had. Not cool.
💙In the midst of these 3-5 hour rehab days, excruitiating agony, confusion, delays, etcetera, I will execute what is in my possible.
Opened up to the bird.
1st thought, they don't worry about what they'll eat/drink/wear.
2nd, they will land on a branch with FAITH it will hold them. If not, they use what they have to remove themselves from what doesn't positively serve them. ❣️

Photos from Love Naturally's post 09/19/2022

This month has been a deeper journey into . A lot of my investments are time conflicting, but I'm going to finished what I started.
Every delay works in my favor. God's continuing to protect me to promote me.

Photos from Love Naturally's post 09/18/2022

💙Team Love, you have been riding on this journey for a while.
🦁As often as I've said, "Better is the end of the wrong thing..."
💙These last 18 weeks have been a "falling apart" like none before a.d prayerfully none to come.
🦁You haven't seen everything, but I've shown a lot.
💙I don't know the plans, still, I believe there's a greater purpose coming.
🦁Now, I don't know if @trentshelton was directly talking to me today when he called, "Jessie" twice out of 16,000 people from 162 countries.
💙Many cried. I had to stay composed.😅
🦁I have a peculiar purpose, so I took it personally. I must finish. His reminders:
💙1."Win the moment."
🦁2."Sometimes it takes certain things falling apart for better things to fall into place. It's all working out for your good. Don't give up." ~Trent Shelton
🦁💙🦅Thanks, Trent. Happy 3rd Birthday, Marlee. 🎂


💙One, 16,000 partipants for the next 3 days (6:30a-4p, -6p, & -3p.
🦁I'm in room 11 this time (8 the last 6 weeks) No recording or replay.
💙The other, I can watch the recording.
🦁The challenge comes when you have more than one commitment to attend and they conflict...again.
💙I'm doing a lot, I know.
🦁There's a reason...
💙It's coming.
🦁💙🦅Even delays work in my favor.
(T.E.E.A.C.H.A.A.) ❣️

Photos from Love Naturally's post 09/11/2022

💙"You need to do your hair."
🦁I don't feel like washing & doing my hair.
💙"CAN you though?"
🦁Ugh. All rightttt. I think I got one wash...
🤗I usually do 2 washes & a conditioner...
💙🦁🦅 My talks with God...💙🦁🦅
💙"Get up"
🦁Hmmm? I just...
💙🤕😮‍💨🤪🤗 So............
💙Early call asks me if they can pick me up to take me to therapy...
🤯I really wanted to say "No."
🦁Not feeling the best, but I need to take what I can get.
💙Vehicle is a struggle. Driver started out impatient.
🦁Pain increased...Hit hard.🤯
💙Driver's empathy grew.
🦁My stop came. Driver offered assistance.
💙What happened next was only by God's work...
🦁Thanks cuz for my rollator and cushion. I'm not fast enough for it yet, but I needed it. selflove

Photos from Love Naturally's post 09/05/2022

Blessed to experience various dishes to help my recovery. Sometimes, I don't remember what I'm eating, but eh.
No telling when, or if I'll ever have the desire to cook again. Might be time to start thinking about budgeting a chef.


From shift! Freedom and wealth,
See how far you can go, then keep going. Someone's counting on you to lead the way to a better life... @billionairemercedes

Photos from Love Naturally's post 09/02/2022

💙Trying to work on all of these projects, but the pain...Took 3 pain pills last night & in bed at 8:00.
🦁Hello today. Another second look of, "Why am I in so much pain right now?!"
💙"Third wondering look of "will I ever really know days without agony versus how I was always pretending before?!"
🦁Questioning self, do I have strength to do my hair today or just wash my face, brush my teeth, and dress?
💙First thought, "God, I woke up in this world today. I have to do something constructive. Help me so I don't waste time."


💙It's not a whoa/why me. I have a right to be tired AND know I have work to do...🦁I own & admit where I am.

Photos from Love Naturally's post 09/02/2022

🙃It's such a struggle to get out to my doctor's appointments.
🙃I don't even want to go anymore, but to get to the office & the only way I can get in it was
💙I was an hour early...
🦁Until I called, no one told the office.
💙People were blessed to take the stairs
🦁I called transportationto come get me..
💙While waiting, elevator got fixed. Told me to go up. "Thank you for telling us the elevator was out of order."
😵‍💫I'd called transportation to come.
💙Transportation, you have 5 minutes before I leave & Result, I won't come back afterwards.
🦁I got stranded. 106 degrees & I could feel myself in jeopardy. Looking through my phone to see who I believed was off, available, & I could pay $20 just to come get me. Who's been here? 🥺
😮‍💨Download Uber.
💙God, I stood so long that I bent your grass. Sorry. I'm still working to keep me together. I'm crying.I'm tired. I don't want to go to my appointments.
🦁Nevertheless, I'm in September. I'm still fighting to hold on and thrive.
🦅This pain must pay me!🦅


💙16 wpo =4 appointments in 5 days
🦁Do you know what it's like to want to talk and not be able to? 🙃😶‍🌫️
💙My speech therapist helped me determine the original origin versus just the intubation aggravation.
🦁Having to relearn how to talk again is another process in this new recovery journey.
💙Got some much going on, but it may be time to look into too.🤷🏾‍♀️ 🦁Anyway, she said I'm making progress.
💙Medical transportation much better, just hecka early.👍🏾

Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/28/2022


Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/26/2022

Happy International Dog Day!
💙Some of my boys...
💙Negussie Tre' Love, 14 years.
💙Pauncho Bratman Love, 8 years.
💙Rock Big Baby Love, 1 year.
🐕🥰 To all of my other dog-babies too.

Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/25/2022

💙Lookie here. Now see... Thankfully, my Unc S. went to get my mail for me, then I start going through it...
🦁In ALL my years of public school teaching and coaching, I NEVER received something about vac's for children.
💙This pretty little girl.
🦁This is the kind of 💩 that could push me back down that very deep and dark hole & just say, "F it. I'm beyond tired. This sucks 🔥💩. I quit."
💙I ain’t saying I'm all right. My dream died. It's a continuous fight to transform from childless to CHILDFREE.
🦁The triump? I ain't balliing.
💙This ain't no short stop or quick run.
🦁Processing, Adjusting, & Progressing.
💙A torturing test. I won't rip it apart, but it's 🗑 🚮.
🦁Working to trust this new dark-feeling 🎭🎢 lifelong evolving.
💙Not giving up on me ...
🦁God will help me get paid for this pain.
💙There's a reward coming.
💙🦁🦅💙Class ✅️ today.

Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/23/2022

15wpo Woke up to a late night text from the cousin who checks on me.
🦁💙God, a smooth day?
😶‍🌫️8:30 ride to 🗣therapy.
🤕🥺Inconsiderate driver. I got hurt...
🙌🏾Sometimes I wish I could just drive myself.It may be time to say 'screw it' & take that chance. Let me hurt ME.
😣Same driver back. Complains 2 my other medical transport about patients. "They think we're chauffeurs. Yell at me cause I won't go through a drive-thru." "Right! Or they want you to go to the grocery store."
👂🏾🤬No. Maybe it's because we don't get out. Maybe they want to FEEL a SENSE of normalcy. There's a nice way to remind them that you aren't able to go there.
👀"You look like you're in pain."
🦁My spirit wanted to rip someone apart.
😡Neither of these busters should be driving medical patients.☻️
🤷🏾‍♀️ God...
📲 Incoming. You need to see someone about your 🗣 because...
😑Caller assumes I'm doing nothing.💔
💙Shower, wash hair, & incoming 📲 🤗 oldest Great Aunt.
😭🗣I break. My first hollering cry.😭
🌍Spinning, crashing, & wanted to 🏃🏾‍♀️ away. She cried with me.
❤️‍🩹"My goodness....You're....Hold on... You're going to be all right......"
💙"I know, Auntie.😭 I'm going to color & watch 🖥 😭if needed. Eat. I'm still here..
❤️Be empathetic for you don't know the strength someone had to have to keep themselves alive & going.🤗


It is a blessing to get to experiment all kinds of twists. Chilli beans, rice, and topped with sour cream. 🤤 Yes, I had vegetables too...


This sight ain't new. The question is, what will people say at my (your) funeral? How true will they speak? Good, bad, indifferent, hate, love, consistency, abandoned...
Sometimes, God doesn't say a WORD...


💙Even when it FEELS like it, with God YOU are never alone!
🦁Don't self-sabotage and tear down everything God's help you build just because the hedge is temporarily down. 💙Keep going.
🦁God's always there. 💙Reach.
🦁💙🦅💎🦁Even though this is the hardest position I have EVER been in, and I pray this is the hardest, I refuse to go out!
💙I will not d*e, but rejoice for what's here and what's to come.
🦁Restoration loading.
💙Warriors welcomed.
🦁There are no punks allowed.

Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/11/2022

Late birthday gift. No Luigi's this time. About to put all 7 pounds back on me... Food for the next 2 or 3 days😅. Cute card.


Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/09/2022

💙13 wpo and ot still ain't "easy."
🦁Found some concerns, alerted a witness, then shrugged them off.🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
💙Contined opening mail from my post office run from Friday.
🦁Opened up mail that broke my heart...💙Opened up more mail that pi**ed me off.
😮‍💨Wished I'd continued on Friday instead.
🦁While crying, Dre' my brother, called. See, he's in prison, so that call ain't like other folks that can. He'd called on my birthday & I'd shared part of my upcoming book release with him. Info I'd NEVER helped him SEE.
💙Today, the call was to let me know he FELT what I shared. He got it and...............
🦁I listened.
💙I cried.
🦁I prayed.
💙I showered and put this gift on.
🦁God... 🙌🏾
💙I went through more mail & found my Victoria Secret card. They've never missed sending me a birthday card in nearly 30 years.
🦁 💙🦁

Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/08/2022

I made it to Forty-Fine (49).
It ain't what I desired, but I'm here.
Spiritual Birthday Love to my twin Bro.


Tribulation tests... Tpuch not the anointed because we don't know why they're enduring...

Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/06/2022

💙Yesterday, another follow up & challenge.
🎭I could feel the anguish rise and admitted, "I'm ready to give up."
🤗"Don't cry."
🦁Soul knows better now...😭
💙Their compassion and presence have learned...
🦁I stopped hiding this process.
💙Let the camera capture...
💙Still, I succeeded in walking down half an incline.
😮‍💨48 hasn't been great, but I had it.
💙Pained. Very sore throat. Weary.
🦁Saturday; attended prayer, showered, dressed, and completed a 5-day challenge via zooms.
🤟🏽This zoom had over 900,000 people seeing me with my hair looking like this and wearing the same clothes 3 days straight. (Today they saw a different top.🤣)
💙I don't feel the best today, but I've made it to 48.9.
🧉Ginished 40 16.9 oz bottles this week.
💎🦁💙🦅My journey...💎🦁💙🦅

Photos from Love Naturally's post 08/04/2022

🤔My previous post wasn't deleted in shame. Since I'm not recovering in my own space, I didn't properly crop the background.
😮‍💨I'm not retyping everything...
💙12 weeks post op.
🦁Trying to stay stress-free and positive.💙I post for the loves on social media that care and don't have my number to personally reach me.
❤️Why? Ya'll have been with me more than blood family and those who I've been a friend to.
❤️I post for the woman about to start this life-changing journey 'cause it can be 🎭
❤️I also post for those who are preying against me thinking that I'll stay down.🦅
💎God's record will still win in the end.💎
🦁Down, but I ain't done or dead.
🦁💙49 is loading...💙🦁

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