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Meditations, music, musings, and therapy! Partnering with folks in transition from one phase of life to another- personal transformation; family; career; spiritual life development.

Celebrating health, wealth, wisdom, compassion, comfort, joy and love! The Wisdom Chair Journey platform was developed by visionary and owner, Martha (Marti) McClellan-Morehouse, after she served various communities as a marriage and family therapist, well-being advocate, speaker, entrepreneur and trainer for over 30 years. Our typical clientele includes busy/active moms, entrepreneurs/visionaries

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Holding sacred space...

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Another colleague.

Returning to civilian life isn't always the smoothest transition.

Beyond the newfound freedoms of living out your days the way you want, there are so many more underlying feelings that come with the transition. Often service members will feel like they don't fit in since their experiences seem way different than someone who hasn't served.

Many individuals struggle to ask for help because of the way they've been taught. They might not communicate that they are struggling with the transition, and may just dive into whatever work, school or task is at hand without stopping.

If you're feeling this way, you're not alone.
We want to help you get back on your feet with a sense of purpose. Nercy can help!

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Protecting our children and our families...

When it comes to this new school year, a lot of parents are feeling the pressure to make the right decision for their children, but this is uncharted territory. When you don't have examples to follow or a sense of certainty about the future, it can be even more difficult to make that choice.

We understand how stressful this can be and we want to help you feel more at peace with your decisions for the new school year.

Connect with one of our therapists for just 2-3 sessions to help untangle your thoughts and build a plan as you face these challenges.

Learn more:

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For our children...

It’s a magical time to be a parent and watch these small beings blossom into full-blown people, but like all growth, it can be messy.

No matter if your family is navigating trauma, growth, angst, or behavioral concerns, there is healing to be found and we have the tools you need to do exactly that.

Learn more!

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We're here for you.

Collectively, we witnessed the world transform in the span of a year, and collectively we're tasked with the need to recover from it. The "pandemic rut" is real, and it's left us unsure how to process the year we just had.

We invite you to let it into your hearts and thank it for being a year where we were challenged to adapt and where we can see the areas we need to improve more clearly. Although we were greeted with pain and loss in 2020, we can use it to fuel our growth this year.

Are you having a hard time processing the pandemic? Connect with a therapist today:

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My colleague.

"My passion is in helping you to grow in loving yourself and loving others. I specialize in strengthening relationships of all types. All relationships will endure challenges because we are unique in our individually lived experiences. However, if all participants desire a continued relationship and are willing to put in the work, I can help to solidify the foundation by working with you to repair the cracks, and even breaks, that may have occurred. Happiness together is possible!"
- Marjha Hunt, LMFT

Reach out to Marjha today!

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Keep trying.

Motivation is not easy for a lot of people. If you are trying to learn how to pick yourself back up, trying your best to root for your own success, seeking help and resources, you ARE courageous.

This is a moment to celebrate anyone who has said this to themselves.

Timeline Photos 07/26/2021

Therapy and Life Coaching too

Whether you are feeling lost, motivated, searching for confidence, or wanting more accountability, life coaching can be beneficial throughout many points in our lives.

Maybe it’s not a long-term helping relationship you’re after, but a safe space to catch your breath before you continue on your solo journey. Either way, we are here for you.

Contact Us — Counseling Col:lab 07/23/2021

Contact Us — Counseling Col:lab

For your support.

Contact Us — Counseling Col:lab Counseling Col:lab is your single source for holistic, customized counseling services.

Contact Us — Counseling Col:lab 07/14/2021

Contact Us — Counseling Col:lab

A new colleague.

Contact Us — Counseling Col:lab Counseling Col:lab is your single source for holistic, customized counseling services.

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In case you're looking for support...

I believe in client-centered care, which means you lead the way in our therapy sessions. We focus on what matters to you.

As your therapist, I will provide a safe non-judgmental space for you to begin your journey towards inward health as you navigate facing your trauma, anxiety, and suffering to find a better-feeling place.
I believe in you, and the power and strength you have within to safely process your frustrations and fears and move towards clarity and self-understanding.

If this speaks to you, visit my page, and let's set up a time to chat!

Photos from Counseling Col:lab's post 06/17/2021

Happy PRIDE to our LGBTQIA+ family!

Timeline Photos 06/07/2021

We're here for ya...

We get it. The world is changing and it's hard to keep up. As much as we've tried to prepare ourselves mentally, it's been impossible to predict how the return to socialization was going to affect us.

It is so normal to feel anxious and have a degree of social anxiety after living through a year of limited contact. Checking in with a therapist for even just 1-2 sessions can make all the difference as you navigate this post-pandemic world.

Find the right therapist for you from our group of specialized clinicians here at Counseling Col:lab by calling or texting us at (916) 633-0854 or contact us via our website at



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Have you been guilty of rushing a decision, only to regret that you didn't take your time to think it through?

It could be something said in the heat of the moment that you wish that you could take back, or making a major life decision in the spur of a moment.

How do you decide what to do? How long do you "sleep on it?"

Do you enjoy having someone to help you think through your decisions?

Let us know in the comments.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their phone number. 05/30/2021

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their phone number.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their phone number.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their phone number. 05/30/2021

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their phone number.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their phone number.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their address. 05/30/2021

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their address.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their address.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their address. 05/30/2021

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their address.

Mentor Life Coach Marti updated their address.

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We're here for you.

Work with an affirming therapist who will meet you where you are in your journey and help you build a deeper understanding of your past trauma. If you are living with symptoms of complex trauma or PTSD, it can be overwhelming and even disorienting at times when your current self is hijacked by past memories or experiences.

Whether you have processed your trauma yet or not, our counselors can help you learn strategies to more effectively cope with the related symptoms that are showing up in your life.

We are here to help you own your story and find safety in your life and your relationships again.

Learn more!

Timeline Photos 05/17/2021

Premarital and marriage counseling for traditional and nontraditional couples.

Your relationship deserves to feel validated and supported by your therapist not judged!

Discover the right therapist for you and your partner(s),

Timeline Photos 05/11/2021

Creating a safe space for your health and wellbeing.

Surviving sexual abuse in childhood can impact the behaviors we observe in our adult intimate relationships. It is not uncommon for survivors to feel unsafe in relationships that appear safe and secure.

Learn more about how you may be affected now in our most recent blog!

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It is powerful to work with a clinician that is passionate about creating the type of environment where healing is not only possible but is the intention behind every action they take.

Maliyah truly has a gift for making you feel seen and known, and for bringing the depth of her experience into the room with you.

Get connected with Maliyah or another therapist today by calling or texting us at (916) 633-0854 or filling out the form on our website!

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Here for you or someone you know.

While the LGBTQIA2+ acronym has adapted over the years to remain inclusive, the difficulties faced by this community are still very real, despite the growing acceptance.

Whether you know how you identify or you are still questioning, we are here to help.

We hope this website page can be a resource to not ones those who identify with this community but also for their families.


Beyond COVID...


For your consideration.

Forgiveness Meditation Ⓒ The Wisdom Chair 2021 03/29/2021

Forgiveness Meditation Ⓒ The Wisdom Chair 2021

Forgiveness Meditation Ⓒ The Wisdom Chair 2021 To forgive is to set yourself free. Forgiveness releases you from the burden of a weight that does not serve your highest good. Accept the gift of the less...

Timeline Photos 03/23/2021

We are here for you.

Looking to engage in a genuine one-on-one journey to self-improvement and a deeper understanding of your thoughts, behaviors, and your emotional world?

In this space, you can be inspired and plan a vision for your future. Therapy is a great option for those in this "in-between" who want to continue on the path to bigger dreams.

We are here for you!

Timeline Photos 02/25/2021

your wisdom coach, cheerleader, accountability partner, and champion.

One of our therapists, Marti, calls herself a "wisdom coach" for this exact reason.

It's so important to work with a therapist who understands your culture, understands your hesitation about speaking about the difficulties you face, and someone who can help you overcome those fears about opening up.

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Looking for therapy?

This is an opportunity to access techniqiues and skills to help you feel, look, do, and be your best. Call me at (916) 534-8045 oe email [email protected].

Marti McClellan-Morehouse, LMFT — Counseling Col:lab 02/24/2021

Marti McClellan-Morehouse, LMFT — Counseling Col:lab

In case you or someone is looking for support/guidance.

Marti McClellan-Morehouse, LMFT — Counseling Col:lab Experience : 20+ years working in Mental Health, Counseling, and Activism Clients: Women over 40, Trauma Survivors, Health and Well-Being Professionals/Practitioners, Social Justice Warriors, Self-Help Enthusiasts, Celebrities, Mother/Daughter, Teens (16-19 years old)



Timeline Photos 02/20/2021

Timeline Photos

Do you constantly feel at war with your mind? From the stress of perfectionism to anxiety about the unknown to negative self-talk, there are a lot of reasons why we can feel in constant friction with our own minds.
Working with a therapist can help bring calm to the storm by helping you develop a more peaceful relationship with your mind.

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Tis the season to affirm that which is wonderful and merry about you. Happy, Happy and Merry, Merry!

And in a moment of pain and doubt, believe you are worthy of all the goodness you seek. Again- Happy, Happy and Merry, Merry amazing one.

Our Story

Wisdom Chair Journeys are a place for your respite and a catalyst for change. You can rest from the weariness of “its” that happen in your life or you can be transformed into your best self. Martha (Marti) McClellan-Morehouse developed Wisdom Chair Journey programs and meditations after serving the community for over 30 years as a marriage and family therapist, family advocate, speaker, entrepreneur and trainer.

Our typical clientele includes women in midlife who are executives/visionaries, entrepreneurs, busy moms, self-help enthusiasts, health and well-being professionals and wounded warriors interested in looking, feeling, doing and being their best, yet haven’t found an approach that complements their unique interest, abilities and lifestyle.

We are committed to your success. Programs, presentations, events and activities are tailored to fit the unique needs of each client, while maintaining the integrity of our offerings. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

• Wisdom Chair Journeys
• Urban Retreats
• Rites of Passage Ceremonies/Celebrations

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Looking for therapy?



Services- Therapist, Speaker, Life Coach, Workshop/Event Facilitator and Rite of Passage Events for individuals (especially women in midlife, experiencing life transitions) and women's community groups.

"The Wisdom Chair- A Journey from Common Sense to Divine Wisdom" (an autobiographical, self-help book published on and Wisdom Chair Journeys are among our greatest achievements. We also feature meditations and musings created by Marti McClellan-Morehouse with music composed by Paul Morehouse that you'll find on our Wisdom Chair Journeys YouTube channel.



2617 K Street
Sacramento, CA
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