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Question: “Is cupping the right choice for me?”

In our clinic, we see many patients who experience a variety of health conditions. Our mission is to offer complementary treatment options to supplement your acupuncture and chiropractic needs. One of our most frequently sought out treatments is cupping, a form of traditional Chinese medicine where lymphatic fluids are raised up to the surface of the skin through sterile glass or silicone cups placed at specific acupressure points. This negative pressure creates a vacuum that relieves pressure and allows the body’s flow of Qi, or vital energy, to function optimally.

Cupping may leave circular marks on the skin for up to 10 days and may only be administered by a licensed professional. We recommend all our new and established patients to talk to Dr. Holm, as this is the best way to see whether cupping is the right treatment method for you.



Moxibustion in Acupuncture: What You Should Know | AIAM Columbus, OH 12/04/2020

Moxibustion in Acupuncture: What You Should Know | AIAM Columbus, OH

The Benefits of Moxa

What is moxa?
It is a practice used in Traditional Chinese Medicine where mugwort is burned and applied over a patient’s meridian points, producing a warm healing effect of moving “qi”, or energy, over those areas of the body. Mugwort is safe for use in healthcare settings and has a slow and even heat distribution. Patients often describe their experiences with moxa as relaxing and therapeutic, but those with scent sensitivities should beware of its pungent herbal fragrance.

When is moxa used here?
Moxa can be a great supplemental treatment option for people with arthritis, circulatory problems, and indigestion and for pregnant or menstruating women.

Who should not use moxa?
Anyone who has not been approved for treatment by a licensed health professional, as well as anyone who experiences sensitivities to scents or smoke.

For more information, visit https://www.aiam.edu/acupuncture/moxibustion/

Moxibustion in Acupuncture: What You Should Know | AIAM Columbus, OH Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to promote healing with acupuncture.


Dr. Holm will be out of the office from Wednesday, October 14th till Monday, October 26th. Please give our office a call if you would like to schedule an appointment from the 27th and onward.
Thank you!

Photos from Dr. Lewis Holm: Acupuncture & Chiropractic Ltd's post 09/12/2020

Some tips for staying healthy through this transition between seasons.

For more information on seasonal produce in your local area, check out seasonalfoodguide.org.


The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It spans about 20 square feet of surface area, and contains roughly 2.5 million pores.

One of its functions is to regulate body temperature through sweat excretion and evaporation.

Building up a regular sweat through physical activity or being outdoors at least 2-3 times per week can be good for our health. The process of sweating can push out toxins from the body and promote proper circulation through the skin- just remember to rehydrate and wash up afterwards.

For more information, check out this article by NatGeo: https://tinyurl.com/y23o64fq


Breathing Methods: Part 1

Belly breathing can become an intentional practice that helps us take a moment to slow down. Breath can reset our baseline for wellness. Here’s how to belly breathe at home.

Step 1: Find a seat or a place to lie down. With a straight back, place one hand over the heart and the other over the belly.

Step 2: Begin with an exhale to make space. This will draw out all air from the body.

Step 3: Inhale “low and slow” through the nose.

You can imagine breathing all the way down your core, as if you were pouring water down into a basin from above. You may feel a fullness in breath across the pelvis as you fill up through the lower belly. The lower hand may rise naturally with this intake of breath. Breathing should be focused on the belly. The hand on the chest should only only rise marginally, if at all.

Step 4: Exhale through the nose and reverse the direction of airflow, emptying from deep within the belly and core and streaming out through the nostrils.

You may also notice that when breathing deeply your low back/sacrum may touch the surface you’re resting on. This is an indication that this breathing method may be helpful in finding optimal spinal length and pelvic positioning.

Step 5: Repeat as needed, or for 1-2 minutes every day.


Did you know?

Tension headaches are the most commonly reported type of head pain. NSAIDs (painkillers, i.e. tylenol, ibuprofen) are the most common type of treatment for tension headaches. This may alleviate immediate problems with blood flow and inflammation, but it’s often better to have a wider variety of treatment methods available in our toolkit. NSAIDs will not address the underlying conditions for why these headaches occur in the first place.

If the head is in persistent pain due to environment and lifestyle stress, it might make sense to book treatments with practitioners who help to improve your everyday health and wellness.

Helpful modalities for headaches (and beyond):

Acupuncture can improve the quality of blood flow in the brain and reduce the origin point of tension in the body. Reducing blood viscosity by improving blood circulation around the head and brain, for example, can help to relieve the nerve pressure that causes headaches. Chiropractic and physiotherapy can create a better alignment of the musculoskeletal system, which improves posture and may reduce the likelihood of future headaches caused by misalignment. These can lessen overall symptoms and help to improve long-term health.


Dr. Holm will be out of the office from 7/19-7/27. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. As always, we wish you health and safety during this time. Thank you!


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the foot and ankle provide stability to the body. They absorb energy from our surroundings and help us feel grounded as we walk through life.

Chiropractic care helps to align the foot and improve our standing posture. You can try this "tripod" method to find better foot alignment at home: when standing, try to feel for even weight distribution between the heel, forefoot, and the pivot point (located slightly in front of the ankle joint). If you like it, let us know!


Dr. Holm's office will be closed on Saturday. Have a happy 4th of July!

What is the Gut Microbiome? | Food and Mood Centre 06/24/2020

What is the Gut Microbiome? | Food and Mood Centre

Our microbiome makes up 57% of our body’s total cell count. We begin to cultivate these cells from birth, and the microbiome is further influenced by genetics, upbringing, diet, and environment.

There is a powerful link between the gut, our mood, and our physical health. There is also no one-size-fits-all solution to having a healthy and balanced microbiome because it is so far-reaching. Luckily, this means that we can take a holistic approach to enhance our gut health.

Dr. Holm is a certified chiropractor and acupuncturist who specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been proven to be an effective method of treating gut imbalances. He employs a combination of hands-on adjustments and treatments inside the clinic, while also providing herbs, diet, and lifestyle plans for each individual patient to enhance the quality of treatment outside of the clinic.

The “ideal” healthy gut microbiome is one that lets a person function at their best, and this can look different for each individual. To ensure your health will be in good hands, schedule a consultation with Dr. Holm today!


Gut health: https://foodandmoodcentre.com.au/2016/07/what-is-the-gut-microbiome/#:~:text=Summary,immune%20function%20and%20brain%20health

Effects of TCM and gut microbiome: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphar.2020.00538/full

What is the Gut Microbiome? | Food and Mood Centre For those who follow health news, you might be familiar with words like ‘probiotic’, ‘kombucha’ or even hard-to-pronounce bacterial names like bifidobacteria or lactobacillus. Gut-related messages are everywhere, both in popular media and in science too. With the arrival of so many new suppl...

Why is the gut microbiome important? 06/17/2020

Why is the gut microbiome important?

Did you know that there are trillions of essential cells that reside in your intestines? This is called the gut microbiome. It's responsible for mood, nervous system regulation, and when in balance it can also help ward off chronic illnesses.

Modern research is beginning to understand how a healthy and diverse gut flora can contribute to a person's health and wellbeing.

Why is the gut microbiome important? Our bodies are home to over 100 trillion microorganisms, and they have the highest density and diversity within the gastrointestinal tract, making up our gut...


FAQ: What can you expect from your first acupuncture visit?

You will want to make time to rest and relax on the day of your appointment. Try to stay hydrated and wear loose comfortable clothing so your provider can easily access acupuncture points.

You may experience mild discomfort or a tingling sensation at the time of treatment. After treatment, some patients report being able to enjoy deep rest. You will want to keep track of any additional changes to your symptoms (pain relief, pain migration, differences in symptom frequency or severity).


FAQ: What does acupuncture do?

The goal of acupuncture is to place the balance of “qi” or vital energy back into the body’s “meridians”- the natural healing pathways that qi flows through.Needles the size of cat’s whiskers are placed precisely along these meridian points. Stimulating the meridian points releases chemicals that spread throughout the body and promote healing.

Acupuncture is commonly used for pain relief, but it is a whole-body wellness program. Regular acupuncture can improve other symptoms, such as the immune system, digestive health, and seasonal allergies. Good wellness practice is to try acupuncture for pain relief prior to, or in conjunction with, surgery or prescription drugs.


FAQ: How do I schedule my first appointment?

You can call us at (651) 219-4114 to specify that you’re a first-time patient.

We will verify your insurance and inform you of your plan’s deductible and copay. We are a preferred provider for most insurance groups and will give you a quote of our services so that you can come into the office prepared.

The first visit is a 45 minute consultation and treatment session. You will be able to share questions and concerns with Dr. Holm, who will help you create a treatment plan that best fits your needs.
Expect to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time with a photo ID and an insurance card (if applicable) to fill out paperwork.

During this time we will also ask all patients to wear a mask and wash their hands upon visiting the office. Thank you, we hope to see you soon!

Transcript of "The benefits of good posture" 05/27/2020

Transcript of "The benefits of good posture"

Have you ever wondered why we often remind ourselves to "stand up straight"? Here's a wonderful TED Ed video on the benefits of good posture!

Dr. Holm offers physical therapy as a part of his holistic health treatment. Call for a consult today!

Transcript of "The benefits of good posture" TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Has anyone ever told you, "Stand up straight!" or scolded you for slouching at a family dinner? Comments like that might be annoying—but they're not wrong. Your posture is the foundation for every movement your body makes and can determine how well your body adap...


We can still be friendly while maintaining a safe distance in the reception area! All it takes is a little creativity!


Smartphones and Posture

Our early human ancestors were two-legged hunter-gatherers who had evolved to gaze across expansive surroundings. Our lives are now entangled with the use of small handheld devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, etc. which we often use extensively throughout the day. This is called “text neck”.

The strain on our spines increases with each degree of forward tilt from our heads. Over time, our posture worsens and the result is chronic head, neck, and back pain. It’s not enough to limit our screen time. It’s also important to find ways to maintain good alignment in every part of our daily routines, screens included.

Here are some tips to improve your screentime posture:

Set aside five minutes at the beginning and end of each day to tune in to your body. Check that your head, shoulders, chest, and hips are aligned in a way that feels lifted- your body’s favorable skeletal stack is something that should feel close to “weightless”. The more familiar you become with how to create this feeling, the easier it will be to come back to good alignment.

Place a mirror and timer near your workstation. After every half hour, check your posture in the mirror. Take some time to do some light stretching, and reset your posture to feel tall and lifted throughout the spine. Over time, this will become instinctual and you may spend less time in a “text neck” position.

Seek professional guidance and consider booking an appointment with your local chiropractor. It can be nice to receive treatments that take your health towards the next level, especially if you spend a lot of time on screens throughout the day. In addition to adjustments, we also offer a wide range of holistic adjunctive techniques that can help you feel your best throughout the day!


Some quick tips to boost your mood and eliminate stress:

1. Tune into how your body feels

Take a few minutes every day to check in with how stress is being stored within your body. Perhaps some tightness occurs after a stressful day, but you notice a feeling of relief and a lightness of mood after going for a walk. This will allow you to figure out how your body might react to stress, as well as how you best mitigate it through self-care.

2. Use your breath

A good way to rest after a long day is by taking slow, full breaths for a minute every day. You will want to focus on allowing for a free-flowing passage of air, beginning with a deep exhale through the mouth to reset your body. Next, as you inhale through the nose, allow for air to cycle all the way down to your diaphragm and back out. The trick to maximizing the restorative properties of breathwork is to work on deep inhales and slow exhales.

3. Connect with people

One of the best ways to relieve stress is by carving out time to connect with your loved ones. When physical contact is not possible, the body still might respond well upon hearing a safe and familiar voice, or an exchange of eye contact and smiles. Socializing is key to providing feelings of love and support for one another.


We've been staying on top of the CDC's health guidelines and are ready to treat you starting this Monday. Thank you to our wonderful patients for quickly adapting to and accommodating our preventative health measures. Dr. Holm is excited to welcome you back into the clinic!




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