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DiAna Acevedo received her Masters in Bioenergetcis as well as being Certified in Homeopathy. Her results are amazing combining cutting-edge technology with ancient homeopathic remedies. Recommended wellness protocols through biofeedback can:..bring your body back into harmony..balance the body in response to what it needs..offers a better quality of life naturally..helps you feel better t

han you ever thought possible! Using natural products such as homeopathy, flower essences and supplements.


This is super important especially for parents of young children.
# 1 most toxic food to avoid. And it is my favorite fruit
This year, strawberries top the list because growers are planting strawberries to be eaten inexpensively year round and they are a short, seasonal treat. In order to have cheap strawberries year round, growers use lots of pesticides and poisonous gases. Some of these poisonous gases used to sterilize the fields were developed for chemical warfare, now banned by the Geneva Convention. And...they use a ton of them.
Out of the dirtiest strawberries sampled, the EWG (environmental working group) found 17 different pesticides and strawberry growers use a combination of 60 different pesticides. Most are benign but some are linked to cancer, reproductive damage, neurological problems, and hormone disruption. The EPA's tolerance levels are too lenient and outdated to protect public health. As EWG's analogy, it's like setting the speed limit at 500 mph. No one can break the rules. Do your best, but if you're able to avoid these top dirty dozens below, you'll avoid the high concentration of pesticides. Plus, children are more susceptible to small doses of pesticides.
Here are the top 12 produce to buy organic if your budget allows it. They are the dirtiest in order (most amount of pesticide residues)
Sweet Bell Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
On a positive note, here are the cleanest 15 produce:
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas


Not feeling so groovy? Notice your foods, the holidays come full of sugar! Are you eating too much flour? Dairy?Chocolate? Pay attention, notice your body will tell you!


Every single pain in your body starts with the emotional pain, ask yourself when did this start and follow the train of thought!

Who knew? I did!
10 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Who knew? I did!

Kitchen goods are gradually becoming the stars of the beauty world. Whether we're reusing old tea bags for under eye puffiness or tightening our pores with turmeric, these unconventional treatments are just as good, if not better, than what we'd pay for at the beauty counter.


Warm-heartedness! that's is what it's all about!

Did you know that Dr. Oz's wife uses homeopathic medicine for her children!I believe homeopathy will work to balance you...
Alternative Pain Treatments, Pt 1. | The Dr. Oz Show

Did you know that Dr. Oz's wife uses homeopathic medicine for her children!
I believe homeopathy will work to balance your body, all of it, mind, body and spirit!

Simple. Safe. Cheap. These alternative cures will soothe your aches and pains without a prescription. Dr. Oz discusses the benefits of homeopathic remedies and the controversy surrounding them. Learn more. Click here to watch Part 2.


Rules for Brain Healthy Eating: Eat low-glycemic, high-fiber carbohydrates. This means eat carbohydrates that DO NOT spike your blood sugar. Spikes in your blood sugar are typically followed by a crash about 30 minutes later that leaves you feeling sluggish and spacey. Look for carbohydrates that are also high in fiber, such as those found in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, such as blueberries and apples. When it comes to weight loss and brain function, carbohydrates are not the enemy. They are essential to your life. Bad carbohydrates are the enemy. These are carbohydrates that have been robbed of any nutritional value, such as simple sugars (cookies, cakes, and brownies) and refined carbohydrates (muffins, cinnamon rolls, and white bread). If you want to live without cravings, eliminate these completely from your diet. I like the old saying, “the whiter the bread the faster you are dead.” FromThe Amen Clinics

Fungus are insidious and hard to eradicate, but they are also the root cause of many other illnesses.
Overlooked and Undetected Infections—from Fungus! - Bottom Line Publications

Fungus are insidious and hard to eradicate, but they are also the root cause of many other illnesses.

Say the words ”fungal infection” and most people think of athlete’s foot. But fungal infections are actually the root cause of many illnesses—from sinusitis to kidney disease. Fungi invade through our lungs, skin and digestive tract. Food, especially grains and peanuts, is rampant with fungi.


Awareness... is the most important thing to have in order to create the person that you want to manifest! what's stopping you from going to the next level?
Some flower essences may assist you in letting go of the old and bring in the new.


Many people out there suffer from Adrenal Fatigue, feeling exhausted, or are full of energy running around on an adrenal rush. Finding the root cause to adrenal fatigue is a must, not just treating the symptoms .


Had a client call me asking for a Flower Essence combination bottle, it is amazing what Flower Essences can do to reestablish your energy and the real you. Overwhelmed? angry? tired? perhaps a flower combination will help you!


When we are connected by doing what we love there is no ego, we feel the connection and it comes through to our clients.


Feeling lousy? think what did you eat? what are you thinking? We are what we eat and our moods are given by what we think


Every second a human being goes through 100 chemical reactions


Your body will adapt. Under stress, under toxicity, under pain.... until it can't adapt anymore


You get sick energetically before physically, you get healed energetically before you get healed physically.


It's all about you! if you are denying part of you, denial shows up in every part of your life


I have fans! how cool is that! thankyou Fi and Gary!


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