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Pharmaca offers a unique blend of traditional pharmacy services and natural and complementary health solutions, including prescription compounding services and immunizations.

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Pharmaca's got flu season covered!

Visit to schedule your appointment, and get a $5 gift coupon with every immunization you receive at Pharmaca.

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Pharmaca's got flu season covered!

Visit to schedule an appointment, plus get a $5 gift coupon with every immunization you receive at Pharmaca.

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August is National Immunization Month! You have the power to protect against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Check out this quick CDC reference guide on the COVID-19 vaccine:

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Did you know you can add retail items to your prescription delivery? We'll include vitamins, supplements & other Pharmaca products at no extra charge!

Just call the pharmacy to request your order.

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We are excited to announce that we're administering the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to anyone 12 years or older! Click the link in bio to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine at your nearest Pharmaca.

"This shot represents her (and our) return to normalcy one day soon. We’ve thrived at home and we’re so lucky to be able to say that but we’re ready for life to look a little more like it once did!"


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Vaccine experiences can vary from customer to customer, but our pharmacy team members do their best to make your Pharmaca visit a happy and healthy one! 🤗

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Happy Father's Day to all the dads in your life!

Fatherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. We want to send a special note to those fathers who have lost children, those who have lost fathers, those yearning to be fathers and those with strained family relationships. 💕


Rx Transfer

Transfer your prescription to Pharmaca and get a FREE $30 gift coupon to use in stores!*
Visit for more information!

*Please note this excludes our OR and IL locations.

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Establish a routine when it comes to your wellbeing. Prioritizing annual check-ups can aid in early detection of top health issues like cancer and heart disease.

Talk to your doctor today about recommended screenings and commit to staying healthy.

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In 1984 Naltrexone was approved by the FDA for the treatment of opioid addiction, used at the standard dose of 50–100 mg per day. It is a pure antagonist at various opioid receptors, Delta Kappa, Mu and Opioid Growth Factor (OGF) receptors.

Treatment plans using LDN generally utilize doses that are 1/10 or less of the standard dose of Naltrexone. Many of the clinical and research studies have used 4.5 mg per day, with doses ranging from 0.001 mg to 16 mg in practice.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in your life!

Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. We want to send a special note to those mothers who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those yearning to be mothers and those with strained family relationships. 💕

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Thanks for sharing !
"Friends don’t let friends go unvaccinated" 💕

Schedule your COVID-19 vaccination online at (link in bio)

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At Pharmaca, we're proud to serve people with unique prescription needs, pet owners and prescribers alike.

We provide a variety of compounding services to ensure that each customer’s (and furry friend's) unique needs are met! 🐶

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May Mental Health Check-In! 🧠
We can't believe the month of May is already here...
How has 2021 been for you and your loved ones?
Pharmaca is here to help you meet all of your health and wellness needs, whether it be expert guidance on a new supportive addition to your daily routine, or convenient prescription pickup.

Let us know your status in the comments below!

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Why did the COVID-19 vaccine take months instead of years to develop?

For some vaccines, it takes many years for development and approval, but the COVID-19 vaccine had a unique set of circumstances that allowed for speedier development.

✅We were able to rely on data from the SARS-CoV-1 and MERS CoV vaccines, which made the initial development stage much faster.
✅The U.S. government gave pharmaceutical companies an emergency authority to begin the manufacturing process simultaneously with the clinical trial.
✅Manufacturing is usually scaled substantially after trials have concluded, but Operation Warp Speed has enabled manufacturers to de-risk and build manufacturing alongside clinical trials.
✅Given the urgency of this pandemic, more participants were willing to partake in the clinical trials, which helped prove efficacy more quickly.
✅Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies allowed pharmaceutical companies to quickly produce a supply of vaccines.

Learn more on our COVID-19 FAQs page:

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As March comes to a close, spring is steadily bringing in an all too familiar time of year: allergy season.

This , we're bringing you our product recommendations to keep those pesky spring allergies at bay.

You can shop these products and more in store, or online on Let us know if you've tried these products in the comments below!

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Our team members do their best to make your Pharmaca visit a happy and healthy one! 🤗

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We all get the from time to time.

If you're feeling overwhelmed about the week ahead, we recommend trying these supplements that research suggests can help support your emotional wellbeing:

🧠 L-Theanine- for a racing mind
💪 Magnesium- for tense muscles
😬 L-tryptophan/5-HTP- for excessive worry
😪 Vitamin B Complex- for consistent stress
😑 GABA- for irritability
😨 Rescue Remedy- for acute anxiety

For these supplements and more, visit your local Pharmaca or shop online at

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Can Vitamin D supplements help your body in the fight against COVID-19?

Vitamin D has many beneficial effects for our bodies. It is most commonly known for promoting bone health by helping us better absorb calcium. It also plays an important role in supporting your immune system, your first line of defense against any infection. 💪

Experts have long said that a strong immune system is a vital weapon against this virus. A stronger immune system may even lead to a reduced risk of contracting COVID-19 via direct exposure.

There is not enough evidence to show that vitamin D can prevent or treat COVID-19. However, studies have shown that it may be influential in determining the severity of COVID-19 symptoms, including whether your diagnosis leads to hospitalization or even ICU admission.

As we wait for COVID-19 vaccines to replenish and roll out, vitamin D could be a worthy addition to your wellness routine. It is important not to overdo it on vitamin D supplements as taking too much can be detrimental to your health. If you decide to incorporate vitamin D supplements into your wellness routine, please remember to consult your physician to discuss dosage recommendations.


Explore Vitamin D supplements in-store or online at

Featuring Vitamin D , , , , , and

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Happy International Women's Day from the team!
We want to send a special thank you to all of the womxn pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy interns, and other pharmacy team members who make Pharmaca go 'round. Your hard work and dedication ensures that our customers receive safe and effective health solutions.

We encourage our followers to unapologetically celebrate, empower, and advocate for the womxn of the world—today and every day!

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As we roll out COVID-19 vaccines in select pharmacy locations, we're excited to partner with our bandage of choice: Welly! Show off your Bravery Badge with pride on Instagram + for a chance to win some Welly goodies.

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This , we're featuring Astragalus Root!

For thousands of years, Astragalus has supported many of the body’s natural systems. The Astragalus Root can be extracted to make different types of supplements, such as liquids, capsules, powders and teas.

Here are 5 benefits of adding Astragalus Root supplements to your wellness routine:

💪 Supports your immune system
💪 Improve kidney health and function
💪 Provides heart support
💪 Helps to manage stress and improve your sleep patterns
💪 Relieves allergies

If you're looking to incorporate Astragalus Root supplements into your routine, we recommend checking out Astragalus capsules from , available in-store or online at As always, be sure check with your healthcare provider to see if Astragalus is right for you.

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Happy March everyone! ☀️
With warmer weather just around the corner, we're excited to invest in our health and wellness by exploring the outdoors once again.

Comment your favorite ways to prioritize yourself below!

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We had so much fun highlighting why we

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Have you ever wondered what a compounded prescription looks like?

Pharmaca’s most commonly prescribed compounds are as unique as the individual patient they’re prepared for and include:

🖋️ Bioidentical hormone therapy, including plant-based hormones in a variety of dosage forms
🖋️Medications like muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, which can be prepared topically to target pain at the site, without common side effects
🖋️Compounded prescriptions to address aesthetic and therapeutic concerns
🖋️Adrenal dysfunction and thyroid support

If you’re in need of non-sterile dosage prescriptions, such as creams, ointments, solutions, syrups, capsules, suppositories and troches, Pharmaca can provide those as well.

Visit to learn more about compounded prescriptions!

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Vaccine = received! 🎉
Team Members at our Boulder, Greenwood Village, and Sonoma locations are excitedly awaiting Phase 1B vaccine administration!


UPDATE: We are fully booked for COVID-19 Phase 1B vaccines and will update you when more appointments become available.
Your health and safety have always been our top concern, and we are excited to share that the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine is now available at our Boulder, Greenwood Village, and Sonoma Pharmaca locations.
To determine your COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and schedule an appointment, please visit

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How do you know if a compounded prescription is right for you? 🤔
Compounded medications are ideal for a variety of people.
Those with sensitivities to specific ingredients in their medications can benefit greatly from compound prescriptions. Gluten-Free drugs can be created through compounding for example, as well as prescriptions free of dyes.

Our licensed professionals can make your medication easier and more convenient to use. Compounding pharmacists are able mix ingredients to provide an alternative administration method, up your dosage, or even change the flavor of your prescription.

Talk with your doctor and visit to find out if a compounded prescription can better fulfill your needs!

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Ever wondered how you can incorporate Pharmaca's compounding services into your practice?

If you’re a prescriber, we work with medical professionals to help identify the best type of compounded prescription for all types of patients.
You can send a prescription via your office’s own e-scribe system, or contact us by phone or fax:

✨Phone: 855.465.8893
✨Fax: 833.763.3931

Veterinarians (from any state) and naturopathic doctors practicing in California, Oregon or Washington should use the following contact information:

✨Phone: 866.281.8080
✨Fax: 866.662.2635

Healthy Happens Here!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, we know it's cheesy! We

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Today we're celebrating womxn being womxn!
Happy Galentine's Day!

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Compounding is perfect for the pets you

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We know how important it is for our customers and their families to have access to thorough, personalized care! Our trained compounding pharmacists work closely with your doctor to ensure that your prescription is filled precisely and efficiently.

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Do you live in a climate with harsh, dry winters? You've probably felt your skin lose hydration during the colder months of the year. Many experience dry, flaky skin due to the chill of lower temperatures.
Luckily, we've compiled a few ways to combat "Winter Skin." Check them out below!

❄️ Supplement with essential fatty acids such as fish oil and borage oil- These supplements not only offer mood and cognition benefits, but they can also boost your skin’s hydration and offer support for skin cells.

❄️Hydrate often- Drink water throughout the day, especially before bed, as your body undergoes cell repair during its resting period.

❄️Find a moisturizing product with Hyaluronic acid- Hyaluronic acid is this great humectant that holds moisture to the skin.

❄️Use a humidifier inside- Home humidity levels can drop as low as 5-10 percent in the winter.

Let us know how you keep your skin hydrated year-round!




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