The Healing Shell

The Healing Shell is a place for recovery and regeneration. The Healing Shell creates Pearls. Similar to a seashell, it holds space for those in need of a little emotional shelter.

Shel Dockser (owner), is a clairvoyant Reiki Master Teacher.

Operating as usual


Wisdom I recently derived from my own shadow work prt 2✨✨

When I tell myself to be “humble” my subconscious mind really means “If anyone feels bad or triggered in your presence by your happiness and success that makes you a bad and greedy person”

When I brag about my psychic abilities and the success of my practice, it’s because I feel comfortable and safe letting my inner teenager out with the person/people I’m with. As much as I enjoy being seen as a wise old soul, I spent all of my developmental years trying to survive and it’s actually really nurturing to act 16 and talk about myself 😜. No shame necessary!

Having severe social anxiety makes me a badass survivor not a loser. Showing up to a party for 20 minutes when your body feels like it will be put on a stake by the townspeople is brave as f**k. I’ll drink to that…

…in my home…
…away from people…
…also it’s tea😂😅. See, social anxiety 🤣.

As much as I love my friends and clients who spend a lot of time with other people and out in public, spending a lot of my free time traveling through the realms of consciousness is an expression of my authentic self and does not mean I’m “unbalanced” anymore than a professional athlete who spends their off time in their body moving. There are different versions of “balance.”

My authentic self is vulgar as sh*t. Saying curse words makes me feel powerful, sexy and like a genuine leader.

If I dumb myself down to make others feel smarter, I’m preventing them from learning.

If I make myself less attractive so others feel prettier, I’m preventing them from feeling inspired.

If I intentionally make myself the subordinate so others feel more powerful, when I know I was born an alpha, I’m preventing people from having a leader. A leader that just may be exactly what they need for the season they’re in.

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I pray that these words circle your heart, your spirit and mind in any moment that you need it most. You and your experience have always been so important✨.


It’s a common misconception that psychic readings give you concrete information that you won’t be able to do anything about.

Psychic readings are the perfect setup for a paradigm shift and through the eyes of unconditional divine love and clear observation, healing♥️.

Great questions to ask are:
What patterns am I stuck in?
What is causing the struggles in my relationship?
What do I need to do to manifest xyz?
What is causing x physical pain?
Why am I not getting results in therapy?

Regardless of the question, it is my experience that with our intention being to grow and heal, the proper answers will just flow out

The Healing Shell updated their business hours. 11/21/2021

The Healing Shell updated their business hours.

The Healing Shell updated their business hours.


(Re)introducing myself 🐚…

Hello, my name is Shel! I’m a psychic medium and reiki master. My mission is to make others feel seen. My purpose is to lead by example.

Beautiful things (like this dress 😍) and beautiful places inspire me to feel beautiful on the inside. I’m pretty feminine 👑.

I can talk business, entrepreneurship and self development for DAYS. A few of my favorite topics 🤓.

My favorite way to spend a Friday night is either sipping tea and reading or yoga class with my fellow hippies 🧘‍♀️.

Do we have anything in common 🤗? Anything you’d like to share about yourself?

Also, I have a few openings this week🙏. PM to schedule.

The Healing Shell updated their address. 10/27/2021

The Healing Shell updated their address.

The Healing Shell updated their address.


I’m so excited🤗☀️! Bring a question to the comments or just enjoy witnessing a reading live.

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April package deals are here🤩! If you only ever have one session, you will still benefit. Consistency can bring a better quality of life ✨. Go ahead and shoot me a pm to purchase your package😘.

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With Mercury in retrograde, we are taken to the past to heal it🙏. Let's heal those old wounds with old lovers. Let go, release, and manifest.

Tomorrow only, receive this healing session for $65 (normally $90) as a gift from me to you🤗💗.

This session is 60 minutes long, includes a psychic reading and in-depth energy healing. You can receive in-person (meet in nature or in your home/office) or from a distance. ✨

Pm or text/call 858-683-4444 to book. I can't wait to hold space for you, gods/goddesses🥰!


Do you need a last-minute gift for Valentine's day💗?

How about the gift of healing🙏✨?

10% of all profits at The Healing Shell are donated to RAINN, the world's largest antisexual assault organization.


I see your chiefs fans... It's okay💗. Healing can be found for you and Patrick. Appointments available this week!!

Photos from The Healing Shell's post 02/01/2021

February specials are here!! 💗 Packages work for both in person and distance reiki. Pm or text/call to purchase your package(s). 🙏✨🌙


Reiki House Call 🙏

It is such an honor to not only get to hold space for you guys, but doing house calls, I see this beautiful, intimate and sacred part of your world. Thank you for sharing this with me❤️.

I have openings this coming week for house calls and distance reiki🙏🤍. My (updated😉) booking link is in my bio but you can also text/call or pm.

10% of all profits are donated to RAINN, the world’s largest anti sexual assault organization. 🥰

(You may be able to feel the reiki through this video. It may feel like energetic pressure, heat, tingling, cooling, vibrations, etc. Pretty cool, huh?!)


Reiki at the Beach

Don't you just love the sound of the ocean🥰🌊?! I'm a shell, so this is where I belong😋🐚.

To receive at the beach of your choice, click on “Meet in Nature” in my booking link or pm me to get on the schedule.

P.S. If you are feeling energetic pressure, tingling, heat, or cooling anywhere in your body while watching this, you are feeling the reiki🙏🔥.


Reviews mean SO much to me💛✨. Thank you so much.


Would you like some beach with that reiki? A trip to the beach is energetically cleansing because we experience all four elements (sun, sand/grass, ocean water, and air). Reiki in this beautiful setting is MAGICAL🤩🙏✨.


I love this lyric so much. It inspired me to talk about the importance of a higher power. The purpose of this post isn’t to convince you to believe in my higher power, but to encourage you to find one that resonates with you. If you have religious/spiritual trauma, it’s okay, start somewhere. Even if it’s the tree in front of your house, the ocean, a mountain nearby; find something bigger than you.

You may also find comfort in the God(s)/Goddess(es) that guide you, source, or the universe. Maybe you have a loved one(s) that passed that you feel guided and seen by still. Find the belief system that takes care of your heart and spirit. Try out different churches/temples in your area. Ask others what their beliefs are.

The purpose of spirituality is not to win other’s approval. There are significant mental health benefits to being spiritual. Allow yourself to be seen, witnessed, heard and loved unconditionally. There is so much love here for you, not all of it can be seen with your eyes.

At The Healing Shell, I respect all religions and spiritualities (that don’t harm others) and am so excited to support you on your spiritual path🥰.

If this post resonates with you, give it a share🤗.

The Healing Shell updated their address. 01/02/2021

The Healing Shell updated their address.

The Healing Shell updated their address.


How does one heal?

Healing isn't easy. It's messy. It's painful. It's not a one and done. Believe me, I know.

Some people live their entire lives without healing from their whatever it was that deeply hurt them. "It gets better, easier, but you always have it." Time heals through making it easier. So let's add time to the recipe of "How to Heal".

Some people talk it out until it doesn't hurt to say what makes them ache anymore. They unzip their chest and let their words fall out of their heart, onto hopefully compassionate ears. So we can add some throat chakra into the mix.

Some people pour their hearts out into their art. Poetry, painting, music... They channel their pain into something you'd want to see or hear. They channel it into something that makes others feel less alone. So now lets add a hefty serving of heart chakra...

Some people put all their energy into their career; forget the past, all we have is now and what awaits us. Back to school, a bullsh*t job on the side, but direction, direction keeps them here. So let's not forget the root chakra.

Some people wander but do not get lost. Traveling the world and their own soul. They don't take the normal path, but they find healing in "something different this time". They find themselves living all over the place, and they find themselves. Their identity solidifies in each change... So the sacral chakra is pretty important.

We say there isn't a rubric for healing. But maybe we can create one. If we take a small piece of what heals so many different people enough to get by and live an extraordinary life imagine what our lives could be like.

We say that people are crazy. People are also natural healers. Direct your attention towards those who chose healing, take their story with a grain of salt. We have everything we need to heal ourselves.


Distance Reiki is just as powerful as in person. Take this time to heal🙏❤.

To book your session, click here:


Due to Governor Newsom's new order, we unfortunately will not be allowed to perform personal care services on clients until further notice. Below is an updated list of services I will still be providing.

For more information on the "At Home Facial" kit, follow Imagine simplicity - Esthetics & Makeup Artistry.

Thank you so much for supporting my small business even just by liking my posts!

Stay safe❤️

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