Red Tara Teas

Red Tara Teas are healing teas made of organic herbs, precisely put together, to heal the body, mind & soul. Red Tara Teas can help You be well!

Our story began in the Summer of 2010, when Red Tara Teas, a vision from Buddha was received in a meditation, in the woods along the Little Spokane River, in Washington state. Red Tara helps bring balance, peace, love and harmony to all of God's creation on Earth and in all Universes. To help make our World a better place for all creatures today, tomorrow, and in the future, beginning with the World within you.


Red Tara Teas: The World on the outside is a reflection of the World on the inside. Which EYE color are you!?


Dynamic Health & Wellness is now retailing Red Tara's 'Eye Color Teas' in Point Loma, San Diego, California. Yay!!


This blue eye client drank one cup of Red Tara's 'Blue Eye Tea' for 30 days! Here's are the changes:

#1 The yellow-brown (mucus) in her forehead, sensory-motion, sinuses, etc, almost completely detoxed from human body.

#2 The weaknesses in her neck, ascending colon, and small bronchus, 100% healed, as completely filled with fresh, new fibers.

#3 The stomach is alkaline now, where in the 'Existing', it was under-acid.

Before pic on the left; 30 days later pic on the right.

Namaste' with Love. RTT.


The Pacific Sports Resort (San Diego) has invited Red Tara Teas to provide tea, for their memebrs & staff. I think it's going to be 'A Beau-Tea Full Day!' ; ) Namaste' with much Love.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for all of You for supporting us here @ Red Tara Teas, sharing us with Friends & Family around the World, we LOVE You! Ps. May You be Blessed beyond measure, Thank You


What do You think.... better than glass jars?


It's Official! 'Red Tara Teas' is now registered/copyright protected!

Ps. THANK YOU, all of You, for your Love & support! We Truly Love You, Thank You! ♥


In celebration of 'World Homeless Day' (Oct.10, 2012) for every tea bought from today through the 10th of October, 2012, Red Tara Teas will feed 5 homeless People! Ps. Please SHARE in the Awareness, for our Brothers & Sisters, Mothers & Fathers: Namaste' with Love. 09/23/2012

Red Tara Teas, are Teas for Life! ( by Brian Garvey (

My Dear Friends, every other week, an aritcle comes out about the rising numbers in depression & su***des. It is very important for each one of Us, to take a few minutes and research 'Parasites-worms' in the human body. An article 2 weeks...ago indicated that 350,000 Britons per year have been diagnosed with a parasite-worms that have taken control of their host's (Human-body's) emotions, health, diet, causing severe deep depression & su***des. An article today, front page states the there are NOW more su***des per year in the United States than People killed in car crashes! Blaming it on the economy, but do your research as I have, and You will see that parasites-worms are becoming a major health issue, taking over our human-body, emotions, cravings, health, causing most illnesses, disease, anxiety, worry, fear, depression & even su***de. (Let's STOP this!!)

If You have eaten sushi (10,000 parasite-worm eggs per square inch), have pets, eat organic vegetables &/or fruit (not washed thoroughly), eat meat, drink unfiltered water, than You most likely have parasite-worms living in & eating You alive. It is estimated that 90% of ALL People in the U.S. have parasite-worms living inside of them. Visit our website for more information.

The time is NOW, to rid your human-body of parasites-worms! Do your own research for You, your Friends, Family & Loved Ones!

Red Tara Teas has been doing it's own study with People drinking our parasite-worm removal tea, 'Compassion... just add water', with great results! Every Person seeing things 'pass' through their digestive/bowels/colon that they had no idea lived inside of them. Most all have experienced more energy through the day, losing unhealthy cravings, feeling all around happier & healthier, & sleeping better, with more colorful, vivid, Dreams!

Visit our website & see a few of the recent articles, with their links. Do your own research, 'parasites in the human body', & on Youtube. Then, drink our 'Compassion... just add water' or use another 'Parasite-worm' cleanse You feel most comfortable with. Do this NOW, & share with your Family, Friends & Loved Ones!

Namaste' with much Love. Red Tara Teas l Spiritual Healing Teas l An organic blend of herbs based on the 3 eye colors of humanity. Blue Eye Tea, Geen-Hazel-Brown Eye Tea, and Black Eye Tea, helps balance the human body l Anti-Parasiteworm Tea, elliminates parasites-worms.


For contests, videos, & other SURPRISES, you'll need to download a 'Barcode Reader' ("ScanLife"), FREE from your phone's 'APPS'. Every 'Sun-Blessed Tea' will have a little 'Secret', under each lid! 09/14/2012

Red Tara Teas, are Teas with Good Karma! ( by Brian Garvey (

There are a few 'BLESSINGS' that have come into my Life, that have helped me greatly, in change, manifestation, grounding & connecting me deeper into Spirit. An 'Angelic Gateway' is a WONDERFUL way, to do these things, and/or just be at Peace. Red Tara Teas l Spiritual Healing Teas l An organic blend of herbs based on the 3 eye colors of humanity. Blue Eye Tea, Geen-Hazel-Brown Eye Tea, and Black Eye Tea, helps balance the human body l Anti-Parasiteworm Tea, elliminates parasites-worms.


IT'S OFFICIAL!! As of TODAY..... Red Tara's 'Eye Color Teas' are now published as 'Registered' (copy write protected)! : ) Ps. Photo is of our new tea-bag line. Namaste' with much


Timeline Photos


Red Tara Teas' Appreciation

Thank You, we appreciate You!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for ALL of your support! Namaste' with much Love. Brian Garvey @ Red Tara, Teas... with good Karma! Ps. Today's 'Mantra' - "...


Another angle, of our new 'Sun-Blessed Teas'.


The new 'Sun-Blessed Teas'


To celebrate Earth Day (weekend) & this BEAUTIFUL weather, Red Tara would like to introduce our VERY first 'Tea of the Month'! Have 'A Beautiful Day', with Red Tara Teas!


When you're open to all things.... all things pour through You!


Be yourself.... with Red Tara Teas! & Have a Beautiful Day, with Us!


From The Secret Daily Teachings

Write down all the great things about everyone You know. Make a huge list of all the Wonderful things about You. Compliment People wherever You go. Praise EVERY single thing You see. Be a ray of Sunshine to everyone You meet, & make their day better for having seen You. Say "Thank you" at every turn. Walk, talk, think, & breathe appreciation & Gratitude.

When You do this, your outer Life will change to reflect your inner state of be-ing.

Peace & Love be with You, from Red Tara Teas


Ok, so i had an idea a few weeks ago, that's growing on me. For those of You that have Red Tara Tea(s), & want to have Tea with me LIVE using 'face time' or 'Skype', to talk about whatever's in your Heart, email me. We can set up 10 minutes to share Life & drink Tea! Namaste' with


Red Tara's got a helper coming down to San Diego, tomorrow.... my son, Sean! : D He's got an email, too! [email protected] ; )!


A GREAT Mantra for this week before the 'Libra' Full Moon on Good Friday, & Easter: 'I Love You. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You.' Say this Mantra over & over & see the World inside, & the outside become MORE Beautiful!!


Tired yet of drinking that same latte, coffee, and/or other boring tea? Find your Light Body, drink Red Tara, Teas with Good Karma!


Ok, so it's no GOLDEN TICKET for a chance to win a ride in a glass elevator with W***y Wonka, but a chance to win $500 Million dollars is in store for all those who bought teas this week. A Mega ticket is being shipped with your Red Tara Tea... GODD LUCK!! : D Ps. For those who bought Teas since our web launch... a ticket's in the mail for You too! That's a lot of postal stamps, which helps out the postal service, right?! ; ) Namaste' ♥!



Did you know Bee Pollen is SUPER yummy for your human-body & is called Nature's perfect survival food? Here are just some examples:

1. It has all 22 amino acids, 27 minerals, the full span of vitamins, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, enzymes & co-enzymes.

2. Bee pollen has 5 to 7 times MORE protein than beef! : )!

3. Helps normalize body metabolism & stoke the metabolic fires to help keep calories burning & weight stable.

4. Stimulates growth of new skin & protects against skin dehydration.

5. Bee pollen rids the body of toxins from drugs, alcohol, smoking & chemicalized foods!

Bee pollen can be purchased at your local Jimbo's, Huckleberrie's, Sprouts, & other stores with a natural path department.


HAPPY FRIDAY, Friends! Thank You for keeping Us in your thoughts, & Hearts!! Namaste' with Love ♥!


Want World Peace? Start with the World inside of You, with Red Tara Teas! For the World on the 'outside'.... is a reflection of the World on the 'inside'. Namaste' with 03/20/2012

5 Easy Things You Can Do to Change the World

We believe the 6th 'thing' is changing your World on the inside, bringing balance, harmony, and Love, with Red Tara Teas. "I can change the world... with my own two hands."  ~ Ben Harper...


Getting ready to introduce our 'Sunshine!' tea, just in time for Spring! 03/14/2012

Red Tara Teas, are Teas with Good Karma!

Red Tara is EXCITED to announce the launch of our Ayurveda Teas, to help balance the Mind & Body! Take the test, and share with us what your Dosha is.... Ps. Have a Beautiful Day, with Red Tara Teas! Namaste' Red Tara Teas l Spiritual Healing Teas @ redtara.coml An organic blend of herbs based on the 3 eye colors of humanity. Blue Eye Tea, Geen-Hazel-Brown Eye Tea, and Black Eye Tea, helps balance the human body. Red Tara Teas are Teas with good Karma.


Eye Color Teas with Duke!

Trying out our new Red Tara Teas 'Youtube' site, where Duke comes in & steals the show! Keep checking back for more informative videos on our Teas, to come! : )

A lighter side to Red Tara when Duke steals the show! ; )


We shipped some Red Tara Teas to Ohio this morning! If you'd like to have us drop ship as a gift, add a message during the payment process & we will add a gift card with your personal message! Have a Beautiful Day, with Red Tara Teas! 03/10/2012

Red Tara Teas, are Teas with Good Karma!

WOW!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Red Tara Teas page has been viewed over 2,600 times, and our website's been off the charts, with over 8,500 views! (All in the last 13 days since our web launch). We hope that You enJoy your Teas, and that You share us with your Friends and Family. Namaste, with Red Tara Teas l Spiritual Healing Teas @ redtara.coml An organic blend of herbs based on the 3 eye colors of humanity. Blue Eye Tea, Geen-Hazel-Brown Eye Tea, and Black Eye Tea, helps balance the human body. Red Tara Teas are Teas with good Karma.



Tea, Angel Gateways, Tea Shirts.



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