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AROMA PROCARE LINE ~ The finest Therapeutic-Grade Massage & Essential Oil Supplies for therapists who want the highest quality for their clientele.

We make it easy for you to buy the highest quality essential oils online from anywhere. AROMA PROCARE LINE is a division of AXIS ORIGIN GROUP. We are an online store offering Young Living Massage Oil, Therapeutic-Grade, Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Professional Aromatherapy Kits & Collections, Diffusers, etc. We are distributors for several lines of essential oils, in addition to hand-crafting our own line of massage oils. 06/25/2020


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Hey Everyone, Thank you for your support! If you’re on Instagram, please follow me there ~ #TeresaAnnFoxworthy ~ 816 Followers, 188 Following, 600 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 💖 Teresa Ann Foxworthy 💖 (@teresaannfoxworthy) 04/06/2020

Transform Your Space Into a Blissful Yoga Studio

Create your yoga home sanctuary ~ #yogaspace #yogadecor #yogafengshui #meditationspace #wellness #spafengshui #ecstatic #sacredspace ~ Yoga is a great way to calm the body, and the mind. Both of which are likely in need of some serious calming. 03/12/2020

PSA: A Note of Caution Regarding Covid-19

Let’s all help Restore health and sanity to our world today. Educate yourselves with this provisional regarding the Covid-19 progression. Educate yourselves on how to avoid or recover from, or minimize it in a group, Etc. If we focus now this really could be over in in a shorter time. Use the power of your thoughts to make smart choices with your daily life and visualize the restoration of our precious Garden of Eden. ~ #Covid19 If you just want to learn how to avoid this thing, scroll down to the "Risk Reduction" section. However, to appreciate the full scope of the... 05/16/2019

Young Living | World Leader in Essential Oils

You may now order easily & directly through our YLEO webpage. We just finished updating our FB Page Info as well as this rejuvenated YLEO site. Diving into Essential Oils is such a great way to raise your vibration & enjoy vibrant health. Let us know what you like best! ~ #essentialoils #aromatherapy #yleo #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #nature #holistichealing #holistic #yleodistributors #botanicals #alternativemedicine ~ Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. We offer pure, authentic essential oils and essential oil-infused wellness solutions for every household.


This is amazing & affordable rose 🌹 oil! ~ #RoseOil

This is amazing & affordable rose 🌹 oil! ~ #RoseOil


Pet World

Spa Day

Day of the spa :)


Aromahead Institute, School of Essential Oil Studies

Become a certified aromatherapist!

Join Andrea Butje for a Free Online Training Class as she explains what's involved in becoming a Certified Aromatherapist.

Register Here ➤➤

You’ll come away feeling more confident in your expertise, with new insights you can apply right away.


The Oil Box

Oh, isn't this lovely...

Hypnotizing Diffusing Action for your essential oils!
The new, unique and beautiful way to diffuse essential oils, Get Your Luminescence Vase Diffuser Today!
🎉 LIMITED TIME - 60% Off Retail


The Ayurveda Experience

"...Believe me when I say, this thing does make you look years younger. It's like photoshopping your face. No Lie. I am 57 so I have plenty of Wrinkles to try it on."
-Patti Schippani
"...I'm a Holistic Esthetician and specialize in lymph movement. The wand is amazing to incorporate before Manual Lymph Drainage for clients who are especially lymph-congested, as it really seems to help break up the stagnation..."
-Angela Peck
"I love my wand... it truly works and my skin glows


David Wolfe

Beware of synthetic fragrances... ask us about therapeutic grade essential oils ~ #EcoPerfume #FengShui #Perfume #Fragrance #EssentialOils #YoungLiving #Healt #Wellness #MassageSupplies

Synthetic Scents Are Causing Serious Damage To Your Body


We custom-make ECO FRAGRANCES for your perfumes, hydrosols, colognes, room sprays, for men and women. Using the finest essential oils available, you will discover the health benefits of eco fragrance.
#EcoFragrance #EcoCologne #EcoPerfume #EcoParfums #EcoParfum

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Feng Shui ~ Home Design ~ Feng Shui Bedroom ~ Interior Designer

Fire, earth, metal, water, & wood are the five elements of Chinese medicine. To have a balanced environment, you'll want to have each one present or represented in each room. Feng Shui has been providing auspicious design strategies for living and working spaces. It all began thousands of years ago, with where to plant crops & has evolved today into a reference for residential & commercial projects. I love the way #FengShui offers practical design insights as well as spiritual guidance, to inspire a feeling of sanctuary, wherever you go... The ancients said there are 3 types of "luck": Heaven Luck (good karma), Earth Luck (auspicious design), and personal luck (ie, inner harmony to align with the Divine). It's a fascinating study for any who cares about their home or office space. #interiordesign #homedesign #homedecorating #fengshuibedroom #interiordecorating #fengshuicolors ~ Feng Shui Consultant with over 20 years experience, working with corporate, leisure, spa designers, real estate developers, & estate owners.


Back by popular demand: Deluxe Aromatherapy Kit for Massage Therapists & Eco Fragrance fans. Message us here for more info. #Aromatherapy #EssentialOils #AromatherapyKit #YLEO

Are you shopping for all natural essential oils for your aromatherapy massage practice? We make ordering premium oils easy. Monthly auto-shop available. Offer these oils to your clients to add more value to your services. Our Deluxe Aromatherapy Practitioner's Kit is state-of-the-art!


Oh, my goodness! How time flies. Our massage oils range from citrus, to floral, to woodsy, to herbaceous scents, made with the highest quality of ingredients. They are made in small batches to preserve their quality. Some are more water-based, other are heavier with oils. Most having soothing aloe vera. Please message us here to let us know what kinds of massage oils you would like and we will custom make them for you, or discuss with you the various options we offer. #MassageOils #CustomeOils #Oils #Lotions #Pampering #HealingMassage #TherapeuticMassage #Massage 04/23/2015

Lavender Fields - Organic herbs, vegetables, and plants

Glen Allen, Virginia is celebrating their 15th Anniversary with Lavender Fields ~ Central Virginias Premiere Herb Farm. Each product is carefully made using natural, botanical and organic ingredients as often as possible



Choose Bliss...It is your birthright ~ #bliss #aromatherapy ~

All Abraham-Hicks material is copyrighted by Esther and Jerry Hicks-- for a wonderful in-depth understanding of this life enhancing teaching please visit- ht...


Looking for a Wellness Coach & Holistic Practitioner who also does Life Coaching? For those of you in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area, FOXHAVEN Wellness Programs improve your health & give an amazing return-on-investment through reduced sick days, as well as rejuvenated morale! Visit our Baltimore Wellness Center & begin your new wellness program. #wellnesscenter #baltimorewellness #personaltrainerbaltimore #wellnessprogram #corporatewellness #wellbeing #wellbeingbaltimore #baltimorewellbeing #makeover #makeovers #massage #reiki #bodywork #wellnesscoachbaltimore #lifecoach #wellnesscoach #holisticwellness

Baltimore County, MD has a wonderful new wellness center for those wanting to explore their personal growth & spiritual development. Inspired by years of my private coaching practice, I offer life coaching for wellness, relationships, and spirituality. Call to schedule an appointment: (443) 602-8855


Goddess Bliss Lifestyle & Retreats

Maui has inspired my Maui Goddess Retreats for overworked women. I hope you ladies will join us! LIKE the Maui Goddess fan page & keep posted on upcoming details. ~

GODDESS BLISS is an advanced program for women & men who want more fulfilling, love relationships. Coaching by phone or in-San Diego/Carlsbad. ~ Follow on Twitter ~ @HowToBeAGoddess


Let us help you plan your signature massage oils and lotions based on the classic scent families of citrus, woodsy, spices, herbs, florals, et al... Schedule a complimentary consultation ~


Our latest massage lotions and oils will delight you. Sweet fragrances made with botanicals distilled at low temperatures will provide the highest caliber of experience for both you and your clients. Try our Clary-Jasmine for visionary well-being, Tangerine-Grapefruit for joy, Basil-Lime for men, Lavender-Rosemary for detoxing, Peppermint-Eucalyptus for pain relief, & Sandalwood-Rose for women. Available in 8oz., 16oz., & 32oz. Decorative dispensers are available for additional costs. Shipping & handling are extra.


#Reiki #ReikiSessions #ReikiBaltimore #ReikiMD Weaving in all the necessary strands of energetic medicine is what can allow the healing process to feel so effortless. Opening up to the Light Flow is powerful. Let it circulate.

Baltimore Towson Hunt Valley Reiki fans will be delighted to know we have found and bought the much requested & somewhat elusive, Pink, 77" Long, 30" Wide, 4" Pad, Portable Reiki Table! Finding the right massage table to be the right Reiki & Shaman table is important. Weaving in all the necessary strands of energetic medicine is what can allow the healing process to feel so effortless.


Essenza Ecstatic 6-Week Makeovers Lifestyle & Image Consultant

Baltimore Wellness & Well-Being Center offers 6-Week HOLISTIC HEALTH Assessments and Makeovers. Near Washington DC in the Mid-Atlantic USA, you may also schedule your appointment now for long-distance programs which you can do from the comfort of your own home. We begin with an inventory to assess the 12 key areas which combine to produce optimum well-being. Then we schedule subsequent Makeover sessions to work on each of the 12 areas in your life. Certain areas will require more attention than others, of course. Ask about our summer special for your Facebook discount. Especially excellent for people who are learning better health habits. For example smoking cessation, weight management, hypertension remedies, learning to relax and do yoga, guided meditations, etc. We offer over 200 holistic programs for your optimum vitality! The key is a willingness to learn. Remember, when you've got your health, you've got everything! ~

Essenza's 6-Week Total Makeover helps you with Weight Loss, Color Analysis, Signature Style, Etiquette, Social Life & More ~ Twitter ~


In August of 1999, I gave my Mother a book called, Pathways to Ecstasy by Dr. Patricia Garfield. I inscribed it by saying, 'Mother! If we sleep, then let us dream...And if we dream, then let us see and feel our Hearts longing...from there we must forge a path to our fulfillment!' At the time, I was having a renaissance in my consciousness as I had attained a new level of well-being. 'Ecstatic Lifestyles', where we stay aligned with Bliss the majority of the time had been a dominant theme in my life, as I worked to overcome a work-related injury which kept me bedridden for 10 years, and another 10 years learning to stay out of being bedridden. Essential oils were a huge part of my healing. Medicinal-Grade YLEO Lavender, Jasmine, Oregano, and others brought me so much relief both physically & mentally. Now, as the cycles and seasons churn, revolving in their similar, yet dissimilar fashions, I celebrate Ecstatic Lifestyles even more. Helping women and men discover their sublime path to empowerment, grace, wellness, & fulfillment for many years now, I recognize how essential this philosophy has been to my own optimum health & well-being. Finding one's calling and learning to gracefully listen to one's body, mind, heart & soul, integrating ourselves on a path of transformation, is walking a Noble Path, indeed. Once you say, "sign-me up", you've become part of the Ecstatic Lifestyles movement. Deliberating co-creating high-integrity lives with a focus on well-being, community, & fun, puts you on the leading edge of consciousness in the 21st Century. For more info, schedule an appointment: 1.415.289.2213 or Skype: GoddessRising or visit us on FB ~ [Art: Alaya Gadeh]


Yesterday, I learned that around the world each day, the leading cause of preventable death is hypertension ~ More than 21,000 people a DAY leave this planet from stress, obesity & high blood pressure; otherwise known as "hypertension". It's time to help the world chill. (More on this to come.) Meanwhile, in the U.S. of A., smoking to***co is the #1 killer, totaling 1,200 people a day checking-out, due to to***co smoking. Here in the USA, smoking to***co & obesity are the top two by far. Obesity (hypertension?) kills 300 people a day. Should our focus hence be on helping people dissolve stress, quit ci******es, & abstain from junk food? We could nurture everyone to relax, breathe deep the pure oxygen we can absorb, and indulge in farm fresh foods grown with love & non-GMO impurities! Breathing from our bellies seems to be the key to both relaxing and living in harmony. Here's a reminder to pause for moment and breathe into your belly for five full seconds. Hold for five. Then, exhale completely for five full seconds...Ahhh...make a sound for how you feel. It's this easy to relax...Now add your favorite low-temperature, therapeutic-grade essential oil to inhale, like Young Living's RC for respiratory health, Lavender or Peace & Calming blend for relaxing, Grapefruit for ceasing addictions, Tangerine to reclaim a happy childhood, SARA to heal from traumas, or maybe Sandalwood for meditation. Visit our site: & enter our code: 225630 ~ You'll be glad you did!! 02/22/2013

Shelf Life

Essential oils are the components of perfume, fragrance, and cologne, et cetera. Here is some insight into the care of your fragrances. This is the level of quality that we adhere to. ~ Shelf Life for Essential Oils People who use adulterated or synthetic oils need to worry about shelf life. Some British references on aromatherapy say you should throw away your oils every six mont...


Exciting news @ YLEO! Young Living Essential Oils distributors who renew their Essential Rewards program or for any new distributors who sign up, by February 28, 2013, will get $40 credit, on top of an increase of 8% (from the previous 5%) commission. The company is now asking for 100 PV each month to be eligible for commissions. This will help determine which distributors are making YLEO oils a focus in their lives.


Do you love or are you curious about Aromatherapy and Young Living Essential Oils? Perhaps you like the idea of having nontoxic fragrance In your perfumes, colognes, bodycare products, household products, etc.? Set up an appointment with me to learn more: 1-415-289-2213 or email me at ~ [email protected]

If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area, you might want to come over for an Aromatherapy session to purchase some Young Living Essential Oils or custom fragrance, as well as have a healing session or consultation to determine which oils are best for you. There is AromaLuxe perfume fragrance, cologne, AromEssentials room spray, linen spray, first aid items, cosmetics, skincare, and wellness products to choose from. You have the option of a consultation, healing session, class, or related appointment. Email: [email protected] or call to schedule: 1-415-289-2213

Our Story

Every since I was a girl, I was enchanted by lotions, fragrance, herbs, flowers, and healing. Today, I provide you with all-natural massage oils and lotions from both Young Living Essential Oils, as well as custom blended AromEssentials, and AromaLuxe, which we formulate ourselves. We offer a wide range of products to assist massage therapists.

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Rose Petal Emporium:



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Teresa Ann Foxworthy
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