The Center for Massage and Holistic Therapy

We believe that you deserve the best of both those worlds, and we seek to treat and promote health for the whole individual; body, mind and spirit.

For over two decades the highly skilled, certified Massage Therapists at CMHT have built a fiercely loyal clientele based on the efficacy of treatment and restorative experience. It will be our honor to serve you.

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Lymphatic Massage helps speed recovery from surgeries immensely! Plastic Surgeons who perform liposuction, tummy tucks and the like recommend lymphatic massages to their patients. Book yours today! Here:

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YES YOU DO! And because you're so awesome we're doing a FLASH SALE! The first 3 people who like, comment and CALL to book a massage get $30 off a deep tissue massage!

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Aren't YOU?! Get on in here, (we promise this wasn't taken on our massage table!) Schedule Now:

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Summer Break a little more stressful than you anticipated? Take 90 minutes for yourself and come back to whatever awaits you renewed! See why we're the most trusted source for Therapuetic Massage since 1992 and why our clients are so loyal to us! First time clients get a discount:

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Improved health, fall asleep more easily, less fatigue; it's no longer 'spoiling yourself' to get a massage it's an investment in your longevity and quality of life. More and more scientific research is showing Doctors agree that they benefits of massage are not just frivolous indulgences but vital factors to wellness!
Book Here:

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Before you quit... try resting. Find respite and renewal with one of our highly-trained, highly-skilled professional Massage Therapists. Statistics show it lowers stress levels and improves cognitive function to take time and receive therapeutic massage. We have times to accommodate everyone's schedule here: Tag a friend who could use some rest in the comments below!

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Did you know that massage therapy helps lower blood pressure? It does! It's just one of many health benefits of professional massage therapy done by a highly trained and highly skilled Therapist. See why people will drive from all over to get a massage from our team:

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We've had so many clients entrusted to us to improve mental health while also improving their physical health, they're connected, you know! A little time to rest and rejuvenate and make yourself a priority actually ensures you show up more whole and healthy in every other area! Simple Booking Here: Check out our monthly special!

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We KNOW you'd much rather be getting a massage than doing whatever it is you're doing! Book NOW:

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Do something today to extend compassion to both of these precious gifts. Our Certified Massage Therapists all have loyal clientele who say they help with both. If you have a friend who needs to be reminded to take care, tag them in the comments below.
To find out why our clients are so loyal, book here: and get a new client discount!

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That fatigue, that stress, that stiff neck in the morning.... they're all whispers. Listen to your body now or it will cost you more down the line...
Easy, effortless booking here:

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These are all the trigger points you have in your back alone! Not all Massages or Massage Therapists are created equal. We know you can go anywhere, but we also know it's potentially dangerous to. Which is why we've prided ourselves on over two decades in the local community where our clients travel from all over San Diego County to have us treat them exclusively. Not everyone is highly-trained and highly-skilled. Make sure you have a certified, long-standing, trusted Therapist care for your health. See what our clients love about us here, and get an introductory discount:

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SO good! We know that week has you down... let us get you taken care of and feeling better! It's so simple to book, here: We LOVE our clients!

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Massage helps with Osteoarthritis, Eating Disorders, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure! Health professionals are finding that the proof is in the statistics: Massage is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for improved health, especially with chronic diseases. Pass it on! Knowledge is power! Book easily:

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Dude... Get into the Center for Massage + Holistic Therapy!
Book here, first time clients get an introductory offer:

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Exaaaactly. You know you're sitting there at work and that meeting could have been an email...
Don't just sit there, book your Monday Fix Massage NOW: SO easy!

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Agreed. Here at The Center for Massage + Holistic Therapy, our certified Massage Therapists take very seriously your overall health and wellbeing. The scientific backing for the long term and short term benefits is overwhelming. Invest in your health and book today: Tag a loved one in the comments who needs to be reminded that they matter and should take care of themselves! xo- The CMHT Team

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Treat your mind, body AND spirit to a massage that will restore health and balance. It's not a want, it's a need and people always underestimate that need until they strain something. Be proactive and schedule to prioritize your total health today:

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Ahhhhhhhh.... YES. You bring the positive attitude, we'll bring the massage! You just lay back and let us care for your health and wellbeing!
Schedule your good weekend here:
So easy! Tag someone in the comments who deserves a good weekend and if they book with us, they'll get a new client discount!

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We can do the outer work (which helps the insides, too!) But you have to take care of the inner work. We want the whole you to be happy, healthy and thriving. Just a little reminder for you Facebook Family! Tag someone who also needs a reminder in the comments!

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Sure, you can get a massage anywhere. But the most trustworthy massage therapists who give you the BEST, most LONG-LASTING results, (giving you more bang for your buck!) have been exceptionally trained and highly-skilled to handle any kind of injury or issue that presents itself in a client. Don't put yourself under the care of just anyone. See why we're the most trusted source for true results for over two decades:

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And true north on an internal compass says JOY can be found on a massage table... book here:

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Hey, yeah, you. There with the coffee in your hand and constantly attached to your phone... your adrenal fatigue and constant attachment to work is wearing on you. That's okay, we've got your back.... LITERALLY. Make your appointment here:

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Usually you shine a little brighter after you get a life-giving massage from one of our amazing Massage Therapists! Book here now:

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We wanted to you to know how much we LOVE our clients! Thanks so much for following and interacting with us here, Facebook Family! For over two decades we have loved earning your trust and loyalty. Tag someone below that YOU want to know you love them. If they book with us and they're a newbie, they get a special introductory discount!

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Throw your back out having too much fun over the holiday? We understand... let us take care of you. Lower back pain and sciatica pain can be relieved completely in as little as one 90-minute massage. Find out more here:

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Did you choose to celebrate your 4th of July a little too hard? Let us help with that... massage is proven to help detoxify the system after a little too much 'celebration of your independence'. Tag a friend in the comments who might benefit from booking here asap:

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Happy 4th of July! May you have a fun and safe holiday!

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Haha! If you haven't scheduled a massage yet this month, you NEED TO! Book here:

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Oh YES! It's about that time...
FLASH SALE! First 3 people to like this post, comment on it and CALL IN TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT FOR THE NEXT WEEK GET $30 OFF! We NEVER give this kind of discount! Can't wait to see who wins!

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We are so grateful for YOU! A little Sunday Inspiration for you.
Love, The Center for Massage + Holistic Therapy Team

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Part of overall wellness and health is delicious, healthy food! We at Center for Massage + Holistic Therapy love a great massage AND a great meal! Look at this one we discovered over at how sweet eats. The recipe is delicious and would be a great meal to follow a luxurious massage where you don't want a bunch of prep with your relaxed, renewed self: Lettuce Wraps with Avocado Ranch.

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Start your weekend off right. Book your massage ASAP! and check out our Monthly Special before it's GONE!




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