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Chronic Digestive Issues: Possible Root Causes and Tips for Symptom Relief

If you are someone that deals with any sort of chronic digestive issue, this goes out to you! Whether you’ve been diagnosed with IBS, GERD , IBD or are just suffering from uncomfortable digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, loose stool or distress of any kind, please know that there are answers! Often times, there is an identifiable reason or “root cause” for your digestive system’s apparent retaliation. Let me give you some insight into possible root causes:

1) Food sensitivities
Food sensitivities are extremely common and most people don’t even realize they have them. When you eat a food you are sensitive to, your immune system mounts an inflammatory response. This inflammation can lead to many uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

2) Lack of Beneficial Flora
Our digestive system is populated by a host of beneficial bacteria that help control inflammation in the digestive system. When our good flora is low, unfavorable conditions start brewing in the
digestive system.

3) Dysbiosis or chronic infections
Not only can your good bacteria be low, but “bad” bacteria and/or yeast populations can grow out of control. This leads to an angry immune system within the digestive system. And yes, these chronic infections can definitely lead to an angry gut!

These possible root causes can be assessed by various diagnostic tests.

While I work with my patients to identify and treat the root cause of their issue, I recommend these At-Home Tips for symptom relief:

• Drink 1 cup of Ginger or Peppermint tea as needed for discomfort. Try a medicinal-grade tea, like “Tranditional Medicinals” teas, available at most health food stores or online.
• Triphala is an herb that helps support healthy bowels. It brings many with IBS A LOT of relief! Try taking it in capsule or powder form twice daily. Some brands that I would recommend are Organic India or Planetary Herbals, use as directed.
• Try taking Digestive Enzymes at the beginning of each meal. Because they help you break down food properly, it lessens irritation in the colon. Nature’s Life Enzyme Aid Digestive is a fine product. Take 1 cap at the beginning of each meal.

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Help your body cleanse itself of impurities that can drag you down and make you feel sluggish. Try incorporating these two awesome and simple detox tools this week!

1) Start your morning with a hot apple cider vinegar and lemon beverage. Simply mix 8 ounces of hot water + juice from ½ lemon + 1 tsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar “with the mother”.
• Note: If you are coffee drinker, you could choose to take a break from the caffeine for a few weeks and replace it with this nourishing concoction. For some, it may be best to slowly wean off the coffee to avoid any headaches or uncomfortable withdrawal (you probably know who you are). However, if the coffee must stay on board, try this drink first thing in the morning upon waking, then eat at least something light before enjoying your cup of coffee. You will still get the benefits!

2) Try Oil Pulling, an Ayurvedic Indian tradtion that has been around for thousands of years – it’s a super easy way to draw toxins out of the body and to improve your oral health! To perform it, you simply “swish” organic coconut oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes and then spit out. You definitely don’t want to swallow it since it will be loaded with bacterial/ fungal debris and toxins. It can be done 1- 3 times daily, but make sure to get at least one session in the morning before your first meal.
• Cool tip: I have found (and many of my patients agree) that the shower is a great place to do oil pulling. You are multi-tasking and it’s an easy place to spit it out as well


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Weekends are thought of as times of “rest” between busy, hectic weeks, but if we overindulge or skimp on restorative sleep, we often start our week more tired, not less so!
Here are some tips on how to turn your weekend into a nourishing, restorative re-boot so you can take your week to a whole new level!

• Treat your body to a no-booze weekend. Replace it with nourishing green juice!
• Catch up with friends in nature or plan a stimulating day activity. A hike or a tour of a cool museum exhibit are just some ideas.
• Go to bed at a reasonable time and get some zzzzz’s!
• Start your morning with a mindfulness activity- it doesn’t have to be long, even 10 minutes of meditation or journaling can center you to have a more “conscious” day leading to better choices
• Plan for relaxation and self-care
• Move your body- whether a beach jog or a great yoga class, get your sweat-on!

These are some ideas that have made a big difference for my patients and for me personally. I would love to hear your ideas- what sets you up for the best week possible?

To Thriving,
Dr Christina


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Do you feel tired or sluggish? Anxious, depressed, or moody? Feeling brain-foggy or lacking mental stamina? Having trouble getting restorative sleep? Trouble losing weight? Dealing with uncomfortable digestive symptoms? Annoying cravings and unhealthy habits you can’t seem to kick? THERE IS A SOLUTION.

MY MISSION: To help women like you THRIVE, heal deeply, and recover from a state of dis-ease. I aim to uncover and treat the root causes of your specific issues. I aim to support your WHOLE self and provide your body with what it needs to truly heal.
I am a San Diego based doctor that specializes in auto-immune conditions, digestive issues, and thyroid disorders.




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