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Burke's DEI Committee extends an invitation and challenge to all firm members to join our campaign to Take a Minute to Show You Care with artwork from DonnaBellas Angels.
Activate Your Spirit - FREE Art Challenge Coming Soon! Art projects are playful and simple to create as a joyful art meditation for adults or kids.

The art challenge will launch in mid-January 2021. It will not require any art technical expertise to participate. The projects will start with printable drawing outline for download so you can color or paint it in while enjoying a favorite beverage. You could easily skip a challenge as per your interest.

If you decided to take it next level, you could use the provided project as inspiration for your own artistic interpretation. All of the art would have a spiritual theme so it will be meditation as art. It is a combination of my non-profit art (DonnaBellas Angels) and my other for-profit art.

The art in this post I created for my children's book illustrator portfolio. I am creating the art challenge at

To participate, please enter your email address on the Spirit Playbook website to receive updates. There will be a private Facebook group for the challenge included in your first email. If you don't see the email from me ([email protected]), please check your other folders and "whitelist" the email address by adding it to your contacts.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about something you would like to do for the art challenge, please do comment on this post and let me know your thoughts.

Laurel Latto
Spirit Playbook Artist

DonnaBellas Angels provides inspirational art for mental health wellness. The specific purpose of this non-profit is to offer or bring inspirational artwork to provide a tool to improve the public's awareness of mental wellness.

The art will help inspire positive mindfulness and/or emotional healing to those coping with negative emotions. Art will be provided to the public through providing original art creations, art reproductions, and royalty art use. The art will be created through the non-profit or donated for use to the non-profit.

Operating as usual


Happy Valentine's Day!

Art was made using watercolor pencils to initially sketch the hearts with water being added over the top for blending.


A pediatric cancer nurse shared what DonnaBellas Angels art meant to her:

"We had an 18-month-old patient who we had taken care of since he was 4 months old. His health was rapidly declining and many of us started to prepare for the worse. There isn't much that can comfort you in these types of situations. However, the nurses went through artwork that was donated by DonnaBellas Angels and found a piece that we knew would be perfect. It was a painting of an angel holding a baby in the sky over several small houses.

​We placed the artwork above his head on his crib until the day he passed away. All of us finally found comfort in seeing that in this picture, we could see our little boy being taken to a better place by a sweet angel. Now knowing he was without any pain or suffering. We keep that same picture in our respite room as a constant reminder of him and how much we all miss him. Thank you to the whole DonnaBellas Angels family for providing this comfort to us!”

-Lindsey Zaremba, Pediatric Nurse
Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center"

The painting is called "Care of the Soul Angel". It is about guardian angels (earthly - people/pets or spiritual ones) that carry our soul through dark nights when we feel like a fragile baby.

DonnaBellas Angels is a 5019c)3 non-profit whose purpose is to provide inspirational art for mental health wellness. Its motto is "Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul".

Donations go directly to helping provide art to the public. There are no paid staff but only volunteers. Donations can be made online through Facebook or on our website with PayPal at

If you wish to send a check, please make checks payable to "DonnaBellas Angels, Inc." Donations may be mailed to:
DonnaBellas Angels
9187 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #6587
San Diego, CA 92123

See more angels in our online Angel Art Gallery at

Thank you for your support!

DonnaBellas Angels Motto:
“Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul”


There are times when I feel lonely in this world. Life feels like standing on an ocean beach with the incoming waves of life challenges that keep knocking me over. I stand up thinking I got over that problem only to have another wave that sweeps me off my feet leaving me struggling again. It feels fatiguing waiting for the waves of struggle to become manageable.

That is when I take a moment to breathe deeply and remember that I am never truly alone. There are always guardian angels around me but I need to ask for their help. Angels can be family, friends, or pets helping you through life’s trials. They can also be personal spiritual guardian angels standing unseen but having your back. Nothing can stop life’s challenges from coming but guardian angels can buffer the waves and help you get up again after a fall.

I call this piece “Guardian Angels of Loving Kindness” because there are two angels helping to shield a heart from the turmoil of energy beyond their wings. They help bring a loving glowing light like a warm fire to keep the heart from going cold. The heart responds with a golden glow. Loving-kindness exists when you are first able to hold love in your heart and share that inner flame with others to warm the world. Having boundaries is an act of self-love. Guardian angels help protect your inner soul light.

Whenever I start to feel disconnected, I reach out and ask for the support of my guardian angels to help keep my heart warm.

When someone is unkind and harsh with me, I do my best to react with loving-kindness and boundaries. Hurt people hurt people. I do what I can to protect myself from their cold heart negativity by first making boundaries and then doing my best responding with loving-kindness to help stop the cycle of hurt.

There are times I am easily triggered and wish to return the emotional harm. In thinking over my response, my ego would briefly feel good at revenge but I understand in long term it is a no-win making my heart cold too. Instead, I strive to choose loving-kindness with my heart warm and my boundaries are intact. I also hope my reaction offers an example of alternative choices to anger, fear, and/or hate reactions.

I believe this is the example Martin Luther King, Jr. set during the Civil Rights Movement and with his statement, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

If you feel despair and disconnect, please do call on your guardian angels for assistance in weathering your life’s challenges. I hope you also find a way to be a guardian angel of light for love too.

Lovingly Yours,
Laurel Latto
Artist & Founder of DonnaBellas Angels

DonnaBellas Angels Motto: “Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul”


Art Gallery DBAngels 11/11/2021

Art Gallery DBAngels

God made butterflies to show you the way
To guide you to your rainbow on a gloomy day
Follow their lead
You will succeed
Your strength is insurmountable
Your force is unstoppable
Those that are extraordinary always surge
Conquer your dreams as the world is yours
Never lose your sparkle
Never cease to shine
Spread your wings beautiful one
You're one of a kind
- By Erin Hoff

Art Gallery DBAngels Art gallery featuring the inspirational healing art of non-profit DonnaBellas Angels

DB Angels Home 10/24/2021

DB Angels Home

Finding Courage During Life’s Challenges: There are so many times that I feel defeated. I may have won a small battle and am feeling confident only to have a new or seemingly bigger challenge emerge. It makes me wonder is this just an extra challenging time or the new “normal” of my life? When will a break come? Has it always been this hard?

As the thoughts spin, I remember to breathe. Take a deep breath, let go of the future I cannot control, let go of mourning the past I cannot change, and get back into my heart space of now. Life is lived in the present.

I wonder why my mind goes into the past or present with stories to try and control it? Maybe the more I live, the more I appreciate how fragile life can be? By creating stories, there are narrative control illusions.

The word courage comes from the Latin word “cor” for heart. There are a variety of definitions for courage. My definition is digging into your inner spiritual heart-centered strength as you move forward through life’s challenges. Using courage is more than embracing your heart’s Spirit but also connecting with your community’s heart strength.

For me, community is family, friends, and pets. I have found asking people for help easier said than done. Memories of past disappointments of people who I thought would be there for me dis-courage me from reaching out. Courage is picking yourself up, trying again despite the past, and being open to new alternatives of support.

No matter the earthly support, my heart is en-couraged by connecting with the divine energy of angels and Spirit. Angels do not erase your life’s troubles. I know angels help me find the path forward through the haze of setbacks. Spirit reminds me that my soul is created from Spirit’s love and connected with all life.

The above “Courage Inspirational Word Art” is a representation to me of finding Spirit’s courage. The word is in green symbolizes renewal and is the color of healing. The yellow color means wisdom and enlightenment creating the base. Red, pink, and peach hearts are color variations on love energy infused with different levels of white light. The touches of violet represent the high divine energy of Spirit. The colors together create a harmony of Spirit support. The art was created using watercolor followed by soft pastel on paper.

I hope you enjoy my courage word art and hopefully inspire you in your exploring, finding, embracing, and practicing courage.

Courageous Yours,
Laurel Latto
Artist & Founder of DonnaBellas Angels

DonnaBellas Angels Motto:
“Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul”

DB Angels Home DonnaBellas Angels is a non-profit that uses inspirational healing art for mental health wellness.

Photos from DonnaBellas Angels's post 06/20/2021

The law firm Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP wanted to create a special Valentine's Day campaign for emotional support for its employees. Their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) department found DonnaBellas Angels art online and thought it would be a good match for their project.

​Employees were mailed cheerful lime green envelopes. Inside it was a 5″ x 7″ postcard featuring “Hearts and Hands” art. Along with the postcards were colorful lollipops and a metal coin “Kindness Token”.

The law firm said it was a success:

"Recognizing the level of stress and sense of isolation our personnel were suffering as a result of working from home for nearly a year due to the coronavirus, Burke, Williams & Sorensen’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee wanted to help, so decided to launch a “Take a Minute to Show You Care” campaign.

The project has been a resounding success. In large part, due to DonnaBellas Angels' ability to convey inspiration through art and generosity, together we are making a difference. "

– April Van Wye
Chief Administrative Officer
Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP

DonnaBellas Angels allowed third-party royalty use of the art for mental health wellness projects that align with our non-profit’s mission.

Learn more at

DonnaBellas Angels Motto:
“Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul”

Photos from DonnaBellas Angels's post 05/25/2021

I created this new art piece “Angel of the Manifesting Universe” as a reminder to myself that I don’t need to know all the answers and to keep myself open to unknown good possibilities.

I initially created the angel pencil & ink sketches thinking about my spirit being open to receiving surprises. As I drew and then painted the art, it changed into the universe giving out its support in surprising ways. I think the manifesting guardian angel can be seen both as giving and receiving loving universal support.

The COVID pandemic has been hard in unexpected ways. I hope you find your way to overcome any stuck places and lean into your unknown by asking your guardian angel for good surprises from the universe.

Best Wishes,
Laurel Latto
Artist & Founder of DonnaBellas Angels

Photos from DonnaBellas Angels's post 02/11/2021

Our non-profit has donated cards to a cancer center located at the Loma Linda Medical Office building in Murrieta, CA. The postcards are located at the reception desk. The staff shared it has brightened the day of many patients!

Thank you to our donors who make these art donations possible.

Online at

DonnaBellas Angels Motto:
“Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul”


"There is always light if only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it."
~ 'The Hill We Climb' poem by Amanda Gorman

Thank you for your beautiful poem !

"There is always light if only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it."


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only Light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only Love can do that."
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Do you ever feel uncertain about sharing your ideas with others?

I have been taking children's book writing classes. An agent once critiqued my manuscript and gave me feedback that I needed to work on my writing craft, but the good news was my writing had a good "voice". I also got illustrator portfolio feedback from an art director who told me that my art was not consistent, and I needed to develop my "visual voice" style.

Meditating about the meaning "voice" as your personal expression led to me thinking about it as being like a camera lens that expresses your Spirit. Finding your voice, it also finding your Spirit and expressing it. However, once you find it next is the work of believing in your voice. The biggest challenge is letting go of the inner critic in your head that tells you how you are not good enough. It is also filtering the external critics who do not understand or resonate with the expression of your Spirit.

The above painting is "Rainbow Heart Spirit Words". When I got the idea for the painting, it felt grand. After painting it, I was disappointed. It did not seem to meet that inner expression I had hoped for and I wondered about sharing it publicly. My inner critic was strong about its faults.

I reminded myself that others will have different views for better or worse. Who was I not to share it? If I believe in Spirit, then I should believe there was a reason I was inspired to paint it. This art piece has gone on to be deeply enjoyed by a variety of people in ways that have surprised me. It has also come back to inspire me too.

I see the painting now with a new awareness as a metaphor for life. There are dreams in our heads that can feel fuzzy but perfect. Taking a dream into real expression requires courage. No shiny idea ever turns out exactly as planned. The important thing is to keep expressing yourself and remembering your Spirit comes from a place of love, not fear.

Discovering and loving your Spirit and giving voice to it is a lifelong journey. I wish you well on yours.

Thank You,
Laurel Latto
Artist & Founder of DonnaBellas Angels

Online at

DonnaBellas Angels Motto:
“Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul”

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