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Sex Therapy of San Diego “The past is never dead. It's not even past.” ― William Faulkner, Examine the past, so you can sing today and dance in the future.

Infidelity, Betrayal, S*x Addiction, Couples Counseling, Extra-Marital Affairs, P**n Addiction, Ma********on Addiction, Happy Ending Addiction, Es**rt Addiction

S*x Therapy of San Diego: Psychotherapy, s*x therapy, individual and couples therapy, and hypnotherapy are services provided to enhance s*xual functioning. Dr. Silbert provides s*x therapy and hypnosis for individuals and couples for s*xu

al problems related to interest, desire, libido, arousal, and or**sm. Other issues treated are problems related to gender identity, s*xual identity, s*xual preference, s*xual abuse, s*xual aversion, s*xual anorexia, and non-normative s*xual practices. Men with erectile dysfunction (ED), pelvic pain disorders, ejaculatory control problems i.e., premature ej*******on (PE) and inhibited ej*******on are also treated. Women’s s*xual problems treated are anor**smia (inability to or**sm), vaginsimus, pelvic pain syndromes, painful in*******se, and s*xual symptoms related to menopause and medical conditions such as interstitial cystitis and vulvar problems, (vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulitis.) S*x addiction, s*x compulsion, affairs, or just too much or too little s*x interfering with individual and couple well-being are treated at S*x Therapy of San Diego.

To the conundrum of choice, so many distractions.All in the service of the Mind Game!Kindness to the “self” is paramount...

To the conundrum of choice, so many distractions.
All in the service of the Mind Game!
Kindness to the “self” is paramount.
Appreciation of moments.
Because ultimately…
“It is not safe to be alive!”
To a “Good Enough” 2024.
Just Sayin’ DrD


We publish articles around emotional education: calm, fulfilment, perspective and self-awareness. | What Makes a Person Attractive? — Read now


A sincere path to intimacy begins by accepting that we may have far more in common with our partner than we have until now been able to concede. (Felix Vallotton, The Kiss, 1899)


There’s a rise in s*xtortion cases preying on teen boys. Our columnist shares tips on what to do if a teen is targeted.


Talking with your partner about *x is a treat! Here are some tricks for good *xualHealth from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC):


* *x is an umbrella term for people with variations in s*x traits such as chromosomes, hormones or reproductive anatomy (go**ds or ge****ls.) Some trait variations may be visible at birth, but others are found in prenatal screenings or become evident at puberty.

* Inters*x is common: There are over 40 different types of inters*x variations. They make up about 2% of the population—comparable to the number of people with red hair or green eyes. Not every person with s*x trait variations will identify with the “inters*x” label.

* Inters*x is different from transgender. Transgender people have a different gender identity than the s*x they were assigned at birth. Inters*x people are born with bodily differences in their s*x traits.

* Inters*x people still face discrimination and medically unnecessary, nonconsensual surgeries as babies or children.

For more information, check out this FAQ from Inters*x Human Rights Australia at

*xAwareness *xAwarenessDay


This study from the Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team (KI-CURT) looked at condom-associated er****on problems during application and penile-va**nal in*******se.

Participants reported:

75% er****on loss during condom application.
78% er****on loss during in*******se with a condom.
52% experienced both.


Condom desirability can be improved by:

✅ Spreading awareness on the range of condoms available;
✅ Encouraging communication about condom use BEFORE s*x;
✅ Encouraging people to practice using a variety of condoms.

Exploring and experimenting with a small amount of l**e can also increase pleasure and decrease dryness and irritation when using a condom.

Factors that participants felt contributed to their er****on loss:
- distraction/interruption,
- issues with fit and feel,
- application taking too long,
- not being ‘turned on’ enough,
- and partner-related factors.

Hill, B. J., Sanders, S. A., Crosby, R. A., Ingelhart, K. N., & Janssen, E. (2015, October). Condom-associated er****on problems: Behavioural responses and attributions in young, heteros*xual men. S*xual health.


Find out more about the Condom Use Research Team at


plays a crucial role in family planning and preventing unwanted pregnancies. Various contraceptive methods are available, each with its own mechanism of action and effectiveness.

*Barrier Methods* include the male or external condom and the female or internal condom. A sheath or pouch made of latex, polyurethane, or nitrile provides a barrier against s***m reaching the cervix. Condoms are the first line of defense against STIs, offering robust protection during all types of s*xual encounters.

*Hormonal Methods* deliver synthetic hormones into the system that prevent pregnancy. Many different types of delivery include oral pills, adhesive patches worn on the skin, injections, implants inserted under the skin of the upper arm, and a plastic ring inserted in the va**na. Oral contraceptive pills are 99% effective when taken as prescribed but must be taken consistently. Depending on the medium, the implant and insertable devices provide steady protection for months or years.

*Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)* are implants that can be copper or hormonal that release progestin. Intrauterine devices (IUDs have a success rate exceeding 99% in preventing pregnancy. However, they do not guard against STIs.

*Permanent Methods* include surgical procedures like tubal ligations that close or block the fallopian tubes and vasectomy that involves cutting or sealing the vas deferens.

*Emergency Contraception* or the morning-after pill provides a high dose of hormones taken shortly after unprotected s*x to prevent pregnancy by delaying or preventing ovulation. Emergency contraception must be used promptly to prevent unintended pregnancy.

*Fertility Awareness-based Methods* include tracking body temperature, monitoring changes in cervical mucus, and tracking the menstrual cycle to estimate fertile days. Natural family planning relies on avoiding s*x during fertile periods, making it less effective, especially for those with irregular cycles.


Libido differences are a common part of relationships, s*x therapists say. Here’s how to manage.


In the 18th, 19th & the beginning of the 20th centuries, ma********on was considered detrimental to a person's health? This particular truss was considered one of the more comfortable anti-onanism devices, that said, it was usually lined with spikes! 😳

For more please visit
Artifact (###): Selections From Secret Locations at the Museum of S*x.

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Seems reasonable: "neurons that fire together get wired together." DrD

Seems reasonable: "neurons that fire together get wired together." DrD

Unfortunately, we go around the world with scripts in our minds. That is to say collections of expectations about how events will unfold and how we should be...


"Just WoNdeRiN' Is This In the New BooBiE, I Mean BarBie MoVie..." dRd
In 1955, Lilli dolls made their way onto the shelves of to***co shops and adult stores in the German-speaking world. They became a beloved gag gift popular among men. Barbie creator Ruth Handler first saw the Bild Lilli doll during a family trip in Europe.
It's clear Bild Lilli influenced the look of the first Barbie. However, Handler had to tone down the s*xuality of Bild Lilli so Barbie was more appealing to parents. Handler was enchanted by Lilli's womanly shape—but not because of her appeal to men. (Freud questions this) Here was the kind of doll she had envisioned years earlier.


Over nine years of research and testing, we still think the Magic Wand Rechargeable is the best cl****al vi****or. It’s an effective whole-body massager, too.


Last week, we discussed the Comstock Act's historical impact on what people could send through the US Post. Today, we’re sharing a mid-twentieth-century physique/beefcake catalog card that shows evidence of having been altered to allow it to be sent through the mail.

The models for the catalog card were photographed n**e. For mailing, the ge***al area of the photographs was covered with black paint that the recipient could remove to reveal the full n**e image. This was one way to get around post office restrictions.

Physique photographs became popular around the same time as bodybuilding in the 1950s and 60s. Jack Thomas, one of the models here, was a winner of the bodybuilding title of Junior Mr. America. Jack LaLanne, the other model, became a fitness celebrity. Hosting his own fitness-themed Jack Lalanne Show on tv from 1951 to 1985, he was named Mr. America in 1955, wrote several fitness books, and opened a chain of successful gyms later licensed to Bally Total Fitness.

One other note of interest: the word "beefcake" was popularized in the 1940s and originally was the male counterpart to "cheesecake," which, in addition to referring to the dessert, also referred to images of sc****ly clad women, generally with their legs on display. "Cheesecake" isn't often used in the photographic context anymore, but "beefcake" has remained part of our vocabulary.

Image credit:
Unknown Artist
Male physique models posing outside (Catalog No. 14 featuring Jack Thomas and Jack Lalanne)
Mid-20th century
Gelatin silver print

From the Kinsey Institute Special Collections


Psychologists and psychiatrists use the term paraphilia to refer to an unusual s*xual interest. More specifically, paraphilias are recurrent desires for uncommon s*xual objects or activities. Although hundreds of desires have been described as paraphilias at one time or another, there are only eight...


The triggers for addictive behaviours are always rooted in painful, self-critical emotions.Sign up to our mailing list to receive 10% off your first order wi...


Society tends to abhor cheating in relationships to such an extent that it has little patience for looking into why it might occur. The only possible reason seems to be: because the cheat is evil. Or - just as minimally - because the cheat is h***y.

But while not in any way condoning cheating, we collectively deserve a more nuanced explanation. We can hazard that what often drives cheating is a sense of desperate disconnection between two people that the cheat finds no more grown-up or ethical way to deal with than by arousing the desire of a stranger.

It is unlikely to be s*x that the cheater is essentially after. It’s just that they cannot rebuild their emotional link to their partner in any more sensible way and experience an intolerable sense of abandonment and humiliation that they are trying to assuage through the validation offered by a third party.

The cheat may not want to leave their partner at all; nor are they remotely indifferent to them. They simply feel seismically let down and lack any of the skills to cope more maturely with their disappointment. Cheating can be interpreted as an appallingly clumsy, sulk-powered attempt to send a distress signal to the partner: ‘See how sad and bereft I am; see how few options I have. See how I have to betray you to cope with the pain of loving you.’
Needless to say, the act invariably ends in disaster. However much distance there was in a relationship beforehand, there will be even more of it afterwards - along with copious degrees of bitterness and rage. Cheating throws a hand gr***de into the operating theatre of love.

Yet trying to understand the psychology of cheating doesn’t increase the danger of its occurrence. It may even help reduce it in so far as it nudges a potentially straying partner to develop the courage to do a few things differently: firstly, properly and fully explain to their beloved the distress that the breakdown in their relationship is causing them - before and outside of any move to act out a solution (they might learn to say: ‘I feel on the edge of wanting to have an affair’ rather than actually going out to have one). Secondly, they should clearly and cleanly explain that they will need to leave the partner if the miscommunication continues. And thirdly, if they do so, they should search for a new relationship after, and only after, a moral and patient dismantling of the old one has occurred.

Most people won’t manage such maturity. But at least when they fail, we should be able to see that what drives their chaotic act is something both more interesting and more tragic than evil or lust.


The German cockroach evolved to live only in human environments. This roach is very good at adapting to pest control methods — even if it means changing its mating rituals.


Want to help the development of an inclusive and comprehensive measure of s*xuality?

Researchers at Queen's University are conducting an online interview study to develop an INCLUSIVE and comprehensive measure of s*xual well-being informed by diverse members of the public. This study is being done under the supervision of Dr. Caroline Pukall in the S*xual Health Research Laboratory (S*xLab; s* Interested participants should contact [email protected] to complete a 15-minute pre-screener survey (prize draw available) with the possibility of being selected to participate in a 60-120 minute interview to provide feedback on our questionnaire over Zoom ($30 Amazon gift card compensation).

The researchers at Queen's University are currently recruiting individuals who are:
- at least 18 years or older,
- living in Canada or the United States,
- and fluent in English.

Participants do not need to be s*xually active to participate.


When we keep imagining that we haven’t met ‘the right person’; we overlook that we might have the wrong picture of love. (Shima Seien, Untitled, 1918)


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"RISE ABOVE THE NOISE AND CHAOS FOR CHANGE AND SUCCESS!" S*x Therapy, S*x Addiction, S*x Compulsion, P**nography Addiction, Betrayal, Infidelity, Es**rt Addiction, Happy Endings Addiction, Extramarital Affairs, Secrets, Cheating are Problems that can be corrected. The therapeutic alliance with Dr Silbert promotes the desirable change the individual is seeking in treatment. Arousal, Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence, Premature Ej*******on, Delayed Or**sm, Anor**smia, S*x Aversion, Performance Anxiety are S*x problems treated by Dr Silbert. Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Loss, Divorce, Lack of Control, Emotional Overload treated.

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