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Operating as usual 06/11/2019

Canadian Startup Rolls Out Pop-Up Concept For Cannabis Retailers

The future, is now... A Canadian company has created a line of pop-up cannabis stores. 11/17/2018

Click here to support Help Nick's Mom Recover From Fire organized by Nick & Friends

Hey folks. Too many of these going around, but this is the last owner of BHC's mother. Any help is always appreciated. Nick's mom, Christine E. Mills, lost her home in Paradise, CA to the Camp Fire in Butte County. Christine is a senior on a very low fixed income who has suffered from several serious medical issues since 1990. We would like to find her a new place to live in the Chico area so she can remain close...


Stay smokey out there...


#tgif soAb.....


For reals. I'll laugh and cry in the same thought...


When everything goes mainstream, we are now culling through 'weeds' to find true treasure...πŸ€”


Be careful this weekend...



Alpine fresh...mmmmm...

Mountain side covered in cannabis

Video by Frenchy Cannoli


Our Planet

These unexpected uses for h**p are giving us hope for the planet


#stolen 05/16/2018

Algorithm Will Help San Francisco DA Wipe out Cannabis Convictions | Leafly

???!!! San Francisco is partnering with a nonprofit to proactively wipe out thousands of cannabis convictions using a computer algorithm.





Words of wisdom...


Someone asked me the ither day, and i had the strangest look on my face...


Happy Monday morning... #stayfresh


We all know it's never that easy. But lets think optimistically for 1 sec..

How to clean your piece:


When two worlds collide...


Hippie hill...festivalized for 420. ...yay...πŸ‘€

4/20 at Hippie Hill is soon upon us again!

Information from the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council newsletter.

#fourtwenty #hippiehill #smokeout 03/26/2018

McConnell wants h**p removed from controlled substance list

I've got some good news here amongst all the dog-foo going on these days...**p-removed-controlled-substance-list-154706272.html FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) β€” The U.S. Senate's top leader said Monday he wants to bring h**p production back into the mainstream by removing it from the controlled substances list that now associates it with its cousin β€” ma*****na.



#4. Pot saves lives! Can I get an amen?

How many of these are a surprise to you?


Haight Street Voice

Just need some gourmet coffee and we'll be in good shape!

Throw-Forward Thursday*****na-lounges/

#ma*****na #sanfrancisco #lounge



I dont know anything about him, but he's got my attention. Now, if he could pass that s**t this way?

Welcome to the 2018 election cycle.

Feel free to share our candidate packet with those running in your area: 02/15/2018

Netflix's Weed-Themed Sitcom 'Disjointed' Canceled

I didnt realise someone stole my idea and set it on fire... Another one bites the dust. 02/13/2018

This Couple's Ma*****na Wedding Included $8,000 Worth Of Cannabis

Something for everyone When two longtime medical ma*****na users planned their wedding, they knew that cannabis needed to be front and center. Cue the classy California beach wedding versions of joints, edibles, dabs, and flower buds.


Dabstars you ever watch these videos and think to yourself, "hey, mo********er, that's waay too much for you. Share you rat-bastard!"....yea. me, neither...

900 degree slab dabs πŸ˜†πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

@matthias710wrx 01/31/2018

β€˜Decimated’ by oversupply, Oregon’s wholesale ma*****na prices drop to $50 a pound

Almost cheaper than firewood at this price! Oregon's ma*****na cultivators are facing a challenging environment that favors vertically integrated companies and craft cannabis. Wholesale prices for outdoor-grown ma*****na have dropped to as low as $50 a pound, and the situation isn't likely to


Woah! This looks like a reciept for a mixed o. But that price looks like a weekend hotel room in vegas. Or a fricken weeklong cruise...jeeziz

Taxes on recreational cannabis could hit 45%! Read this first.


Just a little slice of something sweet to help you start your week. cheers! #Ascent



Now together, friends...MmmmMmmm

Pouring pure terps over crystallized THCa πŸ‹πŸ’¨



Back to original photography! Very exciting...I call this one, Sparkle Magic. An Ascent product.


High Times


These never get old.πŸ₯Š Watch a nug get squished into rosin, an all natural extract. All it takes to make these dabs is heat & pressure.

πŸ“·: The NugRunner


High Times

Last I heard from L.A., "pass me some of that fire, yo!?"....o, ok.

This wildfire in California is reaping havoc 😱


High Times

Why does this remind me of Girls Jumping on Trampolines?

Shake things up! Lemon πŸ‹ OG.

πŸ“·: DNA Genetics πŸ”πŸŒ³




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