Shannel Busuioc, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist/Emotional Intelligence Consultant for Individuals and Couples. In a city that breathes innovation, creativity, and limitless possibility in technology, I work with individuals to increase awareness, build healthy relationships, and develop healthy coping skills.

Specialities: depression, anxiety, shame resiliency, mindfulness, and couples therapy with intercultural couples.

Operating as usual 05/17/2013

How to Stay Focused in a World of Distractions

Learn about and use mindfulness as a tool to improve work performance In our connected world, it is easy to think that the more information we have the better our chances of success. While more information can be helpful for, say, logical problem-... 05/16/2013

10 Easy Ways To De-stress During Your Lunch Break

Give yourself a deserve it! Looming projects, a snippy co-worker and a client who won't stop complaining. Sound familiar? 05/16/2013

Why Worksite Wellness Programs are Important | Chamber INsider

Does your company encourage wellness on and off site? The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce created a worksite wellness program called Healthy Business Bloomington to improve employee health and lower costs.


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Wisdom 2.0 Conference Highlights

Mindful living in an the age of technology


Wisdom 2.0 Conference Highlights

Mindful living in an the age of technology 01/28/2013

7 tips for marital bliss with a business owner

Having open communication about the uncomfortable topics is only one way to keep your marriage strong Following on our previous post, Agreed to marry an entrepreneur? Some spousal advice, we spoke with Meg Hirshberg, author of For Better or For Work: A Survival Gide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families. The book and her Inc. Magazine column, Balancing Acts, are based on her experience married to bus... 01/28/2013

Startup dreams meet pop-up rentals

Only in SF Daniel Marienthal, 23, lives in a Twin Peaks mansion with 11 other men, where privacy is so scarce that for a few months he lived in a canvas tepee he had built. Josh Furnas, 23, has taken up residence in a converted closet, near the living room, in a Bayview apartment that he shares with an Ecuado... 01/28/2013

A Million First Dates

Online dating influences they way in which we think about monogamy. How online romance is threatening monogamy 01/28/2013

The Biological Basis for the ‘Thrill of Victory’

The Superbowl is around the so is the testosterone Research has demonstrated why the brain likes a winner. 01/28/2013

Is Technology Making Your Kids Mindless Instead of Mindful?

Not only kids, but adults as well. We have so much stimuli, it's hard to stay on one task at a time because all the rest can seem more interesting. Are media driving your children to distraction (and unhappiness)? 01/28/2013

Zen and the Art of Embracing Rejection

Embracing rejection without letting it get to your head. Taking a few steps back and learning how to cope makes us stronger when we face life's challenges. What's so good about negative feedback? 01/25/2013

5 Big Discoveries About Personal Effectiveness in 2012

The first month of 2013 is almost over...let's look at what 2012 has taught us about personal effectiveness Five of the bigger self-improvement takeaways from this past year. 01/23/2013

Lack of sleep costing business millions in lost productivity - My Business

Cycle we can get stuck in: overworked--> too much on mind--> can't fall asleep--> poor productivity at work--> feel worse about self--> can't fall asleep b/c of stress Australia’s largest-ever sleep census, conducted by bed manufacturer Sealy and CQUniversity, has revealed some alarming data on the economic impact of sleepless nights. 01/17/2013

Need therapy? Get it cheap and online at PrettyPaddedRoom

As at therapist, the most important aspect is to build a genuine therapeutic relationship in which the client feels cared for and understood. Do you think providing therapy online would take away from some of this connection? Everybody needs to vent sometimes. Most of us occasionally need feedback from trained professionals, too. If you need an inexpensive and insanely (pun intended) convenient option for therapy, look ... 01/17/2013

If you think Facebook is driving you crazy, you may not be crazy

How has facebook changed the way you socialize? Social networks are a huge part of our lives. Unfortunately for some people, maybe too huge. 01/15/2013

Activist Aaron Swartz's su***de sparks talk about depression

Terribly sad news. I know there must be extreme stress in starting a business and the fact that no one talks about it only increases feelings of detachment and hopelessness. Let's end the shame and stigma around mental illness! Silicon Valley veterans say mood disorders are prevalent in the tech industry -- and rarely discussed.

[01/15/13]   Welcome! I'm excited to share my thoughts and connect with people in the tech and startup businesses!




San Francisco, CA
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