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With beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay our office offers a relaxing setting to make your visit most enjoyable. We offer chiropractic, massage, nutritional advice and therapeutic exercise services to restore and promote your health & wellness needs.

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Dr. Ferguson graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in March of 1999. Upon graduating he worked for a year and a half at a large multi-doctor practice in San Francisco where he continued to learn the science and art of chiropractic from DC’s who had been in practice for over 40 years. For the last 8 years Dr. Ferguson has owned and opera

Operating as usual 02/28/2014

Tell USDA to Protect GMO-Free Producers Action Alert

How Can We Protect Non-GMO & Organic Farmers?

The USDA is currently taking public comments on a proposal
to place the burden of keeping crops GMO-free on organic farmers instead of implementing regulations to contain, limit, or prohibit GMO's in the food system. The topic being discussed is called "co-existence," and is based on an assumption that GMO and non-GMO crops can co-exist in the same area.

Organic farmers would be responsible for developing buffer zones to keep GMO's out, a practice proven largely ineffective, especially for wind pollinated crops. Non-GMO farmers are contaminated by pollen and seeds blown or carried onto their farms, GMO material caught in harvesting and cleaning equipment, and the numerous other ways that contamination occurs. GMO farmers would bear no financial burden for contamination prevention, while non-GMO farmers would, inevitably driving up the costs of non-GMO foods and making those foods inaccessible to lower income populations.

The Weston A. Price Foundation and Center for Food Safety offer information and templates of letters to send to the USDA. The comment period closes on Monday, March 3, 2014

To sign the petitions and for more information, click on the links below: Submit Comments on Proposed Coexistence with GMOs It's a fact: farmers' crops have been contaminated with genetically engineered crops, also known as GMOs. And as long as the U.S. allows GMOs to be planted, this will continue and likely increase.

[02/12/14]   Doctors Urge Wider Use of Cholesterol Drugs

Profits from statin (cholesterol-lowering) drugs are dropping. Lots of people are getting smarter. Lots more can't stand the side effects. And several statin drugs are coming off patents, making them available now for around 10 cents a day. What is a good bottom-line pharmaceutical company to do? Simple- get doctors to recommend that millions more people need these drugs. And that is just what has happened.
In an effort to prevent heart attacks and strokes, doctors are calling on, are you ready, one third of all adults to start taking statin drugs- whether you have heart problems or not! These are the new guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. The docs on these panels, half of whom have financial ties to the makers of these drugs, say that despite a small increased risk of muscle problems and accelerating diabetes, statin drugs “are remarkably safe drugs” whose benefits outweigh their risks.
Statin Drugs-What’s the Truth?
Well, let’s just take a look at real facts. Muscle problems caused by statin drugs can become so severe, they can put you into a wheelchair. Statin drugs are associated with lots of other problems, like memory loss, cataracts, and more. And we now know that these drugs can even induce diabetes. I guess these are what are called a small increased risk of health problems. But if they did actually prevent heart attacks and strokes, it might actually be worth it.
According to all the research- paid for and conducted by the pharmaceutical industries- for people with heart disease who took statin drugs for at least 5 years, 96% received zero benefit, 1.2% were saved from a death, 2.6% were spared a second heart attack, and .8% (8/10ths of 1%) were spared a stroke. These were the near-inconclusive benefits that, according to the research, were afforded to the drug.
The real truth is that statin drugs treat symptoms (high cholesterol numbers). They do this by poisoning the cholesterol manufacturing mechanism in your liver. They are helpful to a tiny subset of heart disease patients who make up less than 1% of total patients. They are effective effects, the latest being the relationship to diabetes. And they are effective at lowering cholesterol (one of the most critical substances in your body) which has little to nothing to do with heart disease.
Real Causes
The real causes of heart disease are beriberi of the heart and inflammation within your arteries. Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. It simply appears as a result of the two real causes. Lowering cholesterol by stopping its production in the liver with statin drugs is a hazardous endeavor with serious side effects. Without adequate cholesterol, you would rapidly become critically ill and die. It just makes so much more sense to treat the underlying causes of heart disease. Simply provide your body what it needs to overcome beriberi of the heart and arterial inflammation. At the same time stop putting inflammatory non-foods and toxins into your body in the form of cigarette smoke, alcohol, fast and processed foods, cholesterol-free foods, and most anything else made by the processed-food industry and marketed as heart healthy. In other words, eat whole foods a la Mediterranean diet.
Real Solutions
The deficiencies that cause beriberi of the heart and inflammation of the arteries are known as cardiotonic nutrients. These are primarily B vitamins and the whole vitamin-C complex (not ascorbic acid). We have learned the hard way that store-bought “vitamins” do not work. Rather your body needs the whole nutritional complex with all its ancillary factors in order to be absorbed and utilized.

Bruce West “Health Alert, When All Other Treatments Fail” Volume 31, Issue 2, February 2014

For more information on the cardiotonic nutrients that are the whole, raw, nutritional complexes that can help you treat the underlying cause of heart disease make an appointment today with Dr. Ferguson.
(415) 776-4064

Chirocare - Dr. Aaron Ferguson, DC 10/23/2013

| Dr. Aaron Ferguson

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| Dr. Aaron Ferguson We offer chiropractic, massage, nutritional advice and therapeutic exercise services to restore and promote your health and wellness needs. 10/11/2013


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