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Operating as usual 02/02/2015

Harvard Unveils MRI Study Proving Meditation Literally Rebuilds The Brain’s Gray Matter In 8 Weeks

More evidence of the power of meditation. Test subjects taking part in an 8-week program of mindfulness meditation showed results that astonished even the most experienced neuroscientists at Harvard University. The study was led by a Harvard-affiliated team of researchers based at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the team’s MRI scans do…


Amy Myers MD

The Autoimmune Solution by my friend and colleague, Amy Myers MD, goes on sale today. In her book, Dr. Myers lays out her revolutionary Functional Medicine plan for treating and reversing the full spectrum of autoimmune diseases, giving hope to people who have suffered for too long under conventional medicine.

Take a moment to read more about The Autoimmune Solution:

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Autoimmune Solution and The Thyroid Connection.

twitter + IG: @AmyMyersMD 09/02/2014

Registration - The Evolution of Medicine Summit

Check out the registration link below for a great upcoming free summit on the evolution of medicine. MEDICINE CONSTANTLY EVOLVES. How do you stay healthy? You attend The Evolution of Medicine Summit, that’s how! Worldwide online (and free) event from Sept 8-15th! 03/17/2014

The Fat Drug

Interesting article that poses the question: are antibiotics making us fat? How humankind unwittingly joined an experiment on antibiotics and weight gain. 12/06/2013

How to Stop Overthinking Everything: 9 Simple Habits

Are you a self-proclaimed "over-thinker" or "over analyzer" who struggles to make decisions? If so, this article has some great tips for you. What is holding people back from the life that they truly want to live? I’d say that one very common and destructive thing is that they think too much. They overthink every little problem until it becomes bigger and scarier 11/01/2013


"What if gluten is the cause of your health issues?" That's the question more patients and healthcare professionals need to ask. Yet, so few are doing so. That's why I'm attending "A Grain of Truth: The Gluten Summit." It's the world's first FREE, ONLINE event bringing 29 experts together to discuss exactly why we should ask this question sooner rather than later. November 11-17. Register for FREE today! THE WORLD'S FIRST GLUTEN SUMMIT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Dr. Tom O'Bryan of has gathered 29 of the world's experts and opinion leaders on the topics of gluten-related disorders, nutrition and healthy living for a series of online interviews taking place for FREE from November 11-17, 2013. D...


Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

A very informative and entertaining video on why US healthcare costs are so incredibly high.

In which John discusses the complicated reasons why the United States spends so much more on health care than any other country in the world, and along the w... 08/08/2013

This Is Your Gut on Gluten

Great post about the effects of gluten on your gut. We're no longer eating the wheat that our parents ate. This has lead to increased systemic inflammation, widespread gluten intolerance and higher rates of celiac disease. 07/09/2013

How to Navigate through Cancer

If you or anyone you know has cancer, check out Jeannine Walston's excellent website for a wealth of resources on integrative cancer care. Learn how to navigator through cancer with quality information by a long-term cancer survivor and cancer expert. More cancer information at www.jeanninewalst... 06/18/2013

Interview With Investigative Journalist, Robert Whitaker, Author of "Anatomy of an Epidemic"

Thought provoking interview about the rising use (and potential dangers) of psychiatric medications in our country. Dr L: The market for Psychiatric Drugs has boomed in the last 30 years and generated a great deal of wealth for many. However this lucrative enterprise has depended on the telling of a false story to the American Public. Can you explain? Robert Whitaker: After the APA published the third edition of… 06/04/2013

Say Hello to the 100 Trillion Bacteria That Make Up Your Microbiome

Great article by Michael Pollan on the vital role our gut bacteria play in our health. Medicine used to be obsessed with eradicating the tiny bugs that live within us. Now we’re beginning to understand all the ways they keep us healthy.


Five Ways To Never Be Stressed Again | Dr. Mark Hyman Dr Mark Hyman can be followed on a number of the most popular social networks, click on any of the links below to keep up to date!


Do We Need a Health Revolution? | Dr. Mark Hyman Dr Mark Hyman can be followed on a number of the most popular social networks, click on any of the links below to keep up to date! 02/12/2013

Take Two Hours of Pine Forest and Call Me in the Morning

Great article about the stress reducing and overall healing power of nature. These days, screen-addicted Americans are more stressed out and distracted than ever. And nope, there’s no app for that. But there is a radically simple remedy: get outside. Florence Williams travels to the deep woods of Japan, where researchers are backing up the surprising theory that nature can l... 02/12/2013

There's More to Life Than Being Happy

Very thought provoking article. Meaning comes from the pursuit of more complex things than happiness 02/01/2013

Enjoy Healthy Dining – Surviving Restaurants | Dr. Mark Hyman Eating outside the home comes at a high price. We spend our hard-earned dollars upfront only to pay more at a later date due to hidden healthcare costs not seen ... 08/05/2012

Colbert Report: Thought for Food - USDA Meatless Mondays & Plant Communication Research

Apparently plants can talk to each other...and Stephen Colbert has a hilarious Public Service Announcement on the topic. The USDA encourages workers to avoid meat, and British scientists say that plants speak and suffer. 06/18/2012

Paleo vs Vegan

See below for a very thoughtful discussion of two very popular diets. Both Paleo and vegan diets have become popular in the last few years. But what are their pros and cons, and how might they affect your health? We assembled a roundtable of experts to make sense of the debate. For generations, a great many Americans have sat down to dinner expecting to see more or le... 04/03/2012

Is sugar toxic?

Great segment on 60 Minutes explaining how and why sugar is so toxic to our bodies. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on new research showing that beyond weight gain, sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer.

[03/26/12]   Take deep breaths! Breath brings oxygen into the lungs which helps the body expand, and more effectively deal with stress. 03/23/2012

Hungry For Change FREE Worldwide Online Premiere

Hungry For Change? Learn the truth behind fad diets and cellulite: 03/19/2012

What If Health Were More Like Wealth?

What If Health Were More Like Wealth? We routinely squander and neglect something we would hate to have taken from us, and would surely fight to prevent someone taking from our loved...

[03/16/12]   Don't make cholesterol a dirty word. It is needed to help produce s*x hormones and more! 03/13/2012

Should Sugar be Regulated Like a Drug

Sugar is addictive and can be dangerous to our health...should it be regulated like alcohol? 03/11/2012

You have your own blueprint for health

What if you knew your unique blueprint and exactly what would make you feel 100% every day??? 03/07/2012

To Lose LB's Get Your ZZZ's If you have been struggling to lose weight even though you feel you are doing all the right things in terms of... 03/05/2012

Dr. Rich Stagliano

We believe you are an individual and not just another number. That's why we practice functional medicine! Dr. Rich Stagliano speaking about Health and Wellbeing 03/02/2012

Free Ebook

10 keys to boosting your metabolism and other good reads! Check it out!

[02/25/12] You are so richly complex, nuanced, and full of fascinating anomalies and contradictions...and so are your requirements for optimal health!

[02/21/12]   The body functions as one organically integrated unit. We can't separate physical and mental-emotional well-being. 02/15/2012

Red Quinoa with Rainbow Chard, Chickpeas, and a Meyer Lemon Dressing

Nothing like a colorful meal to make you feel good! How many times have you bought something to cook and left it in your fridge and then totally forgot about it. When you finally do remember it, it...




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At Live Fit Medicine we practice the principles of Functional Medicine. Functional medicine differs from traditional medicine in that it does not focus on the pathological state or disease, but rather the processes that underlie and precede it. For instance, if you are sitting on a tack, we do not suggest that you just take something to alleviate the pain. Instead, we identify what is causing the pain (in this case the tack) and then remove it to provide permanent relief. Whatever the cause of your health concern, we seek to identify and correct it so that you can achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals and live a life full of energy and vitality. At Live Fit Medicine we act as your health, nutrition and lifestyle coach to educate you, guide you and empower you in your quest for a healthier, more active and fit life. We utilize nutritional analysis, conventional blood work and various innovative screening tests (i.e. vitamin, nutrient and toxic elements; food sensitivities; neurotransmitters and hormones) to develop a highly targeted program that can expedite the achievement of your health and fitness goals. Through a medical assessment and analysis of your current health, individual goals and lifestyle, we create personal strategies to help you develop healthy habits to last a lifetime. We believe health is more than merely the absence of disease. It’s about feeling good every day - waking up and wanting to get going in the morning with the energy and vitality to do all the things you want to do. It’s living without pain or discomfort, performing at your best, and aging gracefully and healthfully. To help foster health and vitality, we use various modalities including whole foods (your first and best medicine), supplements, exercise, lifestyle changes, stress reduction techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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