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Operating as usual 11/16/2020

Biden won the election, but doomscrolling is here to stay

I'm quoted in this piece on doomscrolling: From thumb injuries to an inability to focus, doomscrolling is a real problem. But it’s also a way for us to examine the threats around us. 04/01/2020

San Francisco Therapists Move Practice Online Amid Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place Orders - SF Weekly

I'm quoted in the SF Weekly, as we discuss therapy by video. 'Eye contact is the hardest part.'


Paul Silverman, MFT 05/23/2019

Procrastination! What’s wrong with me? – Paul Silverman, MFT LPCC

New blog post discussing Procrastination. Procrastination! What’s wrong with me? posted by: admin May 23, 2019 No Comments “Why can’t I just do it?Does that sound familiar? There are these certain tasks that you just never seem to get to. Paying bills? Cleaning? Opening emails? You always know in the back of your mind that they’re t...


Paul Silverman, MFT 02/19/2012

ConsumerWatch: More Therapists Treating Clients Online I'm interviewed about providing online counseling. 05/28/2011

Saved By Pop Culture: How gaming made me social I came to college a depressed loser. Then I found an unexpected way to make my first friends

[03/04/11]   Taught Counseling Internet/Online Relationships to interns at Marin County Health & Human Services.


Five Emotions Invented By The Internet A vague and gnawing pang of anxiety centered around an IM window that has lulled. During this time an individual feels unsure whether they have offended the IM recipient, committed a breach of IM etiquette, or have otherwise spoilt the presentation of themselves carefully crafted thus far thanks to


Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology – TILT Magazine

Article of mine published: "Navigating Conflicts by Email" in TILT (Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology) magazine. © 2010 TILT Magazine by Online Therapy Institute All Rights Reserved Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Designed by AI Virtual Solutions

[01/04/11]   Taught bereavement counseling to intern therapists yesterday at HAPS. Great students. 12/09/2010

Facebook: Why Facebook's "like" button feels so good In an online world filled with snark, the site's "thumbs up" feature is a reminder of the power of positivity


Two Tin Cans » Blog Archive » A Facebook “Friend”: What Does That Mean?

New post on Two Tin Cans: Who gets to be your Facebook "friend"? Let me share with you something that happened to me that helps illustrate the way in which “connectedness” in social networking can lie in the eye of the beholder.

[09/10/10]   I'm presenting on "Counseling Internet Issues" at a conference in Second Life on 9/15. Free! Attend!

[07/21/10]   Teaching Motivational Interviewing to the staff of Tenderloin Health today.


TMI: My iPhone adultery

iPhone infidelity. I haven't actually cheated on my husband yet, but each text message I send brings me closer. Articles about TMI

[06/08/10]   What effect has the ongoing Facebook privacy flap had on your online interactions?


Does over-sharing on Web inhibit socializing?

FB leads to more social caution? Here is a mildly goofy picture of me. I'm 19, dressed in my Halloween finery. I rode BART into the Castro like this, along with two friends also dressed as Gerber daisies. But here's the thing: I am the one sharing it....


Dan Gillmor: If social media had been widespread on 9/11

If social media had been widespread on 9/11. We would remember the terrorist attacks differently if we communicated then the way we do now




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