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medicalnewstoday.com 10/13/2012

Age-related Diseases Are Linked To Vitamin And Mineral Insufficiencies

Vitamin and minerals insufficiency boosting age-related diseases! http://ow.ly/dt5eF #cancer #alternativemedicine

medicalnewstoday.com All vitamins have been discovered from the serious (often lethal) diseases as an almost immediate response to nutritional deficiencies. This is why historically vitamins were linked to only one ph

altmedicinezone.com 10/12/2012

Relieve Stress with Breathing Exercises for Asthma

For asthmatic and workaholics “Breathing in deep will have many benefits for your body and mind. http://goo.gl/xTwdI #Healthcare #alternativemedicine #exercise

altmedicinezone.com People with asthma are not the only ones who can benefit from breathing exercises, and there are plenty of examples of people using breathing exercises for asth

altmedicinezone.com 10/12/2012

Acupuncture Could Be Solution for Lazy Eye

Acupuncture could be an effective treatment for lazy eye! http://goo.gl/C5LfO #acupuncture #acupuncture

altmedicinezone.com The troublesome condition of lazy eye which often causes children to be seen in pirate like eye patches with requirement of medications such as eye drops and so

altmedicinezone.com 10/12/2012

Improve Yoga with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils bring more positive energy which is the right oils to use for yoga. http://goo.gl/qvuyW #yoga #fitness

altmedicinezone.com Therapeutic grade essential oils were one of the first medicines every created in the world, and it is known that they were first used for healing purposes over

altmedicinezone.com 10/12/2012

How Reiki Helps Alleviate Problems Relating to Cancer Treatment?

Find out how Reiki therapy Helps Alleviate Problems Relating to Cancer Treatment. http://goo.gl/XkAxX #alternativemedicine #healing

altmedicinezone.com As the west becomes more receptive to alternative therapies and complementary medicine, these therapies are now finding more acceptance and wider application.

altmedicinezone.com 10/12/2012

Play Therapy Techniques to Express the Inner Feelings and Experiences

Do you believe that Play therapy permits a kid or adult to get in touch w/ their feelings and relieve themselves from negative feelings? http://goo.gl/vTm0B #alternativemedicine #wellness

altmedicinezone.com Play therapy is specially designed for children between 3-11 years. For every child, play comes naturally and is an important part of his/her development. Pl

altmedicinezone.com 10/11/2012

Should You Be Scared of Acupuncture Needles?

You shouldn’t be scared of acupuncture needles? simply,because there are many positive things that can come out of acupuncture treatment. http://goo.gl/DtN1V #acupuncture #alternativemedicine

altmedicinezone.com No one should be scared of acupuncture needles because there are many positive things that can come out of acupuncture treatment. You shouldn’t worry about

altmedicinezone.com 10/11/2012

Physical Therapy For Improving Your Functional Ability!

Improving your functional ability! With the help of Physical therapy.#alternativemedicine #fitnesstraining

altmedicinezone.com Physical therapy will provide the provision of services for restoring maximum movement and for improving functional ability throughout your lifespan. Physi

natural-holistic-health.com 10/11/2012

Herbal Cold and Flu Remedies | Natural Holistic Health Blog

There are several herbal remedies that can be used for the treatment of Cold and Flu. http://goo.gl/eNSc0 #herbalremedies #alternativemedicine

natural-holistic-health.com Adaptogens: which include Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), Asian ginseng, Astragalus, and Schizandra, are thought to help keep various body systems - including the

altmedicinezone.com 10/11/2012

Tips to Naturally Lower Sodium Intake

Tips to Naturally Lower Sodium Intake and decrease risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, stomach cancer. http://bit.ly/HsBLkT #alternativemedicine #healing

altmedicinezone.com Sodium contained in common salt is necessary for the functioning of the human body but modern lifestyles and food habits dominated with packaged and processed f

altmedicinezone.com 10/11/2012

Mind-Body Interventions for Health and Wellness

A wide range of mind and body interventions can promote mind and body wellness. http://goo.gl/q9gAv #yoga #wellness #alternativemedicine

altmedicinezone.com Meditation, visualization and similar techniques have, over time become specialized and refined by different practitioners who have molded and adapted them into

altmedicinezone.com 10/10/2012

Different Types of Alternative Therapies and Their Definitions

Learning the Different Types of Alternative Therapies and Their Definitions! http://goo.gl/G0J8V #alternativetreatment #Healthcare

altmedicinezone.com According to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, there are 5 categories of complementary and alternative medicine, which are healing

altmedicinezone.com 10/10/2012

Pineapple Concentrate For Weight Loss?

Pineapple Concentrate Can Help You For Weight Loss? http://goo.gl/9NbNM #fitness #wellness

altmedicinezone.com In a society that thrives on quick fixes for weight loss, every now and again, there is a ‘miracle’ weight loss product that is touted as being quick and



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