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The Cove Cafe

With the Full Snow Moon shining so brightly on the way to the cafe this morning, we thought we’d let you know that we’ve got our Moon Goddess Tea back in stock just in time for this beautiful super moon. Our delightful Moon Goddess tea is made by our dear friend @herbanliving
* Chamomile Blossoms + Lavender Flowers + Rose Petals + Lots of Love
Come grab a cup while you can 🌙✨
* #tea #cupoftea #stayingwarm #moongoddess #fullmoon #halfmoonbay #cafe

nationalgeographic.com 02/03/2019

See the microscopic wonders of herbs

nationalgeographic.com A photographer reveals the intricacies of kitchen herbs. The result is otherworldly.


I’m off to enjoy my holiday! If you didn’t get your tea fix in time, you can purchase a pack of my loose leaf blends @thecovecafehmb in Half Moon Bay! Have a merry day!


What a week! Holiday is in the air and I’m looking forward to a few days of sunshine, family, salty air, and lots of cheer! Until then, the scent of cinnamon and rooibos is warming my soul!
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60 Second Docs Presents

Getting cozy with strangers.


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My spirit flower, Passionflower 🌸 a few years ago I attended a plant medicine gathering in Portland. One of my workshops was about communicating with plants, listening to plants, and diving into how certain plants make us feel- through mind, body, spirit, and heart. This is a simple reminder that all plants are alive, and if we listen, we can learn bounties from their wisdom 💕 .
#planttalk #passionflower #mothernaturesmedicine #plantmedicine #herbanliving #spiritflower #simplereminders


Happy Monday my fellow Moon Goddess’s!
This blend of #chamomile #lavender and #rosepetals tastes exactly like a beautiful blooming flower garden! So bright and floral, made with relaxing herbs to help soothe the start of a new week. What’s your favorite flower (or three) to put in tea? 🌸 🌼

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My wonderful life partner has been playing around with some graphics. I love this one! 🍃🌸🍃 #rebrand #imback #herbanliving #mothernaturesmedicine #herbaltea #sfetsy


Cannabis Information & Education

Lion's Mane


The research appears to be legitimate though results are limited and not permanent, with a decline to pre-treatment levels happening within 4 weeks of ceasing treatment. But hey, a start

etsy.com 11/16/2018

100% Organic specialty teas and loose herbs by HerbNLiving

She's coming back!
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@HerbanLiving and
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etsy.com You searched for: HerbNLiving! Discover the unique items that HerbNLiving creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting HerbNLiving, you’re supporting a small business, and, in tur...


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The Daily Goalcast

Think you’re strange? Find out and get weird with the real Doctor of Strange, JP Sears!

Speaker: JP Sears for Wired for Wonder



mother nature always knows best!

You'll never believe how luffa sponges are actually made. 🤯

More Localish: http://bit.ly/2FXJK0S


So Yummy Lightly

Yum yum yum yum yum.. #eattherainbow !!!

Feel beautiful inside and out with these five good-for-you smoothie bowls 🍓🍌🍍


Missing my little beach nugget, Olive! Love, from animals or humans, is simply the best. Spread it. Oh ya, and here’s a simple reminder to #growfoodnotlawns 😍


State of the Carte

Take a bite out of edible "plastic" wrap packed with vitamins and nutrients.



This needs to go Viral! Literally, a River Flowing with #PlasticPollution.
Sign it! - www.iBanPlastic.com #iBanPlastic

Read our article on Single-Use Plastic! The curse or the miracle? https://ibanplastic.com/what-is-single-use-plastic

What to know more about Plastic Pollution? Check out our archive or articles on the subject: https://ibanplastic.com/category/eco-news/plastic-pollution/


Sometimes we all just need to surrender to our mother, nature. Give her our love and spread it to others


We found some Morel mushrooms growing wild in the backyard today! That’s crazy. Proof that nature will flourish with a little love and care.
#mothernaturesmedicine #mothernatureknowsbest #growyourown #growfoodnotlawns #morels #sfgarden #urbangarden


Packing up some new blends! 🌱🌹🌼


Today I watched the ocean and I felt whole again.

#roots #greendot #mothernaturesmedicine #wearewater


Working on some new creations! I wish instagram could capture smells 🌱🍵🌋


Fire cider! Natures magical potion to cure all 🌋

#mothernaturesmedicine #rawfood #firecider #cureall #whatflushot


Much love to community! I finally made it to my first makers workshop @gathersf last night 🌱 it was a blast! @caracoreydesigns guided us in creating our very own woven rope baskets.. and it was amazing! Here's a simple reminder to remain creative and keep on MAKING 💕🌈🌱 #simplereminders #hayesvalley #makers #sfetsy #diy #herbanliving @ Hayes Valley, San Francisco


It is so simple to fuel our rainbow bellies! Banana, blueberries, raspberries, spinach, h**p powder, spirulina powder, red maca powder, & h**p mylk ... stocked full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, protein, and essential minerals & vitamins! It takes 5 minutes to make a smoothie that will heal your body and your mind🌱 #herbanliving #mothernaturesmedicine #simplereminders #vitamix #rainbowfood


Watch my feed to see a vegan pumpkin cheesecake in the making! Food is so cute 😛 #crustnowfillinglater #vegancheesecake #mothernaturesmedicine #herbanliving




Watch what happens when two monkeys are offered unequal pay for the same task, and other lessons in animal morality: http://t.ted.com/B6f8XJQ


Herbal Medication Trinidad

truth all around #mothernaturesmedicine #mothernatureknowsbest

VIsit our website: www.herbalmedicationtrinidadllc.com


Flick Electric Co.

Something to think about! Also, reminding me WHY DO I STILL LIVE IN AMERICA!? I don't know. Time to head out again soon i reckon.

One in five Kiwis live in energy poverty. That’s not good enough, so we’re taking responsibility for driving change.

You can be part of the solution too. We’ve asked How to DAD to explain how…

With every share of this video, we'll donate an LED bulb to a household in need. Can we get to 10,000 shulbs together? Find out why you should Give a Flick: bit.ly/Give-A-Flick


''Tis the season! This is the first year I've really seen the lemon tree pop off 🍋 check out that color!! Many more blossoms are on the way yaaay #mothernaturesmedicine #sfgarden #urbangarden #healthygut #citrusseason


Ah! So much green love after a day of rain. The morning glories have made their way all the way up our stairs to say hello 🌸🤗 good #morningglory to you! #sfgarden #urbangarden #raincantgetmedown


Natures shade after a city's day of rain ☔️🌞🌈🌿🌴


The psychedelics of making sauerkraut 🔮🙌🏼🦋 #mothernaturesmedicine #fractalfood #healthygut


Soaking up some post-rain sunshine in a ginger lycii berry infusion! Simply delightful, hydrating, and great for the gut. #suntea #citysunshine #mothernaturesmedicine #gingerroot #lyciiberry

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Today I watched the ocean and I felt whole again. #roots #greendot #mothernaturesmedicine #wearewater
Happy we**ie day my friends. I love today!
Adventures with the big tit mountain 🌄Couldn't quite land the 360* but boyyyy was it magical 🙌🏼 .. #wyoming #grandteton ...
🌈Slow down, spread those wings, and flyyy🦋
Back from an incredible experience @highsierramusic festival! Days full of sunshine, smiling faces, boogying bodies and ...
WOAH humongo homegrown collard green in thaaa house! So rich in color and one of the most flavorful greens I've ever con...



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