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The Tea & Yoga Society offers students an intimate experience of the teachings and power of yoga in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment.

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Less Fear, More Joy


www.teaandyogasociety.com A quick dream: I was married to Steph Curry! (It was a very chaste and
very brief relationship.)

When I woke up, I was struck by the odd visual and sensation it left me
with, watching a guy play basketball, and yet feeling really happy at
witnessing his happiness.

teaandyogasociety.com 01/28/2017

Fight the Issues, Not the Man!


teaandyogasociety.com In my 20 years of teaching yoga and meditation I cannot remember a time
when every class began with a political discussion. I actually just
ordered a whole batch of US Constitution Pocket Guides
(http://www.greenapplebooks.com/book/9780195304435) to give out on
Valentine's Day. If our righ...


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Tea & Yoga Society


Tea & Yoga Society


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2017 Might Be Challenging

linkedin.com I keep reminding myself that we’re all just trying to get to the top of the mountain, in our own particular way. Some of the paths I see folks taking make sense to me, and some of those paths I really




teaandyogasociety.com Exciting News! April 1, 2016 jennifer durand In an unusual move, The Tea & Yoga Society has merged with Bacardi, Inc to create the Bombay Gin & Yoga Society. In bringing previously disparate groups to the table, or even under it, we can all learn about and enjoy two previously segregated activities…




teaandyogasociety.com A Valentine Too Big for One Day February 1, 2016 jennifer durand Everyday living-- all that we do day in and day out, moment to moment-- informs the entirety of our life. Much more than graduations, births, and other grand events, everyday living comprises what we see when we look over our shoulder,…


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Tea & Yoga Society


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