The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill

The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill


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The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill
Pediatrician searching? The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill in Savannah is a general pediatric direct primary care (DPC) practice specializing in Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Caudill is on a mission to help her patients develop & maintain healthier lifestyles through general pediatrics & lifestyle medicine. Details:
Congratulations Savannah pediatrician Dr.Rivera-Caudill on the one year anniversary of The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill!
Interested in becoming a member of Tiny Beet pediatrics?
Have questions?
Call 912-777-6830 or visit
Today’s the day! The 2nd edition of Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater - the category-leading guide to parenting adventurous eaters - is now available.

We understand raising kids is hard and there can be so many barriers to raising healthy happy eater. In this new edition, we identify the 6 barriers to raising a healthy, happy eater and teach ways to help overcome them. AND, we cover picky eating prevention, identifying feeding problems, and inspiring adventurous eating, from birth to school-age.

Pick up your copy today via the link in he commentst. Proceeds benefit the Dr. Yum Project.
My Munch Bug - Melanie Potock
Partnership for a Healthier America
Whole Kids Foundation
National Head Start Association
National WIC Association
Fresh Bellies
Central Rappahannock Regional Library
Fredericksburg Food Cooperative
Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank
Access Eye
Hilltop Dental Studio - Jeffrey Day, Mary Kate Moriarty, & Peter Scelfo
Hematology-Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg
Yuma Regional Medical Center
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Mykidzmd Pediatrics
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The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill
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Our physician partners are key to sharing our resources with families around the world. See why one of our newest partners, The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill is so excited to support our work!

Your donations today help us create more content and webinars for physicians in our community and beyond.

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Still time to register for flu shots this Sat. 10/16 10AM-4PM with The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill on Whitemarsh Is. in Savannah:
Flu shots available during flu drive for adults, children, starting @ 10AM this Sat. 10/16 @ The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill on Whitemarsh Is., Savannah. Open to ages 6 mths & older. Find details on how to register online here:
Savannah pediatrician Dr. Yolanda Rivera-Caudill’s pediatric office – The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill – is accepting new patients: :
The Tiny Beet Pediatrics w/ Dr. Rivera-Caudill has a special giveaway to celebrate back to school. Win a free comprehensive back-to-school exam & lifestyle medicine consultation (a $200 value). Details on how to enter to win:
We’re thrilled to announce that after 30 years as a pediatrician, Yolanda Rivera-Caudill, MD is starting her own practice in Savannah. The Tiny Beet is a general pediatric direct primary care (DPC) practice specializing in Lifestyle Medicine in order to focus on the root cause of patients’ health. Dr. Caudill is on a mission to help her patients develop & maintain healthier lifestyles through general pediatrics & lifestyle medicine. Details:

General Pediatrician treating patients through conventional pediatrics and preventing illness throug

Operating as usual


Love this!


Viral Video via TikTok

The side effect of giving your child the gift of time together 🥰


Dad builds epic backyard ski resort



Happy Hanukkah !!!


Part 3️⃣! Here’s the last part of the books for “BOOK-ING” that I know your family will greatly appreciate receiving.
These are more about the know how on increasing the kids consumption of plants (veggies, fruits, legumes, spices, etc) 🍎🍇🥕🌽🥦🥬🍅🍊🍋🍓🥑🍍🫐
Intuitive Eating by Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster;
Nourish by Dr.Reshma Shah and Brenda Davis; (from Becoming Vegan: Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina)
Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater by Yum Pediatrics-Dr. Nimali Fernando and My Munch Bug - Melanie Potock
The Plant Based Baby and Toddler by Whitney English and Alex Caspero (from Plant-Based Juniors)
I would love to know your experience with these incredible resources for any family with kids 💕


I've received 100 reactions to my posts in the past 30 days. Thanks for your support. 🙏🤗🎉


✌🏼Second video in the series of Book-ing!📚( Book giving recommendations)
This time I’m talking about books for the kitchen. 🧑‍🍳
Getting the family involved in the process of preparing a meal is beneficial in many ways. 🤩
Food is love! ♥️
So what better way to connect with your kids than teaching them how to cook. Take advantage of the coming break to test the possibility of creating new traditions. 😉
Thanks so much to Fiber Fueled Dr Bulsiewicz, Sherzai MD, The Brain Docs and Dan Buettner for you amazing books and the job that you do!

Seminario Web: Tradiciones culinarias en una alimentación basada en plantas 12/15/2022

Seminario Web: Tradiciones culinarias en una alimentación basada en plantas

Oportunidad muy buena para aprender y poder hacer preguntas 💪🏽

Seminario Web: Tradiciones culinarias en una alimentación basada en plantas Gracias por participar en nuestro Seminario Web. Para mantenerte informado sobre la publicación de nuevos videos, te invitamos que te suscribas a nuestro ca...


I LOVE books! 🤩
Books are great to help us grow, but also a fun and fairly economical way of gifting (also easy to wrap!☺️)
So I want to promote the art of Book Giving or we can call it…. “Book-Ing”!!😜
I will be posting a series of videos recommending books that I know parents will greatly appreciate. 🙏🏼
This time is for books related to parenting.
These amazing books are:
Two books from Dr. Michele Borba (Thrivers and Unselfie) and one from Dr. Dan Siegel and Mary Hartzell. (Parenting From the Inside Out). 🥰


¿Sabías esto?
Es fascinante saber que hacer unos ajustes sencillos pueden ayudar a hacer los alimentos aún más beneficiosos!! 🤓💪🏽





So many reasons to take off those shoes!

Via Wilder Child

Timeline photos 12/14/2022

Delicioso y saludable!! ♥️

El arroz con gandules es el plato más popular en Puerto Rico, particularmente en la Navidad. Esta versión saludable utiliza arroz integral y no contiene aceite ni productos procesados. El sofrito fresco le da un gustito especial que le encantará a todos. ¡Este arroz contiene todo el sabor criollo sin el colesterol!

Te compartimos la receta en nuestra página web:


Yummy and wholesome! 😍


La magia de los alimentos!!😍


Why Every Child Needs A Champion

Oh my!!!♥️♥️♥️.
This is so powerful!! So moving!
And so true!!♥️♥️♥️💪🏽
It should be a duty of all of us adults especially those of us that much has been given, to do our best to be a loving difference in the life of our younger generations. 🥰
Imagine the outcome…


This is the animation of the book I recommended! ♥️♥️
Can’t wait to see it! 😍
Charlie Mackesy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Beautiful Sand Art from Senegal

Is this amazing or what!!!!🤩

Timeline photos 12/10/2022

Chess is a great opportunity to engage children in an activity that put their brain gears ⚙️ to work in developing new neuronal pathways🤓

"But this group is about more than just playing a game. Chess club is a meeting of the minds, where everyone, regardless of age, is teaching one another, playing with one another, and engaging with one another. And this unique program is growing."



Muy orgullosa de nuestra Doctora Ana M Negrón, MD.!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥰


Gift idea! The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. I found this book to be so full of wisdom and knowledge and perfect to read as a family. I also love the illustrations! It will actually be coming out as a movie on Christmas Day 🤩
(On Apple TV)

If you buy from you can select your local bookstore and support them🫶(.shaver_bookseller for SAV)


I can’t wait to watch it! ☺️
The book is amazing 🤩


Nice to know!!


Absolutely agree!
We still have some flu vaccines.

Please get your flu shot. Flu is no joke:

Hospitalizations due to Influenza doubled this week.

14 pediatric flu-related deaths this season, 2 this week.

The very young and the elderly are most vulnerable.

At Culver Pediatrics Center, we offer flu shots for all ages including 65+ with no out of pocket costs.

Text/Call Nurse Becca 574-544-2343 or email her [email protected] to schedule your flu shot.



¡Buenos días, familia! ❤️💯



This orange and lemon cinnamon ginger tea not only tastes fantastic but is an immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory tonic, perfect for winter and cold/flu season! Better yet, it's ready to be enjoyed in just 20 minutes!



Protein anyone? 💪🏽

Friends with benefits. Eat green!

Photos from Yuli MD Pediatrics's post 12/07/2022

Outdoor play is so accessible for most children and confers so many benefits!


Absolutamente cierto!!

Cuídate para cuidar 💓💓

Créditos en la imagen



The goal: every medical visit! Eat so many plant foods you do not need a doctor for illness.




Ep6: How to keep your child healthy: The importance of diet and exercise

It was an honor to be invited by Dr Dr Ashlie A Booth MD🙏🏼


Sabías esto? 🫣

Es realmente sorprendente lo poco conocida que es esta información. Casi todos sabemos que el virus del papiloma humano causa cáncer de cuello uterino, que el ci******lo causa cáncer de pulmón, que la radiación solar causa cáncer de piel, que el arsénico es tóxico... pero muy pocos sabemos que las carnes procesadas causan cáncer de colon y recto.

A finales del 2015, la Agencia Internacional para la Investigación del Cáncer (IARC) de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) anunció que el consumo de carne procesada es “cancerígeno para los humanos (Grupo I)”. Define la carne procesada como aquella que ha sido transformada a través de la salazón, el curado, la fermentación, el ahumado u otros procesos para realzar el sabor o mejorar la conservación. Bajo esta definición se incluyen: chorizo, salchichas, pastrami, salame, jamones, carne enlatada, carne seca y salsas a base de carne, entre otras.

Para clasificar el consumo de carne procesada como cancerígeno se evaluaron cientos de estudios científicos. Los datos mostraron asociaciones positivas entre la carne procesada y diversos tipos de cáncer. La asociación más fuerte fue es con el cáncer de colon y recto, tanto que el documento de la OMS concluye que “el consumo de carne procesada CAUSA cáncer colorrectal”. Colorrectal significa que se origina en el colon o en el recto (ambos son parte del intestino grueso). Pero también se asocia a cáncer de estómago.

La OMS calculó que consumir 50 gramos de carne procesada al día (como una salchicha, un chorizo, un par de lonjas de jamón o dos tajadas de tocino) aumenta la probabilidad de desarrollar cáncer colorrectal a lo largo de la vida en un 18%. Para ponerlo en perspectiva, vivir con un fumador aumenta el riesgo de cáncer de pulmón en 15%.

La recomendación de la OMS es limitar el consumo de carne procesada. Mi recomendación: “limítala” a cero, sobre todo si tienes otros factores de riesgo de para cáncer colorrectal como antecedentes familiares de cáncer o pólipos, enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal, falta de actividad física, bajo consumo de fibra, sobrepeso, tabaquismo, consumo de alcohol, entre otros.

¿Qué hace que la carne procesada produzca o favorezca la aparición de cáncer? (respuesta en los comentarios por falta de espacio).

El procesamiento de la carne, como el curado (mediante la adición de nitratos o nitritos) o el ahumado (exposición al humo), puede dar lugar a la formación de sustancias químicas potencialmente cancerígenas como los compuestos N-nitroso y los hidrocarburos aromáticos policíclicos.

La carne también contiene hierro hemo, que puede facilitar la producción de compuestos N-nitroso cancerígenos.

Cocinar, especialmente a alta temperatura, como cuando se fríe o se asa a la parrilla, también puede producir sustancias químicas cancerígenas, incluidas las aminas aromáticas heterocíclicas y los hidrocarburos aromáticos policíclicos.

Si bien esta información puede parecer complicada, lo importante es tener presente que las carnes procesadas contienen compuestos que pueden producir cáncer y que la forma como usualmente las cocinamos (parrilla o fritas) también puede generar estos peligrosos compuestos.





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