The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic

The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic


What horrible service. As a vet clinic, you should understand the importance of pets and what they mean to their owners. Our cat was brought in today and all was good, to check on her tooth.
Sitting in the waiting room she was fine. Dr. Logan Hille took the cat in the back and came out to tell my partner that the cat was on oxygen. Shocked at this, He then explained that the cat had ONE HOUR left and my partner asked for a few moments alone to which Dr. Hille objected. When he asked again, Dr. Hille stated that the cat should then be taken home to die there. WHAT kind of doctor has zero empathy for a pet owner that brought in a cat that was fine and told the cat had ONE HOUR to live after doing whatever in the back room? Being told the cat can be left at the clinic for $2800 but then told she had ONE HOUR to live. Dr. Hille stated that my partner was rude. No matter how calm or how upset a pet owner is, announcing the cat will die and NOT allowing a few private moments so he could make a phone call is pathetic, insensitive, and unprofessional. Vets know the importance of animals and it is NOT just a business to give a shot and send animals home to die.....Pets are people's children. if THAT wasn't cruel enough, Dr. Hille decided it was a good opportunity to UPSELL. The bill cost $1300, of that, there was a charge for fluids (what for, the cat was dying) there was a charge for recheck $382 (why do you need to recheck when the cat was dying within the hour)? there was a charge for medical waste? Dr. Hille even charged us for FIVE CANS of cat food. Care to explain WHY cat food was sold to us when we will be saying goodbye to our cat WITHIN THE HOUR. It's like selling us winter tires and we have no car!!! Dr. Hille also charged us for fluids and said to make sure we give the cat fluids. Within a few seconds of giving the fluids to the cat, she started choking and passed away. WHY all the fluids? So rather than empathizing with the owner, Dr. Hille charged us for items and services NOT needed. Therefore I request that all the ADD-ON charges be reversed IMMEDIATELY. I will deal with the facts and the cat's condition shortly once we have taken care of arrangements for the cat. My partner can remain silent as he is too distraught over this, but I certainly will be filing a complaint with every association and posting on all social media sites to Refrain from attending your clinic and will be filing a formal complaint against not only the clinic but Dr. Logan Hille. In the meantime, I suggest the charges be reversed.
Forgot to post this yesterday, but this baby definitely won cutest puppy of the day yesterday😋
Lindsay took great care of my new little boy!
Very disappointed with the service I did not receive from Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic. Following dental surgery my older chihuahua started coughing. I was advised that this was normal, and was from the surgery. Days later the cough worsened especially at night. I have been calling them since 8/14 and asked for additional antibiotics or to bring her in. In all cases was advised the doctor will call me back.. I understand this could be a symptom of pneumonia or a trachea infection from the tube used during surgery. I missed one call while at the dentist, and have not received a call since. I have called over the last two weeks at least 7 times, and still have not received a call. I also was on hold so long yesterday, I was sent to voice mail and left a message. I finally called back again to see if they received my message and left another message with the front desk. I have had services here before with my other dog, and been very satisfied. The front desk is friendly, but looking for a new vet in the area.
Rosie and Benny love their Dr Fonza and the entire staff and making them feel like celebrities 😍 here is a few they wanted me to share! Thank you 😊
Hey guys! This is Mary Jane's dad. I'm not sure who keeps up with this, but thank you so much for everything you did for her. I appreciate you all!!
RIP Mr. Marvin, you will forever be missed and loved.
Shout out to Tracy and Dr. Fonza and the rest of the hard working team! Busy busy week for you guys at TSVC. Tracy was so commutative the last few days helping me find the right action to take with my boy Rowdy. With the craziness we are all going through lately, in addition to my boys issues, we managed to get some answers using videos I had taken of my dog and sent to her.

If you are having a hard time taking your pups in, keep in mind they have tele-vet services. Just talk to the staff, they will accommodate you! guarantee they are doing such a great job. 🐾❤️🐾
THANK YOU to all of the staff who took such good care of my Dodger while he was hospitalized. He was absolutely treated like a king. I honestly think he had too much fun over there😂😂. Nothing worse than having a medical emergency right before you go out of the country. I was able to rest easy knowing he was having a blast. He is definitely happy to be back home with his buddies. You all are absolutely amazing. ❤❤❤❤
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There are still spots available in our Pet First Aid and CPR Class this Saturday in Scottsdale! Sign up today to learn how to save a life!

Sparky Richards loves his friends at TSVC. He has been going there 13 years and has referred many of his family and friends here.
He and Autumn built a very close and loving friendship when he was just a pup. 🐾❤🐾
My buddy wasn’t feeling too hot & we weren’t quite too sure why. This amazing team at The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic got him feeling like his goofy self again within 24 hours of his sickness. Thank you!!!

TSVC provides care to cats, dogs, avian and exotic patients in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic was established over 60 years ago and was the first vet pet center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

All of our doctors and technicians are animal lovers who have their own pets ranging from dogs and cats to parrots, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles, and other birds and exotic pets. We were voted the #1 Veterinary Clinic in Arizona in 2013 by our loyal clients! Thank you for your referrals to your friends and family! Our staff understands the bond between you and your pet. We share i

Operating as usual


Miss Mila was very please with both her Techs and Dental cleaning today!

Remember that Annual Dental Cleanings for both cats and dogs are beneficial in preventing long term health issues and diseases!

Please contact us if you’d like more information, or would like to schedule a dental procedure with us!

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Vino clearly came in during nap time to pick up his monthly Heartgard and Nexgard.

A Heartworm and Tick born disease test is something that we offer and recommend annually. Luckily we also carry preventatives.

Heartworm disease is a parasitic roundworm that is spread from host to host by, believe it or not mosquitoes! This can be life threatening if left untreated. The treatment for this can be very costly.

If you are interested in testing your dog to start preventatives give us a call and our staff will help you in the right direction!

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Ash a baby husky came in for constipation, luckily we were able to help him out with that! We are so excited to see how much he grows next time he comes in!


Little Leo came in for puppy vaccines for size reference you can see how tiny he is next to this skippy jar!


Lucy came in for a broken toe nail and was a very good girl!


You heard it here first. Baby Mic Mondays!


Fun, FURRiends, and Festivals this weekend with team Scottsdale Vet!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 11/13/2022

It was a PAW-some weekend at the festival in Old Town Scottsdale. We met lots of new furry faces, and got the chance to spread the word about our amazing hospital. We can’t wait for next year! Thank you to for your support with the dental chews and toys!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 11/10/2022

The Luau was Lulu approved!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 11/07/2022

Come see us this weekend at Day of the Dog Festival! Below are the details, we are booth #78 You can meet some awesome members of our team and get a FREE tech evaluation of your pets dental health!

The day of the dog is a free and pet friendly festival for dogs and their people!
Nov 12 & 13 in old town Scottsdale!

With events including Running Of The Bulls (French and English bulldog races) wiener dog races, Corgi races, Fast dog and adding a Scottsdale exclusive – Chihuahua races! 65 exhibitors, A superhero themed photo-booth, free puppachino's, swag bags all in the middle of the city this is one event you don’t want to miss.

The festival takes over 2nd street in Old Town Scottsdale on November 12 & 13 from 11:00-3:00

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 11/02/2022

Winston and Mable are FLYING into November!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/31/2022

Clyde came in today for an Ear Abscess otherwise known as Aural Abscess this can be common in Turtles and Tortoises usually caused by bacterial infections. Today we lanced (opened up) the ear and removed the hardened pus and we sent home some antibiotics!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/27/2022

Nugget came in for her last round of puppy vaccines today, she is so excited to finally go outside and show everyone how adorable she is!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/26/2022

Tiberius visited us today for a general health exam! During these visits it’s important we check a f***l sample since it is a common thing for them to get parasites.

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/20/2022

Happy Staff Appreciation week! We are so thankful for all the wonderful people we are surrounded with. Thank you to all the Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, Veterinarians, and of course our Admins. We could not do it without you!


Everyone has their issues even us 😉

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/17/2022

Started off Tech week the best way we know how, with a mom-ager ran cook out!


Betsy is a regular for Mani Pedi’s here at TSVC!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/07/2022

Igor was a big hit yesterday, he even got to hang out in the Admin office!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/06/2022

Guess which Winston is here for a neuter 👀


One of our purrrfect patients!

Gertrude McFuzz goes to the vet: a series. She doesn’t love it, but a big thanks to The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic for taking such good care of our pets 🤍

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 10/03/2022

No Monday blues for Frodo!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 09/27/2022

Charles, our 125lb patient came in for a dog bite wound. He hung out with us to get HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therepy). We use this therapy almost daily to treat many different conditions. 10/10 good boy.

For more information on Hyperbaric Therapy please visit our website!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 09/24/2022

Garrus had a sweet tooth and got into some dark chocolate. He got a cardio toxic dose which cause symptoms such as, tachycardia and tremoring. He is doing well and will most likely have some GI upset.

Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are most toxic. This can be a very serious issue. Remember to always contact your vet or aspca if this happens to your pet.

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Social Media vs Reality….. Happy Friyay from TSVC!


Ever wonder what an Echocardiogram is like for an animal? Well here it is. TSVC got to be apart of a survey. The objective of this survey is to gain information on a new approach to measurement of the right ventricular function (TAPSE). A diverse group of healthy canines were used to participate in this echo graphic study.

Thanks Kodak for being an excellent patient!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 09/13/2022

It’s Pumpkin Spice season! Pumpkin was found a few days ago at a park in Globe and came in today for a check up and vaccines!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 09/12/2022

TSVC is Zippin’ into Monday! Another team building down at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course.

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 08/25/2022

The girls who get it, get it 🐊🐶

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 08/23/2022

We are so proud of how much our team accomplished over the past 2 days! All of these wonderful people volunteered their time to help spay/neuter dogs and cats on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. We did 167 surgeries in 2 days and although it made for long hard days, every wag makes it worth it! We can’t wait until the next trip!


Be sure to tune into our Facebook Stories to tag along with our team in New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation assiting to provide spay and neuter to their community!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 08/18/2022

Gojo made sure to wear his favorite necklace for his big day at the vet! The ultimate cool cat 😎


Find a Penny, Pick it up, All day long you’ll have good luck. 🍀 Penny is our here for her first round of vaccines! Look at that lil buddah belly!


Another day on the water with Team TSVC! This time, our newest veterinary interns made a big splash 💦 for their first time kayaking on the lower salt river. Welcome to the family Doctors!


Starting today, we are offering a $20 off PROMO to support your pets Dental Health! Call today to schedule your appointment, and please reference this coupon! Limited time offer, claim this by 7-31-22!


Keep your pets safe! Here are some tips to prepare for the unexpected event of a fire.

On National Pet Fire Safety Day, we encourage all pet owners to review their fire preparation plans. In addition to these 4️⃣ tips, the AVMA has compiled these resources to help protect your pets in case of a fire or natural disasters:

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 07/07/2022

Go Kayaking with team TSVC!

Photos from The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic's post 07/06/2022

Summer Team Building is upon us! Check out the first group of kayakers on the lower salt river soaking up sun, taking in the beautiful scenery, and playing fun games throughout the trip! Check out our Facebook for a group album with more photos!


TJ the kitten and Reann, one of our amazing CSR’s would like to say Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸 from the TSVC Family! We hope everyone has a safe holiday, and we will be open for walk in visits today! We also want to share some ways you can keep your pet comforted during fireworks 💥

1️⃣ Keep them inside and stay by their side.
2️⃣Turn on a white noise machine.
3️⃣Use a thunder shirt.
4️⃣Use prescription sedation provided by a veterinarian.
5️⃣Make sure they are wearing a collar with ID

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Everyone has their issues even us 😉#emergencyvetphoenix #emergencyvetmesa #scottsdale #scottsdalevet #azdogs #animalhosp...
Ever wonder what an Echocardiogram is like for an animal? Well here it is. TSVC got to be apart of a survey. The objecti...
Another day on the water with Team TSVC! This time, our newest veterinary interns made a big splash 💦 for their first ti...
Starting today, we are offering a $20 off PROMO to support your pets Dental Health! Call today to schedule your appointm...




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