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Our programs optimize health and rehabilitation, reduce chance for injury, and improve skills to help you live a healthier more energetic life.

Empower Physical Therapy provides physical rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness services for patients so they may have the opportunity to function at their optimal level. Our team of therapists, certified athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, pilates instructors, and massage therapists help patients regain control of their bodies, returning them to active life. They combine ma

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We want to extend the warmest welcome to the newest members of the Empower Family: Rehab Plus Physical Therapy & Sports Performance!

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Wake up in the morning and STRETCH! ☀️
Most of us spend countless hours each day on phones, computers, or tasks that put us in sub-optimal positions. All that time takes a toll on your body and before you know it, you’ve got pain where it’s never been before. 😰
Luckily, a few stretches each day can help avoid that back/neck/knee pain altogether!
Talk to your PT about what stretches could benefit you most! 💪


Taking a moment today to ponder every blessing in our lives. We hope your list is long and brings joy to your heart. Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃


Different currents for different treatments. ⚡️
When it comes to the electric portion of your physical therapy, there are tons of different ways to make it work for you!

At home TENS units have become popular for pain relief recently… have you ever tried one?


Gua Sha has gained popularity recently as online personalities tout its benefits in the skin care and anti-aging world but it’s also still a great tool for releasing tension!


Today we say a special THANK YOU to the men and women who have so bravely served our country. 💙🇺🇸


This month is all about the different modalities we use in physical therapy.
IASTM is a fairly textbook term odds are you’ve seen it in person or online! Stay tuned as we learn more. 🤓


It got spooky in the clinic today! 🎃👻
What are you for Halloween? 💀


Physical Therapy isn’t just about healing, it’s also about preparing your body to perform optimally no matter your stage in life! 💪


Have your kids ever visited a physical therapist? 💙


Even the smoothest pregnancy comes with big physical changes. Preparing your body before and during pregnancy can make a huge difference in your comfort and health. Talk to your physical therapist about moving for your bump today! 🤰

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Did you catch our booth at the Papago Desert Urban Trail Rub?


Your PT can help you meet your physical activity goals! Whether you’re a returning athlete or new to exercise! 💪


Our Coolidge team rocking their favorite team gear! Who are you rooting for? 🎉


More movement, better health, better life —that’s what PT is all about. 💙


💀 Spooky season is here! Who has the best caption for this photo? 🤣


PT is beneficial to more than sports injuries! 💪


It’s finally here! We can’t wait to share our favorite parts of this profession with you all month! 😁


We are always happy to help our patients find the care they need and as a part of that, we love to hear who has helped you in your journey. If there is someone that has helped you, please tag or share their name below. When we help each other heal, everyone is better off. 💙


We were so excited to host a ribbon cutting event for our new Florence location! 🤩


Good news: Physical Therapy can often manage and improve chronic pain. 💙
Working in unison with your other medical providers, a PT can tailor a program to your needs and help address what it causing the pain.


isn’t just rough emotionally, it can be expensive as well.


Chronic pain is a complex, widespread issue affecting millions of Americans. By bringing light to , we hope to increase awareness of the issues surrounding it and help people get the assistance they need.


Today we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day! 🎉

The theme this year is Osteoarthritis —a painful condition that affects 520 million people world wide and is the 11th highest contributor to disability from hip and knee issues. 😖

How can PT help? Our clinicians are able to help patients improve joint movement as well as muscle strength in order to reduce pain and help people move better. 👏


As we wrap up posture month, we wanted to end with how to maintain your progress and keep improving. 💪
With posture, reminders throughout the day can have a huge impact. Make a point of checking your posture once an hour at work and you’ll be surprised how fast you can improve! 🙌

Proper posture gets easier the more you do it so don’t wait to start!


Our Maricopa team recently volunteered packing and delivering food boxes for a local church. We are so proud of them for helping out in their community! 💙


As we continue celebrating our company’s anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to thank YOU. Our mission of providing the best care possible to our communities wouldn’t be possible without our amazing patients. 💙


What are ✋ steps you can take to have better posture? 🧐


Did you know there are two types of posture? 🤔


It turns out posture is actually important —those teachers weren’t lecturing about it for nothing. 😅 This month we’ll talk about why it can be the basis for a healthy body. 💪

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Now that we’ve discussed the classic places to use ergonomics, let’s see how we can apply those principles to tasks we do in our daily lives. 🤓 From cooking to laundry we can always benefit from moving properly. 💪

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Now when it comes to the car, ergonomics are a little more complicated but just as important.
The difficulty here comes when we factor in differences in seat types and our individual bodies. Our goal remains to keep our bodies comfortable but it’s important to note that driving for long distances is tough and you should adjust and take breaks as needed!
Listen to how your body feels in each position and if you need further guidance, your PT is here to help. 🤓

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Does your office support you? 🤔


Why do PT’s love it? Because it’s the science of helping you move and interact in your daily life in ways that keeps you pain and injury free!


The answer to this one is simple:
👉 Do what your doctor and physical therapist recommend!
There is actually more risk to your wrist’s healing if you wear a brace inconsistently or at the wrong times. For this one, it’s best to stick with the doc’s orders. If you feel like it needs a change, they can test to see if you’re ready for a new plan. ☺️


Now that we’ve talked about why wrist health is important -let’s talk about what we can do about it. 😎
These simple moves each day can prevent injuries and help with pain. Which do you want to see demonstrated? 🤓


If you’ve ever hurt your wrist you know how much it can hurt. 😵 These are the most common reasons people seek treatment for their wrists:

👉 Carpal tunnel: often caused by repetitive motions, this pain is due to swelling/inflammation in the wrist that compresses the median nerve. Symptoms: tingling fingers and pain grasping items.

👉de Quervain’s syndrome: similar to Carpal Tunnel, this is caused by compression of the nerves in the thumb. Symptoms: difficulty moving thumb, painful wrist rotation.

👉 Fractures: whether from a fall or some other mishap, a broken bone in the wrist is painful and often requires surgery to repair. Symptoms: extreme pain, swelling, bruising, inability to use hand.

👉Arthritis: can be from a previous injury, aging, or systemic issues but the result is painful grinding of bones/spurs on one another. Symptoms: stiffness, swelling, pain, weakness.


Here they are —all the bones that come together to make your hand and wrist. 🤓
What are you hoping to learn this month?


It’s officially June and all month long we’ll be going in depth on the wrist! From why they hurt to how to keep them healthy, we’ve got you covered!


Today with grateful hearts we remember those who gave their lives in service of our country. Here’s wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day! ❤️💙🤍





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