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Roots Pediatric Therapy - Arizona


Join ArizOTA's Mental Health SIS Group on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 to learn about neurodiversity-affirming feeding solutions to support the mental health and autonomy of families.

About the Speaker:
Hana Eichele, MOT, OTR/L is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Feeding Specialist. She founded Roots Pediatric Therapy - Arizona in Mesa to provide responsive feeding therapy for Arizona families. Hana is the co-author of the bestselling Beyond a Bite Professional Edition: Practical Approaches to Sensory and Feeding Challenges With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neurodivergent Clients.

When: Tuesday, March 22 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Where: Zoom

Cost: This 1-hour CEU is free for ArizOTA members and $10 for non-ArizOTA members. Not yet a member? Join or renew today at

CEUs: Certificates will be emailed within three weeks of event date.


Registration closes at noon the day of the event. Contact [email protected] with questions.
Introducing a truly radiant being, Hana Eichele, Occupational Therapist and Feeding Specialist in private practice Roots Pediatric Therapy, LLC.

Hana Eichele, MOT, OTR/L + team provide private, in-home Responsive Feeding Therapy programs in Mesa, Arizona and virtual programs across Arizona.

The innovative programs include direct services, family mealtime coaching, nutrition services, + more! Meet Hana Eichele,

About Your Provider:
I’ve always loved the energy and zest kids bring to life! I’ve been known as the crazy aunt, the fun cousin, and the loud niece. You’ll find me sitting at the “kids table” for holidays, even to this day, because I can’t hold back from telling a

Operating as usual


April is OT month, April 7th is Letter “G” of the challenge with @shannenmarie_OT

G is for Gardening!

Gardening is not only good for the body, but so good for the soul. It allows us to use our hands, and to cultivate a moment of stillness to think in a busy world. When the pandemic hit and we were stuck in our 900 sq ft apartment, we turned to gardening! We chose an indoor tower system, but to watch our plants go from seeds to our plate in record time was so FUN!

You know who else enjoys gardening? Kids!

At one of the clinics I lead, we built a garden with 7 beds. The kids looooved taking care of it and monitoring it. It taught them about new food in a low pressure way, and inspired many of them to ask their parents to start gardening at home!

If this is overwhelming, start by planting a quick herb in a small pot in your windowsill. You never know if that might GROW into a love of gardening and sustaining your family in a new way 💚

Share with me your thoughts on gardening! 👩🏽‍🌾 Is it a yay or nay for you?


April is OT month, April 6th is Letter “F” of the challenge with @shannenmarie_OT

F is for Feeding Matters. I owe much of what I do to them for guiding families to @roots.pediatrictherapy through the provider directory and relentless advocacy for Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD). The more physicians and providers that understand these unique challenges, the better care families will receive!

Feeling alone in your struggles? Visit their website ASAP! You will enter a whole new world you likely never knew existed. Families just like yours, that silently struggle to feed their kids. ❤️


April is OT month, April 4th is Letter “D” of the challenge with @shannenmarie_OT

D is for (overcoming) Discomfort. Here’s the deal - most of us learned about food being healthy or unhealthy. We learned early on about treats and junk food and forbidden foods.

That sh*t goes out the window in feeding therapy. Your kids experience extreme discomfort with food. They need something FUN to help them overcome this by challenging their negative thoughts and learning through play. So, how do we do this? Well, “one sprinkle at a time!”

And the benefit of overcoming discomfort and tolerating a scatter-y food like sprinkles? You can then move onto all different scatter-y “sprinkles” — anything from seeds to spices to broccoli shreds.


April is OT month, April 3rd is Letter “C” of the challenge with @shannenmarie_OT

C is for (food) Chaining. Food Chaining is a technique therapists and parents can use for “picky eaters” and those with complex feeding challenges — that go beyond run-of-the-mill picky eating.

It was introduced in the book Food Chaining: The Proven 6-Step Plan to Stop Picky Eating, Solve Feeding Problems, and Expand Your Child’s diet by Fraker, Fishbein, Cox, and Walbert in 2007.

The Food Chaining technique focuses on making small changes to the taste, texture, and temperature of foods. You start with an item the child already enjoys, and then alter it slightly.

Pictured: We had a few things going on in this session. One of the themes was “apples” and we went from raw apple ➡️ dried apple ➡️ apple flavored cereal ➡️ apple cinnamon oatmeal. This is an example of more advanced chaining with a common taste, and four completely different textures. For many kids, I might start by just choosing one food and making it into three shapes if that’s what they can handle safely.

Talk to your therapist about what might be appropriate for your child while practicing this technique! There are infinite ways to chain foods that are enjoyed to new foods. 😋

Caution: never chain a food that is the sole nutrition source for your child. They need to keep their safe food(s) exactly as is while building with other foods.


April is OT month and we are here to share all.month.long!!! 🗓

April 1st is Letter “A” of the challenge with @shannenmarie_OT

A is for Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

Your child may be diagnosed with this by a physician who is trained in feeding and eating disorders.

A distinguishing feature of this diagnosis is that your child USED TO eat normally and developed a problem in the last 1 to 23 months.

This might look like:
- extreme worry about germs
- vomiting or choking
- recently had a physical trauma around the face/mouth to where they now cannot eat with their family or peers
(Adapted from Dr. Kay Toomey’s free online resources with @sosapproachtofeeding about differentiating between this and pediatric feeding disorder)

If this sounds relatable, DM us and we’re happy to share resources that you can bring to your next doctor’s appointment to get the conversation started!

Photos from Roots Pediatric Therapy - Arizona's post 03/23/2022

Toddler Test Kitchen at the gardens was another beautiful event!

The littles learned how to make spinach torpedos, slice and dice a variety of foods, and how to explore at their own pace in a no-pressure FUN environment!

Grateful I can play a small part in what Yaffi has built over the years to serve our communities. 💓

Join us again in April and May. DM for more info!

Photos from Arizona Occupational Therapy Association (ArizOTA)'s post 03/17/2022

Join me next Tuesday to learn WHY you need to and HOW you can update your feeding practices to align with the neurodiversity movement!

I'll make sure to include a few food puns, too, so you know it won't be a boring hour :)

Timeline photos 03/01/2022

This. Say it louder for people in the back.
PFD is complex. It cannot be fully managed with simplified advice, nor is it a choice to behave a certain way for those who have it. We always have to find the root cause(s) to support healing and restoration!

Parents of children with PFD have heard it all.

"They are just trying to manipulate you into feeding them chicken nuggets." But perhaps that child experiences pain when eating other foods due to an unidentified allergy.

"Don’t worry. It's a phase that they will grow out of." But perhaps they are gagging excessively due to delayed skills for solids.

"They should have a variety in their diet." But perhaps that child naturally wants foods that are easily digestible because of an unidentified motility issue.

PFD is often related to other conditions in children. If you are concerned about your child's eating, please visit


You know it’s going to be a terrific Tuesday when it starts out collaborating with other therapy providers in the East Valley!

Dr. Kim and Dr. Stephanie help babies, kids, and mamas through their work at @thrivepelvichealth / Thrive Pediatrics.

The best part? They provide a holistic program to help with constipation!

We know... what goes in while eating, must come out, so eating and pooing almost always need to be addressed together to make the most change.

So, let's talk about constipation and poo habits! Drop your 💩 questions below. Potty issues are often ignored and they make a huge impact on a child's comfort level at the table and in everyday life.


You are enough.
You are enough.
You are enough.

Sometimes, saying an affirmation to ourselves is hard to accept when we are struggling.

Instead, lean into the phrase "what if..?"

What if I am enough?
What if I am enough as a mom?
Career person?
What if I am doing the best I can with the resources you have?
What if all that I am is more than enough?

Try on the "what if" phrase this week and see how it feels. I already know you are freaking amazing because you are even asking yourself the question about being enough.

You are amazing and you are most definitely *doing* more than enough. xx

Photos from Mona Delahooke, Ph.D.'s post 02/16/2022

Fabulous opportunity to learn about the parenting paradigm shift happening — from behavior management to nervous system regulation.

This is the lens OTs have used for decades and now it’s backed with even more support from the latest neuroscience research being translated by Dr Delahooke!

Who’s ordered her new book? 👋🏽

Photos from Roots Pediatric Therapy - Arizona's post 02/15/2022

❤️20 Ways to Express Your Love to Your Kids ❤️

SWIPE to learn about The 5 Love Languages of Children and 20 simple, yet meaningful ways to show love. Today, and everyday!

Do you know your child's primary love language? Let us know in the comments!

Blog 1.1 Welcome to Roots Pediatric Therapy LLC in Mesa, Arizona! — Roots Pediatric Therapy LLC 02/09/2022

Blog 1.1 Welcome to Roots Pediatric Therapy LLC in Mesa, Arizona! — Roots Pediatric Therapy LLC

Blog Post 1.1 is a welcome from me to you! Scroll to the bottom of the post for a secret I confessed. Hint: it relates to honoring progress over perfection.

Blog 1.1 Welcome to Roots Pediatric Therapy LLC in Mesa, Arizona! — Roots Pediatric Therapy LLC Hi! Here we are in the blog world. I’m calling this Blog 1.1 to make it easier to reference now and in the future. Thank you for being here! You could be reading a million things online right now or scrolling endlessly, and instead, you chose to spend time with us. We are grateful.


What you think feeding involves:

What feeding actually involves:
... and more!

I'm sure many of you can relate. You might have rose-colored glasses on when you think about how FUN it will be to eat with your family! To get all the amazing benefits we know come from family meals! To cook together!

Until, it's not fun. Medical trauma. Health challenges. Discomfort or general disgust toward food. You are not alone. You have not failed your kids, or your family if feeding is challenging.

Resources we wholeheartedly support for more feeding support:
- Babies and toddlers: @solidstarts free app & resource library and @feedinglittles online courses
- All ages: @feedingmatters free online resources and their free Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire© for early detection and treatment of feeding challenges

*This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a place to start exploring your own feeding challenges and what resources are available to help.*

Please SHARE this with a parent who needs to hear this message today. ❤️ If you live in AZ, @roots.pediatrictherapy is here to partner with you to resolve feeding challenges!



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