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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy
Hormone replacement therapy by pellet implantation has been used with great success in the United States, Europe and Australia since 1938 and found to be superior to other methods of hormone delivery.

It is not experimental. Pellets deliver consistent, physiologic levels of hormones and avoid the fluctuations of hormone levels seen with other methods of delivery. Estrogen delivered by subcutaneous implants maintains the normal ratio of estradiol to estrone, a fact that may explain the reduced incidence of breast cancer when compared to synthetic hormone replacement. Hormones delivered by the su

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Call Our office today to schedule a consult with Dr. Bartels and see if GAINSWave is for you! 480.425.8700

Now that James has had the full GAINSWave experience, he is a true believer and he wants to share more than just his story with you!

Before trying GAINSWave, he was a bit iffy. And when he tried googling how the actual therapy was performed, there was nothing to be found - granted, it's a pretty private procedure.

So, he decided to take a leap faith, but also video document his sessions as well as provide updates on his results.

Check out his before and after results via this article he wrote and the videos he has made public.


#gainswaveresults #gainswavetestimonial #curated 04/15/2019

Coolsculpting "Cool Event" Please join us for our Cool Event on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 5:30 pm. Say Goodbye to stubborn fat with Coolsculpting! *Cocktails *Hors d'oeuvres *Live Demo * Chance to WIN a free Treatment COOLSCULPTING FAQ's


Catch Dr. Russell Bartels on Your Life A to Z from 3TV tomorrow morning at 10am talking about hormones.


Tune in to Money Radio 1510(AM) or 99.3(FM) "Business for Breakfast" this morning at 6:50am to hear Dr. Bartels talking about hormones!


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5 Signs Your Gut Is Out of Whack (Even if Your Stomach Feels Fine)

Gut out of whack? #4 will really surprise you.


November is patient appreciation month and we are using it to give thanks! We hope you enjoy!


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Testosterone Therapy Helps Trim Men's Waistlines

Waistline increase? You may have a hormone imbalance. Long-term testosterone replacement therapy helped obese hypogonadal men lose an average of 36 pounds, shed 3.5 inches from their waistline, and add lean body mass to their body composition. 09/26/2016

Cocoa for Cardiovascular Health

Cocoa for Cardivascular Health? Cocoa flavanols help to lower blood pressure and increase blood vessel function, among healthy adults. 09/12/2016

Anti-Aging Benefits of Walnuts

"...daily walnut consumption positively impacts blood cholesterol levels, without adverse effects on body weight among older adults" Recent study explores the benefits of walnuts in regards to age-related health issues. 09/08/2016

Testosterone Therapy Beneficial to Men with Heart Disease

New study finds: Testosterone supplementation enables a reduction in the risk of major cardiovascular events.. New study finds that testosterone supplementation enables a reduction in the risks of major cardiovascular events, such as strokes, heart attacks, and death. 08/23/2016

5 Easy Ways to Boost the Healthy Bacteria In Your Gut

Come see Julie our Lifestyle & Wellness Educator to help your GUT get into shape! The microbes living in your body can affect your mood, waistline, and disease risk. Here’s how to make yours better 08/16/2016

Scottsdale Bioidentical Doctor - Russell Bartels, M.D.

If you have any of the issues below, you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance, which can affect men of all ages. Call our office today to make an appointment: 480-425-8700

- Decreased Erectile Function
- Prostate Enlargement
- Decreased S*x Drive
- Decreased Or**sm Intensity
- Dry Skin & Hair
- Brittle Nails
- Sense of Well Being
- Foggy Thinking
- Weight Gain
- Loss of Muscle
- Depression/Anxiety
- Irritability
- Fatigue/Low Energy
- Sleep Disturbances
- High Cholesterol
- Migraine
- Diabetes
- Osteoporosis
- Cardiovascular Problems Scottsdale Bioidentical Doctor, Russell Bartels, M.D. offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for women and men suffering from Menopause and Andropause in Scottsdale, AZ.


Vitality MDs

Julie our Lifestyle and Wellness Educator is back with a NEW smoothie for you to try! The Pina Cocoa (recipie below).

Comment and let us know what kind of smoothie you'd like to see Julie make up next!

Pina Cocoa
- Frozen Organic Pineapple (1.5 cups)
- Coconut Almond Milk (cover pineapple and texture to taste)
- Chia seeds (2 tablespoons)
- MCT Oil (1/2 teaspoon)
- Opti Fiber Lean (2 scoops)
- NutriClear Free (2 scoops per 12oz)
- Raw Cocoa Powder (2 tablespoons)

Blend up and enjoy!

Julie our Lifestyle and Wellness Educator is back with a NEW smoothie for you to try! The Pina Cocoa (recipie below).

Comment and let us know what kind of smoothie you'd like to see Julie make up next!

Pina Cocoa
- Frozen Organic Pineapple (1.5 cups)
- Coconut Almond Milk (cover pineapple and texture to taste)
- Chia seeds (2 tablespoons)
- MCT Oil (1/2 teaspoon)
- Opti Fiber Lean (2 scoops)
- NutriClear Free (2 scoops per 12oz)
- Raw Cocoa Powder (2 tablespoons)

Blend up and enjoy!


Men's Health


Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bowl from Guy Gourmet


Dr. Bartels having his picture taken for the upcoming Desert Doctors issues of Scottsdale Health Magazine! 08/04/2016

14 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources Meat- and dairy-free protein options can help you stay slim and healthy. 07/26/2016

5 Weird Signs Your Body Needs More Iron According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, one in five American women of childbearing age suffer from iron-deficiency anemia due to everything from poor diets to heavy periods. Because iron deficiency is so common among women in the U.S., you're probably at least somewhat familiar


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Low D levels may be linked to these 5 conditions.


Men's Health


How to Make Your Own Greek Yogurt Popsicles



Thyroid problems can be helped (or hurt) by what you eat. Here are 5 superfoods that are good for your thyroid:


Come enjoy a A Cool Day Out! You can be entered to win $1,500 in CoolSculpting treatment!* 06/27/2016

7 Signs Of A Vitamin D Deficiency - Super Tasty Recipes

Even in the Valley of the Sun, Vitamin D deficiency is common! Make an appointment with us to get your vitamin D levels tested! The Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which plays an important role in many body functions. It’s best known that it works with calcium in the body in order to help build and maintain strong bones. Vitamin D also is involved in regulating the cells and the immune system, where it could help prevent…

[06/24/16]   If you feel like you struggle to get through each day due to low energy and fatigue, have difficulty maintaining focus, and can’t lose fat and build lean body mass despite adequate exercise, then you are most likely suffering from andropause- male menopause

Men suffer from hormonal imbalances too. As men age, their testosterone levels steadily decline once they hit 30 and then dramatically drop in their 40’s and 50’s.

Testosterone supplementation can give you back energy, zest for life, s*x drive, erectile function, and or***ms like when you were in your twenties! It’s a fact that declining testosterone levels are responsible for many of the undesirable effects of aging.

To learn more visit:



It's heating up in the Valley of the Sun, be sure to know the signs of heat exhaustion!

Out in the heat? Pushing through a workout? Be careful – you could get heat exhaustion. Here are the signs to look out for. 06/16/2016

Quiz: Could You Have a Thyroid Problem?

Did you know we can treat and diagnose thyroid issues? Make your appointment today! 480-425-8700 Are you gaining weight, tired, or depressed? Losing weight, irritable, or can’t sleep? It may be your thyroid. Take this WebMD quiz and find out more.


Who started their day with Bulletproof coffee today? Julie Henderson, Wellness Educator makes this blended "fat coffee" everyday for our Doctors and staff. The Ghee has healthy fat to feed the brain and MCT oil or Brain Octane by Dave Asprey helps give you clarity and focus and keep you full all day long!!! Sweetened with organic Stevia for flavor. 06/09/2016

How To Make The Best Roasted Vegetables You've Ever Eaten Healthy eating has never been so easy.





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