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Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy is a progressive, dynamic company comprised of highly skilled and passionate physical therapy and fitness experts with one common goal – Allowing YOU to achieve YOUR personal best so you can “Live Better and Play Better”.


Biggest Fears

We're always so excited for Halloween (so much so we couldn't wait to "dress up") so we asked the guys what their biggest fear were! What are some of your biggest fears?🤡🍬


Something we get asked a lot in the clinic is: "Do you have any tips for someone like me who's not in a lot of pain, but very stiff on a morning and throughout the day?"

And the answer is yes! Click the link below to read the 5 daily habits to reduce stiffness that I tell all my patients to do to help if they're feeling stiff


Favorite Things About Fall

We love Fall here at Canyon PT! Here's some of our favorite things about it🍂🎃👻;

Photos from Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy's post 10/06/2017

Happy World Smile Day! Here's our best, biggest smiles especially for you guys!😁


It's officially Fall!🍂🎃

But, with the leaves changing colors and Halloween also comes a weaker immune system and flu season!

So... with that in mind, our blog this week is about tips to help keep you healthy during Fall and leading into Winter and the holiday season.

Click the link below to read our blog on how to keep healthy during Fall;


Favorite Exercises

This morning we have Federico showing you his 2 favorite exercises, that you can do from home, why not give them a try as a way to exercise without going to the gym!💪🏼


Do you want to keep fit but don't like the idea of going to the gym? A lot of our clients do, so we wrote this blog all about how you can keep fit without going to the gym!

Not only is it something you can do to keep fit, it's also something you can do when catching up with friends, instead of being sat down, click the link below to read this week's blog and find out all about it;🏃🏼‍♀️


We hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! Tell us in the comments below what you got up to!😊


Quickfire Questions - Extreme!

Quickfire Questions - Extreme!

Anyone can do a round of Quickfire Questions - it takes someone with bravery to attempt our new version!

Thankfully, Tanisha was the one who stepped up and gave it her best shot, we love the pose at the end😂


Do you know how many hours you spend sitting per day - not including the 8 hours you spend laying down in bed sleeping?

Click the link below to read this week's blog to see if you spend too much time sitting down every day and what you can do about it if you are🛋;


Relaxation Day

It's Relaxation Day!

Federico and Tanisha are enjoying celebrating Relaxation Day by relaxing on each other, we're wondering who will move first and who will fall over...😜


Client Success Story

Another of our lovely clients was kind enough to share their story with us and all of you😊

Photos from Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy's post 08/10/2017

Today is Lazy Day!

We've taken it literally here at Canyon Physical Therapy and decided to have lazy naps wherever we possibly can throughout the clinic!


Returning to exercise after an injury can sometimes be difficult and slower than most people would like...

Especially if you try to rush back into exercising again without your injury fully healing, or following these 6 simple steps to help you recover and get back to exercising!

Click the link below to read our blog this week on the 6 steps to getting back to exercise after you've had an injury💪🏼


Happiness Happens Day part 2

Part 2 of our Happiness Happens Day here at Canyon Physical Therapy!

This time, it's what makes Heather happy😁


Happiness Happens Day

It's Happiness Happens Day!

Here's what makes Federico happy😁

(Stay tuned for another Happiness Happens video later today...)


How We Would Treat Runners Injuries

This morning Heather demonstrated some exercises that we would perform on you as part of recovery and healing from a running injury🏃🏽


Our blog this week is for those who struggle to wake up early, or who want to get up earlier on a morning and can't seem to figure it our properly...

Click the link below to read our blog that gives you tips on how to wake up earlier and get more done!😴


Summer Sun Tips!

You'll all know just how crazy the sun and heat can get here in Phoenix during August and the summer months!

So we wanted to give you some tips for keeping safe in the sun during these hot days, while having some fun at the same time (poor Tanisha!)

Remember to stay hydrated, use sun cream and wear a hat to keep your head covered!☀️


Morning Routine

Happy Monday!

This morning we asked Heather to share what she does on a morning before coming to work😊

(As you can tell, we all LOVE our coffee here at Canyon PT!)☕️


Healthy Tips

Federico has some Friday health tips to share with you all... even though he doesn't like to follow his own tips and can't put down the candy and the coffee!☕️🍬

Timeline photos 07/26/2017

Patients often ask me; "why do I get neck pain?" but it's difficult to answer sometimes.

Not because I don't know how to ease it, but because I don't know their personal circumstances.

Your night time routine might be the cause of your neck pain, click the link below to read the blog to see if it could be the cause and what you can do to help ease it😴


Neck Pain Exercises

Have you slept awkwardly and woken up with neck pain? Or suffer from neck pain in general?

If so, Federico has a few exercises to show you that you can do to help ease your neck pain🚣🏼


Quickfire Questions

Happy Monday all!😁

It's time for another round of Quickfire Questions, we're on the front desk today!☺️


Junk Food Day

It's Junk Food Day!

Everyone is allowed a little junk food every once in a while!🍫🍪🍩

Timeline photos 07/19/2017

A lot of people do ab exercises to get a "flat stomach" in time for their summer vacation...

But did you know that doing those ab exercises can actually be causing you back pain?

Click the link below to read our blog on HOW🌴


Ab Exercises

We've had a lot of people in the clinic lately complaining of back pain caused by doing ab exercises WRONG!

So Federico and Tanisha were kind enough to demonstrate an ab exercises you can do that won't cause you back pain☺️

Timeline photos 07/17/2017

It's World Emoji Day!

We all have our favorite Emoji's here at Canyon PT, so we acted them out too!😎😗😜


Knee Pain Exercises

Following this week's blog theme of knee pain, Heather and Federico were kind enough to demonstrate some exercises you can do at home to help ease your knee pain☺️

Timeline photos 07/12/2017

"Can walking be bad for my knees?"

That's a question a patient asked us last week in our Glendale clinic.

His doctor had advised "rest and painkillers" which had confused him, especially because he loves to be active!

Click the link below to read our blog on the situation and to find out if walking is actually bad for your knees🚶🏼


Ashley's Story

One of our lovely clients, Ashley, was kind enough to talk to us about her experience here at Canyon Physical Therapy.

She tells us all about her injury and what she can do now that she couldn't before coming to see us!😊💪🏼


2 Truths 1 Lie

Happy Monday!😁

Heather and Federico have been challenging each other to a game of 2 Truths and 1 Lie, who knows who better...

Timeline photos 07/05/2017

Running can be a great form of exercise, however, running daily could lead to injury.

Click the link below to read our blog that tells you HOW running might be leading you to injury and what you can do to prevent it from happening🏃🏼‍♀️;


Happy Fourth of July!



Running Tips

To link with this week's blog, Heather wanted to show you her favorite stretch before taking part in any running...🏃🏼‍♀️





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