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Legislation to expand Medicare coverage of services provided by chiropractors within the scope of their license has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The bill would allow Medicare beneficiaries to access the chiropractic profession’s broad-based, non-drug approach to pain management, which includes manual manipulation of the spine and extremities, joint mobilization, soft-tissue massage techniques, physiological therapies, exercise instruction and activity advice.

In light of all the things that have been happening, what changes are you making?
You can't be anti-opioid and not support coverage for chiropractic care. Solutions to manage chronic pain are key. Watch for legislating this fall!
Beautiful tribute to the health care professionals who helped the princess with her scoliosis.
"Forty-five percent of adults say they’re preoccupied with their weight some or all of the time... Nearly half of 3- to 6- year old girls say they worry about being fat."

The real solutions aren't about diets or fat shaming, they are about eating real food (not high sugar, processed, low fiber, additives) and moving your body, staying hydrated, and mentally healthy. We have to address the cost of real food and stop subsidizing the foods that are killing us. Get moving, get adjusted.
We support all moms. 💓
Abby got her massage today 😉
I love this place!! Dr. Kuty is amazing!!! She helped me soooo much throughout my pregnancy!! I stopped taking anything for pain after seeing her and I was taking Tylenol for headaches 3/4 times a week. She also gave me so much new mommy education!! Dr. Kuty really cares about her patients!!
Dr. Kuty, do you have new hours at your new location? I was thinking today I could still come see you if you have extended hours.. :)
Jolene Kuty, I wanted to tell you that I have seen a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my baby girl's reflux and craning since you saw her last week. I was nervous about the idea of pediatric adjustment, but now I feel so lucky that we found you!
Congratulations, Dr. Kuty! You are so wonderful!

Kuty Chiropractic. Friendly, family care for PAIN relief and optimal HEALTH! In-network insurance pr

Operating as usual


Proud to treat our Veterans. Thank you for your service.


Being Mommy's assistant is exhausting 😴

2022 Fruit Tree Program Launch - Sept 10th 09/09/2022

2022 Fruit Tree Program Launch - Sept 10th

Check this out! Great gardening presentations! Lots of good info here if you're growing fruit trees or thinking about adding them. And it's FREE! I am honored to be a presenter: "A Decade into Building a Food Forest."

2022 Fruit Tree Program Launch - Sept 10th Over the last 22 years The Urban Farm has educated thousands of people and sold over 60,000 trees. Our program starts with free education, sharing all the strategies that we have learned over the years.

Jolene Kuty on Creating a 10-year Vision 08/09/2022

Jolene Kuty on Creating a 10-year Vision

Really excited to share my latest podcast with you!

690: Jolene Kuty On Creating A 10-Year Vision.
Setting An Urban Farming Goal And Then Making It A Reality.
In This Podcast:
When Dr. Jolene Kuty and her husband were ready to start planting on their bare new property, they spent a lot of time planning what they wanted to do in the space and how they wanted it to look in 10 years. They wisely took even more time to plan the space accordingly. Now, 10 years later, hear how they are enjoying the fruits of their labor, both literally and figuratively, and proving that the best time to plant a tree really is 10 years ago!

Our Guest:
Chiropractic physician and health educator, Dr. Jolene Kuty, built an idyllic sustainable urban farm as a role model for her patients and her family. Her home and on-site chiropractic office is surrounded by 800 square feet of raised organic vegetable gardens and over 20 trees from the Urban Farm fruit tree program. They live, work, and play on a half-acre in the city where their six children swing beside seedlings and are surrounded by fresh growing fruit. They eat farm-to-table, sharing recipes and inspiration with all who visit.

Listen In And Learn About:

Describing the before and after
Spending 31 hours planning what to do with their space
Planning to live, work and play
Creating the need to spend time outside
Designing their own playground
Making carrot top pesto
Harvesting awards
Adding more trees, made easier because of the planning they did 10 years ago

Letting the pineapple palm grow into an umbrella
Filling the raised beds
Integrating the garden with the yard
Moving the chiropractic office into the garden
Sprinkling fairy dust on boy scouts
Learning to love bugs, slowly
Sharing, engaging, and finding community
Starting with a quarter-sized tomato

As Well As:
Her childhood memory – Her grandmother growing tomatoes in her yard, surrounded by marigolds

Her advice – “Find a community.”

Jolene Kuty on Creating a 10-year Vision Setting an urban farming goal and then making it a reality. – When Dr. Jolene Kuty and her husband were ready to start planting on their bare new property, they spent a lot of time planning what they wanted to do in the space and how they wanted it to look in 10 years. They wisely took even more.....


"Best administrative staff!"
Thank you for that wonderful review, Judy.

Home Page 06/11/2022

Home Page

I am urgently writing to ask for your help. As you know, ACA has introduced both HR 2654 and SB 4042, The Chiropractic Medicare Modernization Bill in Congress. As of today we have 139 cosponsors in the House, and 5 cosponsors in the Senate, however, there are now only seven months remaining to pass this legislation or we have to start all over again. That is why there is now such great urgency to our efforts. You can help generate cosponsors by contacting your Senators and Representative through the ACA Legislative Action Center and by asking your colleagues, family, and friends to do the same! It's simple. Www.acatoday.org/takeaction will take you and them to ACA's legislative action center. Once there, simply ask them to send the letters both to their Representative and Senators. Patients who have had coverage for their chiropractic care throughout their working careers now find they lose most of that coverage when they retire and go onto Medicare. If you want to learn more, go to handsdownbetter.org. We will likely need over 200 cosponsors nationally to get a hearing for our bill and get it out of committee. We have been working hard and have been close to getting some other cosponsors, but we need your help. Your action is needed now more than ever. Let's all roll up our sleeves and do our part! Thank you!

Home Page Find a chiropractor: ACA is the largest professional chiropractic organization in the U.S. Learn more about drug-free approaches to pain management.


Thank you for the honor of serving you.


Creative Exercise

I love creative exercise! Tie an empty tissue box around your waist and try to "p**p" the balls out.


Lobbying on the hill virtually, meeting with Sen. Kelly, Sen. Sinema, and Rep. Lesko's offices to help Arizonans and all Americans get full scope Chiropractic care coverage through the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act

HR 2654 Compelling Reasons Why It Needs to be Passed - updated 02/23/2022

HR 2654 Compelling Reasons Why It Needs to be Passed - updated

I've been lobbying for this bill for 20 years! It's been 50 YEARS since Chiropractic coverage has been updated in Medicare. Please call members of the US House and Senate and encourage passage of HR2654 and its mirror senate bill. 1 in 3 seniors is on an opioid drug! It's time to cover non-pharmcologic care!

HR 2654 Compelling Reasons Why It Needs to be Passed - updated Chiropractic was originally included in Medicare in 1972 and only covers manual manipulation of the spine. This limitation decreases access and creates a bar...


Thankful for the opportunity to have the great job as mom to these beautiful people. Thank you to my patients for your continued support.


I am so THANKFUL for each and every one of you! Have a healthy, happy, blessed Thanksgiving!


A HUGE Thank You to ALL the Veterans for what you have sacrificed and have done for our great country. We are so proud to help our Veterans and be a VA Chiropractic provider!


Our windows are protected from the rain on this stormy day. Now they are cleaner than ever thanks to Shane at Sun Valley Window Washers!


We opened Kuty Chiropractic 15 years ago! We're so thankful to have helped so many wonderful people in our community. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Sponge fossils suggest animals already existed 890 million years ago 07/29/2021

Sponge fossils suggest animals already existed 890 million years ago

Science is cool. Look what was just discovered! These formations of organization are the same basis for the reorganization of your healing bone and tissues. I use this organizational principle in my treatments everyday! In essence, a 900 million yr old healing! Wow.


Sponge fossils suggest animals already existed 890 million years ago The preserved remains of sponges found in Canada suggest that animals may have originated 350 million years earlier than we thought


Make a change, feel the difference. I often see patients who don't think they can do anything about their knee pain and arthritis. We have many tools to help. It's not all about weight. Weight is one component. Health is about using many tools from the tool box.



I just met my next patient, Quasimodo, a hyperkyphotic scoliotic shark! If you need me, I'll be studying everything about shark skeletal anatomy.


This is such a cool story. I'd never heard of this.

Probably the most unusual record in my collection! In post WWII Russia, Stalin banned the possession of any western music. All records allowed in the country had to be of Russian composers. But there was an underground hungry for Western popular music—everything from jazz and blues to rock & roll. But smuggling vinyl was dangerous, and acquiring the scarce material to make copies of those records that did make it into the country was expensive and very risky.

An ingenuous solution to this problem began to emerge in the form of “bone music," or sometimes called "bones 'n' ribs" music, or simply Ribs.

A young 19 year-old sound engineer Ruslan Bogoslowski in Leningrad changed the game when he created a device to bootleg western albums so he could distribute them across Russia. Problem was he couldn't find material to bootleg his pressings onto, vinyl was scare as were all petroleum products after the war. Then, one day he stumbled upon a pile of discarded X-rays. It worked. At the time, Russian law mandated that all X-rays had to be destroyed after 1 year of storage because they were flammable so he dug through trash bins and paid off orderlies for x-rays and for 20 years he handmade about 1,000,000 bootlegs onto X-ray film of everything from classical to the Beach Boys, eventually spending five years imprisoned in Siberia for this rebellion.

For over 20 years, Bone Music was the only way Russian music lovers could get western music, which they played at "music and coffee parties" in their kitchens, away from the KGB ears and eyes.

So I had to find one. This is a 78 rpm recording of the Indian Song "Awaara" by Raj Kapoor on an exposed Chest X-ray. Probably around 1951. Each Rib, was handmade, and one of a kind.

Bone Music. A testament to the underground courage to subvert authority, rebellion, and the love of music. The spirit of rock n roll.


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Honored to serve those who serve our country. We remember.


What's on your menu?

I Know Pain (Olympic Commercial) 05/22/2021

I Know Pain (Olympic Commercial)

Competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she injured her knee. Thanks to the team chiropractor, Dr. Witter-Davis went from out of the game to in competition in three days. Today, she is the chiropractor. Relieving pain and optimizing performance.

I Know Pain (Olympic Commercial) Past Olympian now doctor of chiropractic (DC), Dr. Erica Witter-Davis knows pain. Competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she injured her knee. Thanks to the ...


Lobbying in Congress with the American Chiropractic Association. HR2654 updates Medicare Chiropractic coverage for the first time since 1972! Our care reduces opioid use, reduces disability, and keeps our seniors healthy and active. I met with Kelsey Mishkin, Deputy Chief of Staff for Rep. Grijalva; Krista Rosenthall, Health Policy Fellow for Sen. Sinema; and, Sydney Pearson, Legislative Correspondent for Sen. Kelly. I was joined by my colleagues Dr. Rich Guarino of Phoenix and Dr. Katherine Phillips of Tuscon. I'm honored to help advocate for Medicare beneficiaries that deserve full coverage for the care they need.


Ellie has been very private about her condition over the years but, with permission, we're excited to share some great news! At 13yo, Ellie has "graduated" out of her AFOs and into just a night splint. This is a huge win. She can stand flat, extend her knee, and has no more cramping. She's pretty fully grown. No heel cord surgery! This is such a relief. She didn't grow much in puberty. One advantage of being barely 5'. She's been wearing AFOs since age 3 for spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy. I truly am thankful for being a Chiropractor, and having tools to help her. She got adjusted 3/wk for years as a baby and I just thought it was cute how she always asked. My other kids didn't do that; they only asked sometimes when needed. Ellie's had lots of chiropractic care & cupping by me, along with PT, OT, and developmental preschool. This graduation is almost unheard of in kids with this condition. We're very lucky and thankful.


Thank you. We are honored to be a 2021 "People Love Us" recipient! Thank you for your great reviews. We do our best here for YOU!


What a beautiful day! What are you going to enjoy this weekend?


1 year of masks at work helping to keep our community safe

Chiropractor Scottsdale, AZ - Kuty Chiropractic 03/10/2021

Chiropractor Scottsdale, AZ - Kuty Chiropractic

Pain is not due to being "old!" What's old? I have 20 yo, 40 yo, 80 yo patients who all tell me that. Every patient has the ability for improved movement, hydration, and nutrition. Every patient can learn better self-care and education about their body and how to avoid injury and maximize healing. There are solutions to address chronic pain. I'm happy to help. 480-945-7800

Chiropractor Scottsdale, AZ - Kuty Chiropractic Kuty Chiropractic, Scottsdale Chiropractor 480-945-7800. Pain Relief! Health! Insurance accepted.


Today's my day.

Be well: A potential role for vitamin B in COVID-19 02/02/2021

Be well: A potential role for vitamin B in COVID-19

Against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, people "must include adequate and balanced nutrition for proper body functioning and boosting of the immune system. Micronutrients, vitamin C and vitamin D have gained much attention during the pandemic because of their anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties... similarly, vitamin B deficiency can significantly impair cell and immune system function, and lead to inflammation due to hyperhomocysteinemia."
Wash hands, wear masks, take vitamins. Ask us for additional information how to boost your health.


Be well: A potential role for vitamin B in COVID-19 aDepartment of Food, Nutrition and Health, College of Food and Agriculture, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates

Photos from Kuty Chiropractic's post 01/30/2021

? What are your favorite YouTube yoga videos? Our family's February challenge is going to include doing more yoga and walking. I love yoga but I don't take time to do it regularly. I'm doing free you tube and library yoga to inspire everyone to try it! Here's my today pre and post flexion. This was not a beginner class but was fun and had some non-yoga cardio mixed in. I was joined by my family. Free, convenient, family friendly.

Photos from Kuty Chiropractic's post 01/30/2021

February we are going to do No Dairy, No Meat, and No Gluten. These are nutrition-packed meals. I hope they inspire everyone to try something new and challenge themselves to get out of their food boxes.


If you need food inspiration
Fresh melted onion soup with garden greens (cauliflower & broccoli florets and leaves, bok choy, Swiss chard, and radish leaves) with chicken sausage. Hits the spot!

Metagenomics Analysis Finds 90% of U.S. Infants Studied Lack Key Gut Bacterium for Breast Milk Utilization and Immune System Development 01/26/2021

Metagenomics Analysis Finds 90% of U.S. Infants Studied Lack Key Gut Bacterium for Breast Milk Utilization and Immune System Development

90% of U.S. Infants Studied Lack Key Gut Bacterium for Breast Milk Utilization and Immune System Development. This is the largest study to date to study this and 9 out of 10 were lacking in the bacteria to help prevent auto immune problems, colic, and diaper rash. This is evidence that babies may benefit from birth with supplemented pre- and pro-biotics. Ask us about our infant probiotics.


Metagenomics Analysis Finds 90% of U.S. Infants Studied Lack Key Gut Bacterium for Breast Milk Utilization and Immune System Development Study is claimed to be the largest to date to benchmark widespread deficiency in gut bacteria among U.S. infants.


For the win! Connecting those who DO with those who NEED, bringing the community together. My patient, Joyce, sewed this weighted lap pad for Zahra's son. A nice way to give back on my birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Smiles so big!

Embryology of the Fascial System 01/01/2021

Embryology of the Fascial System

Wow! CRAZY! So cool! LIQUID FASCIA! I'm in!

Starting 2021 off right with the coolest research in 5 years! I have the best job ever!
IT'S ALL CONNECTED! This paper reviews new genetic and physiological embryology (how we form) proving the basis for much of the integration work I have been doing for 20 years!
"The entire body is interconnected by this large fascial network, making it a fast and extremely efficient communication system for life."


Embryology of the Fascial System The fascial system is a link between the various body systems. Understanding the embryonic formation of the fascial system contributes to understanding the development of the whole body, helping to understand clinical phenomena. The text presents the concept of the fascial system and its interaction...

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Creative Exercise




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