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An empath for a narcissist is like Roger Federer, he’s going to keep returning the ball to your side of the court


A skilled empath can help you get honest with yourself, to move forward in new astounding ways!


An empath can help you learn the real value of sourcing your own energy versus continuously seeking for love outside yourself


An empath can help a narcissist become aware of their lies, self deceptions, and insecurities.


Benefits of an empath to a narcissist: an empath is going to call you out on your $hit


When you have subtle perceptions there’s nothing wrong with you, this is perfectly natural and for whatever reason we are not taught this. Again you are not alone, you are not crazy, remember to stay grounded this is a part of life


Getting additional information with a 6th sense is natural.

It’s not anything that can’t be explained by science. Some terms for it: psychic, intuition, feeling, instinct, empathy, vibe, impulse, [email protected] the clairs


We’re all built and take in information differently; some people are visual learners others auditory. The same thing with subtle energy, some hear more information than is perceive with their standard 5, others feel , others just know.


We get additional information from these vibrations, a song can affect our mood, the sun stimulates our mind, food we eat carries the vibration of those who prepared it.


You have a song and a vibration and a story to tell, you matter, you are a part of this world and that’s no accident


Everything has a vibration and a story, a character and a role to play. From the rock to the wind, the elephant and the friend. Try to listen to their songs

Dr. Nicole LePera on TikTok 12/27/2022

Dr. Nicole LePera on TikTok

These folks are highly educational and entertaining. They’re doing exceptional work for many of us, bringing awareness, language, and understanding to things we may not have been able to name. In-joy and it takes abundant willingness to unlearn.

I’m here for you if you need someone. And when we use our voice with those around us, we also learn that we have more support than we thought, and others often need the same support that we do 💝⭐️

Dr. Nicole LePera on TikTok Children are meant to be: SEEN, HEARD, AND UNDERSTOOD. This is how confidence is developed. When we’re children, we need a parent figure to show us that our emotions matter. That our thoughts and needs matter. When our parents hear us, we learn to respect ourselves. And, as adults we create relati...


For anyone who has done energy work, was it really healing or did you just feel good for a little while?


I mean the only way I can compete with a FB or other social media site that posts 15 times a day by 8 different people is to just have way better quality advice and insights Because I’ve lived it.

🤔😳 Cell Phones & Wifi Devices 12/13/2022

🤔😳 Cell Phones & Wifi Devices

Keep some distance between you and your cell phone. I remember speaking to a nurse almost 10 years ago and she noted how people have been coming in with hip issues and bone issues …and that’s where they keep their cell phone.

🤔😳 Cell Phones & Wifi Devices


on my cross country tour I’ve been volunteering services to the stuck deceased to help them crossover, as well as exploring vortices or energetically different places. Follow to see insights and post your own!

Dragonfirework on TikTok 11/16/2022

Dragonfirework on TikTok

Healing walk in Sedona

Dragonfirework on TikTok Welcome to some peaceful moments on part of my hike in Sedona


Playful moments on the edge of the Grand Canyon.


You’ll understand the people you allowed to “emotionally destroy you” when you learn how to focus; AND when you learn responsibility. The responsibility for how you feel comes from your own psychology, levels of boundaries, and ability to focus.

Do you understand the yin and the yang, the masculine and feminine? You can’t be both exactly at the same time, it’s like kayaking you use one paddle end and then use the other to move you forward. When you focus and you’re directional in the masculine energies, you can’t be receptive in the feminine at the same time, and vice versa! 💝🕊⭐️🏆🎁🥳💯


Here you go: we don’t know how we affect people. Most people are completely unaware of what’s going on inside of us and vice versa! We don’t know how we affect people and we don’t understand for example why people seem so angry at us… we don’t have a clue what’s going on inside other people!!! (Essentially) We have a clue, but we don’t know where it’s coming from or why. “Not everything is about you“.

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

Timeline photos

Love the compassion and understanding! ♥️


When learning and unlearning: Get messy! I mean...lol, could it really be any worse than what prompted you to change? You're learning, have compassion!


"They" say it may be beneficial to learn a language when you're drunk - because you're not afraid to practice and make mistakes. I don't recommend alcohol for sensitives, but don't be afraid to play and make mistakes when learning something new, like a new way of being


You can treat life as improv, say, "Yes, and..." move forward with something.


The Functional Empath - starting YouTube channel of virtual adventures


Growth and change is uncomfortable at times, unlearning and learning are processes. Think about what your life is going to be like if nothing changes...remain diligent.


Follow your Songlines


Setting boundaries requires you know your needs. You can't discover your needs if you're addicted to being aware of others.


People will tell you to "put up walls", but that never felt right to me. There are ways to establish boundaries without putting up walls. Connect for details.


Want relief? Its time to start a meditation practice. Contact me, comment, or DM if you want help getting started.


Want relief? Listen to music, get out in nature, or do an activity you enjoy, deep dive focus into and time skips when you're doing it. Give yourself that gift.


As an unskilled empath, do you have any interest in breathing of experiencing your OWN emotions?


If you're experiencing overwhelm, consider getting out into nature, or any where away from your current location or persons proximity at least once every 2 weeks or more often as needed.


Regarding others - not everyone wants to be an open book. Respect the boundaries of others until you find your own.




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