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still missing please share with family and friends, it do not matter what state you are in, she could be anywhere, thank you $5000.00 reward, not one question asked, reward for safe return . reward also applies to anyone who has information that leads to Izzie being found safe and getting back home , could be anywhere, last seen in Iron Station NC on July 12th. but if picked up could be anywhere if found please call or text 7045774581
I have thought very long and hard and for me, quality of my Silas is better than quantity. Silas has had 14/15 good years. He's been a spoiled, precious part of my heart. He has taken me through some very difficult times the last few years. He was my only comfort, companion, and buddy. He is unable to pass his bowels, he is now peeing on himself, bedding. I have him up on his roost with window wide open, the cicadas are loud, the air coming in is fresh. He sleeps. He can't even turn himself around. He hasn't had anything to drink, or eat, since late yesterday evening. I think he is telling me, Mom You can let me go. Because really, who am I thinking of here? Silas or me? So when I bring him in today, we can give him mercy and rest. Thank you so much for your care, and trying. Even if he were to begin treatments in the case of if he has diabetes, he has nerve damage and it won't be reversed to give him a decent quality of life. I think his appointment is for 11 or 11:30. Since I can't remember, I'm too broken up right now, I will be in at 11. Thank you so much. Deborah Wright.
Sunday, 11th, Silas is showing no progress. His right rear leg is not supporting him now. My daughter and I did some researching and we both believe he should have bloodwork done. The signs do all point to diabetes, although today, he's tried to use the litter box but without success. He has not eaten yet today since before his visit Saturday. Not really drinking much either. I know he wants to use his litter box cause he keeps looking at it .
Silas *Wright* shows no improvement with his left rear leg. I bathed him with warm water and vegetable oil to his back half to remove the clumped on cat litter. He is quite oily as I didn't want to use Dawn on him to remove the oil. I am rethinking that decision. I am using a pine/cedar litter that does not stick to him. Found him laying in it as if he thought it was bedding. He does not seem to be in any pain. He drinks plenty of water and his eating has decreased which is not all bad. He has an appointment for Saturday. Thank you. Oh, he has a small circular sore on the heel of his right rear leg.
Today, Silas's tail swishing with cat aggravation as I tried to clean the clumping cat litter from his back legs and feet. He is using his right rear much better and there is warmth in the pads of his left rear. When I tried to remove, unsuccessfully, the clumping litter from his left leg and toes, he seemed not to care. However, when he tried to get out of my reach, he didn't exactly drag that left rear like he has. The only discomfort he shows is when I am trying to clean that horrid clumping litter off him. I am feeling more hopeful. It's a lot of work, my room smells, but that cat means the world to me. Thank you and can't wait to see how he gets after his Saturday session.
Update on Silas Wright: He had his first laser treatment Friday. This morning, I noticed he is able to put a tad more weight on his right rear leg than he has been in last few days. His left rear leg is still useless. But I am hopeful for his right rear leg becoming a strong enough support that even if Silas' left rear never fully bears weight again, his right rear will be good enough. He's a fighter. He didn't miss the litter box today. He sleeps good, eats, of course (he's bad like that like me) and drinks his water well even if he ends up with the side of his face soaking wet.
I was so blessed to have brought my cat, Silas, here for Dr. Mapp's care. I have hope for my companion, Silas, and that is more than I had before I went in. I will refer people to Delco. Thank you Dr. Mapp, staff and heck even the other clients were nice people!
It's so hot outside for the people with respiratory problems such as myself please drink plenty of water and stay in till the sun goes down!!!
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Safe & unsafe snacks for dogs.

Safe and not safe summer fruits for dogs!

Vets Beg Owners To Stop Feeding This To Dogs A list of foods that you should never give to your dog.

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Dog’s Tongue Nearly Split In Two After Getting Stuck In Rubber Ball Toy "Poppy's owners wanted us to share her story to highlight the dangers of leaving your dog unattended with toys, no matter how innocent they seem."

Over 30 Common Items that are Poisonous to Dogs Most dog owners would do anything for their four-legged companions. Whether it is daily love and affection, a favorite spot on the living room sofa, or annual check-ups with the local veterinarians, these dedicated owners would never knowingly put their beloved furry friends in any real danger. Even...

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5 Tips to Treat Cats Without Spoiling Them Search for Chewy Cat Treats

The Dodo

This is all every shelter dog in the world wants 💖

Dog owner warns: Artificial sweeteners harmful to K9s after pet dies from sugar-free brownie

Be careful, check all labels for the presence of xylitol. It is in so many foods that we consume daily, and although it is safe for us, it can be deadly for our pets. As dieters around the world try to keep trim, natural alternatives to refined sugar have proliferated, but as ...

The Air Force Is Looking For People To Adopt Retired Military Working Dogs The Air Force is asking for people – military members or civilians – who would be willing to adopt some of their retired military working dogs.

Opossum awareness

It’s cold out there. Please be kind to opossums. Many of them find a cozy place to combat the cold. ( so many we see are missing parts of tails , ears , toes , due to previous frost bite ) and your garage or porch may be the only place they have , they won’t hurt anything , I promise , and shooing them out may be certain death due to lack of shelter. They are Northern America’s ONLY marsupial. And these precious souls eat fleas , ticks and other pests.
Please. This holiday season. Be kind. Be the change you wish to see in the world

Candy Canes Can Kill Your Pooch Because They Have Xylitol Did you know that products with Xylitol can kill your dog? Products range from common everyday products like mints, candies and even peanut butter. Read on.

Celebrating Veterans Day and service dogs for veterans with PTSD Celebrating Veterans Day and understanding what service dogs can do for veterans with PTSD. But the U.S. Veterans Administration provides little support

November Is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Here's What You Should Know - Dogtime November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month--a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving forever homes. If you care about sweet senior animals, help spread the word throughout November. We can help older pets find homes together. Here's what you should know about older pets.

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We are looking for an experienced dog and cat groomer to work on a part time basis.
If you are a groomer, or know someone who is please contact us at 610-586-1577. Thank you

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'Dogs' Yawns Actually Send An Important Message That Owners Should Pay Attention To It's not that they're tired.

[09/03/19]   Hello everyone,
We are looking for an experienced dog and cat groomer to work on a part time basis.
If you are a groomer, or know someone who is please contact us at 610-586-1577. Thank you

The Dodo

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21 Strange Cat And Dog Behaviors That Have Fascinating Scientific Explanations It's not just because they're weirdos.


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A balcony or even a cat carrier are still places your cat can be attacked by unfriendlies.


A balcony or even a cat carrier are still places your cat can be attacked by unfriendlies.

4 Simple Feeding Tips to Keep the Dog Healthy Search for Dog Foods

[08/11/19]   Hello everyone,
We are looking for an experienced dog and cat groomer to work on a part time basis.
If you are a groomer, or know someone who is please contact us at 610-586-1577. Thank you

Consumers Review Blog

When a shelter told me this was the last chance for 4 dogs to be adopted, I did something crazy 😬

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Not all dog breeds are good swimmers, most dogs of the bulldog variety can't swim and will drown easily. Keep them safe ; they should wear life jackets and be supervised. Have fun and stay safe.

"Slim is a terrible swimmer but God loves a trier" 🐕💦

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