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Looking for a medical coding expert for home health care.
Package: 90k-120k depending on experience.Must have knowledge on 485 forms and faxing orders to doctors & minimum Experience of 1/2 years required.


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Job timing 7pm to 3Am

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Set measurable goals that demonstrate improvement in marketing efforts

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Happy new year from CX solutions

Stimulus Check Delay update: Will you be one of the 500,000 to receive a check? 12/29/2021

Stimulus Check Delay update: Will you be one of the 500,000 to receive a check?

2022 Stimulus Check payments: Do you qualify to be part of the group receiving checks in January

Stimulus Check Delay update: Will you be one of the 500,000 to receive a check?


Delayed stimulus checks are sent to 500,000 Americans, and we tell you if you qualify to get one.

The American Rescue Plan is having some troubles. However, the stimulus package doesn't stop just in the Federal Government.

Stimulus Check Delay update: Will you be one of the 500,000 to receive a check? Delayed stimulus checks are sent to 500,000 Americans, and we tell you if you qualify to get one. The American Rescue Plan is having some troubles. However, the stimulus package


Cx billing



Cx billing

Psychiatric Billing Guidelines 05/26/2021

Psychiatric Billing Guidelines

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Psychiatric Billing Guidelines For psychiatrists who provide E/M services along with psychotherapy, the appropriate E/M code must be determined by the level of the medical decision making, as newly defined. Time cannot be used to determine E/M when adding on psychotherapy.

CDC on Twitter 05/25/2021

CDC on Twitter

COVID-19 vaccination.
786 688-9028

CDC on Twitter “: In this video, watch as neonatologist Dr. Shetal Shah describes how he fosters support for vaccination within the NICU through a culture of immunization.”


How to reduce claim rejections and denials?

What’s the difference between Rejection and Denial?

A claim rejection occurs prior to claim processing and is typically related to input errors or invalid data. A denied claim is processed by the payer and determined to be unpayable. In both instances, the payer will return a notification for the reason of rejection or denial.

list of several well-known reasons claims get rejected.

1-Incorrect Patient Demographics -

This can include using a nickname instead of the name on file with the insurance company, an incorrect date of birth, the wrong insurance ID, missing information, or submitting to the wrong insurance.

2-Missing or Incorrect Information

We are all human and we all make mistakes. That is why it is important to double and triple check information on the claims. At times, a claim may be denied because it is missing information, such as a service code. However, it is also common for claims to be denied because the information was entered incorrectly. Such as a birth year of 1984 being entered as 1948 as an example.

3-Incorrect Coding

Using the wrong CPT code, an ICD-10 code that does not match the CPT code, or the wrong modifier are all cause for a rejection.
Incorrect Place of Service – Was the service performed in the office, at the hospital, inpatient or outpatient, emergency room or nursing home? Each place has a different two-digit code that must match the CPT code.

4-Out of Date Information

Using patient information that is out of date or an old CPT or diagnosis code.

5-Duplicate Claim

Submitting the same claim again whether by accident or on purpose.


Patient is not eligible or has no insurance coverage.

7-Prior Authorization Was Required

At times, a claim may be denied because prior authorization from the insurance company was required. In certain cases, procedures like MRIs and CT Scans are included on the pre-authorization list.

8-Outdated Insurance Information

Claims can be denied due to outdated insurance information, such as sending the claim to the wrong insurance company.

9-Claim Was Filed Too Late

Let’s face it, you are busy. It is not uncommon for items to slip through the cracks. However, when it comes to submitting claims, it is important to get them submitted in a timely manner. Most insurance companies have a window of time where they will accept claims. If you wait too long and miss the window, your claim is likely to be denied.

10-Services Not Covered

When it comes to medical insurance, there can be exclusions. Many times patients are unsure of what their plan covers and will rely on your office to get these questions answered.

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RCM is the lifeline of any physician practice.

•Patient scheduling and eligibility verification
•Patient visit and clinical documentation
•Superbill completed by provider
• Patient payment and co-pays obtained
• Coding and billing
• Claim processing
• Payment received
• Payment Posting


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