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New Chapter offers individual, couples, and family therapy through telehealth and in-person. Please I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the St.

Every new day presents the opportunity to begin a new chapter. What is already written on our pages may shape us, but it does not define us. Every obstacle, experience, and transition we encounter brings opportunity for joy, growth, meaning, and connection. Therapy provides support to reflect on where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to be. Louis area and I have a passion for t

Operating as usual


This. All day.


You are enough. If you ever experience doubts, please reach out for help. There is always someone who cares.


Honoring all those who have sacrificed their lives on this Memorial Day.

Timeline photos 05/24/2022

Seek awareness, gain understanding.


New Chapter wants to wish all social workers a happy social work month! Thank you for all of the hard work you do!

The Dangers of Wanting to Finish a Task 01/31/2022

The Dangers of Wanting to Finish a Task

As we near the end of January, the month notorious for “resolutions” take a look at this Interesting article about how we pursue our tasks and goals. It’s a good reminder that integration and moderation is key to fulfillment!

The Dangers of Wanting to Finish a Task The human desire to finish what you started can have dangerous consequences.


On the stroke of midnight tonight, you can resolve to be better, if you like…
to be fitter,
to be healthier,
to work harder.

On the stroke of midnight tonight,
you can resolve to become a whole new you,
if you so choose.

Or, you can take a moment to acknowledge what you already are.
All that you already are.
Because it’s a lot.
You’re a lot.

And you deserve to be seen.

On the stroke of midnight tonight perhaps you could congratulate yourself, for coping.
For breaking, again,
and for rebuilding, again.

For catching the stones life has thrown at you,
and for using them to build your castle that little bit higher.

You have endured my friend.

And I don’t see the need to resolve to become a whole new you,
when you are already so very much indeed.

Happy new year.

You made it.

Donna Ashworth


ART by Sherine Tolba


Excited to be included on the roster for UMSL’s upcoming mini grief conference! Glad to share my knowledge and learn from some ther amazing educators!

Putting For In Purpose Sponsorship Program — In Purpose Educational Services 10/05/2021

Putting For In Purpose Sponsorship Program — In Purpose Educational Services

We can not look at mental health without looking at disparities in care and support. New Chapter is proud and humbled to sponsor an amazing organization that is doing amazing work for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advocacy. If you have the chance, there are still spaces open for their upcoming fundraiser, check out the link below!

Putting For In Purpose Sponsorship Program — In Purpose Educational Services This is our sponsorship program for our “Putting for In Purpose” fundraising event at Top Gold in Chesterfield, MO on Sunday, October 10th. Donation Levels: Each donation entitles you to have your logo on an event banner/backdrop. There are varying donation levels based upon your ability to pay ...

What Is Emotional Dysregulation? 09/07/2021

What Is Emotional Dysregulation?

Emotional dysregulation is scary, and overwhelming. And given all of the strain in the world right now, many folks that have never dealt with this experience are recognizing it in themselves for the first time. If you are feeling unable to balance your emotions, it is ok, there are things that you can do. Check out this article for some good insights and tips to help move through some scary feelings.

What Is Emotional Dysregulation? Learn about dysregulated emotions and how they can hurt well-being.

Perfectionistic tendencies are associated with reduced cognitive flexibility and heightened emotional suppression 08/03/2021

Perfectionistic tendencies are associated with reduced cognitive flexibility and heightened emotional suppression

Striving to be better is great, but even too much of a “good thing” can be harmful and distressing. Be gracious of all of you, including your faults and mistakes, that is what helps us learn and grow!

Perfectionistic tendencies are associated with reduced cognitive flexibility and heightened emotional suppression Perfectionistic individuals are more likely to view their problems as outside their control, according to new research published in the Journal of ...


Excited to announce that I will be moving to in-person sessions this summer at a new office location! Therapy works. And for some, therapy works best in person. So I am really happy to be able to offer more options to my clients to meet their needs. More information to come!


I am excited to offer in-home counseling for folks in Long-Term Care Communities. The impact of Covid is still resonating and creating stress and anxiety. Addressing the continued mental health strain on older adults is necessary!


Weekend inspiration: we all have challenges. Sometimes it is easy to think that others “have it all together” and we feel like we may not. But don’t doubt what you are capable of, it may not always seems like a lot to you, but It is often more than you realize!

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Too often we equate self care with bubble baths and pampering. While those are great, there is so much more to it than that. Giving yourself time to be creative, taking a break from checking work emails on the weekend, spending time with a good friend, going for a hike in the woods, eating a healthy breakfast all count, too. Taking the time to reflect on all parts of selves and nurture the areas that need more attention is the true nature of self care.


Weekend inspiration: Honor who you were, all you’ve gone through, and who you will become! Keep evolving!

Healthy ways to handle life’s stressors 04/24/2021

Healthy ways to handle life’s stressors

We all have stress and sometimes it gets to be more than we can handle alone. If you need support, reach out, talk to someone, get help. You can get through this!

Healthy ways to handle life’s stressors When stress becomes unmanageable, try evidence-based tools to tackle it in healthy ways, including social support, good nutrition, relaxation techniques, meditation and exercise.


Friday inspiration, because you are stronger than you think you are!

7 Science-Based Ways to Live in the Moment 04/08/2021

7 Science-Based Ways to Live in the Moment

You don't have to engage in a huge practice of mindfulness to get benefits. A few minutes here and there using some of these exercises will have an impact on your day! Check them out and let us know if they work for you!

7 Science-Based Ways to Live in the Moment Are your thoughts running a mile a minute? Learn how to get out of your head.


I can now take Medicare clients for telehealth sessions. I am also available for sessions in clients home or in a facility. Please contact me for additional information or for referrals!

New Chapter 03/26/2021

New Chapter

Making progress here at New Chapter! Check out my website that just went LIVE!

New Chapter New Chapter Counseling and ConsultingProvides individualized options for support and education.Offering individual, couples, and family therapy. Educational opportunities for employers and organizations also available. Our approachEvery new day presents the opportunity to begin a new chapter. What i...

Timeline photos 03/22/2021

It is so important to see each other and our clients as whole persons, with experiences, strengths, and knowledge from their own lives. That’s how we find empathy. Even more true for us to remember of our folks with dementia

Thank you to Joanne, who has shared her lovely poem 'The Depths of Me' with us. 💙

Joanne is a care assistant, working with people with dementia. She said, 'I wondered, if I was in their position, what I would want the person caring for me to think about. Person-centred care has always been at the forefront of my mind.'

Photos from New Chapter Counseling and Consulting's post 03/08/2021

Happy International Woman’sDay! To the amazing women who rise to challenges everyday and show the strength we posses! Here’s to acknowledging that in ourselves and each other!


As we are reflecting on a full year of life during a pandemic this month, many are mourning a loss as and many are mourning loses of other kinds as well. It is so important, though, to remember that spring is a rebirth, a new beginning. What do you want this coming year to look like for you knowing what you have been through the past 365 days? Knowing that you’ve made it to this point, how will you use your experiences to grow as we begin again?


We don’t always see our own strength, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


So true!




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