Queen of Peace Center

Queen of Peace Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in St. Louis, MO.

Since our founding in 1985, Queen of Peace Center (QOPC) has been providing family-centered behavioral healthcare for women, children and families. As a member of the Federation of Catholic Charities, we serve the metropolitan and surrounding St. Louis area through four core programs: prevention, education, treatment and housing. Our unique comprehensive model addresses the full continuum of needs for families impacted by substance use, co-occurring disorders and trauma. We are dedicated to providing services that give women and children the best chance for success by offering quality treatment; helping them meet their physical, psychological, emotional and social needs; and making our services as safe, convenient, and accessible as possible.

Mission: The mission of Queen of Peace Center is to break the cycle of substance use disorders for women, children and families through family-centered behavioral healthcare. As demonstrated by the life of Jesus Christ, Queen of Peace Center works to build a future of peace for families.

We’re going completely virtual for the first time in 33 years! Due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on our community, we have re-imagined our annual golf event into a spectacular virtual experience. We can’t wait to “see” you on July 20- additional details coming soon! Together, we will continue family-centered treatment as we find hope, model dignity, and show respect to all we meet. Special thanks to our Major Sponsors, Bunzl and Emerson, as well as our committee for their support through this transition! We’re pumped for the new adventure ahead!


COVID-19 Publications and Resources

Some of us were saying not too long ago how we wish there was a guide on how to navigate different areas in life during this global pandemic. The Institute of Community Inclusion must’ve been listening! They have guides for providing quality services, working during the pandemic, navigating the economic impact, getting financial support, providing employment services, using technology, and more! It is set up to where you can pick and choose which topic would be most beneficial for you to read about. We love the creativity and thoughtfulness!

covid19.communityinclusion.org Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, day and employment service providers, people with disabilities and family members have had to quickly adjust to changes in how services and supports are provided. The publications and resources provided here have been developed to help guide professionals, individuals,....

Special thanks to Affinia Healthcare for stopping by QOPC this past Tuesday to give onsite COVID-19 testing to our staff! We are incredibly grateful for your commitment to keeping our community strong and healthy! Clara Stevenson, our Chief Program Officer, and Kendra Holmes, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at Affinia Healthcare, are pictured below and are the ones to thank for coordinating this event! Rain or shine, COVID-19 is not stopping us from still making a difference!

Today’s our 35th birthday! 🎉 Can you believe it? We want to take this time to recognize all of our Executive Directors/Chief Executive Officers from over the years because they deserve this #ShoutoutSaturday! Each one of these women have been incredibly instrumental in getting us to where we are today and changing the lives of so many women, children, and families! Not only have they impacted those we serve, but also our staff, board members/volunteers, and supporters as well! We have been blessed to have them as our leaders! Here’s to another amazing 35 years of changing lives or being around as long as our community needs us! Happy birthday QOPC!

It is ok to not be ok during this pandemic and to admit that you may need help. So many resources are available for you and your loved ones, such as these statewide 24 hour confidential crisis lines listed below. Don't be afraid to utilize them! You matter and deserve to be heard!

Missouri Is Stronger Together! Are you experiencing trauma due to COVID-19? Access Crisis Intervention is available 24/7 near you and is completely confidential.
Visit www.mohelpnow.org for more information.

We are here! #MOConnects

On this #FlashbackFriday, we’re here to tell you a little about Cathedral Towers History! That’s right! This building was not originally created for those who call it home today! Cathedral Tower was built in 1936 by the Sisters of Mercy. This building served as a convent and rooming house for single women who were working and needed affordable housing. Due to the social stigma of unmarried women living independently, it also served as a safe place for women of Catholic faith to reside. Catholic Charities of St. Louis (CCSTL) purchased the building in 1983. After seeing a need for particular services for adult women, Msgr. Robert Slattery, with the support of CCSTL, founded QOPC! There is so much history in this building and we are grateful to use this campus to help provide a safe place to break the cycle of substance use disorders for women, children, and families today! ✨

On this #ThankfulThursday, we have so many things to be thankful for! For example, we are incredibly thankful for our Board Of Directors! 🙌🏼 Some of these members have been with us since the beginning! The combination of seasoned and newer board members makes this an unstoppable group with lots of ideas, skills, talents, knowledge, and of course, love for QOPC! They spend so much of their time, energy, and resources to help us operate and ultimately make our community a stronger, healthier, and more peaceful place! THANK YOU BOARD OF DIRECTORS! We appreciate you!

This year for our birthday, we’d like to ask our supporters to find it in their hearts to consider donating something off our Amazon wishlist! We are in need of various items during this pandemic, ranging from baby items to cleaning supplies! Please consider making a difference in the lives of our women, children, and families! Having an impact is just a click away! Https://a.co/g3AQtpK

With our 35th birthday being on Saturday, this is a great time to reminisce on some of the amazing things we’ve witnessed over time. ☺️ On this #TransformationTuesday, we want to celebrate every single one of you served by QOPC! You are in our thoughts and know that we are SO PROUD of you! Our staff is incredibly blessed to work beside you and support you through your transformation! We know that it takes guts to walk through our doors and put in whatever it takes to be successful in your recovery journey! THANK YOU for instilling hope in so many, including us! We will never get tired of seeing you all get your first car or home for the first time, be the mother you’ve always wanted to be, go back to school or get back in the workforce, become a role model/peer specialist, meet recovery milestones, and all of the other beautiful things you are doing with your lives! We will ALWAYS be cheering you on and here for you! 💜

HEY QOPC FAMILY! We’re kicking off our birthday week with #MemoryMonday! What’s been your favorite memory with us over the past 35 years? We want to know! ☺️🥳 Please leave a comment below, send us a private message, or feel free to create your own post and use our hashtags! Can’t wait to hear from you! 💌

Our team loves visuals! Some are even known to carry around tape measures! Don’t know what six feet away looks like? No problem! We’ve got you covered! Sometimes it’s hard to know when you’re busy with the ins and outs of every day life at QOPC. Special thanks to all of our employees still walking these halls and for remaining focused on what’s really important (health and safety of the QOPC family!) ✨ Keep up the great work!

Queen of Peace Center believes that housing coupled with treatment helps break the cycle of substance use and homelessness. Transitional, supportive and permanent housing is provided at five locations and at scattered community sites.

Did you know that we have one of the only maternity homes connected to substance use disorder treatment in Missouri? It’s true! St. Philippine Home (St. Phil’s) is a long-term residential program for pregnant and postpartum women and their children. During the pandemic, our staff has educated the families, is practicing social distancing, maintaining a clean environment, requiring that everyone wear masks and cover the babies to reduce exposure, providing supplies and resources, and limiting the number of essential trips in the community. Since the shelter-in-place order, we’ve had 2 babies born! 🎊 Special thanks to Angela and all of the St. Phil’s staff for making sure our mothers and children have a safe, supportive, nurturing, and healthy environment! We appreciate you all for always giving your all to those we serve!

QOPC is extremely proud of being family-centered and helping build a future of peace for families! Did you know that we have a Parent Educator on staff to help us do so? Our parenting education program provides full scale parenting services designed to increase parenting competence and reduce psychosocial and behavioral risks that could interfere with effective parenting, while promoting healthy infant and child social and emotional adjustment. Last fiscal year, 388 women received parent education classes! As you can imagine, employees like Libby have made a huge impact on the present and future relationship between our clients and their children! Thank you for being there to guide them, answer their questions, and also serve as their support system, Libby! We appreciate you!

SMILE! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! HAVE AN AMAZING DAY! Cardinal Ritter Senior Services posted these beautiful signs outside of Cathedral Tower, and our Senior Leadership team couldn’t help but take advantage of this great photo op! These colorful signs and these individuals are great reminders to us that we are in this together, and you can always find light in the darkness! Having strength, strategy, and support during this pandemic has all started with great leadership! We cannot thank you enough Sharon, Clara, Amber, Gary, and Rosie, for giving our staff and clients the peace of mind that QOPC can handle whatever comes our way! We appreciate you!

Can you imagine what would happen if your medical care wasn’t coordinated? We don’t want to either! India, our Medical Care Coordinator, is great at looking out for our clients health! She works closely with the treatment teams, intake team, and medical services to welcome clients into service, deliver quality care, and promote continued engagement in services. India is very knowledgeable about treatment for Opioid Use Disorders and forms of treatment including clinical modalities and medications. She truly does want to give our clients the best chance for success and this pandemic has not impacted her motivation to do so! Thank you for always being your caring, calm in chaos, and intentional self! We appreciate you, India!

Make way for the Community Support Specialists (CSS), like Ashlyn! These employees are another essential part of every clinical treatment team. You know the kind of people that you like to ask for advice because they seem to know all the best spots in town and are even willing to drive you there when you don’t have a ride? THESE ARE THOSE PEOPLE! CSS’s help clients get information and essential resources in order to survive and thrive. From putting clothes on your back to emergency assistance, they are there for you! They are also there for you to make sure you have the means to get to essential appointments in the community. Since the pandemic has required us to practice social distancing and have virtual services, but clients still need essential items, these are the people making porch drop offs! Thank you for always being flexible, resourceful, and thoughtful CSS’s! We appreciate you all and your dedication to our mission!

Emerson is a very special company to Queen of Peace Center. They support us in numerous ways all year long and have been doing so for a very long time. Emerson has even found new ways to be generous to us during this pandemic. They recently shipped 1,000 surgical masks to our agency when they found out that we were in need! Wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH EMERSON! Your team continues to amaze us with their generosity and kindness. We are so lucky to call you a partner of ours! Thank you for helping us keep our clients and staff safe!

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s an example of what in person meetings look like at the moment! The group gathered is working hard on some strategic plans for our residential treatment! Keep up the good work and social distancing ladies!

We are sad to report that we have cancelled our 2nd Annual Peace By Piece art fundraiser for 2020 due to the pandemic, but are excited and hopeful to be back and better than ever in 2021! We want to thank our presenting sponsor, Moloney Securities, as well as our other sponsors, Great Southern Bank, John and Kathy Anderson, and Ken and Mary Bower, for their trust in and support of our mission! We also want to give a special shout out to the William Shearburn Gallery for connecting us to incredible artists, such as Ted Collier, Michael Eastman, Andrew Millner, and Kevin Glazer. Each piece of artwork that was donated to our event was truly beautiful and unique! They deserve to be seen in person by our guests! We are so excited to showcase them in the future and cannot thank you enough for your generosity! Please stay safe and healthy out there! We’ll be back before you know it!

Our Women’s Counselors are some of the people that know our clients best, because they get to know a lot of the ins and outs of each individuals recovery journey. They help the women that come through our doors (or now computer screen) not only with their substance use disorders, but also if they have co-occurring disorders and past trauma. These caring, trustworthy, and supportive individuals, like Adrienne, make a huge difference in over 1,000 lives a year! We appreciate you Women’s Counselors! See the quote attached and below to hear Adrienne’s take on tele-health and being a part of QOPC during this pandemic!

Bonus quote: “I love being a part of QOPC! I have a phenomenal, supportive team, and I have felt that my voice matters as an individual within the agency. This is extremely important to me as I feel that I can use my strengths while continuing to grow and learn from both clients and staff around me!”

Did you know that we are largely funded by grants? When we are awarded grants, we are given a certain amount of money to put towards a specific purpose. As many of you can relate to, COVID-19 wasn’t on our calendar, in our budget, or in a grant for this year. So what do you do when you need to completely change the way you serve your clients because of a pandemic? How do you make it possible to do so? That’s where Emma and our strong team of people behind the scenes come in! Figuring out how to switch to telehealth in a blink of an eye and finding ways to support additional things needed unexpectedly because of this experience has been a top priority. We are so incredibly grateful for their dedication, creativity, and heart for the mission of QOPC. It truly does take a village to make what we do every day possible and we aren’t just talking about our staff! Our community and funders have been a huge part in this! THANK YOU! We truly are stronger and can get through this together!

It’s time for Feature Friday and we are so excited to tell you a little bit about our Adolescent Resource Center! ARC is an early intervention and prevention program for St. Louis county adolescents ages 12-18 with or at high risk for substance use and/or mental health disorders. This program teaches youth confident communication skills to resist peer pressure, how to build positive relationships, and tap into their own strengths and solutions. The Screening Brief Interventional and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) model is used to determine appropriate services, including individual and group psycho-educational and therapeutic counseling sessions. Natalie (pictured below) is one of our amazing staff members that helps make all of this possible, even during COVID-19! Thank you Natalie and ARC staff for all that you do to ensure a healthy transition from adolescence to adulthood!

6 feet away (we measured) and here to stay! Bringing hope, dignity, and respect may look a little different now, but we’re working together and doing everything we can to best serve our clients during this time! Happy Friday, everyone!

Through these uncertain times, there is one thing that our agency is certain of: the opioid epidemic remains and when paired with this pandemic, those in our community are perhaps more vulnerable than ever. Our intake team is working hard to continue making sure that those in need have access to our services! Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work in intake? Take it from Angela! She knows first hand!

Thank you Angela and the rest of the intake team for not only being the ones we can count on to start each recovery journey, but also doing so with hope, dignity, and respect! We appreciate you all!

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Our Story

Since its founding in 1985, Queen of Peace Center (QOPC) has been providing family-centered behavioral healthcare for women, children and families. As a member of the Federation of Catholic Charities, we serve the metropolitan and surrounding St. Louis area through four core programs: prevention, education, treatment and housing.

Our unique comprehensive model addresses the full continuum of needs for families impacted by substance use, co-occurring disorders and trauma. We are dedicated to providing services that give women and children the best chance for success by offering quality treatment; helping them meet their physical, psychological, emotional and social needs; and making our services as safe, convenient, and accessible as possible.

Queen of Peace Center envisions a world where women, children and families live a life of recovery and wellness, free from trauma and substance use disorders.

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VISION: A world where women, children and families live a life of recovery and wellness, free from trauma and substance use disorders. Stay Connected & Follow Us On: Twitter @qopc_stl Instagram @qopc_stl LinkedIn @QueenOfPeaceCenter YouTube @QueenOfPeaceCenter

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