Washington University Occupational Therapy Services

Washington University Occupational Therapy Services is a part of the Washington University Physicians. We provide general and specialty patient care in the clinic, home, school, workplace and community environments.

The weather is looking great for the rest of this week, get outside and try out Sidewalk Chalk Twister with your kids, or make it an adult game! https://conta.cc/2Unlz0z http://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #PedsOTActivityofTheWeek

Happy Friday! For today's #HTW2020 post, our hand therapists at Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center help to treat many upper body conditions. One, in particular, is thumb arthritis. Our therapist developed a unique use of their thermoplastic material to help protect thumbs with arthritis while getting small children out of their car seats.#OTServices #HandTherapyInnovation #ASHT http://otservices.wustl.edu/milliken


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Learn More from a Hand Therapist

Here we are on the 4th day of Hand Therapist Week. #HTW2020 Take a look at the latest Carpal Tunnel Video that was produced by the American Society of Hand Therapists! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGGu51Dpp-4&feature=youtu.be #OTServices http://otservices.wustl.edu/milliken

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common term to the general population, but with that comes many misconceptions of the correct signs and symptoms. This video...

For Day 3 of celebrating Hand Therapist Week, we give you a look at our Therapists in the clinic! You will notice the appropriate PPE is being worn, social distancing being practiced by our professionals in their clinic spaces and they are having fun while on the job! Great work by a talented group of Therapists at the Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center. https://otservices.wustl.edu/items/milliken-hand-rehabilitation-center/ #OTServices #ASHTHandWeek2020


Hand Therapy Week 2020: Fill the Tank

We kick-off our Hand Therapist Week with a blog post from Stacy Baker, MOT, OTR/L, CHT. Stacy provides valuable thoughts for those who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or worried during the current situations going on in our world today. https://www.asht.org/about/blog/hand-therapy-week-2020-fill-tank #OTServices #ASHTHandWeek2020

asht.org This Hand Therapy Week, most of us find ourselves in a different place, both mentally and physically, compared to years past. We have all been changed in some way from the pandemic, and as things evolve, this period of time will no doubt impact us forever. This has taken a toll on each of us.

As you get ready to start your weekend, take a minute and browse our May edition of the #OTClinicalConnection! In this issue, we discuss celebrating Hand Therapist Week - June 1st -7th, Hand Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog, and Pediatric Early Intervention Strategies - Managing Screen Time. As always, we appreciate your help in sharing our news! View our newsletter: https://conta.cc/2TNAC3s https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices, #OTClinicalConnection


Home Modifications and Parkinson’s Disease | APDA

A great article from the APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter on Home Modifications and Parkinson's Disease https://www.apdaparkinson.org/article/home-modifications-and-parkinsons/ Remember that Washington University Occupational Therapy Services is a provider for in-home, environmental and workstation assessments here in St. Louis and the surrounding area. #OTServices #OTAssessments https://otservices.wustl.edu/

apdaparkinson.org Dr. Gilbert interviews occupational therapist, Megan Rochford, to discuss important information and best practices about for home modifications and Parkinson's Disease.

We know the kids are getting tired of the same activities. Mix it up this week and let them make some homemade slime! https://conta.cc/2X9t8so #OTServices #PedsOTActivityofTheWeek

If you have children, are working with children during this time of quarantine, or are just looking for something fun to do for yourself, we're here to help! We've launched A Pediatric OT Activity of the week. Take a look at the activities we've shared so far: https://otservices.wustl.edu/for-patients/pediatric-activity-of-the-week/ New activities are shared each Tuesday! Help us share the word and if you would like to receive the weekly email, let us know by emailing [email protected] #OTServices #PedatricOT #PedsOTActivityOfTheWeek

It's hard to believe that we're at the end of April and National OT Month! Take a minute to read the latest issue of the #OTClinicalConnection to see how OT's are offering Telehealth services, providing tips on working at home during a pandemic, and see what made one of our OT's become a hand therapist! We appreciate you passing along our information to your friends and family! https://conta.cc/2yWvDWm https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #OTClinicalConnection

Alive and Well Communities

In case you weren't able to join live this morning to watch Alive and Well Communities #DailyDOS take a minute to listen to Karen Balk, MOT, OTR/L teaching how to use your senses to find peace and wellbeing during this time! #OTServices #DailyDOS #StaySafeStayStrong

Today's #DailyDOS features Karen Balk teaching us how to use our senses to find peace and wellbeing during this time. Hope you enjoy!

Tune in to tomorrow morning's #DailyDOS episode with Alive and Well Communities at 10:00a.m. One of our Pediatric OT's, Karen Balk, MOT, OTR/L will be sharing her knowledge of supporting regulation through using our senses. Join the broadcast live on Facebook Alive and Well Communities. otservices.wustl.edu #OTServices #AliveandWell #DailyDOS

For several of us, this is at least week 3, give or take in some type of quarantine due to COVID-19. The real question is how are your children and your mental health handling this situation? Our Pediatric OT's are beginning to conduct TeleHealth Visits to work with children needing OT during this time. Take a look at our services: https://otservices.wustl.edu/items/type/service-types/child/ and below is a fun idea for an at-home challenge! #OTServices #PediatricOT

Are you game enough to try the ‘Entrapment’ mission? Can you manoeuvre your body over, under and around the ‘laser beams’ without touching them?? This activity is perfect for developing your child’s body awareness, balance, visual motor integration skills and bilateral coordination. [materials needed: a hallway, streamers and masking tape]


How To OT • A podcast on Anchor

Take some time today and listen to the latest How to OT podcast hosted by Washington University Occupational Therapy Program OTD student, Matt Brandenburg, OTD/S '20. This episode features our Therapist, Stephanie Stegman, MOT, OTR/L discussing her role in Primary Care with a focus on preventing hospital readmissions and her involvement in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital ACO, Primacy Care Clinic. https://otservices.wustl.edu/items/primary-care/ #OTServices #OTinPrimaryCare

anchor.fm We are an occupational therapy (OT) podcast striving to narrow the research gap and help practitioners translate research into practice as simply as possible. We are shifting perspectives in OT research and practice from what happened, to how to make good things happen. We tell stories, portray OT c...

Our March edition of the OT Clinical Connection is out and it has some very timely articles from our Therapists. Juggling roles during the time of self-quarantine; Sleep positioning and nerve compression syndromes and Post-concussion syndrome and our support group. Take a minute to give it a read and share the valuable information! https://conta.cc/39salfQ http://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #OTClinicalConnection

In support of our community physicians, colleagues with Washington University Orthopedics and patients that need urgent rehab and therapy, our Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center is here to help you regain your grip after injury! Please note we do have updated clinic hours during this time but are here to help! http://otservices.wustl.edu/Milliken #OTServices #MillikenHandRehabilitationCenter

We are all impacted by the effects of COVID-19. We want you to know we’re still here to help. Learn how we’re providing orthopedic care while minimizing risk: bit.ly/2Usjwr2

[03/22/20]   For the safety of our patients, therapists and staff our clinic hours will be 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday. We will be re-evaluating this on a weekly basis until further notice due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Learn more about the Coronavirus and steps that Washington University in St. Louis is taking regarding the situation at coronavirus.wustl.edu. Stay healthy everyone! #OTServices


There's a walk-in mental health care facility in St. Louis

As we provide community-based outpatient OT care, we are frequently looking for resources like this to connect our patients with. Another great community service for those in need. Washington University Occupational Therapy offers student-run clinics for those who have experienced strokes, hand and upper extremity injuries, spinal cord disease or injuries and those who are experiencing homelessness. Thank you KSDK News for making the public aware of services like this. https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #CommunityBasedCare

ksdk.com The walk-in center is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays

[03/11/20]   A great opportunity to support two outstanding local organizations, the St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association and our St. Louis BattleHawks! Take a minute to show your support! #OTServices #PediatricOT #ForTheLoveOfFootball

This new neuroscience research building is an investment in the future of medicine, research and bringing together interprofessional medical research teams to look at many mysteries of the brain and body's nervous system. We look forward to collaborating with these researchers and advancing patient care! #OTServices #WashUMed #NeuroScience

Washington University in St. Louis will begin construction in March on an 11-story, 609,000-square-foot neuroscience research building on the #WashUMed campus. The project initially will bring together more than 100 research teams focused on solving the many mysteries of the brain and the body’s nervous system. https://bit.ly/39y3kLw

A great crowd this morning at Missouri Occupational Therapy Association Hill Day 2020 in Jefferson City. https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #MOTAHillDay2020


Service dog got his owner through grad school, so the university gave him his own degree

What a great story about "Man's Best Friend!" This compassionate and special service dog helped his owner make it through Graduate School to receive her Master's in Occupational Therapy Degree. Griffin, the service dog was worthy of a degree as well! #FeelGoodStory #OTDegree

theanimalclub.net A service dog named Griffin attended classes with his owner Brittany Hawley. When she graduated, the Clarkson University gave the dog an honorary degree.

As you get ready for the weekend, take a few minutes and read the latest edition of the OT Clinical Connection: https://conta.cc/2TabTGg. Some great tips from our therapists on the importance of sleep, Raynaud's and ways to live with low vision! https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #OTClinicalConnection

To all of our colleagues, if your on the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine campus swing by the #HealthHappeningsFair and see us today! https://otservices.wustl.edu #OTServices #OTEvents

Aging Ahead

Are you providing care from a distance? If you or someone you know are experiencing this, here are some great tips from the National Institute on Aging and our local colleagues at Aging Ahead! Remember to include local Occupational Therapists in your list of resources for your loved one! https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices

Area Agencies on Aging are a great place to start when Caregiving from another city or state. We provide meals, activities, aging services, resources and so much more. Call Aging Ahead today, to see what we can do for you or a loved one (636) 207-0847.

One of our Clinical Specialists, Stephanie Stegman, MOT, OTR/L took time out of the clinic today to speak with Washington University Occupational Therapy Program students preparing to out on Level II fieldwork. Stephanie coordinates fieldwork for the students coming through our Occupational Therapy Services clinical practice and also teaches the fieldwork educator certification course for the American Occupational Therapy Association - AOTA. https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #OTEducation


OT Clinical Connection - 5 ways OT can help build a Healthier, Happier "You" ; Avoid Injury while achieving New Year's Fitness Resolutions; ABC's of Stroke Prevention

The new year brings new goals and aspirations. Give our latest issue of the #OTClinicalConnection a read and see how OT can help you reach your goals, avoid injuries during physical fitness and follow your ABCs for stroke prevention in 2020! Help us share the word about the great work our therapists are doing! https://conta.cc/38E8Wme https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #OTClinicalConnection

myemail.constantcontact.com Stretching Exercises: A few morning stretches will get your day off on the right foot! These stretches will help wake you up, boost blood circulation, ease back pain, and give you a greater range of motion. Challenge yourself to do these stretches for 30 days straight, as that is what it takes to fo...


What to Know Before a Hospital Discharge

An important question, are you prepared for a hospital discharge? This question should be asked whether you are in the hospital or someone that you care for is getting ready to come home or go to another facility. We find many cases where patients are discharged and the resources they need to get back into their daily routine and the community are missing. Our outpatient OT clinical services are here for that very reason. Share the word and keep us in mind. https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #CommunityResources

nextavenue.org Sometimes patients are sent home much earlier than a family expects

The weather forecast is not great for today. If you do find yourself having to get out and walking on icy surfaces, keep these tips in mind! https://otservices.wustl.edu #OTServices #PenguinWalk


Paralyzed man breaks world record for finishing a marathon in an exoskeleton suit

An example of amazing perseverance after this man experienced a spinal cord injury in 2005 that left him paralyzed. Not only did he complete the marathon in an exoskeleton suit but set a new world record in the process. https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #AssistiveTechnology

cnn.com A South Carolina man competing in the 2020 Charleston Marathon has beaten the world record for the fastest time to finish a marathon in an exoskeleton suit.

Happy Friday, it’s a great day to be talking with the City of Florissant community about training your brain to stay active and engaged! Thanks to our friends at Aging Ahead for another great opportunity. https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #TrainYourAgingBrain


15-Year-Old Invents App To Help Grandma With Dementia Live Her Best Life

Let's start the New Year off by highlighting a new app geared at those who are providing care for patients with dementia. Take a look at the story and learn more about the app: https://bit.ly/2QTGBRF https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #HealthcareApps

tanksgoodnews.com It allows caregivers to coordinate treatment.

Our OT, Lisa Carson, OTD, OTR/L provides a look into productive aging and Life Transitions during a presentation this morning with our community partners at Aging Ahead. A key takeaway; stay active, this will help encourage a more productive lifestyle and retirement! https://otservices.wustl.edu/items/life-transitions/ #OTServices #OTLifeTransitions

Washington University Occupational Therapy has a lot of holiday spirit, take a look at the "festive attire" our staff, faculty and therapists wore today. https://otservices.wustl.edu/ #OTServices #OTUglySweaterDay2019

Who's got Ugly Sweaters? We do! Today was our annual WUOT Ugly Sweater Day where faculty, clinicians and staff spread holiday cheer in grand fashion! Awards were presented at 4444 -- click through to see who won in each category! #WashUmed #wuot


OT Clinical Connection - OT On The Air; Winter Tips For Fall Prevention; Check Stress Off Your Holiday List

It's time for the holiday edition of the OT Clinical Connection Newsletter. Give it a quick read and share the information with your friends! This month our therapists are providing tips on preventing falls this winter, checking stress off of your holiday to-do list and sharing the link to listen to the recent opportunity we had on the radio! https://conta.cc/2S9ZLVK #OTServices #OTClinicalConnection

myemail.constantcontact.com Earlier this month we had the opportunity to talk about our Occupational Therapy Services on the radio show, "We're Having A Senior Moment." The show is hosted by Shawn Rimerman, President of ComForCare St. Louis and airs on Sunday mornings at 7 am on KTRS The Big 550. Stephanie Stegman, MOT, OTR/L....

Providing Occupational Therapy when and where you need it most

Washington University Occupational Therapy provides specialized therapy services through multiple lines of business; Community Practice and Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center, both entitites are staffed by licensed OT’s and Milliken also has PT’s on staff. The graph below depicts the core strenghs and key differentiators of Washington University Occupational Therapy.

 OT Education Providers - In addition to being the clinical division, we are also educators in the field. So not only can we educate future OT’s, we can educate patients and physicians. We are able to do this because we are located in an academic program that has national recognition and visibility.

 Team-Based Continuum of Care - Because we are WashU OT our affiliation with physicians and being able to be in clinic with these physicians gives us the ability to provide a team-based approach to patient care. This allows for a continuum of care where the patient can feel confident that their primary physician they are seeing for their condition or disease knows their case, but they also have the comfort of knowing the recommended OT is working side-by-side with that physician on their case and that all care-providers want the best outcome for them.

 Evidence & Outcome Centered Care - WashU OT provides evidence-based care, we have the clinical expertise and data to back-up the assessments and care methods that we recommend to patients as well as outcome evidence.

 Engaged in Community Wellbeing - The community practice side of our clinical division has engaged with organizations throughout the metro area and some with national chapters that allow us to have ties to what is happening in the community. By having the relationships we have a referral pipeline from those that keep us top of mind and reciprocating relationship where we’re able to share these resources with patients we see who mind need their services.

 Innovative Service Delivery Model – The biggest key differentiator that WashU OT has is our ability to deliver care where our patients need it most i.e. work, home, in the community as well as onsite at a Washington University Clinic and most importantly that our services are provided by Washington University Occupational Therapists.

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