Life begins in just 72 hours! My specialty is healing your body from the inside out. Your body is constantly changing. I take advantage of that for your healing.

Life begins in just 72 hours! My specialty is healing your body from the inside out. Your body is constantly changing. I take advantage of that for your healing.

Mission: To help each person enjoy a healthy life for the rest of their life.

For both athletes and weekend warriors!

Toney and Sheri discuss what's in the AMPED Fuel

[07/19/17]   How did our bodies function before we discovered minerals....?

What your diet doesn't know about you!

Is it possible that you've seen all of the IIFYM, weight watcher type point systems, keto, whole 30, and other pop culture fantastic lifestyle changes? :)

If you have and if any or all of those diet fads have failed you, it is NOT your fault!

The common denominator is this...those diets do not know the specific and particular and wonderful person that YOU are!

Let's change that. In just 72 hours i can change your life :) check it out and get started with my program :)

[06/14/17]   Can your body give you misleading signals? Signals that the "doc" may misinterpret? ABSOLUTELY! That's one problem with treating just at the SYMPTOM level.

The question is, what will YOU do to change that dynamic for yourself?

[06/10/17]   It's the KETO way!

Have you heard of the latest diet trend yet? You know, the HIGH fat, NO carb way? What's the story with it? And more importantly, will it work for you? Check out my DVD (with the amazing marketing headline, lol) to find out!

Do you have any health questions? Do you need to find something out for yourself . . . or maybe a loved one needs health help. Ask away!

[06/08/17]   Your life begins in 72 hours when you work with me! I work with your body to enable it to heal itself from the inside out. Your body HAS this ability, but it's been locked away. I'm here to pull that natural ability back out.

I dig deep. I investigate what each part of your body is doing. I consider issues down to the actual cells. I look at what your current symptoms are saying, then I dig beyond that. The symptoms do speak, but they only tell part of your story.

I want to learn the full story of you. Once I do that, I can form the game plan to bring the full amount of life back to and through you :)

A little about my background.

I watched my wife study to become a certified personal trainer. Watching her muddle through the not thorough course that she worked to immerse herself in, I thought it might be a challenge to dive into a course myself, so I did. I started realizing I had a passion for helping people to learn how to move properly.

After that step, I took an opportunity to train people in a big box gym. Then my eyes were FULLY open to the world around me. I witnessed, sadly, the incredible and amazing LACK of real knowledge among trainers in multiple gyms. That lack was partially a lack of know-how when it comes to physical training, but more than anything, it was an absolute, complete, utter clueless black hole when it comes to nutrition.

I then decided that I needed to learn how to steer people the RIGHT way, so that they would no longer spend their hard earned dollars on JUNK that gyms and trainers and supplement stores make their livelihoods with.

And so, I dove down the rabbit hole of nutrition. And boy, does that hole go deep!

With that, I found a new path. The path to Certified Master Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor. I realize now that our body is MAGICAL, if we will only ALLOW it to be so. Our body has so much innate ability to heal itself, to prosper itself, to do what it NEEDS to do....yet we...WE are blocking that born ability.

So, I'm not taking upon myself the challenge of helping others to do what no one could help me do at one time...navigate the crazy maze of nutrition and get the right information for a HEALTHY life!

As a child, I spent so much time in the hospital that the state threatened to take me away from my parents. Today, I have the health of a healthy teenager. I will never again go back. I don't want you to, either ;)

STLNutritionDoc's cover photo

STLNutritionDoc's cover photo


STLNutritionDoc's cover photo

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