Barefoot Doula

I am a birth doula and student midwife, here to empower and support individuals in their journey through pregnancy, labor and delivery of their babies.

I chose the name Barefoot Doula, not because I love being without shoes but because my feeling of being comfortable, natural and myself while being barefoot is the feeling I hope to bestow on my clients. I believe the female body is more than capable to give birth naturally if given the support, trust and chance. I offer prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum support to families looking for someone to provide them with knowledgeable, experienced, loving and most of all nonjudgmental care. Please visit my profile( for more information on my services, or feel free to message me. Peace and love

Suzanne Blair-Rodgers D.C.

The positions and activities you have your quickly developing baby in will set their spine and nervous system up for the rest of their lives. I strongly encourage you to pay attention to the positions you have your children in so they can develop well rounded, balance musculoskeletal and nervous systems! #100percentchiropractic #healthykids #babies #chiropractic Building Your Baby From the Ground Up

First Breath Birth and Wellness

Did you know labor is less about your cervix opening and more about the thickness and contracting power of the uterus moving baby down and out? READ more about what empowering birth expert Carla Hartley has to say about this revelatory perspective in birth physiology!

"We think in pictures and we should be painting accurate pictures. The cervix nor the vagina bloom. The cervix is not a zip lock bag. The purpose of labor is NOT the creation of an opening or a hole... The purpose of labor contractions and retractions is to BUILD the fundus, which will, when it is ready, EJECT the baby, like a piston. Without a nice thick fundus there is no power to get baby out....the cervix does not dilate dilates UP as a result of the effort to pull muscles up into the uterus to push muscles up to the fundus. The cervical dilation is secondary to that. The cervix is pulled up as a result of the building of the fundus. Assigning a number to cervical dilation is of little consequence and we make a huge mistake by interpreting progress or predicting time of birth to that number. Any experienced midwife or OB can tell you that the cervix can be manipulated and that a woman whose cervix is at 7 could have the baby in a few minutes or a few hours.

If more providers and educators knew the truth about birth physiology, we could make a huge difference for mothers. What is important is to keep her well supported for the purpose of the appropriate chemistry, to keep her well hydrated and nourished for muscle strength, and to believe in her. We should be supporting her so that her physiology and that of her baby are unhindered, so they can finish what they started.

We should not be measuring, poking, or interpreting her labor. THIS CHANGE in teaching about labor could make such a difference for women who are imagining what is happening in their bodies during labor. How much more strength might they have if they have an accurate picture?" -Carla Hartley

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Let those babies grow and choose their own birth date.

Tummy time is so important!

Babies NEED tummy time! At 11 months old, this little cutie should have a nicely rounded head, developed S curves in his neck and low back, and flexible legs that move in and out of various sitting positions. But, largely due to lack of time on his tummy and OVERUSE of "baby containers" such as bouncy seats, swings, and car seat carriers that go from car to grocery store to restaurant, he has positional plagiocephaly (flat skull) a big ol' C curve in his spine preventing him from getting on hands and knees to crawl, and hips and legs so tight he can't even straighten his knees! And these are only the outwardly visible problems...too much pressure on baby's spine and vision centers of the brain from lying on their backs are detrimental to development! So....tummy time, tummy time, tummy time! Do it!
Tummy time IS absolutely important for development! It doesn't have to be on the floor, but can be on the caregiver's chest, supported over their lap or bent knees, or on a nursing pillow for younger babies. Many of the comments we've read are stating babies shouldn't be placed in "unnatural" positions or those they can get out of. As developmental therapists, we specialize in the timeline of babies moving from the flexion posture (fetal position) through anti-gravity extension. The ONLY "natural" position for a baby is flexion. If you lay an infant on their back, i.e. In extension their arms flail and they think they're falling (this is the Moro reflex) and is why we swaddle babies to keep their arms and legs tucked in close like they were in the womb. The flexion tummy time provides is in fact very safe and natural. We urge you to find a specialist in your area if your baby struggles with reflux and isn't tolerating tummy time that can help develop strategies that will promote being off of their backs. AGAIN, this post is directed to parents and caregivers of babies who are typically developing and not those with special needs or other medical diagnoses. The baby in the picture fits this description. It is not meant to be judgmental but informative on what CAN happen. We are so pleased that it has opened up conversation between parents and health care providers to help prevent these issues from occurring.

My clients have a love hate relationship with the toilet in labor, but thank me later.


🚽you are naturally prone to relaxing your pelvic floor and perineum while sitting on the toilet.
🚽the bathroom is a place of privacy and solitude and you are used to relaxing in this room.
🚽you are using gravity
🚽you are opening your pelvis.
🚽you are allowing your baby lots of room to rotate and navigate the birth canal.
🚽you can also turn around and straddle the toilet with a pillow in front of you for comfort.

We call it the “dilation station” for a reason. I’ve encouraged many mommies to spend some time laboring on the toilet. It’s not uncommon for baby to come rather quickly after that 🤗

📸: @lawrenrosephotography

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Am I right?

Nope. Don't say it.

Hi, this is me.

Consider this your friendly warning. 😉

(via HowToBeADad)

For my coffee lovers😘

Great infographic for coffee lovers!

Birth Becomes Her

As c-sections have become more common, so has the misconception that they are easy or routine. This mother is going through major surgery to meet her baby, yet she beams as her daughter is brought to her for skin to skin.

This, right here, is why it's important to allow photographers to capture images in the Operating Room.

Stunning capture by Elaine Baca, Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas


Haha, oh mama. They are the same in human form as well.

The joy of motherhood... 😂

At my first appointment with my clients we "make" their birth plan. It is definitely more about the process, where I help educate and inform them of their available choices.



[03/26/19]   It is World Doula Week, so both of my March babies decided they wanted to meet me in the same 12 hrs.😉 These babies' births couldn't have been any more different, and yet both of their mothers were of equal level of amazing. One birth ended in an emergency c-section after 2 epidurals and hours of pushing, and the other with mama delivering her 2nd son in the water after 2 pushes. Both women worked their asses off emotionally, physically and mentally in different ways. Both women were equally appreciative of having a doula by their side.
No matter the type of birth you are planning for, you will never regret hiring a doula. We want the best for you and your family, and do whatever we can to help you have a birth experience that in the end you feel good about. Doulas empower, support, educate, counsel, nurture, and will massage you when you're sweaty, 24 hrs past a shower and quit shaving 4 months ago. Seriously, hire one today.
#doulasarethebomb #worlddoulaweek #hugadoula #barefootdoulastl

31 Incredibly Moving Photos Of Dads Meeting Their Babies For The First Time

Dads and babies😍😍 The rush of emotion you experience the first time you see your baby is indescribable — love, relief, fear, and joy course through you in equal measures. The experience almost can't be explained in words, but these photos of dads meeting their babies…



2Life Doula

This is so beautiful and special ❤️

#Repost @jessicayoungphotog
This sweet girl visited me at my studio a couple weeks ago. Her twin brother James passed away at 18 weeks gestation. We wanted a photo to honor their twin bond and James. 💙

Wow! Science is so amazing. I am all for doing things the all natural way whenever possible, but am so appreciative of the medical options we have at the same time.

I was lucky enough to take photos of sweet baby Parker and his family today! Parker has myelomeningocele the most common and severe form of spina bifida, a defect of the spine in which part of the spinal cord and its meninges are exposed through a gap in the backbone. Open fetal surgery is a delicate surgical procedure where fetal surgeons open the uterus and close the opening in the baby's back while they are still in the womb. Because spinal cord damage is progressive during gestation, prenatal repair of myelomeningocele may prevent further damage.

It is is an extremely complex procedure available only to qualified candidates, fetal surgery for myelomeningocele requires significant commitment on the part of mothers who choose to go forward with it and extensive surgical experience to perform successfully. Parker and Jessica underwent Open Fetal surgery in Orlando, Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies being the 4th patients ever to have the surgery in the state. Surgery took place at 25 weeks gestation and Parker made his arrival at 37 weeks gestation, 2/6/19 being the first ever baby with Spina Bifida in 70 years to be born at Winnie Palmer and not have to be admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit.

Like their page Positively Parker to follow along with their journey!

Spenser Trinkle



This guys reaction to finding out his wife's having triplets is so pure... 😍😍


C-section moms are strong AF.

Whether your C-section was planned or a last-minute decision, there is strength and beauty in delivering your baby. You are a warrior. 💪♥️

Wow!!! Go Mama!

This goddess 😍😍😍

Just gave birth to identical twin baby girls, one breech and encaul, unassisted, undisturbed, unhindered, in her home on International Women’s Day, supported by her family, and our very own Desirae & Charity ❤️❤️

Women do not give a damn what you think is impossible.


Love this.

Placentas are pretty amazing.

I’ll never forget this placenta! It had whats called a "furcate insertion" of the cord 😯😬🤓

Its also known as 'insertio funiculi furcata'; furcate meaning 'forked'. Its where the umbilical cord vessels lose their protective coating of Wharton's jelly prior to the insertion into the placenta.

The vessels branch unprotected above the surface of the placental body.

These exposed vessels are prone to thrombosis and injury, understandably. This mum and bub were fine✨

This type of cord insertion is quite rare and I have only seen this one in my 7 years of placenta encapsulation.

Furcate insertions should not to be confused with amniotic webbing of the cord. Furcate/forked cord insertion are always without the protection of whartons jelly ✨

#placentaanatomy #cordvessels #placentaencapsulation #furcateinsertion #umbilicalcord #bodywisebirthwise


YES. #bethetribe #pregnancy #postpartum #doula

Spinning Babies


24 Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos That Are So Full Of Emotion

The little nurslings🤱🏾🤱🏼🤱🏻 These images perfectly capture moms in the moment.

These are so awesome. I love sand sculptures.

The talented Togolese artist, Bob Atisso, pays homage to the Divine Mother through his amazing sand sculptures. 🇹🇬

Who feels me?


🤣🤱💖 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image credit: unknown


Spinning babies is such a great resource. Asynclitism means asymmetrical. It’s when a baby’s head is tipped towards one shoulder. The tipped head has a harder time passing through the narrow part of the

18 Striking Photos That Capture The Intensity Of Birth

Birth is the coolest. Birth Becomes Her announced its annual photography contest winners.


Daddy's love ❤️

Lane B Photography

Black History Month is upon us. For many of us, this month means the celebration of black Americans in our past who fought for the freedom and equal rights of all people – but especially people of color. Unfortunately, while many of us celebrate this month with good intentions, we too often only use this time to affirm ourselves and our culture and how far we have come. I’m here to tell you that the tireless fight for equality and equity is far from over – and this is painfully evident in the maternal and fetal mortality rates for black women and their babies.

Across the country, black women are more than four times as likely to die during childbirth than white women. They are also much more likely to experience birth-related complications and experience pre-term birth. Equal outcome is absolutely not a reality for black women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Today I want to introduce you to two incredible midwives who are working hard to change this reality for fellow African American women in DFW. Over the past year, I have spent countless hours documenting the work of Tereé and Kennasha, tireless advocates for black mothers and babies in Texas. Together, they are boldly bringing race-based disparities in birth outcomes to the light and asking our society to do more for African American mothers and babies. Through their work with individual families, they are slowly spreading a powerful message: The disparities faced by black women are shocking and unacceptable – and must be recognized by our culture before true progress can be made.

Photos by: Lane B Photography

My Sister's Keeper Birth & Midwifery Services

I would add "bring a meal."

These are really good rules.

Grow Midwives

Personally speaking, as part of several diverse maternity care models for 40 years --- working alongside doula's in home, hospital and birth centers, I am surprised by how much public misunderstanding exists around role confusion. A FB post yesterday by a Registered Nurse validated need to increase awareness.

Why? Because nearly daily there is media attention focusing on ONE or the other, vs BOTH roles contributing to improved birth outcomes.

BOTH Midwives and Doulas have decades of rigorous research that demonstrate improved outcomes and high satisfaction by families.

This infographic is our attempt to describe roles. When speaking with influencers and legislators it is critical to articulate the unique roles.

pdf available for use on Consumer Tab of website


Exclusively Pumping Moms Exist Too

Shout out to all you exclusively pumping moms! It is such hard work, and you deserve the biggest high 5. From a mama who doesn't identify with breastfeeding or formula-feeding


Sometimes just surviving feels like a damn marathon when you have little people relying on you for everything. Give yourself some grace, mama or daddy.

This is not my year to run a marathon, drink 2 gallons of water a day, or make healthy, home-cooked meals. It is my year to survive.

Read the full piece by Momstrosity here:

19 Beautiful Birth Photos Featuring LGBTQ Parents

Love is Love. A powerful reminder that love defines families.

Daily Mail Australia

I always tell my mamas they don't need to push, their body will do it for them. Well, there ya go! This lady is a trooper.

This woman pushed out her baby in a CAR as they were driving down the highway. She is INCREDIBLE 🙌

This is so precious.

When I was pregnant with Emma, my dream was for Kate to see her sister being born. But birth is literally unplanable. Families can and should educate themselves leading up to birth to make informed decisions and good birth-team choices, and birth should be (besides the outcome of healthy mom and baby) also a positive and warm experience, so birth preferences are a must!
Ultimately, Kate couldn't see her baby sister being born because we were in the operating room 3 and a half years ago for Emma's birth.
But her birth experiences planted a seed in my artist of a heart.
I was determined to one day not only document an older sibling present at a birth, but an older sibling catching the baby.
Enter Catherine. This was on the list for her and her 10 year old daughter's birth preferences for baby #3. For Kayla to catch her baby sister Everly. We did not know what to expect, because birth is so unpredictable. We all knew it may not work out. But what was magical was hearing midwife Laurie Gibbon's words about how this was her patient's birth. Mom and baby were completely safe and healthy during this delivery, and big sister Kayla caught her baby sister Everly with a rainbow of emotions. I know in my heart that the two traumatic births I experienced with my children were for a reason, because if it had not been for my births and my daughters, I would not be a birth documentarian today. Thank you to this beautiful family, the amazing and best labor and delivery staff at Boca Regional and to the entire team at Women's Health Partners especially midwife Laurie for making this dream come true, for my client Catherine, for me, and for every woman out there who knows that children can be present and involved in birth.

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