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Always love seeing one of my favorite doctors!!! Dr. Hunter Newsom forever grateful for my Newsom Eyes! 💚 Newsom Eye
And great event at Centro Asturiano de Tampa loved meeting so many women
wonderful people! And, I hope to see many of you in the studio on my shows!
Thank you so much for introducing yourselves!

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What a way to finish the year...on the last day of school, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Street Team brought out all the fun for our students and staff! Shoutout to Newsom Eye's team for helping set this up! #playwithpurpose #GoBucs
Last week, we hosted Driving For A Purpose at the Driving Range, featuring our First Tee participants and a lot of great supporters of the Foundation. Thank you to BayStar Restaurant Group, Dialed in Golf Solutions, Mizuno Golf North America, Newsom Eye, Ping, Power Tee, Schifino Lee Advertising & Branding, Valspar Championship and Vers Creative for making the night so special!
Senior Day in the Park is coming soon! March 11th 9:30AM - 1 PM! FREE shirts, FREE food, and FREE entertainment! Come join us at Barksdale Active Adult Center located in Macfarlane Park! Thanks again to many of our sponsors who helped make this event happen! Dedicated Senior Medical Center Caspers Company Simply Healthcare Plans Humana Metv Tampa Bay Cano Health Cigna CarePlus Health PlansHumanitary Medical Center Nomi Health Newsom Eye Tampa Family Health Centers Wellcare StoresBayCarePlus Medicare Advantage Florida Blue Dignity Memorial The Senior Directory Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute AmeriLife Pearlena's Adult Activity Center Photos: Past Senior Days in the Park!
I have found the very best in eyecare! Newsome Eye on Swann does comprehensive eye care all in one location. The staff at the front are not only professionally trained to do their job well, they do it with kindness and tenderness. I highly suggest you check them out!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Newsom Eye

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I don’t know what to even say!💚 But thank you from the bottom of my ❤️
CP Communications Red House Streaming Visit Tampa Bay Newsom Eye ZIPS Dry Cleaners Sky Strategic Marketing South Tampa Dermatology Precision Garage Door of Tampa Bay

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Dr. Courtney Bovee thank you for taking me as your “date” to the Newsom Eye Christmas party. I 💚 my Newsom eyes and so thankful to the entire team of doctors and staff who have taken care of me over the years. It’s been a scary journey …from a stigmatism leaving me nearly blind to early signs of glaucoma.
But I know I am in the very BEST hands & now in my new endeavor thank you to the team for allowing me to speak on behalf of the practice 😘 The Florida Aquarium Newsom Eye Visit Tampa Bay

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Holidays are coming!
For me ….Wow! Lots of events this week from Facebook lives for my favorite eye doctor, Hunter Newsom & his team, getting to host with the best kicker of all time-Automatica Gramatica🥰and my nieces wedding!!!
Thank goodness for the Dream Team at South Tampa Dermatology & their skin care guidance 😘 and the team has great packages for the holidays 🎄🎄🎄 join me! South Tampa Dermatology Newsom Eye Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Each Saturday, I highlight this week's newly opened or expanded businesses in our community that my team has visited. Congratulations to our newest small business owners and best wishes for your continued success! #SpendLocal #SupportSmallBusiness

Krafts by Kathleen Paper Boutique and Scrapbook Supply in #DowntownNPR celebrated a grand opening. Congrats to Kathleen Simington for opening Pasco's only scrapbooking shop! ✂ #ShopLocal

Owners Marti & Tracy Moulson cut the ribbon at their new restaurant, The Brinehouse, on Main Street in Safety Harbor! 🍻 #EatLocal

Newsom Eye celebrated their new Clearwater location! Dr. Newsom is known worldwide for his innovative surgical skills and experience. 👀
I truly loved being part of the amazing celebration for Newsom Eye.
Dr. Newsom with his wife Stacy opened their fourth office! The entire team is AMAZING!!!
I have Newsom eyes 👀
So does my favorite coach on the planet !!! @tony_dungy
Newsom Eye Tony Dungy

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A fun afternoon ahead!
It’s the Grand Opening of a new Newsom Eye location in Clearwater🎉
The invite is open to the public.
Food, drink, games & we will be joined by one of my favorite former @buccaneers @martingramatica7 Automatica Gramatica! ☺️
Link for directions:
Newsom Eye Tampa Bay Buccaneers ZooTampa at Lowry Park The Florida Aquarium Nothing Bundt Cakes Clearwater, Florida Essentials of Safety Harbor Engine 53 Pizza Martin Gramatica Glazer Vision Foundation
WEDDING DAY 💚 My niece gets married!
The magic of professionals🥰🥰
Hair & Make-Up.
Huge difference from this am:)
& thank you from my wonderful sister-in-law for the sari 💕

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Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center would like to thank our Highlands County event partners and sponsors for their support of White Cane Awareness Day: Newsom Eye, Alan Jay Automotive Network, Eye Specialists of Mid Florida PA, and Sevigny & Associates Eye Care.

For more information about White Cane Awareness Day visit our webpage at
Newsom Eye

Located in Sebring, Carrollwood, South Tampa, Clearwater, and Brooksville, Newsom Eye offers Comprehensive Eye Care, including Routine Eye Exams; LASIK; Adjustable Cataract Surgery; Cornea, Glaucoma and Retina Treatment; and Optical Services.

Established in 2001 by Dr. T. Hunter Newsom, Newsom Eye is a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice offering comprehensive eye care services. The practice offers four clinical locations in Sebring, Carrollwood, South Tampa, and Clearwater. These locations are supported by onsite, fully-equipped AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery centers located in the Sebring and Carrollwood offices. Newsom Eye’s

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 09/19/2022

Here at Newsom Eye, we love being at the forefront of innovative technology when it comes to

We invented the Bladeless Laser technique, and now we are excited to be the first in Florida to implant the new FDA approved multifocal progressive lens from Lenstec!

Implanted after removal, the SBL-3 ClearView Multifocal lens is designed with increased precision, accuracy, and stability, which results in excellent long-term visual outcomes at distance, intermediate, and near.

This technology is not like other IOLs! The SBL-3 ClearView IOL does not cause rings and halos at night like other diffractive or multifocal IOLs, and we can't wait for you to see for yourself.

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

We know that everyone will do some online research before considering , but here are some basic Dos + Don'ts:

👍Follow post-procedure directions
❌ Rub your eyes
👍Return for a check-up if needed
❌ Use your phone or computer post-procedure
👍 Live life to the fullest with your just one day later!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, give us a call, or reference our FAQ page here:

Timeline photos 09/13/2022

It's , and we wanted to say congratulations to Elizabeth, the first Newsom Eye patient in Tampa to receive the SBL-3 ClearView Multifocal Intraocular Lens (IOL)! Dr. Newsom and our team were involved as the lead investigators during the FDA trial of this innovative technology.

The SBL-3 ClearView Lens is similar to wearing a pair of progressive lenses where the top portion of the lens focuses on distance vision, and the bottom portion focuses on near vision. One of the key benefits of the ClearView IOL is that the lens does not cause rings and halos at night like other diffractive or multifocal IOLs.

Elizabeth’s optometrist referred her to our Newsom Eye team because she was experiencing poor night vision and was seeing double. During her evaluation, she was diagnosed with cataracts and it was recommended that she have cataract surgery to restore her vision. Our team explained the different lens options and offered the SBL-3 lens as a great vision solution to meet her needs.

Elizabeth is living life with and is enjoying clear vision that matches her lifestyle without glasses or contacts!

Timeline photos 09/05/2022

Wishing everyone a happy and restful Labor Day from the entire team at !

Timeline photos 09/02/2022

Our mission is to change lives through vision and deliver innovative, patient-driven outcomes so you can live life with NEWSOM EYES.

Newsom Eye is excited to announce our newest location in Hernando County. Our new location is 14543 Cortez Boulevard, Brooksville, FL 34613.

Newsom Eye offers four additional locations in Carrollwood, South Tampa, Clearwater, Sebring, and two state-of-the-art, AAAHC accredited surgery centers. Our experienced eye care professionals provide services including the most advanced and customizable cataract surgery, LASIK so you can ditch your glasses and contacts, glaucoma treatment to reduce your need for daily drops, cornea and retina care, dry eye relief, eyelid lifts, routine eye exams, and optical services.

Please call us today at (352) 596-4030 to schedule an appointment and start living life with NEWSOM EYES!👇

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

Don't miss out on any of the new experiences and adventures a new month can bring! September is the perfect time to check in on your with

We are accepting at all of our locations and would love to hear from you soon!

We offer comprehensive eye care services so you can live life with NEWSOM EYES!


Watch this video below and let us know if you think Ryan LOVES his ❤️

Ryan had with Dr. Newsom and gave a thumbs up to his immediate results.

Curious to know if you are a LASIK candidate?

Take a quick and easy self-test on our website:

Choosing An Eye Doctor That Is Right For You 08/25/2022

Choosing An Eye Doctor That Is Right For You

Have you ever asked yourself...How do I choose the right Eye Doctor or Opthalmologist?

Look no further than our latest website blog, as we provide some tips for choosing an Eye Doctor that is right for you!


Choosing An Eye Doctor That Is Right For You Taking care of your vision is important, and so is choosing the right Eye Doctor for your needs. Learn everything you need to choose the right Eye Doctor.

Timeline photos 08/23/2022

Hello, !

Paris recently had with Dr. Newsom and was very pleased with her new vision after the procedure. Paris is currently a college student and will be going back to school after summer with 20/20 vision.💯

Be our next patient to ditch glasses and contacts and get the eyesight you deserve!

Timeline photos 08/22/2022

is not just a hashtag.

We believe that life with means taking on new adventures made possible by our team’s unrelenting focus on results.

Specializing in safe and effective with the revolutionary RxSight Light Adjustable Lens, we work with you to customize your vision to ensure clarity and vibrance. Our passion pushes us to innovate and apply the latest technology to personalize our process and reach life-changing outcomes.

Photos from Newsom Eye's post 08/18/2022

The Newsom Eye team was all smiles after being the first in Florida to implant the new FDA approved multifocal progressive lens from Lenstec!☝️

Implanted after cataract removal, the SBL-3 ClearView Multifocal lens is designed with increased precision, accuracy, and stability, which results in excellent long-term visual outcomes at distance, intermediate, and near.

Stay up to date with all our news here at Newsom Eye @

Titus O'Neil WWE Superstar, Global Ambassador Reviews his Newsom Eye Experience 08/17/2022

Titus O'Neil WWE Superstar, Global Ambassador Reviews his Newsom Eye Experience

When WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil found out that he was not a candidate for , the team reassured him that there was a way to improve his eyesite.

Read all about Titus' journey with (Photorefractive Keratectomy) and how he reviewed his experience with our team below!⬇️

Titus O'Neil WWE Superstar, Global Ambassador Reviews his Newsom Eye Experience We interviewed wrestling champion, Titus O'Neil, on his experience with Newsom Eye. Read on for his testimonial and to learn if PRK is right for you!

Photos from Newsom Eye's post 08/16/2022

News Alert ❗️

Newsom Eye is thrilled to announce that we are the first in Florida to implant a new FDA approved multifocal progressive lens from Lenstec.

Implanted after cataract removal, the SBL-3 ClearView Multifocal lens is designed with increased precision, accuracy, and stability, which results in excellent long-term visual outcomes at distance, intermediate, and near.

“This lens is the first of its kind in existence,” Dr. Newsom says. “We are pleased to offer this innovative technology to our patients to help them live life with Newsom Eyes and not need glasses for distance or near vision.”

Timeline photos 08/15/2022

is here to remind you that today is !

Stress and anxiety can cause pressure on the eyes, resulting in blurred vision. Take some time to relax today and if you need help with your , schedule an appointment at a Newsom Eye office near you.

LASIK 08/12/2022


The first Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason game is tomorrow, August 13th! 🏈

is proud to be an official partner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and we are excited for an amazing line-up of games this season.

Questions? Tap the link below and look into getting with the doctors trusted by your hometown team.

LASIK LASIK laser vision correction has been a staple of vision correction for decades now, and Newsom Eye has been fortunate enough to see the procedure evolve and improve over time. Modern LASIK helps patients reduce or eliminate their need for glasses or contacts in a procedure that takes only minutes.


Congratulations, Joe Jonas on living life free from contacts and glasses with EVO ICL! 🥳👀✨

Our Founder and Medical Director, T. Hunter Newsom, MD, and our eye care team are proud to offer this vision correction solution to our Newsom Eye patients. Schedule your appointment today and start living life with NEWSOM EYES!


One of our patients, Caleb, exclaimed, "I LIKE IT!" after seeing clearly for the first time without his glasses or contacts. We could not be happier for him!👍

Caleb is a local business owner of Florida Power Wash and is excited to head back to work post-LASIK treatment.

See for yourself how great can feel, and schedule a visit with us today!



You can easily schedule an appointment at Newsom Eye by calling any of our locations or by visiting the link below.👇

We take pride in providing personalized eye care to achieve healthy and total vision care not just today, but for the rest of your life. With the latest treatments and technology, can improve your vision and help you start living life with NEWSOM EYES!

Contact us today!

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT If you’re seeking a same-day appointment, please call. For LASIK appointments complete the request form below:


This is what it’s all about 🤍 This weekend, our Newsom Eye team provided over 300 eye exams with the Glazer Vision Foundation at the annual Back to School Bash hosted by the Bullard Family Foundation. Thank you to everyone who made this day so memorable and to Titus O'Neil for hosting such an amazing event in our community!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 08/04/2022

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Start your clear vision journey with — An Official LASIK Partner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The 2022 NFL football season is around the corner, and we are proud to be an official partner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Check out the link below to check out this season's schedule and cheer on the Bucs as they set their sights on another championship. 🏈

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The official source of the latest Bucs headlines, news, videos, photos, tickets, rosters, stats, schedule, and gameday information.


On this , we would like to give a shoutout and thank you to Camilo, who had with Dr. Bottaro and left us this wonderful review on Google!

"Amazing experience with Newsom Eye! Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. I went in with the intention of getting info on LASIK and the whole team convinced me. Flash forward two weeks and I have Newsom Eyes! Thank you Doctors Bottaro and Hair for such a comfortable and easy procedure. Thank you Devon for making the scheduling and process so smooth."

We are so excited for you Camilo,

Timeline photos 08/01/2022

Happy August from our expanding team at

Please help us welcome Dr. Eric Areiter (top right), who is a cataract and glaucoma surgeon who brings expertise to our Newsom Eye team in the management and treatment of many eye conditions and diseases.

We are accepting new patients at our locations and would love to meet you!

Newsom Eye offers services including Cataract Surgery, LASIK/Implantable Contact Lens, Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Exam, Macular Degeneration, Specialty Contact Lens Fitting, Eyelid Lifts Covered by Insurance, Dry Eyes, Blurry Vision, Treatment for Floaters, and Routine Eye Exams.

Questions about your eyes? Click the link below, and reach out to us today!

Videos (show all)

Watch this video #Testimonial below and let us know if you think Ryan LOVES his #NewsomEyes❤️ Ryan had #LASIK with Dr. N...
One of our #LASIK patients, Caleb, exclaimed, "I LIKE IT!" after seeing clearly for the first time without his glasses o...
On this #TestimonialTuesday, we would like to give a shoutout and thank you to Camilo, who had #LASIK with Dr. Bottaro a...
Take a look at this video #Testimonial! 👀 Cade could not help but say "WOW" to his new vision after receiving LASIK with...
When Bradley came into our office to see if he was a candidate for #LASIK, he was thrilled to get the process started on...
Seeing things in a whole new light is such an exciting feeling. 🎉 Christina was thrilled with her #NEWSOMEYES post-surge...
If a patient is not an ideal candidate for #LASIK, Newsom Eye offers #PRK or #PhotorefractiveKeratectomy. This procedure...
Erin had #LASIKEyeSurgery recently and was awestruck by the results! If you are considering having laser vision correcti...
Did you know that within a few minutes you can say goodbye to your pesky #glasses and hello to 20/20 #vision? "That was ...
WWE superstar Titus O'Neil is seeing better than ever with his #NEWSOMEYES!Titus had PRK with Dr. Newsom, which is a gre...
Celebration fills the room moments after Katie completed her #LASIKEyeSurgery with us. With a couple of blinks after thi...
Are you a good candidate for #CataractSurgery?  The Newsom Eye team recommends #Cataract surgery once a patient develops...




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