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Old Towne Dental


A big thank you for always being there when needed. I have been with Dr Jones for way over 20 years. His staff has always been top notch . Over the years when ive had an issue i always knew i could coumt on himand hos staff. A very caring team. Even with the snow yesterday they took card of the card i needed. Thank you to those of you that were there to help me.
Visited Dr Michael B Jones for a routine cleaning in Sept-21. The Dentist did not even see me in person and then charged $72 for a 'Periodic oral evaluation' that I was told by Billing was for an oral evaluation by the Dentist. Apparently they charge $72 just to look at your dental Xrays! This charge was in addition to $125 for the cleaning, $90 for 4 bitewing xrays and $105 for 'additional diagnostic images' that the billing person couldn't explain what they were but just 'that they were needed. I had full mouth Xrays done in Nov 2019 at this very Dentist and since I have/had no dental issues except needing a cleaning I had the bitewings that were already charged at $90, so I can't imagine what these 3 extra images costing $105 were for and the staff couldn't explain the reasoning.
The total bill for a routine cleaning came to $392 of which my insurance paid $170. This Dentist is out of network for my insurance but 2 years ago I had the exact same procedures-full mouth Xrays instead of bitewings and it cost under$170 which is the contracted price my insurance will pay to out of network providers. The Nov -19 visit cost zero dollars out of pocket and was 100% covered by my insurance...so why now with this very similar visit do I owe $222?!!! AFTER insurance.
This Dentist gouges patients and is unethically billing for services.When I called to discuss the bill I was told they would not lower it even though they couldn't explain the charges in anyway that made sense.Very disappointing service. Dont go here unless you want to be ripped off!! 1 star.
Wonderful people and clean teeth too!. I had fun at the Dentist, I must be desperate for fun, but hey, just sayin it like it was. I'm glad I chose this dental group, 😁
Old Towne Dental has a team of professionals that will ensure that you are comfortable and will explain whatever you'd like to hear. They are on time, reliable and so generous and kind.
I was chewing on a candy orange slice today and my back molar crown came off. I called Old Towne Dentistry immediately, around 11:00 am. They fit me into a same day appointment at 3 pm. This was important because I had a cold sensitivity and was leaving on a trip in two days. Isn't that always how it happens? The staff were efficient, cordial, and sympathetic. They took me to their Covid sensitive station, cleaned the crown of all cement, fit it back in to the gape in my mouth. I was out of there by 3:45 with a perfectly cemented crown, as if it never happened. They were fantastic. Thankyou ladies at Old Towne Dentistry!! I didn't even see the dentist. These ladies were so proficient, I didn't need to. AND, they kept me informed of what was going on the entire time I was there. I like this kind of transparency when you're sitting in a dental chair, mouth open, and feeling so vulnerable.
Been in the Tehachapi four years now and had not gotten a new dentist....So had an issue and sought out recommendations and made an appointment with Olde Towne dentistry. Dr. Jones wasn't available on my date and was taken care of by Dr. Kevin..... So very very glad. Thank you Dr. Kevin . at 72 years old from Orange County and crowns, implants, etc. I can say Dr. Kevin is the best Dentist I have ever known. That is saying a lot!! So thanks again Dr. Kevin.
Old Towne Dental have a friendly and caring staff. Dr. Jones is an excellent example of professionalism and premier knowledge of his practice. He communicates thoroughly with patients about their procedures and offers practical solutions. Old Towne Dentistry is definetely the least painful office from all of my years of dental visits.
Thank You!
Best dentist I've ever had. Listens, caring, professional.

A place for happy smiles and healthy teeth!!

Operating as usual


Here's the answer key from Tuesday Word search.


We will post the answers Thursday, but post yours down in the comments!


Happy Birthday to Carson, our newest addition to the front office team! 🎁🎁


It's not the same as cramming before your test! Plaque takes constant work to keep from building up.

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Don't allow yourself to be a statistic, call today to schedule your next routine check up!


What other Dental Myths would you like to see us debunk?


Ask about our in office Sure Smile consultation at your next appointment.


Tooth decay is a sneaky foe!


Dental anxiety and fear is more common than you think! Thankfully there are many ways to help!


Steps of a Routine Dental Visit.

What Causes Bad Breath - How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath | Dentalcare 06/09/2022

What Causes Bad Breath - How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath | Dentalcare

What Causes Bad Breath - How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath


What Causes Bad Breath - How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath | Dentalcare Understand what causes bad breath and how to get rid of bad breath. Bad breath can cause embarrassment, but there are plenty of simple ways to get rid of it.

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Happy 60th Birthday to our very own Dr. Jones!!


This is just a glimpse of what our lovely Dental Assistants do for our back office!!
Without them we couldn't run the way we do!


Set your child up for success by teaching them proper oral hygiene early!


Continued Education is a huge part of the dental field!
Some of our staff attended the CDA (California Dental Association) Conference in LA a few weeks ago.


When was the last time you switched to a new toothbrush?


Our office has implemented a new tool to make it even easier to keep track of your appointments!
Our new notification system will text you, (or call depending on your preference) before your appointment.

As soon as your appointment is scheduled you should receive a confirmation of that date and time. Then 1 week before your appointment you will receive a confirmation text along with 2 additional reminders the week leading up.

Old Towne Dental updated their website address. 04/02/2022

Old Towne Dental updated their website address.

Old Towne Dental updated their website address.


This snow has our teeth chattering from the cold!
We are closed for the day, enjoy the weather!

Timeline photos 12/17/2021

Mmmmm.... too good to stop! Even at the dentist!
's Take and Bake you rock!!!! We highly recommend you get a taste!


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It's our Floss-ophy that flossing plays a key role in your oral health!


Happy 4th of July from us at Old Towne Dental! Have a fun and safe Weekend! 😁


The toothbrush doesn't remove six months of tartar 30 minutes before your dental appointment...

Gum disease effects the entire body, so make sure you're staying on top of your scheduled cleanings!

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Making our patients comfortable and happy is the reason we wake up and come to work everyday. We couldn't do it without each and every one of you.

It is the kind and encouraging words from our patients that make each day worth it.

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Photos from Old Towne Dental's post

Photos from Old Towne Dental's post 05/21/2021

Old Towne Dental is now offering new In-House Membership plans for existing and new patients who do not have dental insurance! Call today for a full quote and more information!


Here at OTD we are top class with state of the art equipment and gentle hands!!


what a great day to be out with community!



April is oral cancer awareness month. Call us today for your oral cancer screening.


Available today only! 😁
Happy April 1st!!


Sara Hanekom Congratulations you are the winner of our Teeth Whitening Give Away!!! Give us a Call at 661-822-6706 any time to schedule! 😁😁



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Our friendly front office staff is full of smiles and happy to welcome you into our office!
New patients always welcome!




20406 Brian Way Ste 2C
Tehachapi, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm

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