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The twinkle lights are a bonus😂😂

Highly recommend WomanKind Midwifery if you are contemplating a home birth!!!!!
We usually see people set up camp in their bedrooms. What we’ve found though, is birthers like to nest and feel safe in their most comfy spot.
We have supported families in every room of the house and outside.
Image by WomanKind Midwifery
Happy home birth. Such strength from this beautiful mama. There is nothing better than seeing the true determination and strength we as women/ birthing people possess. WomanKind Midwifery

WomanKind Midwifery LLC is a midwifery and women's health practice with a focus on home birth.

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Happy Friday everyone!


Breastfeeding is one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever love.


I don't need the extra suspense in my life 🤣


Their love and those twinkly lights!! 😍😍😍

How did you and your partner connect after your birth?

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When latching your baby, one of the most important things you can do to help get a better latch, is to support your baby's NECK, and not put any pressure on the back of their head. When you push on the back of the head, baby will tuck their chin to the chest, and it is really difficult to open your mouth and to swallow in this position. Adding pressure instead to the neck and upper back, allows your baby to extend their neck a little, bring their chin up, and open their mouth wide. This also brings their nose away from the breast tissue, and opens the airway nicely.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Welcome their Rainbow Baby 01/15/2023

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Welcome their Rainbow Baby

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Welcome their Rainbow Baby We're sending love and gentle congratulations to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, as they welcome their rainbow baby, born after the loss of their son, Jack, in 2020. John Legend confirmed the birth of their fourth child at a private concert Friday, January 13, 2023. According to PEOPLE, Legend said....



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Fathers at birth.

Check out this string and steady catch. You can see the concentration on this dad’s face as he welcomes his baby into the world with loving arms.

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Photos from WomanKind Midwifery's post 01/13/2023

Coming soon for all my fellow birth nerds!!!

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Look at this gorgeous blue and juicy umbilical cord!

Did you know???
The cord has 3 vessels
2 arteries carry waste away from baby to the placenta
1 vein carries blood with oxygen and nutrients to the baby

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Are you even a mom if you don’t buy fruit on the bottom yogurt??



Home Birth Pin - Etsy 01/11/2023

Home Birth Pin - Etsy

Just out on Etsy!!!

Home Birth Pin - Etsy This Pins & Pinback Buttons item is sold by WomanKindMidwifery. Ships from Denver, PA. Listed on Jan 10, 2023


Look how incredibly long this cord is!!!

Cord come in all different lengths and thicknesses, from short and thick to long and skinnier.

The thickness varies depending on the amount of Wharton’s jelly surrounding the 3 vessels of the cord. This jelly cushions the vessels so that the baby can twist and turn in utero without doing damage to the cord. The umbilical cord is made to be flexible, stretchable, compressible to continue working during pregnancy, labor, and birth.

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Delayed cord clamping🔥🔥🔥

This is what an umbilical cord looks like when it has been clamped and cut too soon.

Wait for white! Ideally the provider should wait until the cord stops pulsing and turns white to cut the cord so that baby gets all the blood that is intended for him/her.

Sometimes there is a true medical need to cut the cord early, but often there is no rush and waiting 5 minutes or more is totally possible.

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That moment when you and your baby first gaze into one another’s eyes.

One of true biggest joys of being a midwife is getting to see this witness this once in a lifetime moment on a regular basis.

Do you remember how you felt in this moment?

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Birth is magical.
Women are powerful.
Birth partners are incredible.

P.S. check out all the vernix on this little one! Did you know you can run it into baby’s skin or just let it absorb and there’s no need to wash it off?

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If you’re having a baby in 2023 be sure to call your midwife.
Homebirth is getting more and more popular and we book up fast.


Did you know that if you conceive a baby on New Year’s Eve your due date will be in September, which is known to be a particularly busy time for Midwives.

Happy New Year!


Perfection is in the process.

Pregnancy and birth are an incredible journey that take the greater part of a year to complete.

Blood, sweat, and tears go into bringing a child earthside.

Mama, this is your reminder to slow down. Take a moment to pause and appreciate the process and wherever you are in your journey in this moment.


Midwives are not supplemental!!!

I review job opportunities every day.

I have never seen a midwife position described as “Supplemental”.

Quite frankly — find it offensive.

If this is a per diem, part time, locum tenens, or moonlighting role then describe as such. Seriously, why would any large academic institution use a phrase like this? Wake up HR departments, your bias is showing.


You’re probably tired of elf on a shelf by now…


There is no one way to be a mom.
There is no one way to parent your child.
There is no one way to feed your child.

It’s not about breast being best or fed being best. It’s not about catchy slogans or being the cool or woke mom. It’s not about doing the way things have always been done. It’s not about doing things they way your own mom did them.

Mama, follow your heart and trust your intuition.
Do what works for you and your baby even if it looks different from what other moms around you are doing.

You got this! 💪🏻


Birth is twofold.
The birth of a child & the birth of a mother.

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Get some rest today, Mama!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas from all of us at WomanKind Midwifery!

Amazon.com: The Baby Store 12/24/2022

Amazon.com: The Baby Store

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Baby Bestsellers

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Naughty or nice?

Did you take your prenatal vitamin today?




Christmas cheer


I can never get enough of beautiful mama tummies and cute baby toes.

Cesarean section scars tell such an incredible story of birth and love.

Stretch marks tell an amazing story of growth and sacrifice and love.

Mama, you are amazing.

📸 Erin Beth Birth Photography


Just keepin it real.


Love this!!!

Happy Winter Solstice! Have a beautiful day ❤


Are you looking for a Midwife in 2023???

2023 is really filling up! I had quite a few consultations and new clients start this week. But I still have a couple March openings available for late transfers. If you’re considering a homebirth, I offer zoom and in-person consultations. We would need records including any completed ultrasounds and labs from your current provider prior to your consultation. These can be faxed or emailed to our office. I travel approximately an hour radius of Harrisburg area for births. All prenatal appointments are at my office in New Cumberland. See HarrisburgMidwife.com for more information.



🦠Every teaspoon of breastmilk has 3,000,000 germ-killing cells in it. So even if your baby gets one tsp. a day, it is SO valuable! Every drop counts.

Your breastmilk is a powerful medicine. 🤱🏾
Breastmilk is a living substance. It's packed with antibacterial, antimicrobial, and super components to boost your baby’s immune system.

💗 Never forget how awesome your breastmilk is for your baby.

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