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You can keep your usual traditions or you can try something completely new. Which traditions have meaning to you? Which ones feel less meaningful or maybe even are a burden? There can be value in doing something totally new. Particularly if you experienced a loss recently and doing the usual traditions without someone will be painful - you can pause on those until you feel more ready.

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Now that we are all used to zooming, you may be planning on having some visits with relatives or friends using the platform. Here are some tips and suggestions to make your zoom events more successful.


This simple,no cost activity can be a fun and meaningful way for your family to reflect each year. Simply place a jar or container out where everyone can place their receipts,ticket stubs, notes or other artifacts from the year. Then at the end of that year or in New Years Day review all of the things from the jar.


Use an ice cream cone and green frosting to make this yummy tree. Decorate it with m&m’s or other candies and use the color coded prompts to discuss these topics with your family. Or make up your own prompts. It’s a great way to connect over winter break!


The holidays are upon us. Where can you find joy? What could you miss out in that would increase your sense of peace, wellbeing or enjoyment? Try JOMO instead of FOMO.

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Take it in. Savor it. Even for just a moment.


Enjoy the sights and sounds. Enjoy the connection with others.


We all have a window of tolerance - a level where we are functional and feel good. When we get outside that window we may become anxious, angry or out of control or perhaps we will become numbed out or frozen. What will you do or not do this holiday season to help keep yourself within your window of tolerance? What might support your kids to stay in theirs. What is something you could say no to? Or something you could add to your day? How will you take care of yourself this holiday season?


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Hang in there teachers!

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Here are 4 more teacher self-care ideas!

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Take care of yourselves teachers! Here are the first 4 of the 12 days of teacher self-care.


Here is the first 4 teacher self-care ideas in the 12 days of teacher self-care. Take care of yourself!


Give yourself the gift of time. Try some of these tips to give yourself and those you love more time.

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Thanksgiving is almost here. Here are some tips to help your family have an emotionally healthy holiday!


Join us for Nachos and Margaritas! And to meet these fantastic candidates!


Please share and I hope to see you there!


Hello D-back Kyle Nelson! We remember you back when you were a gaucho!


Here to visit Kyle Nelson in the big leagues!

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Gratitude. You’ve got this!


Go get yourself some gratitude! Hunt for it! It’s all out there just waiting for you to take it.


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An oldie but a goodie. Some holiday advice as we head into Thanksgiving.

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Wrapping up reflective practice with activities focused on supporting students. Here are 2 activities that can be done with teaching groups or on your own as a journaling activity. Try these out and see how it impacts your relationship with your students. These reflective practice activities can be used with students of any age.

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These next 2 reflective practice activities are focused specifically on self-care. Bring these ideas to your next staff meeting, PLC or teaching team meeting and get a discussion started on self-care. Most importantly, walk away with an action plan on how to make it happen!

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More reflective practice activities. This activity continues from the previous activity on active listening.

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Here is a practical activity to use in reflective practice to help everyone begin to understand active listening.

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Bringing reflective practice into your school can be a game changer. Here’s how to get it started and a sample schedule. How do you incorporate reflective practice into your classroom, teaching team or school?

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This week we focus on reflective practice. Let’s start by looking at all the reasons this practice is so important.


Reflective Practice is such an amazing and important part of education. Stick around this week for practical strategies in how to implement reflective practice at your school.


I’m training on reflective practice at this awesome conference! Come get your CEUs and learn about the value and importance of reflective practice!


7line army ready for Tinsel Town Takeover.

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Check us out!

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Trauma can impact problem solving. When teachers and caregivers have an understanding of this they can support young children with these complex cognitive skills.


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Problem solving can only happen when we our cerebral cortex is engaged. Here are some critical steps supporting young children.


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Some basics steps to keep in mind as you help young children problem solve and resolve their conflicts.


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Let’s start at the beginning. Where are young children developmentally and what are they ready for as far as problem-solving goes? Developmentally they are craving
to do things on their own, to try things and to see the results of their actions. As adults if we can keep the focus and maintain our enthusiasm around solving problems rather than making problems go away then we can make sure young children get lots of opportunities to feel successful at problem solving.



Developmentally this is an important time for young children to have the opportunity to practice skills of all kinds. We want to support children in problem solving which means it’s ok that there are problems. We don’t have to focus on making problems go away instead we can focus on trying to solve the problem.



This week we’re going to talk all about how to help children become problem solver‘s. This does not mean that we’re going to learn how to solve problems but we are going to learn how to support children in developing the critical thinking skills necessary to be able to solve problems. This starts my understanding the developmental stage the child is in.

there will be lots of ideas, tips, suggestions and strategies on how to support children with problem-solving. I hope you will contribute by putting your own ideas of how to support children with problem-solving in the comments.

as the week goes on we will begin to cover other important problem-solving topics including supporting children who have experienced trauma with problem-solving.



I will be presenting on reflective practice at the Student Mental Wellness Conference in September. I hope to see you there!

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Last of the tips on emotional regulation for toddlers. Use the reflective questions in your next staff or team meeting. You can also use them as journal prompts.

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