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We eradicate head lice using our FDA-cleared medical device which utilizes heated air to dehydrate lice. 99%+ effective. Affordable, non-toxic, FDA-approved, one-strop lice treatment.


Our FDA-cleared AirAllé (Air uh-lay) technology is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics because it works, guaranteed. We know you are busy. We offer a single, one visit treatment to get rid of lice. Our clinic is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids love us! SEE VIDEO Our treatment is completely pesticide free and even kills Super Lice. Call us today to get lice advice or to book an appointment. Lice Clinics of America- Maryland. Your local area clinic for Baltimore Lice Removal.

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Lice Clinics of America - Maryland

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One Treatment, 30-Day Guarantee.
99.9% Effective. Get Results Now!
We use the FDA cleared medical device AirAlle to kill lice and nits in about an hour. 02/06/2019

No Need to Take Extreme Measures When It Comes to Head Lice

You don't need to throw the whole house out after lice - check out the CDC's cleaning recommendations here:

#CureLice #LetsGetRealAboutLice #LiceFree2019 No need to burn your house down after an unexpected visit from head lice! You don't even need to spend a lot of time or money on cleaning; learn more.


One hour. One Treatment. Lice Free. Get relief now by calling (410) 934-5423.

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Planning to watch the big game?! Whether you're rooting for the 🏈 Rams or the 🏈 Patriots, we want you to know that here at Lice Clinics of Maryland, LICE NEVER WIN! 🏆🦸‍♀️🚫


Have you ever gone head to head with a team of Super Lice? We want to know! Share this post and comment to hear more stories.

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Lice Clinics of America - Baltimore's cover photo


Have the know-how to treat at home? Want to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals? Our treatment products are 20% off for just a few hours more! Discount ends January 31st, DON'T MISS OUT! #Licefree2019 01/30/2019

Super Lice FAQ - Everything you need to know about head lice!

Have you heard about Super lice but you're not sure how to identify them? Check out our Parent's Corner for helpful information on all things lice. Gain a better understanding of lice and their life cycle, plus learn how to get rid of super lice and prevent future infestations. Safe lice removal service


Found something in your hair? If you can run your fingers over a strand of hair and remove it easily, it's not a nit (lice egg). A sure-fire way of killing nits? Our FDA-cleared AirAllé treatments! Find out more on our website:

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Sharing is caring….right? Not so much in this case! If you or your kids have been unknowingly sharing lice, call us NOW at (410) 934-5423.

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Head Lice Prevention Tips for Staying Lice Free in 2019, and Beyond

When you visit Lice Clinics of America, you'll find a kid-friendly environment, FDA-cleared medical devices and a one-and-done treatment. We'll keep you lice free in 2019!

#CureLice #LetsGetRealAboutLice #Blog In addition to our revolutionary AirAllé device, we also offer a complete home line of pesticide-free lice-prevention products, including OneCure!


We all know that feeling – don’t scream. Visit us at for more information about how we can cure lice in 1 hour.

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We use the FDA-cleared medical device AirAllé, which is proven to kill lice, super lice and 99.2% of nits. Our treatments are performed by professional head lice experts who also provide consultation to prevent reinfestations.

Call us today to book your appointment! (410) 934-5423

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Is avoiding a head lice infestation on your resolutions list? Here's a checklist for preventing head lice after the holidays!

Call us at (410) 934-5423 to book your head check today!

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When the kids go back to school after the holidays, so do lice. Don’t dread the phone call - call us instead! (410) 934-5423

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Your new nightly routine is combing and combing, while your child has to deal with discomfort and embarrassment day after day. Call us instead at (410) 934-5423 to book an appointment.

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Pesticide Lice Treatments Challenged -

Over-the-counter lice treatments just don't work anymore. Read on to find out why and then call us at (410) 934-5423 to book your appointment today.

#LetsGetRealAboutLice #CureLice Over-the-counter (OTC) lice treatments are now widely considered ineffective against head lice; read more and learn about successful alternatives.


Or your beverage of choice… Relax, kick your feet up and let us handle the lice. Call us at (410) 934-5423 to book your Signature Treatment.

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Mature lice lay 50 to 150 eggs (nits). It's important to know that topical treatments don't kill lice eggs, so they keep hatching new lice. The vicious "lice cycle" continues on and on. Call us at (410) 934-5423 today to book an appointment and avoid the cycle!

#FactFriday #CureLice #LetsGetRealAboutLice 01/02/2019

7 Common Lice Symptoms: Do You Have Lice?

Think your child has lice? Check these 7 symptoms.

Call us at (410) 934-5423 today to book your professional screening.

#LetsGetRealAboutLice #CureLice Lice are parasites. You can catch them through personal contact and by sharing belongings. Find out how to identify the symptoms so that you can get treatment. While there are different types of lice, the most common symptom between them all is itchiness. Other symptoms can include difficulty sleepi...


Comment below if you recognize this error message 🙋♀️🙋♂️. Visit us at for more information on how to cure lice in 1 hour.

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Pesticides only kill 25% of lice because they don't kill today's resistant super lice. It's up to YOU to comb them out! Let us help you instead - call (410) 934-5423 today to book an appointment.

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But don't fret. We got you covered. One 60-min. visit and you'll be lice-free. Guaranteed.
(410) 469-7381 12/26/2018

The truth about lice and how to protect your kids

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports about 6 million to 12 million infestations occur in kids ages 3 through 11 years old each year.

Call us at (410) 934-5423 today to book your professional screening.

#LetsGetRealAboutLice #CureLice Lice infects millions of people each year, although hygience and socioeconomics have nothing to do with it.


It’s the holidays and everyone is overwhelmed. Let us help you out and save some parent/child grief.

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Did you know? This is why Lice Clinics of America uses an FDA-cleared medical device that employs heated air to dehydrate and kill live lice and nits.

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If you see your child doing this over the holidays, stay calm and see us. If lice are present, we take care of the issue in one visit using our FDA-cleared, non-toxic process.
(410) 469-7381 12/19/2018

Why 'No-Nit' Policies Don't Make Sense - How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Dawn H. Gouge, Ph.D., a public health entomologist at U of Arizona, said that keeping kids with nits out of school has “absolutely no benefit to anybody.” So why do schools still have this policy?

#LetsGetRealAboutLice #CureLice Lice do not cause illness nor do they carry any disease; they are also much easier to treat thanks to the FDA-cleared AirAllé® medical device. Read more!


Don’t freak out and call Lice Clinics of America….we got this. (410) 934-5423

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Contrary to common belief, hygiene doesn't have much to do with who gets lice or not. #TheMoreYouKnow

#FunFactFriday #LetsGetRealAboutLice #CureLice 12/12/2018

How scientists found a foolproof lice treatment that takes minutes -

Curious about how we got our start? Click here to read all about it! and call (410) 934-5423 to book your head check today!

#NoLiceNovember #CureLice #LetsGetRealAboutLice After years of trial and error, the AirAlle device was developed and is clinically proven to kill live lice and 99.2 percent of eggs; learn why it works!


If you think a louse and friends are setting up house in yours, get professionally-screened by us. Stay calm. Even if you have lice, we can solve the issue with one FDA-cleared, toxic-free, 60-min. treatment. Guaranteed. Contact us for more info:


Combing lice out takes hours and hours and if you miss one nit, it starts all over! Visit us at to cure lice in 1 hour.

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Can you answer these? You might be surprised!

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Our Story

Our FDA-cleared AirAllé (Air ah-lay) technology is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics because it works, guaranteed.

We know you are busy. We offer a single, one-visit treatment to get rid of lice.

Our clinic is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids love us! Our treatment is completely pesticide free and even kills Super Lice.

Call us today to get lice advice or to book an appointment.

Lice Clinics of America-Maryland. Your local area clinic for Baltimore Lice Removal.

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Don't be scared of lice . . .
Kill lice, super lice and lice eggs in one treatment. In one hour. Guaranteed. Call Now (410) 934-5423.
Lice Clinics of America is featured on The Doctors.Watch how the Air Alle works below!Call Today to Schedule your Appoin...



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